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  1. What would you know about what Epi/cam deserves? 😂
  2. You posted a DoW for a 14 man micro ranked 81st?
  3. You reap what you sow? You made your own bed? There are a plethora of phrases I could use to tell you how much I don't care considering your active membership in a sphere that has sought to dominate the game by building a single giant bloc for the last year and a half. Kindly take your tears somewhere else. Thank you.
  4. I'd like to offer admiration on your blitz or the response to said blitz but the game is currently about as useful as a potato.
  5. I don't know what you just said but have fun.
  6. So, you found one post of me saying "Child, Please" Wow, that must have been some hard detective work! Would it just make your day if I capped it off with another Child please?
  7. You don’t seem to understand. That’s not our reputation right now according to cooper and co. We’re the big bad oasis with Uber-city numbers. The potential! Ohhhhh the potential! because we recruit noobs more heavily then anyone else, It’s not like those small nations have been in our AA for months and months. They’re new players.
  8. Really? You’re going to bring that up? A dude banned from the game, violating his ban by continuing to play ( @Alex might want to check that out by the way) screaming that I’m harassing him every time I respond to him? Becuase he’s literally calling himself a child? yea ok buddy [email protected]#$ off with your bullshit. I didn’t say you were, just him
  9. I’m not fancy enough to manage the breakup thing you can do so sorry for how jumbled this is going to be. Is this a serious question, though? From the moment the last war ended hedge has done nothing but dump on us and call us the emerging hegemony meanwhile doing their best to horde the upper tier with grumpy guardian and oblivion, and to then have that sphere, which the rumors started reaching us not long after that, kicking Delta in the face was some sort of attempt to draw us into a fight. Where is the security threat in TKR who gave the appearance of wanting to downsize blocs, like we did, immediately joining up with a bunch of AAs that are looking for a reason to hit us? Damn, dude, I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♂️ I guess we should just assume you have our best intentions in mind while continuing to build a huge sphere. I also really like how you guys fall back on Chaos constantly too. Wow, that one time years ago, you did a mini sphere! Sick! You know what TKR did before and after that? Make really huge spheres ! Shocking I know! And again with the member numbers. Still trying to have your cake and eat it. We’re a horde of useless small nations until it benefits someone to cite it as a ‘city advantage’ or comparing member numbers. It really must be nice to just never be wrong I guess? Cause that’s all this is. The narrative you’re pushing that Delta started the fight is...just a straight up lie? Seriously....oblivion started the entire thing. But Delta was the aggressive party? Man what are you guys smoking over there? Trying to rewrite history that’s 3 weeks old...
  10. It’s almost like you’re oblivious to the fact that I used the terms ‘love’ and child’ after Adrienne called me sweetheart and you retorted with another love. You have some seriously hypocritical stances going on here.
  11. Lmfao I’ve been extremely consistent with my arguments correcting falsehoods about duckhunt and stating why we’ve entered here. But thank you. The salt from you and mayor is just absolutely delectable and I’ve got a large supply now thanks to you! And to speak about someone being inept when you can’t even troll properly. christ, can we get something worthwhile here?
  12. Child please. We have had a long history of friendly relations with TKR going back to our founding. We figured after the quack and oasis downsizes this would lead to continued improvements in our relationship with them post war. But this is not that. This is just repeating history. Those who fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. And that’s exactly what happened here. educate yourself.
  13. Are you being intentionally dumb. Stop acting like you have any idea what you’re talking about. I have said 10x over already regarding this war that we don’t have a treaty. What tkr and hedge are doing is garbage and precisely what quack did last war. The only difference is last war they declared on an alliance that was our ally. watching mega bloc crush the 2nd biggest bloc in the game while half of them have NAPs with a bunch of AAs now spread about does not bode well for our own security. this is literally duckhunt all over again except tkr replaced t$ with hedge.
  14. You seem really upset! Salty even! tastes delicious on my freedom fries. Biggest numbers argument again and anyone that doesn’t like us uses those numbers to trash our nation quality. You’ve done that yourself quite a few times. So which is it. Are we a mass collection of shit nations that doesn’t matter or a monster bloc with a ton of nations and the true evil Group. you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  15. Again this is the same garbage retort from duckhunt. Except it’s even funnier now because of the people you formed your bloc with and their previous public statements on things. I expected better from someone ‘taken under Tyrion’s wing’ who then left what, barely 2 months later?
  16. Potential? Who gives a damn about potential? We live in the now my friend. Everything is about now. And right now the quality of Hollywood’s nations far surpasses every other spheres. All of Hollywood gov refusing to acknowledge this and just parroting the numbers line is disingenuous and funny when hedge was throwing hegemony claims about other spheres just weeks ago.
  17. You’re trying really hard. It’s admirable. I think you had more success in the balkans tho.
  18. Oh look!!! We’ve gone back to the member numbers again! How convenient! You guys are very repetitive. Do you have any new material or do you only have the recycled quack dialogue from that war. Which by the way, you started both wars. the amount of times you shat on swamp for its member count is literally too numerous to accurately count. But I guess we’ll just forget that because it’s convenient for your arguments now. all about convenience with you people.
  19. Actually it’s TKR that continues to kill the mini sphere meta. Try again
  20. Hey, you see that part where you said ‘asked for reps’? No one has done that since NPO. And it doesn’t matter that they then settled for a white peace aside from the bloc name change. They asked for reps. It got out that they asked for reps. They’ll now be known as the first bloc post NPO to ask for reps. spin it however you want, they should have known better then to make a joke like that. It really wasn’t a funny joke either and it doesn’t matter that the number was so high because they didn’t want peace yet.
  21. So you teamed up with hedge to dogpile a sphere just like tkr and ts did before. With another biggest bloc in the game...expecting a different result. “if I say this lie enough times, it will come true just like in a creepy pasta!”
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