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  1. You greatly overestimate both your own skill and how much people care about you.
  2. Difference being that BK’s logs weren’t hypothetical, they were Sphinx saying “Hey, we’ve planned our war, we know when we’ll hit, we know who’s hitting who, start stockpiling nukes.” Our discussions were more like “‘What if NPO attacks us? That’d be bad wouldn’t it be?’ ‘Yeah but I expect them to keep their word.’” And BK was planning to hit us, their discussions were not “What if Chaos hit us?” You’re trying way too hard to spin discussing a hypothetical scenario that had a very real possibility of playing out (and did play out!) as being a bad thing, when it’s just common sense. We never had any plans to hit NPO offensively. If there’s a huge alliance that you historically haven’t had good relations with and they are sitting out this huge war, have historically good relations with your opponents, and have shown hints of aggression, it would be very naive to just not make a plan on what to do if they were to hit you. I’m certain that NPO has planned what they would do if BK Sphere hit them. Or perhaps they didn’t need to because they knew BK would never hit them because they had to fight upper tier consolidation.
  3. This has been reported for weeks in the official PW server, @Potpie99 was the first to report this glitch, and from what I’ve seen it’s just worsened since then. This really needs to be fixed ASAP before it can cause much more damage. It’s only cheating if you’re trying to exploit it, we don’t know whether he was trying to exploit it or if he just glitched out.
  4. That glitch has been happening for a while, I’d wait for the nation himself to testify before making any judgements.
  5. Welcome to the fight, House Stark! May the Game of Thrones themed alliances unite on the battlefield!
  6. No offense, but I don’t think your 4 man alliance would scare off BK when they’ve hit many alliances far, far larger than that this war.
  7. Probably because it was after they peaced out.
  8. Or maybe we just don’t want to peace out, regardless of our ties? Has it ever crossed your mind that that’s an option?
  9. So basically you’re going to make us state the obvious? Also, congrats on peace Ming! Thank you for sticking with us these past 3 months. Good luck on rebuilding!
  10. No like, you guys literally can’t declare wars against all of them at once, even if you use all your offensive slots. You guys would be able to declare 30 wars, they have 48 members.
  11. You realize that your alliance literally can't hit all the people in Sanreizan at the same time, right?
  12. Noctis bud, are you okay? Because I am genuinely concerned for you. Might want to take a day off from this game.
  13. Are you saying that you are going to declare war on T$ as well? Good luck to your 6 members!
  14. MCMaster-095


    Good luck rebuilding, and congrats on peace!
  15. My biggest concern is that this would benefit those with a ton of money to spend, in other words, the whales. It’s already hard enough to take down the whale tier in a war, imagine how hard it would be if they could buy thousands of additional units at will.
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