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  1. Yes, yes. Let's substitute one supposedly exploitable mechanic with a more complicated, more easily exploitable mechanic that will definitely end up being another point of contention 6 months down because "its not working as intended". Tbh, this suggestion spree is ill-advised because the core mechanic which was functional has been borked out of laziness.
  2. I have a radical alternative suggestion guys! Why don't we, and I want you to hear me out before thinking im crazy, Why don't we reinstate beige under the old mechanics and instead of implementing a bunch of half-assed, overcomplicated mechanics that'll end up not doing what they are intended to do, just apply consistent, structured moderation? The mechanic wasn't broken. The moderation surrounding it was (ill-defined rules that were/are open to exploitation but more importantly, arbitrary moderating decisions due to a lack of consistency in application of the already ill defined rules as well as hardheadedness when unsurprisingly, contradictory decisions cause controversy). Or we can continue fricking up the meta until the elements that constituted PW's unique selling points relative to other browser sims are entirely substituted with ass. Either way, i'll be here.
  3. I think theo's response shouldnt be glossed over here. How do you plan to address those concerns? (or how does alex plan to)
  4. From the desk of Pragglesan The Fragglest nation leftover From the desk of Hopsin The flyest rapper alive Greetings, friends! Panic! Despair! Chaos! The economy is in danger friends! My friend told me so! The backbone of our economic motor has fallen into fragility! A bump! Speedbump! Heavy bouncy bump! We need to correct course friends! The Coal Mines are no longer producing and are running out of reserves. Catastrophy! Spruces! Coal miners are drowning in debt! its a swamp! A negative income spiral swamp! The more they fight it, the more quicker they drown! Friends. Now is a time to come together. Not just to save the economy, but in the very spirit of christmas. My god friend Hopsin told me so, so it must be true. Exorock will do its part! Will you join us? Donate now! Donate here! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7094 Merry Coalmas!
  5. @PPS look guys, an idiot! *throws coal*
  6. Im sorry did someone says "fix the broken war mechanics?" Because that should be first, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th priority. Fiiiix
  7. I mean, no? That's based on absolutely nothing lmao. The majority of alliances are opposed to the mechanic updates which have occurred since the end of the war as far as i've been able to see. Let's not pretend we have much of an influence on these updates.
  8. I''ll be honest, I was not fond of the initial pledge, and am not fond of new pledges. While it's true that the community should be self-regulating, admin should not be relying on it to correct fundamental flaws in the game mechanics. If there's one thing we've learned, its that when people want to keep you at war, they'll find a way and a reason or justification to keep up a pretense of it not being a perma-roll. To that end, such pledges tend to be hollow. .. i'd rather we focus on calling for sheepy to correct this.
  9. Greetings, friends! Pragglesan of Exorock, the bestest nation ever! It's been a long time since we spoke! You see, I was off doing lettuce with old Gobo Fraggle. Such a rascal! But i'm back! Hugs! And I brought a new friend! Hopsin, come say hello friend! Hopsin and I met while I was on tour with Fraggle! We have a great announcement to make friends. You see, Terminal Jest is back! Hopsin over here will be helping us tired old exorock folk govern! We're ecstatic! He's ecstatic! Uhm... Okay friends... Hoppy just needs a moment to get accommodated to you fine people! So let's put some information out there before we continue! Here's our link! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7620 Oh! I think Hopsin has something to say! His eyes are lighting up! Do you see that friends? They lit up! See!?!?! I'll give you the floor! What's our first Terminal Jest proclamation Hopsin?? ... ... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! ...Hopsin? ... Hopsin? Friend? Ah to hell with it! Ho Ho Ho! Merry christmas from Terminal Jest friends! We look forward to having festivities together! In celebration friend Hopsin has made a new flag!
  10. How dare two alliances ratify a treaty on in the subforum specifically assigned for such political announcements. 🙄 Congratulations on the treaty to both parties. Who are you to determine which alliance can and can not post? Get a grip.
  11. Outta here with that raggedy scared weak shit, TKR!
  12. I've always known it. @Shiho Nishizumi is a howling sleeper agent!
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