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  1. Nobody probably understands you then, I bet
  2. If I am losing, does that mean you will at last grant me your support as I am now the underdog? Finally, after all these years...
  3. Quoting this for when certain accusations are inevitably made again by your gov.
  4. This pretty much sums up the credibility of your posts. When presented with counterarguments which floor whatever crap you try to push, you revert to a chippy one liner, only to pop up in another thread and do the same dance. Bruce, your side has been a shitshow of both IC and OOC toxicity in every sense of the word, and the game is worse of for it period. Good luck with the war.
  5. This is hilarious for a lot of reasons. Intended or not: I chuckled!
  6. I do hope you are aware cooper and I are different persons.
  7. No friend, I was referring to your general disposition and prioritization of ties and relationships. ....so nothing has changed. Got it.
  8. As opposed to the NPO hierarchy of treaties which is NAP < ODOAP < MDP < MDoAP <MDAP < BK
  9. We're not the ones whose duplicitous logs proving stacked lies and plans to backstab allies, frustrate peace talks and run people out of the game are plastered all over the OWF. But keep on coming with the "no u"s. Why are you still allied to certain alliances if you don't want to set a precedent on breaking treaties?
  10. We've seen the logs. You actively pushed for the outcome. As for HS: You got them rolled, and then participated in keeping them at war for an extended period of time "because t$ hadn't burned enough". You show being sorry for the situation in a strange way.
  11. I mean, why is your response to a gripe with your ally t$, to keep the treaty and plot to roll your ally t$ *and* to plot to roll your ally HS?
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