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  1. Yikes, thank you for this. This answers so many of our questions as to why Guardian's growth has been sloth like.
  2. GoB isn't the bloated size it is today because it has grown through the traditional means. GoB grew entirely through immigration of the games biggest whales from their traditional/original alliances and spheres to GoB. You are an example of that. No one in t$ would ever encourage nor want an alliance to disband. GoB is a community and those community members have every right to be and play together.
  3. You finally returned I see, you must've spent the whole day drumming this up did you? In the meantime I had my 20 day old Junior Associate write me up a 10 page essay titled "How to cope with being a has-been in Politics and War". I will have it sent to you right away so you can start the healing process. Salty tantrum🤣Check your f**king posting history from the past week bro. It's so desperate I pity you at times.
  4. This has to be the most meaningless argument to come from your side yet. The fact of the matter is, consolidation of power of any tier is extremely bad for politics and the game. It's a major [email protected]#$-block and only leads to more lopsided wars like we see today. The only alliance in the game guilty of such is GoB so I'm not sure where you're going with this argument. The upper tier is where control starts Hodor and you've been around long enough to know that. Wars are fought top-down. You control the upper tier and it sort of dominos downward since down-declaring is much more effective than up-declaring. As has been said, we don't even need to get into the mechanics or details because war history speaks for itself. Ten-Day wasn't a dogpile? Duck Hunt wasn't a dogpile? GnR was supposed to be a dogpile had things went your way. 3/3 on intent, 2/3 on execution.
  5. 🤣 A single 20 day old Junior Associate brings more talent to the table than you could ever put forward Charles.
  6. Congratulations on peace and good luck with the rebuild.
  7. TKR signing GG which is a classic and infamous partnership and simultaneously jumping on an non-militarized Rose is not “merely existing”. You got off on the wrong foot from day one and you can’t fault us, Rose or others in this game if our alarm bells started ringing.
  8. You and what army? 🤣 "Yes SRD said some things but you cannot take his word seriously" "Yes you were considered a target but surely not a serious one" 😴 Huh? Wholly owned parent, public subsidiary.
  9. I've been wondering the same about your side? I'm confused as to when ghosting all of a sudden no longer was considered an aggressive act? Intentional or not, multiple members of HW leaving to join KT in a war against a Syndicate ally is and always has been an aggressive act. You can't play the "they were bored and wanted to do something card". You folks have been around long enough to know that is unacceptable and should've put a stop to it or came to us upfront and explained that they left on their own accord and you won't be taking them back. Your side did not do that. Instead, you immediately started militarizing when we were forced to militarize in defence of Eclipse. Do you not see how the chain of events unfolded and how your side was coming off to us? And this is all recent, GoB has been continuously hostile towards The Syndicate dating back a very long time. We were dogpiled by them just over 6 months ago. Before that it was TCW. After us it was Rose. During and after the Rose hit, SRD made it quite clear that if it wasn't them it was us and if not then we're next. When you consider the history and pair it with the recent developments you should be able to understand that you're not innocent. And yes, SRD's word is credible. You cannot pass off his rhetoric as a joke as his past actions speak for themselves.
  10. Congratulations to The Federation on peace and best of luck moving forward.
  11. People have such short memories it's hilarious. Or they're just pretending. Either way it looks dumb.
  12. KT is amongst the all-time best fighting and most capable alliances in the games history. Their history dates back almost 3 years before you even created your nation and even though they're a shadow of what they once were, they'd still put up amongst the strongest fights you'd get in the game.
  13. What’s embarrassing is that your own d**kstroking on the forums literally comes off as a parady because of how much of a joke it is. GOB GOB
  14. I can just imagine the effort the great and mighty GOB will make in helping out their Hollywood friends in the tough battle ahead. I fully anticipate the very tough, strong and capable GOB to drop mil to hit low and alleviate some of the pressures their sphere mates face. No tough, strong and capable alliance such as GOB would ever dream of keeping their score maxed and out of range of their opponents while the rest of their sphere dies.
  15. HM 2020: Sekret treaties good, must kill t$ man HM 2021: HOW DARE YOU HAVE SEKRET TREATIES
  16. Wait, are you telling me that Rose gov members receiving billions in "loans" that never get paid back is actually some sort of embezzling scheme? I am SHOCKED.
  17. A change is well overdue. We've all been on the losing sides of a war and we all know how ridiculously OP Iron Dome is. Either nerf Iron Dome or increase missile construction capability. For literal years we've been trying to improve the losing sides ability to inflict damage and keep the individual player active and this is one of the best ways of doing so. Zeroed players, whose only option is to lob a nuke and/or one or two missiles per day against 3-8 opponents shouldn't deal with 50/50 odds.
  18. Alliance of the Year: The SyndicateMost Powerful Alliance: The SyndicateMost Improved Alliance: The SyndicateBest Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): EclipseMost Missed Alliance: Church of SpaceologyBest Alliance for New Players: The EnterpriseMost Honorable Alliance: The Knights RadiantMost Immoral Alliance: New Pacific OrderMost Controversial Alliance: New Pacific OrderBiggest Warmongers: MythicBiggest Pixel-Huggers: Grumpy Old BastardsWorst Fighting Alliance: Grumpy Old BastardsBest Alliance Growth: RoseMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: ArrghMost Likely to be Rolled in 2021: CamelotBest Milcom Department: The Syndicate, tora tora toraBest Government Line-Up: The Syndicate
  19. Wow Adam and Vero, I sent that intimate photo in confidence 😒 Also @theo
  20. Me whenever I dare to glace at Phoenyx's posts.
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