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  1. This combining worlds nonsense is messy. Too many blurry lines. Hate NpO of CN but I'm cool with NpO of this world craziness
  2. As I recall, Emperor Marx said that ancient history should remain ancient history and left on the other planet? Do you disagree with his position?
  3. BK why so poor? Also I always think this alliance is Basketball Ninjas? Conflabit
  4. Whatever happened to posting your flag and a simple message. I'm not trying to read a comic book here. Good luck though.
  5. Ehhhhhhh it's okay gossip.
  6. I can't believe this has gotten so much attention.
  7. We can’t get along because we don’t like each other? Simple enough.
  8. MADP blocs are for the extreme You have to be extreme BFFs
  9. One could argue that isn't true at all. Everything comes full circle eventually.
  10. Intersting. I've always said you're all interesting.
  11. Truer words haven't ever been spoken before.
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