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  1. Good on you guys for joining in. Been waiting a while to see y'all at war for the first time. I hope you have as much fun as we're having
  2. I remember when MNN was healthy competition for the big boys. How low the mighty has fallen.
  3. This is a fair response from you guys. Have fun, good luck and give them hell
  4. I opened this thread with a pretty strong, negative view about you. But you weren't involved in the cheating, and if it's true that you tried to stop the delisting of P&W on google play then that can only be a good thing. I'm still not sure, time and your actions will tell if you're genuine. Welcome back to the game.
  5. Happy birthday!!! Love you guys ❤️
  6. Honestly, you should have been permanently banned. Alex was far too lenient with you and the rest of NPO gov. Almost killed the game completely and we're supposed to forgive? No thank you.
  7. I'm just happy there isn't an NAP. Lets hope we're done with them now for good Well done to all - had fun.
  8. Give them hell, Crunch. Have fun.
  9. Sad to see Best of luck irl, and take care
  10. While sad not to be fighting along side y'all again, I'm glad your wishes not to participate have been respected. Hope your rebuild goes well. ❤️
  11. Play football like that, and I think England will be just fine
  12. Temporarily Withheld Euro 2020 One night watch the world unite Two sides, one fight and a million eyes Name Withheld is proud to host an event open to all of the PnW community. From 11 of June until 11 of July UEFA Euro 2020 championships are played. That is football or as our American friends keep referring to it “soccer”. To make this event more exciting we’re hosting a predictions game. Free entry!! With up to 49 participants: 1st place: 150 million in PnW cash 2nd place: 70 million in PnW cash 3rd place: 40 million in PnW cash 4th place: 20 million in PnW cash 5th place: 10 million in PnW cash 6th place: 5 million in PnW cash 7th place: 5 million in PnW cash With 50 or more participants the prizes are doubled to: 1st place: 300 million in PnW cash 2nd place: 140 million in PnW cash 3rd place: 80 million in PnW cash 4th place: 40 million in PnW cash 5th place: 20 million in PnW cash 6th place: 10 million in PnW cash 7th place: 10 million in PnW cash In addition to main prizes, the best Name Withheld member will receive 50 million in cash, or 100 million if we get over 50 participants. There is a separate counting for the highest scoring alliance. For alliance scores, the 5 best individual entries shall be counted. If an alliance has less than 5 participants they shall not qualify for this scoring. Best alliance gets honourable mention, but no monetary prize. Important links: Rules. https://tinyurl.com/EURO2020rules Name Withheld’s and the competition’s official Discord server https://discord.gg/UR6xqsBnVz Submit your first round’s predictions here: https://forms.gle/hcBXh6eTwoUkwykS9 Remember to join our Discord to qualify for the awesome prize pool!
  13. Honestly not surprised Camelot would do this. I am surprised about Aurora though. Not because I have much hopes for them as an alliance, but having dealt with secret treaties in Duck Hunt would have thought they'd have more...sense? Guess you guys sold your souls to the devil signing Camelot. Good luck.
  14. Dear Orbis, SCP-4299 will be contained. - The Overseers
  15. Triggering a lot of bad memories here Xaria
  16. tl;dr, Name Withheld declares war on Swamp
  17. You know it’s bad if you’re getting dropped by Fark
  18. I don’t like this. Seems like a lot of effort to have to do this for every attack and trade. Even if it’s random it still seems like an unnecessary hassle. Plus, what’s wrong with the current system?
  19. Welcome to Politics and War! How you finding it so far?
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