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  1. Cya Yang, you already know my thoughts on what you did, so not gonna get into that here too. It’s been fun when you aren’t being a complete idiot though, good luck man. Just keep your head screwed on tight.
  2. My tears ricochet upon hearing this, this is why we can’t have nice things. Speak now, and I can’t tolerate it. It won’t be for evermore though, when I go back to December I’ll only reflect on the happiness. Long story short, I’ll get my closure.
  3. Two things you should know. One, Orbis Central is for discussions about in game politics, anime pictures does not count as in game politics. Two, Hime is a guy.
  4. @Phoenyx My advice would be to stop taking everything at face value. Not everyone is telling the truth, if you assume that everyone is, then you won’t get very far. No one is going to explicitly admit “Oh yeah, we had a plot to roll you guys haha lol.” And most people in this game aren’t pacifists like you are and have no qualms with forming an offensive coalition, which for all intents and purposes is the exact same thing as a defensive coalition. I can’t recall a time in this game where one was without the other (although maybe I’m just forgetting something, if I am, feel free to enlighten m
  5. In real life, sure that’s true, but this isn’t real life, and there aren’t any life or death consequences of war in this game, unless you count my brain cells and sanity, which this game has managed to kill off.
  6. If by “a few hours” you mean “literally 5 minutes” then sure.
  7. Regardless of the CB, an offensive war declaration is still an offensive war declaration, as long as you hit first. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just that via definition, an amazing CB doesn’t turn a war from offensive into defensive. Preemptive sure, but that still isn’t pure defensive. Perhaps Swamp isn’t a sphere that declares wars solely because they’re bored, but that’s true of most spheres, and doesn’t make any of them into pacifists, it just means they aren’t warmongers, and there’s a decent bit of room between those.
  8. You’re still very new, so I don’t fault you for not quite understanding all the nuances of how the game works, I get that it can be confusing and seemingly counterintuitive for a new player. But wars aren’t fought solely for profit. This is what, something like the 15th global war in this game’s history. None of them have been fought for profit, but they’ve all been fought for political goals. While it’s true that fighting this war would have been costly, that proves absolutely nothing as to whether or not it was being planned. I’ve also noticed that you seem to think all of this can be r
  9. “Barely winning” is not how I would describe this war. None of us have any military, those who’re able to build anything up get it instantly destroyed, and when we come out of beige we get instantly slotted.
  10. I just received this glitch too. I had 12 MAPs, did an airstrike in one of my wars, and it deducted 0 MAPs. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=777392
  11. Much hegemony, much stranglehold, at least we can all agree that @Hughes is bad and that he should disband.
  12. I can see the reasoning for this, but personally I think color blocs are functioning as intended. They were created to encourage drama, politics, and war, that’s what they’re currently doing, makes the game a bit more exciting, especially during peace time when there’s not much to do.
  13. This is an open discussion forum where anyone is allowed to state their opinions, whether you like those opinions or not. And you kinda did directly mention Discord in your original post, plus an in game messaging system would be a direct competitor to Discord anyway.
  14. Not like Discord is hard to download, and really there’s nothing you can code into the game that’ll be able to replace discord (at least nothing that won’t require a ton of effort and all other updates to come to a halt for months at the least).
  15. Who’s idea was it to sign an alliance with @Hughes 0/10 time to roll Eclipse :serious:
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