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  1. The Rokkenjima News Network, RNN for short, is a television news network run by the Witch Council. It is by far the largest television network in Rokkenjima, receiving over 50 million viewers per week. The most popular show to air on RNN is Rokkenjima News Report hosted by Clair Vaux Bernardus - receiving about 25 million viewers per week. The news show aired internationally on Orbis, and had received positive ratings in almost every country it aired in. Currently, RNN broadcasts only on the planet of Meta. An archive of each episode, as well as RNN's special broadcasts, can be found sorted by their date aired below. Episodes that did not air outside of Meta are not included in this list. RNN Broadcasts: June 2, 2016 - RNN: Announcements from the Witch Council June 17, 2016 - RNN: An Update from Rokkenjima June 24, 2016 - RNN: Travel Ban on Hinamizawa Issued Rokkenjima News Report: March 22, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Network March 27, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 2 April 3, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 3 April 10, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 4 April 17, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 5 May 1, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 6 May 14, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 7 July 1, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 14 July 4, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 15 August 3, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 16 August 9, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 17 September 9, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 18 September 29, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 19 December 22, 2016 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 31 January 1, 2017 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 32 February 10, 2017 - RNN/LNC Special Report (Episode 33) February 18, 2017 - RNN: Rokkenjima News Report Episode 34
  2. Eva-Beatrice

    Forum Sig Upload Issues

    Uploading the image as an attachment and inserting it into the sig worked for me as well.
  3. Eva-Beatrice

    Forum Sig Upload Issues

    I'm actually having the same issue. Whenever I try to update my signature, even if no changes were made, I get the same error. The image is 650x175px and a png.
  4. Eva-Beatrice

    Leave of Absence Signup Thread

    For those who find themselves in a situation which would render them unable to post for an extended period of time (moving, school, health issues, personal issues, etc.), please reply in this thread. Inactive nations will remain on the map for an extra thirty days before being removed. The purpose of this thread is to inform the National Roleplay community of whom is away so they may focus their interactions and expansions elsewhere. If you are not comfortable stating why you will be away, feel free to contact me via private message. Authorized Leave:
  5. Eva-Beatrice

    Active Treaties and Agreements

    This post will serve the purpose of organizing active treaties and agreements among NatRP nations. To be added to this list, please respond with a list of your nation's active treaties and/or agreements below. Prussian Empire Active treaties/agreements: Mutual Defense Pact: The Occitanian Empire The Occitanian Empire Active treaties/agreements: Mutual Defense Pact: Prussian Empire
  6. Eva-Beatrice

    Prologue: Introductions

    "Neptune! Get up this instant! You're going to be late to the meeting!" The voice of Histoire seemed to fall on deaf ears as Neptune continued to stare at the T.V. in front of her, as she lay sprawled out on the floor. "Oh, c'mon, Histy. You know I can't quit in the middle of a battle. Lemme just finish this boss. Hiyah!" Histoire let out a long sigh. "Honestly, I wish you'd display a sense of maturity for important days like this, at least. Look, even Nepgear's ready." Nepgear walked over to where her older sister was, kneeling beside her. "Neptune, are you almost done? We should really get going..." Seconds after, a game over screen could be seen on the T.V. "Aww, game over? No fair! Well, time to try again." Just as Neptune was about to press the reset button, Histoire yanked the cord out from the socket with all her might. "Woah, Histy! It says in the instruction manual that you're not supposed to do that." Histoire began to lose control as the cord was swung around her. Neptune managed to duck, barely dodging it as it flew over her head. "Don't try this at home, boys and girls." A crack then appeared across the screen as the end of the cord finally collided with it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neptune and Nepgear finally departed. They stepped into the teleportation room of the Basilicom, arriving in Celestia moments later. They started walking toward their destination, Celestia Castle. "I'm thankful that we didn't end up breaking our readers' monitors back there." Nepgear said in a relieved tone. Neptune responded. "I'm just hoping my beloved console is okay. Histy can act so Pissty all the time." As they entered the castle, five familiar faces greeted them. Noire was the first to say something. "It's about time you showed up!" Her younger sister, Uni, smiled as she saw Nepgear. "Looks like we beat you here, unsurprisingly." "Heheh... Nice to see you, Uni." Two voices came from the other side of the room. "Miss Nepgear!" "It's Nepgear!" Nepgear turned to where the voices came from. "Oh, Rom and Ram. You're both here, too." Rom smiled, giggling. "Uh-huh! I'm a little nervous, though..." Ram wore a confident smile. "It'll be okay, Rom. We'll just be saying a few words to a camera. That's all." Nepgear nodded. "That's right. Besides, it'll be our big sisters doing most of the talking." Neptune looked up. "Nep-what? We're still in the prologue? And we have to do introductions? I didn't sign up for this!" Noire responded. "This isn't the time for your meta jokes, Neptune. A proper introduction is the least a nation's leader could do." Blanc finally spoke up. "You talk enough anyways. Introducing yourself should be no problem." Neptune sighed. "I guess..." She looked around. "Wait a second, where's Vert?" Noire answered. "Now that you mention it, I'm quite surprised you arrived before her. She must be caught up in something important." Meanwhile in Leanbox... "Oh, come on! What's the rear guard doing out there? Fiiine, I'll cover you myself..." Vert sipped her coffee while staring intently at the screen. "No, I'll be fine. You go on without me. What the?! Oh, poo! They're fast! These guys are just way too fast! Hm?" She clicked elsewhere on the screen. "Discord, huh? Looks like a Skype ripoff to me. Maybe we should shut it dow-oh...? Oooh, it displays what games you're playing as a status message? And has a built-in overlay for games? In that case, it might be a good idea to integrate this with our console's online service. Yes, I believe I'll do that. Oh!" She looked at the time in the corner of the screen. "Time flies when you're having fun. Alright, I best be going." She soon arrived in Celestia. "Sorry I'm late. I logged in intending to play for an hour before heading out, but then a castle siege started, and well, you know...I couldn't very well leave in the middle of that..." Neptune responded. "Serious Goddess fail. You might be even worse at your job than I am." "Not even close." Noire and Blanc said in unison. Noire continued. "Alright, now that everyone's here, let's get this over with. I have a ton of work to do when I get home." "The camera is all set up." Nepgear stated. "Let's go first, Nep Jr." "Hm? I wasn't expecting that. Is it really okay?" Neptune nodded. "Of course! I'm the main character, after all." With that, all the CPUs and CPU Candidates transformed, ready to begin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nation Name: Planeptune CPU: Purple Heart (Neptune) CPU Candidate: Purple Sister (Nepgear) Oracle: Histoire Capital: Planeptune Population: 90,945,914 "Greetings, to those who reside beyond the borders of Gamindustri. My name is Purple Heart, the CPU of the nation known as Planeptune. Although we've been through some tough times socially and economically over the years, we're still here, ready to provide our people with the fun and stress-free environment they've come to expect. We pride ourselves on being the most technologically advanced nation of Gamindustri, and continue to allow open borders and free trade with the three other nations that share this continent. I like to keep things short and sweet, but before I wrap this up, I'd like to introduce my younger sister, Nepgear." "Hello, everyone! My name is Nepgear, and I'm the CPU Candidate of Planeptune. As the future leader of this nation, I continue to work hard everyday and learn all I can so that I may continue to make Planeptune a great place to live many years from now. It's nice to meet you all!" "Thank you, Nepgear. If any world leaders have any questions for us, or would like to request an embassy within Planeptune, please contact our Basilicom. Planeptune's Oracle, Histoire, would be happy to assist you. With that, I wish everyone a great rest of their day. And as always, welcome to the next level." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nation Name: Lastation CPU: Black Heart (Noire) CPU Candidate: Black Sister (Uni) Oracle: Kei Jinguji Capital: Lastation Population: 150,385,005 "Good morning, everyone. It's an honor to make your acquaintance. My name is Black Heart, and I'm the CPU of Lastation. Since our founding, we've strived to provide our citizens, gamer or non-gamer, with the best experience possible. With hard work and determination, we've managed to push ourselves to the top, rivaling the very best the industry has to offer. As a nation, we focus heavily on job creation, and ensuring a high quality of life for our people. Things haven't always gone our way, however. We've dealt with hacking more times than we can remember. Despite that, we continue to push the industry forward like no other. Before I get too carried away, though, I'd like to introduce you all to my younger sister, Uni." "Hey, it's nice to meet you all. My name is Uni, and I'm Lastation's CPU Candidate. I take every opportunity possible to learn as much as I can from my sister so that one day, I'm able to lead proudly and confidently, carrying on our legacy." "Thanks, Uni. I'll wrap things up here. World leaders are welcome to ask any questions they may have. If you wish to request an embassy, please contact Lastation's Basilicom so our Oracle, Kei, may assist you. I wish our viewers a pleasant day. Greatness awaits!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nation Name: Lowee CPU: White Heart (Blanc) CPU Candidates: White Sister (Rom) & White Sister (Ram) Oracle: Mina Nishizawa Capital: Lowee Population: 273,702,988 "Hello, everyone. My name is White Heart, the CPU of Lowee. Lowee is the first and oldest nation of Gamindustri, dating back to our founding in 1889. Since then, we've focused heavily on innovation and quality over powerful hardware. This has allowed us to not only find new ways for people to experience the games they love, but also reach more people around the world than ever before. We've had our fair share of difficult times, coming off of the second worst recession in our nation's history. However, even that didn't stop us from coming back swinging. Due to our most recent hardware release, Lowee's economy and population has grown to become the largest in Gamindustri. But enough about that. I'd like to introduce you to my younger sisters, Rom and Ram." "H-hey there. M-my name is Rom, and I'm one of Lowee's CPU Candidates. My sister and I are working hard to l-lead this nation someday. We won't let you down!" "And I'm Ram. I'm also a CPU Candidate of Lowee. Like my sister said, we're working hard and preparing for the day when we become Lowee's next CPUs! That is, when we're not pulling pranks on our big sister. Hehehe." *sigh* "Thank you, Rom, Ram. Lowee is open to questions and the establishment of foreign embassies. Please contact our Basilicom if you wish to request an embassy so our Oracle, Mina, may assist you. Have a nice day and remember...Switch and play!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nation Name: Leanbox CPU: Green Heart (Vert) Oracle: Chika Hakozaki Capital: Leanbox Population: 20,990,000 "Good morning, all. My name is Green Heart, and I'm the CPU of Leanbox. It's a pleasure to meet you. Of the three other nations that make up Gamindustri, Leanbox is the youngest. We focus heavily on online experiences, as well as developing capable hardware. In fact, our latest hardware has set the record for the most powerful console in history. Power aside, though, we also provide the perfect combination of first and third party support for our system, giving our citizens options when it comes to gaming preferences. Other than that, there isn't too much else to say. Unlike the other CPUs, I wasn't gifted with a cute younger sister, so Leanbox stands as the only nation in Gamindustri without a CPU Candidate. Even so, we're still getting by. Leanbox, too, is open to questions from foreign leaders. If you wish to open an embassy, I ask that you contact our Basilicom so our Oracle, Chika, may help you. I wish you a good day, and remember...it's all for one!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gamindustri Map:
  7. Eva-Beatrice

    Passage of IC Time

    Yeah. I usually use real-life time.
  8. Eva-Beatrice

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Info & Application)

    Updated. Please make a post within 48 hours of your claim.
  9. Eva-Beatrice

    Passage of IC Time

    In that case, I'll probably include that in the map thread where everyone will (hopefully) see it.
  10. I'm gonna suggest adding a rule (shocking, I know) regarding the passage of time in-character. It seems that each nation is following something different, with some using the real-life time and date, and others using a past or future date. There's also the issue of players abbreviating an in-character year to a short period of time IRL, which could be used to circumvent the rule regarding development within a reasonable amount of time. While I do believe there should be an abbreviation of time, I'd suggest first making it reasonable, and second, stating what the abbreviation is so everyone can see it.
  11. Eva-Beatrice

    Eva is a dim light

    I mean, if you wanted the vote to only include those who participate in the RP, then you shouldn't have voted in the first place. Also, from the time that you voted, up until "yes" started losing, you said absolutely nothing about the vote being invalid. Just saying. : P
  12. Eva-Beatrice

    Suggestion: Remove the Consent rule

    Time’s up. 13-11. Can we let it go now?
  13. Eva-Beatrice

    Suggestion: Remove the Consent rule

    Then write it off as a shitty roleplay and move on.
  14. Eva-Beatrice

    Suggestion: Remove the Consent rule

    My god, for those who don't want consent, just go to Organic. The subforum exists for a reason. You're so dead set on forcing the other half of the community to change their ways, when you all can easily go back to Organic and implement the changes you want to see. But instead, you continue to argue and complain in this thread, throwing salt back and forth just because there are people who want things to remain as is. You don't need to fight wars to make a nation RP. Those who join NatRP and accept the current rule set do so because they think they can have fun, but that's just a tad difficult when the number of posts made that result in arguments and OOC attacks greatly outnumber the amount of actual roleplay that goes on here. I've been staying quiet in comparison to the others in this thread. Why? Maybe because whenever I try to bring up a valid point, I'm shrugged off by someone basically saying "well you did this, this, and this before." Fine. I've done things before that I wouldn't do now, but because I've made mistakes, my opinion and points are invalid? Apparently so. In the end, if you aren't having fun in NatRP, just stay in Organic and implement the changes you want. It's completely selfish of you to barge into another subforum attempting to get rules changed when those who are already there are enjoying themselves. I've said my piece, but I'm sure this will be shrugged off and claimed as invalid cause what else is new?
  15. Eva-Beatrice

    Suggestion: Remove the Consent rule

    Only invalid cause your preferred choice is losing, hm?

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