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  1. This RoH brought to you by the Anti-Browser Dark Mode Gang.
  2. What's the Over/Under on Clark's sister being the next one to apologize?
  3. Remember when we could at least get 2 pages of "Good fight and good rebuild" posts before a surrender post turned into a shit show?
  4. Not going to lie to you, If you haven't seen this movie, It is straight up amazing to watch. High or sober. Movie is Bahubali 1 or 2.
  5. What? Are you actually in my spy range? I don't actually do spy ops outside of wars. But if you do find any credible evidence any of ours did it, let me know. I'd have to be the one to reprimand them.
  6. Naw friend. I'll let you be mad. Because you don't write walls of text about being mad. For a shit poster, you seem bad at spotting shit posts. Better than your bad jokes. Sure. Whining, naw. Just telling you your jokes are bad still.
  7. Minesome, It's not that deep, are you really gonna get pressed about me calling their joke bad, too?
  8. Like I said, I'm not going away. The easiest way for this to end, is for you to stop talking. But you wont. and I know you wont. because you're pressed. The entire time I've been here, I've been saying I've been, was, and am making fun of it. You just kept ignoring that part because you're upset that I said anything about it. You just want to keep screaming "Commie mad, Baka!" into the void in the hopes that it will somehow upset me, when it makes me smile. I told you to put more effort in and you turned around and got mad about it so much that you keep posting to me. Stop being mad. Get better material. Maybe expand the horizons a bit. idk. Just be less upsetti. So it is a joke? Sheesh, you can't make up your mind one way or the other on this. Pick a position and stick with it is it "A joke" or "Not a joke, what I actually think about everyone"? it's pretty easy to keep this story straight. I know more history about PnW than you could ascertain by reading the wiki. But you said this wasn't an argument, so therefor, should be not making par because it's not an argument. You are extremely inconsistent. Is it because you're still mad I called your joke bad? I mean, You obviously learned nothing during your "Days of going over the history of 60 alliances." Yes you did "Days of history research on all the top alliances" and that's the best you can come up with? Still a bad joke. 2/10. Your effort is not only lacking, but you seem to just want to pick the lowest hanging fruit because your jokes are bad and there was nothing more creative to use according to you. My sentence is 3000 days with no anime. *Cracks Gavel* Be better.
  9. You're so mad when I'm just telling you get better jokes. It's really like you don't get the irony in getting so bent out of shape for me making fun of your shit joke and then trying to point the finger at me. Durm called you a corncob, because he agrees with me btw, which I have been doing, but it's only funny because he did it? That's pretty contradictory don't you think? and once again. I pointed out your bad joke, you got all uppity and defensive and so mad, then you say they aren't jokes or that they aren't even supposed to be great. And once again, there is a difference between "Making fun of your bad joke and lack of creativity" and "Complaining about the song." It's very sad that you don't get that. Still stealing my material. "Put some effort in" is what I've been telling you this whole time. Talk about running into the point and still missing it. lol. This conflicts directly with your earlier statement. So you do actually think Strickland Propane is a bunch of whatever you called them? Which is it. A joke or not. Also, be happy. Your little tantrum is helping put this in the "Popular post" section. Our little back and forth will probably get you more viewers.
  10. Naw. I like it here. And I don't pay rent. But glad to know I may soon become #3 on your little list. I don't think you understand what corncob means, because it is very apparent you don't. And now you're using my jokes. Sheesh. Do I have to put a TM on my posts now? I mean, I could give you pointers on how to actually be funny when dealing with leftists, but you'd much rather be bad at making jokes about it. I enjoyed many of them, because, like I said, there are some good songs on that list. Buffed up part of my playlist. But You got all hot and bothered because I called one of your jokes bad and out dated. You got so upsetti over me calling your joke bad. Then you steal my jokes. Then you try and take the non-existent high ground. I think the biggest joke here is your response to a simple jab at your shit joke.
  11. LoL. Still being uber defensive and now going for personal attacks when all I said was your joke is bad and dated. "Cared enough to complain" and "Woke up today, chose violence, and decided your shit joke was a shit joke and should be made fun of because it's unoriginal and bad" are two very different things. You're acting like I kicked your favorite waifu pillow off a cliff for pointing out your joke is bad and it lacked creativity. And yet. Here we are Durm. Here we are in a field and my only crop this season is Corn.
  12. These Preschool comebacks just hurt my heart for you. Bless your heart. Your jokes are bad "My jokes aren't bad, you just cant take one! Baka!" No, they're just bad and dated. I expect more when I come here. I "hate you?" Naw. I feel sorry for you mostly. I barely hate anyone, unlike you (Who apparently hates a whole two people. Sheesh) Imagine getting told your joke is bad and being this defensive instead of being like "yeah, It's old. Maybe I should get some new material."
  13. Not all of it. That's a lot of music, and some of these are real slappers. I'm using many of them as background tracks while I tell you your jokes are unoriginal and dated.
  14. "Obviously it was a joke!" They scream continuously as they slowly morph into a corncob. LoL. The only joke here is your ability to make one. I'm just disappointed in you. Hoping for something more only to once again be let down by the SSDD.
  15. Obviously you don't know what a workers' union is if you cant tell the difference between the two. But again. Can't expect much in terms of actual jokes and jabs when someone is so basic they put milk to shame. Why are you bringing TKR and CC into this? I hope they're paying rent to live in your head.
  16. lmao. Your "Everything left of me is communist" is so basic it hurts. Make no mistake, I'm not offended, just disappointed in your lack of creativity in the idea that "Haha commie, so soviet." It's so... sad that you can't come up with a better joke. It makes me sad for you. Plus, we're Union Themed, not communist themed. Once again, different things.
  17. Just shows your lack of creativity, tbh.
  18. We're not tankies, Still 2/10. At least that one would have been minutely more entertaining.
  19. ASM is union themed and the best you could come up with is the Soviet National Anthem? Not Dolly Parton - 9 to 5, Not Phil Oches, Not Pete Seager, Not even Woody Gunthrie? There are so many more I am forgetting, but still. Terrible. 2/10.
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