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  1. Edgy quip. The record is definitely not this. You're definitely aware of that. Ironic quip too.
  2. I'm sure it has nothing to do with us actually having quality control, unlike SOME OTHERS IN THIS THREAD.
  3. Aku my friend. Im facepalming my facepalms on several levels over this comment
  4. Hello guys, I've seen a lot of back-and-forth over the game mechanics. Some of it constructive. Some of it hilarious. Egos are up in a knot and personalities are clashing. There appears to be a large amount of dissent over the functioning over the development team. I come to you with a humble solution. Make Partisan Development Lead. At first glance my suggestion might seem like a bad idea. After all: Partisan can't code. Partisan barely understands the basic banking mechanics and his involvement is limited to trying to not forget to log in every 3 days. Partisan prefers roleplay o
  5. From the Desk of the Streets The realest hood alive GANG GANG moddafriggas Greetings, homies! The stranges shit just happened while the gang was clappin' purple cheeks. Our main man Weird Adam Yankovic showed up! And he told us the strangest of theories. No friend. Not the fountain of youth. I don't like fountains any way. Yank! Yank! Get over here friend. I've been sitting on your theory for hours and i'm sold! It's been right under our noses the entire time. Like the moon landing! Except that was in the sky. Tell them! Hood Ame springt op het podium en krijst rar
  6. Like a tongue, !@#$ I'm looking like a lick, uh, uhThink I'm Thanos, rock diamond my fist, uh, uh
  7. From the desk of 2Praggle The gangest rapper alive No mumble. Greetings, Friends! Terminal Jest recognizes hostilities! With you over there! In the corner! And you! With the ice cream! Hostilities for you! You! You! And you! You look hostile. You smell hostile! You breathe hostile! Put you six feet down gang gang modderfrickers! Im not scared. Ski Mask The Leo God isnt scared! Look at him! He on some ADMIRAL SHIT! Homie didnt just pull up friend friends! Homies did an entire set! Homie pulled up his entire fricking garage. Pulled down his pants
  8. We got blood. Jesters. Cap 'em! /s/ SKI MASK THE LEO GOD HOPSAN DENZEL SISSY
  9. Greetings, friends! From the desk of Pragglesan and Hopsin We share a desk The bestest desk ever. Today is a great day! You see friends, my friend, I am here today to announce that Terminal Jest has had a growth rate of over 250%! That's right! Over 250! Why? Spinach! We are now bigger than uhh ... Yarr! What kind of a name is that anyway. Yarr sounds like when a scribe tried to phonetically write out a pirate telling a story And then some turd made an alliance out of that. Hopsin loves it! He told me to give you protection! Here you go friend. Merry coalmas. Where was
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