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  1. You were informed before that we consider ourselves a single coalition for all intends and purposes. Your unwillingness to deal with us as an entity does not preclude us from coordinating and cooperating. Or was that your purpose in the first place?
  2. No. You're misunderstanding my post: The announcement fulfills -word for word- the term as demanded by coalition B. Therefore your argument is moot.
  3. At least now you're being honest for a change ;). Yes. I do believe not having your peace representative be ignored for weeks would be helpful toward progressing peace. Unless you have no interest in that ofcourse.
  4. "I got caught in a lie and they're not letting me ignore it so i'm going to wait for keshav to step in and make a hurr durrr yesman joke to look like I wasn't serious".
  5. That system did not exist whatsoever though. Please point out the similarities beyond "YOU ALSO PRESENTED TERMS AND THERE WERE NEGOTIATIONS"? Scratch that. You presented a term. Not plural.
  6. Sure. So why are your coalition allies lying about the system having been the norm? It's new, and (imo) it's flawed. I don't want to be associated with pioneering it
  7. We've been pretty clear about our position with regards to peace, dating to weeks before the actual event. Not our fault you either did not communicate internally or you decided to conveniently ignore our clarifications . Anyways, 2 weeks and counting. I'm curious to see when the timer can stop! 2.- What "was" was used by Aragorn, your coalition ally, to justify what "is". So it does matter and if you lot don't want to answer on the subject, you should not be bringing it forward.
  8. What are you talking about. We are calling Aragorn out over false claims about how Syndisphere used to conduct its peace negotiations (as he is using that to justify your current negotiation style). Try to follow the topic man. t$ still has nothing to negotiate over. Is that also our fault?
  9. "came into talks with bad faith" How? By requesting to see the terms and asking for the inclusion of t$ while still trying to find middle ground in proceeding after being trolled by under? Or by accepting your strange demand for surrender prior to any talks after enduring your 1-month radio silence policy every time talks seemed to fall through? You keep speaking of bad faith, but from what I can see, there've been no unreasonable requests made. That's without delving into the clusterfrick that is your handling of t$ so far.
  10. Hey now. In this case its about how peace talks were done years ago! We're giving you some variety in your OWF meals.
  11. So you're admitting that t$/$yndispere never did negotiations your way? Specifically: - we never made our opponents wait multiple weeks before presenting terms after they offered their surrender. - we never revealed terms one at a time, forcing opposition to accept term 1 before being allowed to see term 2 (and so on). - we never force-split peace negotiations into two servers. The times we did have split negotiations, we gave opposition the choice between leaving the war seperately, or negotiating together. It was their choice, not our demand. Procedurally, there are very few if any similarities between the way peace talks were historically conducted and your "super cool new structured way". Can you kindly stop making blatantly false claims?
  12. Going to leave this here for posterity: @Aragorn, son of Arathorn makes grand claims about the evils of old Syndisphere an gets called out for talking out of his ass by the person who conducted negotiations at the time. He chooses to ignore it and continues making grand statements on different topics. I suppose we'll be doing this song and dance again in a week or so when you pop up in a new thread.
  13. Syndisphere never did terms the way you are doing them. What are you talking about?
  14. My heartfelt congratulations to our favorite allies!
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