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  1. Well, all the dead-weight, useless nations have to find a home *somewhere* in this world. We now know where that is.
  2. "Trust me guys, we're still legit, keep giving us money"
  3. In other news, I would like to announce that I am opening a bank, $5m per share, with 2.5% monthly growth. Just send me the money and I will keep track of it all.
  4. I literally don't feel sorry for anyone actually stupid enough to "invest" money with these sorts of groups. Do you really think that it's going to end in anything other than an exit scam?
  5. Eh, as long as Rose and TI are getting smashed, have fun.
  6. I was hoping we would just become a hegemony after the bullshit in the last war, but alas. Blowing up Swamp was hella fun, though. At least I assume it was, there were not many targets in my range. Gonna miss all you fine lads, o7
  7. Wait, did Alex step in and reverse this?
  8. "Plus quack doesn't get half the arrgh hits we do Our mmr is much better against pirates" This was my favorite line in the whole thing. Thinking being the easier, softer target gives you "better mmr" is fricking hilarious.
  9. It would show weakness. Is GOB such a miserable place that you're at risk of losing members because someone sent a message? That would be quite sad. Any alliance that has its IA in order should honestly thank other parties for stripping away disloyal members and dead weight. Needless to say, the act of "poaching" in this sort of mass-messaging manner is pretty stupid for the "poacher," as they would get only bottom-of-the-barrel members for their efforts. Yes, "poaching" is often used as a paper thin excuse to start a war, when one can't find any better reason to start a war they want, but it isn't a real CB, it simply isn't. It also indicates that an alliance views it's members as property instead of free individuals. It should be no surprise that the origins of this "CB" come from off-world, from none other than NPO, when they needed an excuse to hit someone, and also because they're a literal cult. It's also usually rolled out when one individual makes a free choice to join their friends in another alliance. For that reason alone, the norm of using "poaching" as a CB should be done away with. People should be free to make that choice, and bad, whiny leaders need to take the message that they're a shit leader if they can't retain people.
  10. "Poaching" is not real and not a CB. If you can't keep your own members engaged and interested, that's your problem. Weak alliances blame others when their members leave.
  11. The onus is not on us to listen to your fricking dissertation on how you'd like US to reach out to YOU to settle matters that you're responsible for.
  12. Oh, so they're upset nobody likes them, and just wants people to stop not liking them and wants it to be "water under the bridge" for the things they did that make people not like them, because please? The old "I am unhappy with the consequences of my actions" thing? Good luck, lol.
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