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  1. Are you implying that @Prefonteen actually isn’t the second coming of Jesus Christ and that I have been lied to?
  2. I am still confused as to how this relates to Sphinx, please enlighten me. (No but seriously where did this meme come from?) Also Sphinx isn’t the most notorious leaker, SK is. I’m not going to go back like 5 pages and find the post of the guy who said that just so I can quote it so I’m just going to say that here. Sphinx has just leaked 3 times, basically every single leader SK has ever had has leaked.
  3. Congratulations to The Immortals on gaining one of the best alliances in Orbis as their allies! Good luck on your partnership!
  4. I've found it really enjoyable to be part of an excellent group of individuals who are well-coordinated and are just all-round cool. It's been quite an experience coordinating with alliance and other non-IQ players to meet the goals set by our leaders, and it's cool to think that we are shaping the future of Orbis with our current actions (and for the better).
  5. It was fun fighting alongside you guys. While I obviously wish you all had stayed in longer, you all have done your part. Good luck on the rebuild, and good luck in the future!
  6. This was Elijah’s argument when he stole the Yakuza bank and entered VM back in September. His argument didn’t hold up, and Alex returned the bank and deleted 20% of it. In addition, if this were allowed, what would stop TKR or NPO from having one of their gov members take the bank, leave the alliance, and then enter VM?
  7. Just wanted to point out that it would be impossible for the Acadia nation to receive a Pyrrhic victory if they were attacking with their full ground force, even in a worst case scenario. 0.4*351,000=140,000, which is greater than 93,000, or the max that the BK member could roll. So it would be impossible to receive anything less than an Immense Triumph.
  8. Joe Stupid is not the Joe who entered VM, that was Joe Baker.
  9. It’s been fun, CoS. Was an honor to fight alongside you. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.
  10. Oh don’t worry, I still make fun of @Sphinxall the time for his leaks.
  11. Akuryo is referring to how IQ caused this to happen by defending BoC. In fact, Akuryo is actually in the alliance that caused TCW to join our side.
  12. Yes, you can go home now, go buy your infrastructure back to 3000 in each city, no one will destroy it.
  13. Happy holidays to you as well! We are all Groot at this time of year!
  14. Arrgh! May you all continue raiding for another 5 years!
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