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  1. You're saying the concept of banking is founded on the leverage of investor wealth to drive profit for the banker? I'm shocked!
  2. Eat my buttocks like groceries. https://tenor.com/view/duck-duckling-animal-bird-run-gif-5295491
  3. Declaration of War When word reached us that The Knights Radiant were using the predicament we were in of not being able to declare past the front as a way to lock down the current fronts and then attack us it was a pressing enough threat. This was coupled with reports the lack of expansion was simply due to not having enough coverage. As fronts fell, it was a matter of time in our eyes. Whether it was now or after the war, it was a serious liability. We have been reluctant to sit on the sidelines to wait for it to happen. We have stood idly by with constant antagonism. In every previous war with this scenario of a limited front, the alliances initiating it are usually targeted next and the reactions this time indicated the same. Note this is our decision unilaterally as we could no longer allow our sovereign right to declare a war against people who seek to act against us to be withheld. It is regrettable that we must act outside of the scope with this new conflict. There is no intention of domination or anything. The imbalance this war has introduced made it clear that we could not just sit back and wait for the inevitable. The numbers cited as why the other sphere was so big have not materialized, allowing for manuveurability. We did everything we could to avoid this outcome but here we are. By the day they grew emboldened while our strategic situation deteriorated. We expect to take severe losses here and there is no avoiding that but allowing this status quo to continue has been determined to be untenable, which is why we declare war on TKR.
  4. Greetings friend! I too would like to buy art. You see. Praggle is a very sophisticated and cultured man. It happens to be his 23.5th birthday in 12 days and Exorock is set to celebrate! There will be spruceball and folk dance. Your fabulous artwork would be the talk of the night! Exorock will offer you $10 million and 500 coal if you create a custom piece featuring a platypus. The platypus must be ridden by a snake. Western saddle. The snake should wear a tuxedo. We're cultured after all. In the background Praggle would love something representing the events of the third punic war. Be creative. If you really want to make a friend out of dear Praggle, the inclusion of rainbows and minotaur midgets engaged in a bacchanal would be the icing on the proverbial cake. Oh! There should be cake too! You know what friend? $10 million, 525 coal, 795 iron, 2222 aluminum and 1666 gasoline if you fulfill all requests! Exorock would fly this artwork as its flag in honour of Praggles birthday.
  5. Your premature screeching has been duly noted.
  6. Do you approve of unsollicited ass eating requests?
  7. Orbis: *sees Ri's post* Orbis: *Masturbates furiously to its own cognitive dissonance*
  8. TKR man bad Syndi man bad Adri woman bad Parti man bad Congratulations on your formation, swamp people!
  9. Marx once told me to eat his buttocks like groceries.
  10. brb, setting 100% tax
  11. Have I.... Have I been couped? Well. I had a good run.
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