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  1. Looks good, thanks for the patch notes! Enjoying the peanut gallery cry fest as per usual.
  2. I can't possibly imagine why Wampus wouldn't want to interact on the forums. What a complete mystery this is.
  3. Oh no, I'm sure he had some baggage in some corners before that. Everyone does. It's just that comes out in full force when he is the one to pull ahead. People latch on to that and pretend that's why they hate him. The reality is they hated that they didn't have what he had, that's the raw simple reality. That's why Nokia didn't get one one-hundredth of the flak when the two of them got immunity. That's why everyone whines about keno every goddamned waking minute. Because they wish it was them who were in his position. But now the angry idiot masses have nothing more to worry about, as the whale of their envy has been slain. Congrats, peanut gallery, and good luck finding something new to cry about. It will be a relief to stop having to hear people cry about keno, for one thing.
  4. None of you will give half a frick if he re-rolls. You hated him because you didn't have his nation. Just to be clear.
  5. I'd look for a new protector if I was Umbrella Corp. Pretty embarrassing show.
  6. I got about halfway through that post before I gave up, I can't cut through the levels of stupidity anymore. These forums are really the bottom of the barrel in terms of intellect. What I did manage to struggle through does not even merit a response. It's the second dumbest thing I've seen all week, only because the dumbest thing was Trump telling people to inject Chlorox. Not even y'all can top that.
  7. I eagerly anticipate your petition for Nokia to be expelled from CK to face their music.
  8. What he did was just as wrong whether or not he collected an irl cut, and the irl cut doesn't make it better or worse, because breaking an internet game's rules isn't an irl financial crime, in case you were curious. Ironically, according to the story, he was given cash by Nokia and told to buy 10b for himself, and pocketed the cash instead. The only smart thing he did in all this imo. Had he actually gone ahead and bought 10b PnW money for himself, THAT would have elevated his wrongdoing to a new level (and I would be the first person yelling for it to be removed). But he didn't. Whether because he didn't need to, or recognized that irl money is better than PnW monopoly fun bux, is left up to your interpretation. But, you know, I'm here posting in a thread that actually asked Alex to have access to a player's irl finances so I am not sure you understand the difference between the game and reality. ==== As an interesting side note, I am in favor of Alex "garnishing" in-game income of cheaters in cases where illicit money (allegedly) cannot be otherwise recovered. Half Nokia's login bonus and revenues until the 10b is paid down. How about that?
  9. How what is perceived by who? We have no control over what EM decides to do at this point. Somehow this reflects badly on us, like defending our members reflects badly on us... I get that it's 4/20 all month but frick man.
  10. "Going rogue" on Arrgh's offshore... Let me see if I have any f***s to give you on that one...
  11. HeroofTime55

    Hello Orbis

    That was me, frick off giving other people credit.
  12. I know you guys are being intentionally dense about this. Nokia did not pay any price whatsoever. Nokia, the only one who actually cheated, gave 5bil to his friends and paid 5bil in debts. The money, or any gains therein, was not in his possession when he decided, for unrelated reasons, to re-roll some five months ago. Dressing this up as some sort of atonement is laughable. Also, EM never cheated, he did not buy money nor did he sell money, all he did was connect a buyer and a seller, as was mentioned by Alex himself. Should he have? Of course not! Should he have been honest sooner? Of course he should have! Was he undeserving of immunity? You could make that argument, but not in the same breath that you claim Nokia somehow was worthy. In fact, Nokia has no remorse whatsoever:
  13. I have repeatedly said that EM did wrong things. Not once have I ever claimed he was innocent, he facilitated a cheater, and that is wrong, obviously. And I've also said that he is lucky he wasn't wiped or banned (Nokia as well). It is, in fact, the folks on the other side who continue to insist that Nokia should be absolved of their role in this nonsense, or that they were some kind of saint for coming forward. The fact is that people are going after only EM, not because of his role in this scheme, but because it's their excuse to finally go after him. If it was because of the scheme, they'd be going after Nokia equally. It's the way Nokia (and George!) are being ignored in this, which proves that the motivation lies well outside this incident.
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