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  1. As I've said from time to time, It absolutely breaks my heart when I see people move on from t$ Exec. Branch, though you aren't leaving I will truly miss you! It's never easy to see those who've been in their post for so long. A true treasure of t$, rest easy in retirement friend. I look forward to working with this new fellow!
  2. That's for wasting my time!
  3. Os even when I knew you in CN you were a great chap and a reasonable one! Tell Lord Bagel I'll await his arrival!
  4. My face when they continue to abuse Alliance Affairs - you should be banned for making me post woerds...
  5. WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT WASTING MY TIME OVER THIS? WHEN WILL YOU LEARN??? This has to come to a stop, and I will be where the buck stops.
  6. Welcome friends! May your stay be as long one!
  7. Never easy watching a loong time friends and old allies disband - RoK will always be our first true love. Farewell friends - may the winds guide you North...
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