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  1. Top tier video! I'm proud. Also, TO WARRRR
  2. Congratulations to both It is a great time for us all!
  3. looking forward for further collaboration and growth together!!
  4. @Borg What makes you drag the OP's alliance into it? I don't know what you have against t$, but if you read his post you would have seen that the problem he is addressing is literally about new player retention and growth. Not all of his ideas were perfect, but that's exactly what forums are for, collaboration. We are here for one purpose, to make the game a better place for new and existing players. I'm sure that is something we can all agree on. There is no reason to bring affiliation into it just because you have a vendetta. If you think the changes are ridiculous, say it without alienating. Your argument is over as soon as you bring affiliation into it. Present your case, don't alienate.
  5. Must be a new record of time compared to that last global......
  6. Thank you for your service Leopold!!!!!! It has been an honor to be a part of the Syndicate under you Cannot wait to see where we go from here!
  7. Most of these changes are great for the game and will change the meta in a lot of different ways, but that is not a bad thing for the game as some are suggesting. I feel there are only 2 issues with this update that were taken a little too far: This is a little bit much and will make it unfortunate for a lot of the smaller raid nations who already get next to no loot off of it This is a little high, and as previously suggested by some it could be lowered a bit to match more closely to the tanks killed by aircraft. While it does make sense to nerf planes some, this might have been a bit harsh. Honestly though almost everything else will either be good for the game or just change it. Don't start recreating the toxicity introduced in the last war again. The world has had enough of that, and since NPO left it has been rather quiet until now. These are all changes that have been tested as confirmed by Alex whether it be recently or 2 years ago. These are not new. Human nature is to reject change no matter what, so I get how some of you are having a hard time here, but this is no reason to go attacking Alex or anyone else. Present your case! Not with emotion or accusatory words, just with facts. Please do not turn this game back to where opinions and emotions were thrown out baseless on every single post. Let's try to understand the changes and adjust based on them rather than enflame. tl;dr be less toxic, be friendly, and stop accusing and jumping to conclusions. I love you all!
  8. Seems no one can enjoy life and have fun these days without getting offended, smh. You guys really need to calm down. Good April Fools joke
  9. I appreciate you writing it in a way that no one could understand ?
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