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  1. Partisan stared at his old friend Avakael. The scarred soldier looked older than he'd seemed that last time in the syndi trenches during NPOLT. Back then he had radiated a vigorous energy. Now he seemed broken. His weary facial expression contorted into a restless grimace. The silence in his elaborate dialogue was a melody of agony. For a split second, Partisan felt himself swallowed whole by avakael's desire for tranquility. He blinked. It was not Partisan's tarnished scream. Not his restless soul. He had found his Requiem. He nodded at this ghost of his past, and stepped back into the light.
  2. I can not help but bask gleefully in the layers of irony displayed at my feet. Welcome, my friends. To the seethe and cope conglomerate. *waddles off*
  3. We at the development team are devastated to see that you are experiencing bugs in the functionalities of our browser sim. Your report has been added to the list, and will be handled between 2024 and 2025. In the meantime, might I invite you to come enjoy this useless meta-breaking, bugged functionality that no one asked for but was introduced as a vanity project? Sincerely, - The dev team
  4. Sigh. Which genius has been advising you this time alex? 7 years of random outbursts of idiotic moderating decisions during global wars, yet it took you a huge investigation by half the community to consider axing the most blatant and game-constricting cheating (npo) the game has seen. Id say im disappointed but its par for the course.
  5. At least i never lied to get my dubs. Deez snakey nuts on your foreheads.
  6. I can't lie.This was funny.
  7. Can you define to me what "Economic consolidation" is? Do you mean that we've.... grown our nations?
  8. I for one am shocked, absolutely shocked! Shocked at friend Ronny playing the friend Ronny card while masterminding an evil ploy to get his whales more leverage! Shocked at TKR spitting in the face of minispheres and @Adrienne's legacy of honesty and general goodnes once more! (Shame on you @Wizel16. Shame! If I were Adrienne i'd be very upset with you). Shocked at @Benfro. Shocked at being proven right once more about the direction of Orbis! Shocked at the betrayal. Shocked at the next knife in my back. I AM NOT A KNIFEBLOCK Shocked at having to log in Shocked at the predictability of PW Politics. Wake me up when you do something interesting.
  9. Im sorry i dont feel secure sharing my opinion anymore now that you have shattered our hegemony.
  10. Oh no! Not peace between br and clock! They hit our achilles heel @Sweeeeet Ronny D- the treaty- I can feel my throbbing hegemonic power whittling away! Noooooooooo.........
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