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  1. I do not know who this Stannis Blakethon is, however his oppression must cease at once. The benevolent King Squeegee will overthrow him.
  2. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the South, Squeegee BlackfyreBy the old gods and the newdown with the tyranny of the Zygonwith honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all.
  3. Congrats on the treaty! Make sure to save chocolate for the rest of us though!
  4. Congrats One Kingdom, OWR, and Carthago!
  5. Congratulations on retirement Leo, was a pleasure to work with you! Condolences to Adam. And congrats to KETOGG, just one more executive spot to go!
  6. You can calm down, it isn’t just your alliance. No alliance’s score graph gets updated every day, not even the biggest alliances. Don’t recall the reason for this, that would be a question for @Alex, but I want to say he did have some reason.
  7. Question, would your reserve count be publicly viewable or no?
  8. Let’s go, the coup was successful, down with the queen! I mean, uh, congratulations to Adrienne, condolences to Benfro. (Coup Man Good)
  9. This would make the spy war impossible to win, because you would constantly have to spend all your slots on keeping your opponents’ spies zeroed and would have no free slots to actually spy away military with. And spies aren’t some overpowered game breaking mechanic where they can turn the tide of a war or something all on their own, they just help around the edges.
  10. We got a scroll though (plus some atrocious humming that @Squeegee kept begging me to do) so it was worth it.
  11. Wait I didn’t know that KT could read.
  12. Ikr who’s idea was it to sign an alliance with @Cooper_in it? 0/10 worst treaty ever, disband, Orange Man Bad, boo.
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