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  1. Good god almighty alliances still are allowing democracies? Good on you UPN, I learned from my days in NADC that I shall now allow any alliance I am in to do that shit ever again....but hey good on you! Gratz to all elected!
  2. As I've stated in private, House Stark would not and could not be where we are today without our friends in The Syndicate. When I was King all that time ago they took us in with open arms and never hesitated to help us, train us, and guide us to the path we are on today. It truly is a sad day in Orbis, but looking forward to seeing you again one day friends. Never retiring again, I leave for 10 months and they've cancelled the closest ally we've ever had. I guess it's time to come back...
  3. When there is no mention of the King in the north in the signature of House Stark...
  4. I'll avoid making this too emotional but Sval many years ago we first crossed paths from OWR/HS, and from there we would play political tag allying on and off, but in the end we always did know how to find each other in the end. From getting rolled to doing the rolling I have known OWR and many if not a majority of OWR since the beginning, and for allowing us into your lives, community, and escape I thank you. Thank you for the laughs, cries (from too much laughter), the fun times, the bad times, and until the end. I've truly gained many friends that I will carry on with hopefully for the majority of my life, so thank you and thank you to the OWR community for opening your arms to me and house Stark. This isnt a goodbye, but instead until next time. o7 (love you benis & kabu)
  5. It was a cool crisp morning in Winterfell. Zygon, King in the North, stood on the battlements, looking out across his lands as the sun rose over the hills. His breath clouded the air, but his mind was as clear as it had ever been. A new era was dawning on his House. He remained on the wall for a few more minutes, soaking in the sun and the beauty of the North before heading down to the courtyard, mounting his horse, and leading his court and bannermen out of the castle to the Godswood. The procession was quiet, save for the whispers amongst the Northerners wondering what the purpose of their journey was. Upon reaching the Godswood, they dismounted and ventured into the wood. Despite the cold, and snow that spotted the ground the interior of the wood was warm, with the smell of magic in the air. There was no snow, there was no cold, there was only peace and calm. Eventually, the great, ancient, Weirwood came into view. It’s face and eyes forever ominously watching. The Northerners and Court gathered around the tree while Zygon walked up to the tree, placed his hand upon it for a moment in silent prayer and then turned around. “My Lords, and loyal bannermen of our great Kingdom, I know many of you are wondering why we have come to our sacred wood today. Besides it being good for body and soul, I have an announcement I wish to share with you that should be done in the sight of our Gods. The past five years have left me scarred and deformed and I find myself dreaming and longing for a more simple life than what I currently have. A life of video games and grammar education. To further that dream, I have made the decision to step down as your King.” A wave of gasps and mutterings flowed across the crowd. “Now I know that this may come as a surprise to you. After all, I have led our glorious House for over five years. From the foundation of our kingdom, through fire and blood, through dark times, you have allowed me to rule and bring our House to greatness. However, there is only so much that one man can do, and I believe I have brought us as far as I can. It is only right that I step aside and allow someone else the opportunity to bring us to new peaks.” “My king, who here is worthy enough to take your place?” A voice called from the crowd. “My Lord,” Zygon replied, “There is but one man I would trust to rule our House and to carry our Kingdom to new heights. You all know him. He has fought alongside you, saved some of your lives, bled for his King, and been a faithful servant throughout my reign and is as a brother to me. That man is none other than Lord Ataxia. Please, my friend, come forward.” Ataxia exited the crowd and walked up to Zygon next to the tree. Zygon turned toward him, and said “Kneel, Lord Ataxia.” Ataxia knelt down with his head bowed and Zygon turned toward the crowd, “Does any man here have a better claim to the throne than Lord Ataxia, or can prove he is somehow unfit to reign as King in the North?” All was silent save for the spring bubbling next to the great Weirwood tree. Zygon unsheathed Ice, House Stark’s Valyrian steel sword and placed it into the ground with his hands resting upon the pommel. “Lord Ataxia, no man here can prove that they are better suited for the throne than yourself. Do you swear to act honorably in all that you do? To better your House and Kingdom? To carry out your duties as King in the North, no matter what is required or when it is required of you?” “I so swear, in front of the Lords and Bannermen of House Stark, and in full view of the Gods, old and new.” Ataxia replied. Zygon commanded oil to be brought and poured it over Ataxia’s head, solemnly removed the spiked bronze and iron crown from his head, then placed it upon Ataxia. “I, Zygon of House Stark, First of His Name, King in the North, Protector of the Realm, Misspeller of Werdz, Slayer of Dragons, and Harbinger of Justice, hereby relinquish my title and authority and pass it on to you, Ataxia of House Stark, First of his Name, Protector of the Realm, Friend of $nek, Gator Whisperer, Lord of Direwolves, and the KING IN THE NORTH!” Zygon stepped back and knelt as Ataxia grasped Ice’s pommel and standing, turned to face the gathered Northerners. For a moment all was silent, but then the quiet was broken by the rasping of swords leaving their sheaths, being thrust into the air and the Northerners together taking up the call of “King in the North! King in the North! King in the North!” TLDR: Zygon, King in the North for five years enters a well deserved retirement and is succeeded by Ataxia.
  6. Zygon

    MAP's Issue

    Seems it did to my knowledge, nevertheless worthy of bringing up thanks for the help and sorry for the terribly late reply.
  7. Zygon

    MAP's Issue

    What were you doing (or trying to do): After attacking a nation proper MAP's not displaying. What happened (describe thoroughly please): After attacking the defending nation no MAP's disappeared, and only on the second attack did they reflect it as such. Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=1145313 Any other relevant information: Screenshot: (if available)
  8. Friends & Visitors of the North, Over the years I have watched and kept the North safe from the wights and wildlings, and along the way House Stark has endured and met every challenge we’ve been faced with, good or bad. In our time here we have met many great friends and we are proud to call some of them allies today. Though it only seems like yesterday, we are here 5 years later to celebrate our past and to look forward to our future for years to come. We have seen many great alliances come and go, governments topple, and reborn anew, global wars fought victor or not, we are a constant that Orbis can count on. I’d like to thank all of the current and former Northerners who have made me a better King, and House Stark a better alliance over the years. To our friends of the crown and former allies we are happy you stuck with us and made us a better alliance, and for our current friends and allies we will count on you for years to come to help us make a brighter future for ourselves and for those who follow after us. 5 Years is a long time to lead an alliance and I have been extremely privileged to have served with my current and former cabinet. We have built quite the robust and foundational government and it is with great pride and pleasure I thank them for their unwavering loyalty, service and dedication to House Stark. Let this birthday mark a new era in our history! Here is to 5 more years!
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