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  1. need to lower your grades, can't have you getting HDs all the time 😛
  2. Thankyou @CitrusK for paragraphing that, sorry to hear that story, good luck in the future.
  3. Make sure you've deselected the dark theme in account options, then it works.
  4. Congrats on peace and good luck with your rebuild. This treaty has "Yui was here" stamped all over it.
  5. Sure, it's not that long ago...
  6. Oof, I know that feel, the rollback war...
  7. Don Juan

    War Goals?

    How much like EU IV do we want this?
  8. Well done and funny. I think you made good choices with the characters/alliances.
  9. Well done, might've been better to make the capital Francograd but otherwise a small flaw on a literary masterpiece. This is indeed Smith's opus magnum.
  10. The Age of Micro-Aggression Suggestion: The Server Sitzkrieg or The Server Shitzkrieg The latter might not be very highbrow, but perhaps apt.
  11. Yes please, a more representative score system will be better for the game. There was also a proposal some time ago (to address the steel costs) to have it 0.5 steel and 0.5 alu.
  12. Public is more accountable than private. I would not trust a private poll. And I'd also prefer it all on the forum, the radio show could be an extra perhaps, even before the public reveal/thread, but just not exclusively the radio.
  13. Indeed, I'm in favour of Open Layers, looks good. And it does increase the RP ability for differing stuff to IRL with regards to vegetation etc.
  14. You should think about putting Braveheart's Script in a spoiler tag.
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