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  1. Who or what determines the validity of grammar? And how? Why? Is noncompliance immoral? Is there a penalty associated with noncompliance? Does grammar evolve? If so, is said evolution facilitated by some organism,or is it self perpetuating? If the latter rings true, does the extinction of specific linguistic norms over time in combination with this deduction serve as a thesis for the application of darwinism on an abstract concept? Is grammar an organism?
  2. PS it is nice to see Yarr continuing to follow the doctrine I put in place years ago - You can fault me for many things, but training and indoctrinating my crew is not one of them.
  3. Weak show. Put those hm and Rose wussies up against a REAL man. SOFT FAKE BIASED
  4. From the desk of Pragglesan The bestest reporter ever Greetings, friends! On behalf of Habsburg News Hour I want to apologize to you! We knowingly clickbaited you friends! There is no easy ethical life hack. I had to get your attention because Exorock has made an unsettling discovery. You see. There are scammers in our midst! Hailing from the depths of egypt (for my american friends, this is egypt:) In egypt, they developed a system friends. It's called a pyramid! And now there are scammers in our midst friends! Scammers who are tricking unsuspecting new players int
  5. iQ DiD nOtHiNg WrOnG Wash your mouth.
  6. Cheeky. Please make sure to incorporate certain secret agreements that didn't exist but then suddenly did in your elaboration on that implication.
  7. I appreciated and liked old CN npo tbh. They were a fun element to add to the political landscape. Even early game NPO while tiring wasn't really too problematic. Late NPO/BK though just went off the rails.
  8. Sounds like a good matchup to me. I'm in.
  9. Slowly, Partisan erected himself from a gloomy corner. He had observed the squabbling newgen leaders long enough. Now was the time. With a cataclysmic BANG, he whacked his epeen on their table and stared the men coldly in the eyes. They dare not measure. Silently, he zipped himself back up and strolled back to the shadows, leaving an uncomfortable, awe-struck room in his wake.
  10. Regular (read daily) dms to our gov and/or myself on this subject sorta force a clarification. Don't worry. Adam remains the guy with the responsibilities.
  11. Greetings friends, Partisan here rising from his retired chair in protest one more time. Please pause your frothing and foaming to listen to this heartfelt and apparently bloody necessary clarification. Take notes, because i'm going to state this one last time, and will simply begin dishing out personal discord blocks as well as blanket bans in the t$ servers to anyone who continues bothering myself, t$ gov or t$ members moving forward. Extremism -of all kinds- is morally reprehensible due to its inherent intertwinement with intolerance; be it race, religion, ideology or anything I m
  12. Classic ronny! Making something that is all about partisan stroking himself, about quack. Classic! I reject your truth
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