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  1. This is beyond disgraceful if it is an intentional action. They must be held accountable. Hope that Alex will do some investigation here. This war is one thing, but this was someone's hard work and dedication that was destroyed for no reason. No one would want that to happen to them. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  2. Welcome friends! It was foolish of NPO to think that this would not catch up with them. They betrayed you just like they did to us! Just goes to show time and again that they cannot be trusted to be good allies, friends, team players, or community members. This is not about feelings, this is about the right side of history!
  3. Sad it had to come to this. Had to be done.
  4. Wow, this is a cool idea. I think it could add a lot to the current war mechanics.
  5. I agree, however I believe that something like this topic could have been put in a better place and had a way less aggressive tone to begin with. It should not have been used to score some points in this war, or even to have a debate or public lynching. Because even if it is fixed now, the damage is already done to his reputation and to himself.
  6. This is beyond disgraceful and disgusting. You should be ashamed for trying to take advantage of this situation when you really just signed a real life death threat upon him from some loser. This is supposed to be a game, not a toxic wasteland. I smh to all of you.
  7. And yet the original title still remains. You believed right away that he was a cheater without any of the facts.
  8. @Josh of Clan Mason If you think a member cheated, why shred his reputation with a personal strike here when you do not have all the facts? Why not go to the place an exploit should be reported, and why immediately post assuming it was automatically "some alliance" cheating? If you have a problem, it shouldn't be posted on the forums for a public shaming before the fate is even decided, it should be left to Alex to figure out the situation. Shouldn't everyone be given the benefit of the doubt? Or is everyone guilty until proven innocent.....? A good member was hurt today because of your assumption before the facts.
  9. Hope all is well with you @Mad Max! Good luck in your alliance endeavors!
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