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  1. o7 you guys showed so much promise with tremendous growth! Happy to upgrade ❤️
  2. https://gyazo.com/455be68ea67183a3d37552b7a033822e >.> https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=157612 Sorry heres the nation link Upon Further review Why caps those 3 letters specifically and then try to get around Nazi rules by claiming to NOT be Nazi
  3. Ya. Looks pretty bad. If only the entire server was leaked. Like the part where after I asked Under to change the terms for Theo and t$ to include the 12b, I later said I have every intention to remove the term once we get to that term for negotiation. It was one of the but arguments Sphinx and I had as he wanted me to remove it altogether, I simply wanted to remove it once we reached that part of negotiation. And as for the rolling of t$ till the disband comment. I was openly mocking others in the chat. My sentiments haven't changed from what I said in this thread. Only thing that has changed is how it is perceived. I am very sorry for these, but I guess when Sphinx and TcW start to feel irrelevant he does what he does best.
  4. There are mixed feeling in this thread regarding what the OP has stated. Some support and accept the sentiment others (a good majority) are skeptical or just out right dont believe it. Id like to share my journey with Camelot for what it has been from the beginning. When I came back to the game the war was in full force. I rejoined the AA I helped found many years ago (Polaris), and very quickly I realized the sentiment of what they used to want to be and what they were now were very different. From the moment I became Head of FA for Polaris and was put into the Peace servers and Coalition servers I was a loud voice of protest for everything BK/NPO and Coalition B was essentially standing for at the time. My first night on the job I had a very long conversation with Adrienne about what had happened and how we could move forward when the Peace talks had stalled the first time due to stupid pride and ego from my own side. I called them out on all of it. Sphinx can attest to this. Peace was my goal. Afew members had shared this sentiment, one being Arthur. We quickly formed a friendship on these grounds. I had not had much interaction with Epi at this time. All I knew was the sentiment of "Epi is not to be trusted". This was a voice coming to me from both Coalitions. Being a person who doesnt take words at face value and like to form my own opinions of people I tried to get to know Epi and saw where some would think this and go on their way. At the end of the day my opinion wasnt that Epi couldnt be trusted but you for sure had to watch what you said around him from time to time. EPi also wasnt in many of the Coalition higher up chats and discussions. So the idea that Epi was a major player on the side of Coalition B is just wrong. He may have had a loud voice on the forums but there wasnt a lot of decision making coming from Epi. Moving forward when the second round of peace talks started with both t$ and Coalition A being separated I took on a bigger role of being a voice in Peace talks. Forming a relationship with Partisan and more from both spheres as someone who clearly wanted peace. I publicly would go against the wishes of NPO and BK just to later being yelled at in private chats for doing so but not really caring. Once everything happened at the end and the peaces started coming, Camelot was one of the first if not THE first AA to declare white peace. Not out of fear but out of wanting peace from the start of it all. If you look at the Government line up of Camelot it is really weird. You have a lot of former IQ players back in high level spots so it is very fair to have the idea that nothing is gonna change because of it. Except that most of the people in these spots betrayed IQ in some way shape or form. George was someone BK could not stand because of what he supposedly did to them. Hell, George and Epi both leaked the terms to Leaders of Coal A in a voice chat to try and get things moving a long. Myself, some people probably just find me as being a joke of a person. But there was also a very loud voice from so many people that stated I was the only good thing about Polaris during my time there. One of the only ones on our side to have a brain and actually use it when making decisions. I fail to see how ive really changed away from this since joining camelot. Now, not to say that I didnt have my doubts early on about joining Cam. It was for sure not easy. Constant government reform and trying to figure out whats next and how we wanna proceed. We signed Rose early after the War ended because Rose knew during the war that what was being said about us wasnt necessarily the truth. I just wanna get back to having those good relationships with the people I did and hopefully moving past everything of peoples past. Let what happened at the end of the last war be a new start for everyone that happens to remain here. And as always if you ever wanna talk about anything you can easily reach me on discord at Aero#2803 To those of you who are still friendly to me even while on opposing sides, thank you :). Even though we may find ourselevs at odds Im glad we can come out in the end civilly. Aero Co-Head of FA for Camelot Lover of all
  5. Its become about more than just the game at this point honestly. While most players are probably doing in character stuff about the AAs and have no ill will IRL for anyone, the last war became extremely personal for a lot of players and some still haven't let go. It is a very sad day and I, like Arthur, would really love to see a world where playing the game really is all anyone is doing without any personal feelings of negativity going into it.
  6. Somewhere recently I saw someone complain the game was getting boring. FA is always fun
  7. Hang on. We still arent sure what this isn't. I've also heard bets on this just being a six alt with a reroll ?
  8. They said that the Titans could destroy the Gods and yet they were trapped in a pit for centuries by those in which they could destroy. When freed they tried to take over once more and yet... Weren't successful. Let us see if freed again they will succeed ? Congrats o7
  9. We dont wanna drive people out of the game :(. Dont make me post cat pictures..... Congrats on the treaty friends!
  10. Look. Let it all run out. Daddy Alex can give us stimulus packages of RSS
  11. Ooooo I remember this day
  12. You must live somewhere on the East Coast Southern side to know what Bojangles is. (Or atleast been there) I give this post 10 thumbs up for just the mention of Bojangles ❤️
  13. BK. The short time I worked with you guys in this war and back in 2016. Was a pleasure. May you find a game you enjoy!!
  14. Aero

    Take a break

    Aero Xross in LoL ? Cant say Ill be around to Duo a lot but I enjoy crossing communities!
  15. Today was a day one would say will never be forgotten. Decisions were made that will effect the game state forever. Both on alliance levels... and on personal levels. There are many alliances out there that are disbanding that it truly breaks my heart to see go. Despite the short amount of time I got to know a lot of the people I fought alongside being that I only just came back in October, they were truly good people. The decision Alex made was not one many agree with. But what followed was something that could have been avoided. In some eyes, the point of playing had been lost. Admin intervening in the game to end the war is how it is viewed. In others, admins imply doing his job is what it was. But no matter how you took it, you made a decision today. "Do I continue playing this game". Personally, my decision was yes. And, even though the Polaris decided to not disband, I chose to leave. As many people today have done in their respective games. Using today to, explore the world as a whole, see what is left and see the possible new opportunities that may lay in front of them. To those alliances and people that are leaving. It was an honor to fight with/against you. I hope maybe one day we will meet again. To those that decided to stick around but look for a new home, I wish you good luck in your search and I hope you find it is that you are looking for. And finally, to those who havent moved and are waiting for the dust to settle before you make your next move... I say good on you for sticking to your guns and trying to fill the void that is now left in the world of Orbis. I end this with a final question. To everyone reading... What decision did you make today and how do you feel it will impact your game for the future?
  16. Polaris has accepted White Peace with all warring parties. This includes the following terms: White Peace 6 Month NAP Wars will be fought to the conclusion and no new wars will be declared. This was a long and tough fought war on both sides. When I started playing this game again in October, this war was raging on and it seemed to be no end in sight. Many peace talks were tried and failed. I did know though that one day we would have peace, I just didnt think it would come this way. To many, thought you may not like Polaris, we were still able to talk when needed. It is no secret that I didnt agree to everything that went on on my own side, but there are many people I became close with that got banned and I am very sad to see them go. As to what the future holds, the arctic is a very mysterious place. It is unknown as to what we will do and where we will go. But one thing is for certain... even in the coldest places. Warmth can be found.. and where there is warmth... there is life. /s/ Polaris /s/ Alphabet Soup /s/ Formula 1 PS. (And this is Aero talking for Aero not for Polaris) I love you all. I cant wait to see what the future has in store for us all.
  17. Congrats on Peace and happy to see what happens moving forward. Enjoy building up!!!
  18. Much love friend. Good luck with the rebuild
  19. To stop the hate for as this thread exists you'll get my monologue ok my current viewpoints of the game :). Just alittle break from the hostility here and there. Not much changed from what I said yesterday, but there is more I want to touch on. We keep talking about the past when it comes to reasons as to why things are being negotiated the way they are or aren't ending at all. I have always been a big fan of learning from your mistakes, and I'm sure this is the reasoning for both of those. This is a forever evolving game and world and every move you make no matter how big is small on the grand scheme of things as it's like a puzzle piece. All of these small pieces eventually come together to create the world of orbis. And right now, we are holding a piece and can't quite figure out where it goes. Some people think it goes one place and others think it goes elsewhere. The future can not exist without the past, this is fact. But the idea that the past will 100% repeat itself is a very scary thought process to have because it rarely does because new things happen. New ideas. New people. Hell, the odd new mechanic when Alex decides he wants to actually look at the game (Kappa). Both sides are in this pattern of trying to prove why the other one is bad and focusing on the past rather than trying to think of that new idea of how to get to a better future. That is all for today. Thank you for reading. ?
  20. I hate you for the top one love you for the second one ❤️
  21. The current state of the game is definitely an interesting topic to discuss and I am glad a thread was made where it can civilly be done without going seriously off-topic from the OP or It getting to hostile for my taste. Anyway, for the most part the state of the game is in a weird spot. Not just because of all the global wars, but people just not really being able to feel like they can speak freely anymore. There is a lot of feeling even within the coalitions that if they speak out they are gonna be ridiculed or shut down. Or even for those people who wanna leave and explore the world there's the fear of either perma-roll or denial based on previous relationships held. This is a feeling from BOTH sides. I've seen it, I've talked to people about it and gotten these exact feelings from them. When I came back to the game late October I had no idea what was going on. Even then, until I really became Head of FA for Polaris again is really when I actually was able to draw my own conclusion on things. Are there things I dont agree with how they went? Yes. Are there things that I agree with from my side. For sure. And I have no problem saying both of those things. I was not a quiet one when I was brought into servers. Wasn't my job to be quiet. I didn't have that fear of being unable to speak openly, though sometimes Im sure there are times where some would like me to be quiet :P. The relationships I have come to have in this short amount of time are fantastic, and they are on both sides of this war. I cant count the amount of times people have told me that they dont know why I am on the side Im on. Not being here for the beginning of the war myself, I can't tell you how things would have panned out. But I am not upset or sad nor do I regret doing the things that I have done on the side im on. I am happy. These people I fought alongside aren't angels.. but they're not demons either. I think some things have gone to far to be repaired though, in some cases atleast. And it is truly sad that this is the case. But, don't look to things to make them worse. I'd like to push for 2020 to be a year where despite anything that has already happened we can kinda all start over abit. Push forward in a new year to try and be better than we were in 2019. Maybe people like Sphinx can try to leak alittle less(Kappa) or someone like me can be alittle more Vocal in what I want rather than just arguing the points when presented to me. All in all, we all started playing this game for a reason, no matter what that reason maybe, don't forget it. After all, this is still just a game. At the end of the day, if you really didnt want to play it you wouldn't, so the fact that everything that is going on is going on and you're still here, means that deep down you are willing to see what happens after all of this settles. And I look forward to that day aswell :). I apologize for this post, I'm sure someone started reading this and got halfway through it and stopped after saying "what the frick is he on about". Truth is its 2:40AM my time and I am tired but I wanted to use this post as a way to say, thank you for playing this game, and even if it very fricked up right now. It wont always be this way and I look forward to seeing how everything turns out to look during eventual peace time :).
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