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  1. We've actually approached t$ on this topic a number of times publicly and privately and have not received an answer.
  2. I don't necessarily agree with the premise that the most recent wars are trending towards a quasi bi-polar war, but the part about stagnation of politics is the part I most agree with. I can't see a future now where it isn't GG+allies vs. t$+allies. t$ has said that GG's grip on the upper tier is a threat, but there is no way to neutralize that threat except GG's disbandment or near permawar. I don't' see GG disbanding, so absent politics taking place, t$ is going to continue its multi-year crusade and by nature become a self-fulfilling prophecy where GG continually sees itself targeted so it becomes more aggressive in kind.
  3. Am I misreading your stats or do yours say that Pascal has done net 620 mil damage and SRD did net 4.18 bil damage...? Also implying spying someone to see their warchest is effective, while also in the same post hinting at the fact that you understand how offshores work is very confusing...
  4. Everything said or left unsaid can and will be used as a CB against Grumpy. Can't wait.
  5. Why not on our level? Y'all gotta lower them taxes cus we aren't destroying our cities so you got come up to us. My 5 cities before Grumpy were purchased, on average, once every 190 days. Since Grumpy I'm averaging one every 67 days. I'd love some more company!
  6. I think we can close it up now. The issue is our existence, so it's disband or t$ will be hitting us in a few more months again. Damn, SRD beat me to it...
  7. several months ago in the Grumpy t$ embassy...
  8. Did you just quote me to agree with me, but make it sound like you were disagreeing with me? Weird flex but okay.
  9. I don't think a single soul in Grumpy doesn't think, and many of us brag publicly here, that we are OP. We take pride in it. What I take issue with is y'all have a narrative that we are OP, but then instead of leaving it there, bring in a bunch of other points that contradict it (we suck at war, even when we do war we don't fight, etc.). We've not been any more aggressive than any other alliance on Orbis, nor do we have a "cause" but to provide a place for large, older nations to hang out and whine about the youths. But, based on your approach here I think your mind is made up so a prolonged conversation isn't going to be the best use of either of our time. Should you ever want to expand your worldview, come hang out at the Grumpy server. As long as you don't come in douche cannons ablaze, you'll find us a fun bunch. Weird approach, but you do you.
  10. ....did I disagree with this? I'm not some propaganda machine, nor is our "side" a monolith... I come on here to represent my own opinions so it's best to not assume that I am going to disagree with everything you say. Again my argument wasn't against the dogpile. I believe I've said IN THIS THREAD that dogpiles are smart. But since you're asking: 10-day was a dogpile, the other two are more complicated but, gun to my head, they aren't dogpiles.
  11. Being a douchebag to people unprovoked is not going to make you many friends or gain you much respect. At least you didn't just downvote me and leave though, so baby steps I suppose. Regardless, you've misunderstood the point of my post and have wrongly assumed I was making some sort of rebuttal or novel argument. I was instead trying my best to distill the arguments already made as I thought they were contradictory. I've no idea where your anger came from, but you did bring some new points so I'll do my best to address them below. No one in this game wants any one dominating any tier. You've misunderstood me. Because a tier has utility doesn't mean it is the most effective. I would guess that most people would concede that the mid-tier is the most effective tier to control, but I could be mistaken. I'll update and say the whale tier is certainly more effective than the tiny-tier, but I don't think that was ever in doubt. Harpooning whales has always been hard, perhaps it's harder now, however that's not the point I was making. Three c35 nations can take a c45 down in 2 rounds. You'll need numbers and coordination, but that's not changed. I know I'm not going to convince you that the previous three wars Grumpy fought in weren't dogpiles, but let's at least acknowledge that is nowhere near universally agreed upon. The second part of this paragraph is confusing because I didn't actually specify which part of the CB was hypocritical... you seem to have assumed it was the dogpile? You know what they say about assuming... I was referring to the "Grumpy is consolidating the whale tier" part of the CB which has been used consistently each time t$ musters up the will to hit us. Again, you are a very either passionate or barbarous person to be so unnecessarily antagonistic and insulting in an online forum about a fake game. It might benefit you to take a walk, do some yoga, etc. before you respond to a very bland post with such gratuitous rage.
  12. SO 9. Just be friends with Grumpy. We are pretty cool. OR 10. Make more fun DoWs/CBs
  13. If I may so briefly capture the general layout of this argument to understand the issue: 1. Grumpy's consolidation of the upper tier poses an enormous threat to other alliances because of the difficulty in defeating them in war. BUT 2. Grumpy only participates in the beginning of wars because they quickly win their tier and then are out of the range of everyone else. BUT 3. This means they can rebuild faster and be ready for the next war which... will only last 1-2 rounds for them (see point 2) SO 4. Grumpy is only a threat to the upper tiers of other alliances. BUT 5. Consolidation of the upper tier is the least effective tier to consolidate, because you cannot control the lengthiest and most consequential part of the war and often run the risk of building yourself out of range and effectiveness. SO 6. Upper tier consolidation really is just a bogeyman, mid-tier consolidation is (and has always been) where you want to be strongest. You can coordinate to harpoon whales, your range of nations you're able to declare on is largest, and competence is most valued and observable here. BUT 7. Other alliances want to have upper tier consolidation so that their whales don't continually get stomped by Grumpy, so they are pursuing it through continual wars with Grumpy using hypocritical CBs.
  14. Apparently they don’t understand the concept of a treaty.
  15. TLE not only surrendered after less than a round but also got called useless explicitly in the surrender post. Savage.
  16. I am glad y'all are finally settling in on the opinion that GG is hard to fight, the conflicting narrative was difficult to follow. That being said, Grumpy appears to be guilty of the thing that every alliance does: discuss hypothetical wars and prepare for those wars based on threat and likelihood. What I don't understand is, other than hitting Rose which I can see being interpreted as a poor FA move, what has Grumpy done that has shown it's intention to choke out the upper tier? or use it's upper tier advantage to dominate competition? Grumpy is a good ally so it fights when its allies fight and occasionally asks its allies to fight when it wants to fight, but we're not enforcing hegemony in any way... t$ has now "pre-emptively" attacked Grumpy, what, 4 times? I think your intel may be off homies.
  17. Yea, goes back to my first response and I think what Adri and Cooper are getting at: just [email protected]#$in say you wanna roll us because you feel threatened and you have the coalition to do so without much risk. I'd certainly [email protected]#$ off out of this thread and I think they would too. Including this other nonsense makes them look insecure, paranoid, and petty. They've tried that before... didn't work so good the last time... and they wonder why we aren't exceedingly cordial with them...
  18. If everyone took every other leader's word with the same amount of unfounded fear as y'all, we'd never have peace. Ya gotta learn to sift through the memery and nonsense, use some discretion.
  19. Haven't y'all hit us all 3 or 4 of the times we've fought? I think it's time to assess whether our OpSec is non-existent or you're paranoid.
  20. What the [email protected]#$ does this even mean? Grumpy is the only alliance in the game that can't participate in the War part of Politics and War? If we fight, we aren't "peaceful" when we sit out, we are making the game worse by growing while everyone else fights... y'all gotttttta get the story straight about us
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