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  1. A true King has spoken. Listen up, @Zygon
  2. I no longer recognise House Stink Stark. Long live Squeegee! Long live the Seven Kingdoms!
  3. As much as I'd love to congratulate HS, I can't bring myself to it. Congrats to CTO and OWR though!
  4. Hi, When I send a message in-game, it isn't showing up on my list of messages. I asked someone over discord whether they have received my message, and despite receiving an email alert, they were not able to see the message in-game. Hope that makes sense and thanks
  5. Congratulations! God save the Queen!
  6. Good luck with the rebuild, Polaris.
  7. Got a lot of respect for @Yu-kun14. It’s good to see you in a government position again. Good luck going forward!
  8. Oh god, seeing Thomas and Morgan handle FA is giving me a stroke. Have you two not learned anything over the years!?
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