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  1. It makes me want to delete my nation
  2. Right, because after getting our air forces and spies decimated in a blitz and a month of fighting, we were looking for an excuse to hit one of the largest alliance blocks back to back. Quit twisting the facts. You aren't the victims here. You got caught planning an attack on smaller spheres who were already fighting tooth and nail and are paying the price.
  3. Do your members and allies buy that stuff you’re peddling?
  4. Maybe they just enjoy playing the mustache twirling villain?
  5. Really? I thought everyone knew it was bogus.
  6. Can say about the blockades, this screwed me as a new nation unfamiliar with mechanics. I was completely knocked out until the ceasefire due to being unable to buy munitions.
  7. The war we created due to the imminent attack by BK leaking? Extra Extra, read all about it!
  8. And he didn't say you did. But have you noticed what Auctor and other members of your sphere have been insinuating?
  9. Not as defensive as your friends coming up with that theory as an excuse for losing to a numerically inferior foe who had been pounding each other senselessly before the plans leaked.. Nor as bad as the justification for this fight as non-related that your allies are peddling. But hey, I'm a newb. Clearly the 10975d chess of weakening yourself before a war is lost on me.
  10. Blessed are the peace makers?
  11. What fake wars are you talking about? Unless I'm completely misreading the stats thing here (and as a complete newbie I may be), we did more pointless damage to each other than has happened in the current war yet. Don't be so mad that your buddies' OPSEC was so poor it alerted us to the danger and got us to cooperate.
  12. I always find the best way to prepare a war against a target is to fight against the people I plan to ally with first. That's just common sense.
  13. Politics and War makes strange bedfellows.
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