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  1. Don Juan

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    Admittedly, as much as I don't think CBs are needed, they can indeed work with or against a side in a time of war PR-wise. Additionally, it also provide entertainment for the peanut gallery. From another standpoint, casus belli are part of the political side of the game, and you can justify them to your alliance members, allies, other parties as well as enemies. Whether those others will accept your point of view and the legitimacy of your reasons is all-together another thing entirely. So that is one of the things that is part of the player-brought politics to the nation sim, although it is the onus of other parties to dispute a CB justified against them regardless. Even without a CB, that doesn't prevent an opposing party in a war from disputing why they were attacked, if they can see reasons or not. So, as long as there is salt (and there is an unquantifiable bounty in this throughout the community), CBs, imagined or otherwise, will always be disputed. So Pre-pontification over this point may raise an issue for discussion, but I doubt you'll have an affect on practices as done by the community. It's good you clarified your point, because I read your post and I still came away with "CBs aren't needed to hit people", which I agree with and in the grand scale of things, it never matters which side is "right" or "wrong", that's arbitrary morality and ultimately subjective, which you've acknowledged in your initial post. Therefore this same subjectivity is applicable to your argument too, since it's also about the validity of CBs and complaining about them, or complaining about complaining about them, as the case may be.
  2. Don Juan

    Player created Religions

    Perhaps adding a game-wide accessible one should be like flags. But I do like the current VIP option remaining too.
  3. Don Juan

    By The Way...

    Quite so, otherwise there'd be consuls and shophets etc.
  4. Don Juan

    Important ODN Announcement

    I applaud your honour in falling on your sword in this manner, ODN, but it does seem somewhat wasteful. However, good luck and have fun.
  5. Don Juan

    And So the Dust Settles

    Can you come back to me with a graphic with less errors please? There is a weird amount of alliances in a bloc not included and erroneous treaties depicted.
  6. Don Juan

    PROJECT PROPOSAL - Insurgency Program

    Insurgent Training Program/Facility? Or Special Operations Command even. As name suggestions
  7. Don Juan

    Green Protection Agency DoE

    I'm disappointed the govt lineup doesn't include people like Apeman or Grillick...
  8. Don Juan

    New Nations Don't Get Affected by the Radiation

    Mmm, might be good to have them live in a lead-lined bubble for the first 30 days at least so they're not adversely affected by the wartime nuclear winter. So yeah, I think Placentica's idea is a good timeframe for it.
  9. Don Juan

    Preferred Default War Type

    I propose adding a "Preferred War Type" option to account options or military/nation customization. This will help to ease declaring war and make it a more seamless experience for users without having to use the dropdown menu unless they want a war type other than their preferred one. Often in wars, there is time pressure to declare in a blitz and the current dropdown menu doesn't stand out well in the current UI. I don't believe this should require too much work on the development side, and it'd make declaring war easier, which is half the game and in the name.
  10. Don Juan

    Bringing Joy to a Grumpy Old Bastard's Heart

    Now get off our lawn, young'uns!
  11. Don Juan

    Dear TKR- A Hogwarts message

    Says "Hi Hope 10/18/2017 Thalmor"
  12. Don Juan

    Dear TKR- A Hogwarts message

    I'm sorry to hear that; that makes me very sad. I've lost quite a few relatives to cancer.
  13. Don Juan

    Dear TKR- A Hogwarts message

    Cancer does suck, I hope things get better IRL.
  14. Don Juan

    Dear TKR- A Hogwarts message

    Sounds like some native speakers need to catch up to a Dutch person using English as a 2nd language. Just a joke, guys. Don't get all salty over it.

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