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  1. Eva-Beatrice

    Alliance Affairs Suggestion

    If additional subforums are added, could RSS feeds for each be added as well? I’m sure the Discord servers that have RSS bots set up for Alliance Affairs would appreciate it.
  2. A thread for posting waifus of the Spring 2019 anime season. The only thing I'll be watching this season is Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2, so my pick will be either Mikasa or Historia depending on how things go. I wasn't going to make a thread for this season, but I will for consistency's sake. Have at it.
  3. Eva-Beatrice

    A Certain Magical Wedding

    (Note: This was originally written on March 10, 2016. Up until now, this post was only available via DM to those who participated. I have decided to make it public in the event that direct messages are deleted after a certain amount of time, and to provide everyone an opportunity to read it. Enjoy this blast from the past and my 2016 writing skills. Guests of the witch's wedding include: @Aisling Duval, @Alexei Sokolov, @Lelouch Vi Britannia, @Prezyan, and @Zafri Zackery. The two brides are, of course, @Eva-Beatrice and @Sintiya.) *The following scene is set in the Meta World. Those who attended, whether human, witch, demon, or angel, were able to arrive quickly and safely. Humans invited from Orbis were able to pass through special gates that opened up in their respective countries. Magical beings invited had a similar convenience. With the scene set, let us begin!* The cathedral was beautifully decorated to be the place of the wedding between Grand Duchess Sintiya of Finland, and the Golden and Endless Witch Eva-Beatrice from Rokkenjima. A crowd of humans, witches, demons, and angels filled the cathedral, waiting for their arrival. Fitting for a royal and magical wedding, it was not solemn or quiet, but cheery and noisy, brimming with activity. Those attending were seated according to their respective groups, each group conversing amongst themselves. The humans were seated below, the witches, demons, and angels on the balcony. Those who were a combination of witch and angel, and witch and demon were seated in between. Among the witch group, we see the government members of both the Eastern Asian Republic and Rokkenjima, as well as others hailing from many different worlds. The cathedral itself was guarded by the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps. Under their guard, none would be able to interfere with the wedding. Among the crowd of humans, several conversations can be heard. Lelouch: "Part of me still can't believe this is actually happening. Of course I'm happy for them, but a little worried at the same time." Alexei Lysenko: "I agree. We're still not 100% certain as to what the Mariage Sorciere's motives are. A marriage between a witch and a human might put our world in jeopardy." Zafrizackery: *flicks both Lelouch and Alexei in the back of the head* "That's my sister you're talking about, you know! I won't have you speaking about her in such a way at her wedding." *Lelouch and Alexei look back at Zafrizackery, rubbing their heads.* Lelouch: "Damn! Only anime flicks have that sort of power!" Alexei: "Agreed!" Lelouch: "Anyways, I was just kidding, Zack! Haha. I'm sure we have nothing to worry about. R-right, Prezyan? Hey! Prezyan!" *Lelouch looks over at Prezyan, who has fallen asleep in his chair. Whatever he's dreaming about seems to be troubling him deeply.* Lelouch: "Prezyan!!" *Prezyan was jostled awake as a result of Lelouch's shout* Prezyan: "Who?! Wha?! Did someone say Narvan?!" Lelouch: "Oh, nevermind. Just forget about it." A deep sound reverberated through the cathedral. It was the sound of the several dozen Chiester Imperial Guards who stood in a line across the cathedral and stamped their heels in unison. It brought about total silence in the cathedral even before the demons running the ceremony spoke. Zepar: "Let us have silence, ladies and gentlemen!!" Furfur: "Welcome to the wedding of Sintiya, the Grand Duchess of Finland, and Lady Eva-Beatrice, the Golden and Endless Witch of Rokkenjima!!" Though they had asked for silence, the attendants who packed the cathedral welcomed the two demons with an enormous applause. Bernkastel: "Oh, it's Zepar and Furfur." Lambdadelta: "It truly is an honor to have those two host a wedding." Solaris: "I agree..." Zepar: "Well then! Let us welcome the lovely couple!" Furfur: "Please give then a grand welcome and celebrate their departure!" Zepar and Furfur: ""Come out, you two!! Walk the path of the shackles called marriage, which will bind you until the grave!!"" The big doors in the back of the cathedral slowly opened. And then, the Grand Duchess and her beautiful bride came into view. Hands linked, the pair slowly began to walk down the path lined with red carpet. The Chiester Guards stood at attention along either side of that path, raised their adorned bayonets with mechanical precision, and made sure that no evil could block the path that the pair walked down. Chiester Sister troops that weren't part of the 'Honor Guard' were stationed all over the cathedral, hiding behind pillars and so on, and keeping an eye out for any intruders. Behind Sintiya and Eva-Beatrice walked the Seven Sisters of Purgatory, who held long, ceremonial arms in the shape of the One-winged Eagle, the symbol of Rokkenjima. The servants of the Grand Duchess could be seen beside them as well. The procession of Sintiya and Eva-Beatrice slowly walked down the path to the altar, and reached it. Once more, the sound of the Chiester honor guard stamping their heels rang out loudly. Silence returned to the cathedral once more. Now the ceremony would finally begin. Zepar: "People live for the sake of love! Therefore today, you have fulfilled the purpose of your lives." Furfur: "Oh, how great is the power to live, the power of love! I pray that the brightness of this day blesses these two for all time!" Zepar and Furfur: ""Come now! You who love one another! Make the oath of love!"" Sintiya swears to Eva-Beatrice, and Eva-Beatrice swears to Sintiya to support each other, both in sickness and in health. Zepar and Furfur: ""You have now heard the pair's oath of love. Oh, let this oath be eternal!!"" The thunderous applause celebrated their marriage. After the oath, they would physically signify the bond. It was the exchanging of the rings. The ring with the One-winged Eagle on it would become Sintiya's. In exchange, Eva-Beatrice would receive a diamond ring. Zepar: "Yes, let the pair exchange rings!!" The pair gently took the other's left hand and placed their respective rings on the other's finger. With that, the pair were eternally bonded in holy matrimony. The ceremony had ended without any problems and the reception was held inside the cathedral. For the first time, attendants of different groups were able to mingle. Nowhere else would you be able to witness this. Witches and humans, humans and demons, humans and angels, and perhaps the strangest of all, demons and angels, all conversing joyfully. After the reception, each group went their separate ways. The humans, and some witches, returned to either Orbis or Rokkenjima, while the rest returned to their respective worlds. (If anyone read this far, we thank you, lol. I'm aware it was a lot, but I wanted to make sure it was detailed and entertaining for you all. I should also mention that several lines were taken from the Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novel. Credit for those go to the great Ryukishi07. Once again, thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed. o/)
  4. I was just wondering if the mods could correct the spelling of "Politician" in the forum reputation settings? I'm not quite sure what a "Politican" is. lmao
  5. Eva-Beatrice

    Recalculate Forum Reputation

    What is the daily limit for reactions?
  6. Eva-Beatrice

    Recalculate Forum Reputation

    Just lock the thread at this point.
  7. Eva-Beatrice

    Deathly Hallows’ DoE

    Aren't we all just bad images taken from Google?
  8. Eva-Beatrice

    Recalculate Forum Reputation

    I don't agree with everything he says. I've stated my opinion on the matter in the posts I've made. It's something I've thought about for a while now and believe should be addressed. I'm not surprised at all to see it go off track. Tis how it usually goes.
  9. Eva-Beatrice

    Recalculate Forum Reputation

    As I said in my other post, it is frustrating to those who put time and effort into their posts and genuinely want to know what people's thoughts are. I realize this is falling on deaf ears to those who seem dedicated to "posting shit," which describes you by the way. However, I also said that the feature shouldn't be disabled forum-wide. I'll make an amendment to my original post and say that if the ability for a user to disable upvotes/downvotes for their own post is added, that should only be available in subforums such as National Affairs and any RPing subforums. Having it implemented everywhere would only censor the ability to react to posts such as suggestions, where feedback is critical.
  10. Eva-Beatrice

    Recalculate Forum Reputation

    My point exactly. God forbid you contribute to a discussion in a discussion subforum. Either contribute or keep your "autistic whining" to yourself plskthnx.
  11. Eva-Beatrice

    Recalculate Forum Reputation

    I don't quite agree with your point that those who mass downvote posts are insane. They're just trolls that have no better way to spend their time. If you truly want the reputation system to be altered, you'd have to contact Invision as they're the ones behind the forum software. I'm not sure what customizable options each individual forum has in regards to reputation, if any. An easier solution would be to provide users options in their settings to: Only display upvotes or likes in their Community Reputation score, keep it how it is currently where downvotes count against Community Reputation, or turn off Community Reputation for that individual user. The option to turn off the upvote/downvote feature for one's own posts is another thing to consider. As a personal note, I do believe the reputation system needs to be changed, or expanded upon at the very least. I've seen threads about this subject before that are simply downvoted into oblivion just to further rub salt into the wounds of those who experience mass downvoting. I don't believe the feature should be removed altogether forum-wide. It is frustrating, however, to see trolls mass downvoting a post you've put much time and effort into. I've been curious about this for a while, though, so maybe @Alex or a forum admin would be so kind as to let us see what options the forum has regarding reputation, if any?
  12. Eva-Beatrice

    Alliance Government Tier Numbers

    I don't spend much time in this subforum, so my apologies if this has been suggested before. I wanted to suggest an increase in the number of alliance government tiers (Leader, Heir, Officer) from three to five, as well as the ability to enable/disable bank access to individual gov members. If five isn't sufficient for some alliances, maybe the ability to add additional fields up to a certain amount with custom titles? I just feel it would make gov organization a lot easier and less restricted.
  13. Eva-Beatrice

    Seasonal Waifus (Winter 2018/2019)

    I take back my answer. As always, it's Kurumi.
  14. Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to the Rokkenjima News Report for March 5, 2019 here on RNN! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. I have a couple of topics to cover today, but before I begin, I would like to welcome back all those who may be viewing this episode on Orbis. It has been about two years since our last Orbis broadcast. One hundred six episodes later, Rokkenjima has decided to once again air the Rokkenjima News Report on Orbis. There will be some changes, however, which leads me into my first topic. As you may have noticed, the format and schedule for the show has changed. Starting today, from episode 141 onward, the Rokkenjima News Reports will transition to a date format. Keeping RNN's unaired Orbis broadcasts in mind, it is our hope that the introduction of the date format will alleviate any confusion our viewers may experience. In regards to our schedule moving forward, I am here to announce that there will be no set schedule. Over these past few years, this show has maintained a consistent weekly broadcast schedule. With the number of major events occurring in Rokkenjima dropping, it has been determined that the best course of action moving forward is to reserve the Rokkenjima News Reports specifically for those major events. This will allow our team to more thoroughly research and report on these topics in addition to gaining some more time off. Of course, if several major events are occurring in a short period of time, then there may be multiple episodes some weeks. Otherwise, the Rokkenjima News Report may air only once or twice a month. My final topic for today has to do with foreign affairs. On March 1, the Witch Council received a notice of cancellation from the government of the Meta Board. Effective immediately, the Mariage Sorciere alliance existing between the two nations for 1,093 days is no more. The specific reasoning behind this decision is unknown, but it seems to have resulted from some sort of disagreement between the two governments. Due to the treaty's cancellation, visitors from the Meta Board have been returned to their country, with all future travel and trade agreements between Rokkenjima and the Meta Board cut. As of now, no nation outside of Polaris, with the exception of the Meta Board, has permission to visit Rokkenjima and the planet of Meta. That is all for this episode of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN. Until next time, ja ne!
  15. I'll try to remember to create new threads for each season, but my memory is awful, so don't expect too much. The title of the thread should be self-explanatory. Post which waifu from the currently airing season you think is the best here, and we can have fun determining which ones are actually trash. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't watch much of the new stuff anymore, so my choices will be very limited, but here's mine: Natsumi from Date A Live

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