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  1. Eva-Beatrice

    Seasonal Waifus (Winter 2018/2019)

    I take back my answer. As always, it's Kurumi.
  2. Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to the Rokkenjima News Report for March 5, 2019 here on RNN! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. I have a couple of topics to cover today, but before I begin, I would like to welcome back all those who may be viewing this episode on Orbis. It has been about two years since our last Orbis broadcast. One hundred six episodes later, Rokkenjima has decided to once again air the Rokkenjima News Report on Orbis. There will be some changes, however, which leads me into my first topic. As you may have noticed, the format and schedule for the show has changed. Starting today, from episode 141 onward, the Rokkenjima News Reports will transition to a date format. Keeping RNN's unaired Orbis broadcasts in mind, it is our hope that the introduction of the date format will alleviate any confusion our viewers may experience. In regards to our schedule moving forward, I am here to announce that there will be no set schedule. Over these past few years, this show has maintained a consistent weekly broadcast schedule. With the number of major events occurring in Rokkenjima dropping, it has been determined that the best course of action moving forward is to reserve the Rokkenjima News Reports specifically for those major events. This will allow our team to more thoroughly research and report on these topics in addition to gaining some more time off. Of course, if several major events are occurring in a short period of time, then there may be multiple episodes some weeks. Otherwise, the Rokkenjima News Report may air only once or twice a month. My final topic for today has to do with foreign affairs. On March 1, the Witch Council received a notice of cancellation from the government of the Meta Board. Effective immediately, the Mariage Sorciere alliance existing between the two nations for 1,093 days is no more. The specific reasoning behind this decision is unknown, but it seems to have resulted from some sort of disagreement between the two governments. Due to the treaty's cancellation, visitors from the Meta Board have been returned to their country, with all future travel and trade agreements between Rokkenjima and the Meta Board cut. As of now, no nation outside of Polaris, with the exception of the Meta Board, has permission to visit Rokkenjima and the planet of Meta. That is all for this episode of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN. Until next time, ja ne!
  3. I'll try to remember to create new threads for each season, but my memory is awful, so don't expect too much. The title of the thread should be self-explanatory. Post which waifu from the currently airing season you think is the best here, and we can have fun determining which ones are actually trash. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't watch much of the new stuff anymore, so my choices will be very limited, but here's mine: Natsumi from Date A Live
  4. Eva-Beatrice

    Your waifu is trash and so are you

    Ayaya know Ayaya'm trash.
  5. Eva-Beatrice

    Post the worst waifus

    jk Yang is worst
  6. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    It’s also no surprise that you’re all asshats as always. Continue to drive away the people who have spent the most amount of time trying to make the roleplay what it is. You’re not worth the energy to interact with. I’d take Abu’s former BS posts any day over yours. At least the RP was actually entertaining back then. I’ll leave you to suck each other’s metaphorical d**ks as much as you want. This is goodbye. Ignored.
  7. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    Yeah this was a waste of time. Bye.
  8. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    Each of them stared at Nielsen throughout her speech with a menacing glare of their own. Once she had finished, Esdeath couldn’t help but grin, chuckling to herself. ”That is truly hilarious.” She cleared her throat to stop her laughter. “First of all, would you mind telling me what international body there is enforcing these laws? Because I see none. The formation of one is part of what we’ve gathered here to accomplish, no? International laws can easily be dismissed as non-existent, as there is currently no international body to back them up. Secondly, it is quite amusing how you speak to four individuals who have killed hundreds of thousands by their own hands about morals.” The room was growing colder as she spoke, the temperature steadily dropping. “And how would you plan to enforce punishment upon witches who can live and die by their own free will? Emprison them? Then watch as they warp away with the snap of their fingers?” She grins again. “And you have it quite backwards. You’re the ones who should consider themselves lucky. If we were to meet in battle, you would quickly be reduced to absolutely nothing...”
  9. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    Esdeath stood, glaring across the table. "At this rate, nothing will be solved at all. Let's cut right to the chase. The Witch Council will not involve themselves in this matter. Now, you may either adjust your terms in the hopes we can actually accomplish something, or Rokkenjima will withdraw from this meeting immediately, and things will be considerably more difficult for you going forward. Think it over, while keeping in mind that our military is still at full strength."
  10. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    Satan stood while placing his hand on Alciel's shoulder, having him sit. "Indeed, you all make valid points. Rokkenjima is still in possession of many WMDs and chemical weapons. We have no problem whatsoever in allowing an international team to inspect our facilities. As a matter of fact, it was our intention to move these weapons off of Orbis entirely, and safely store them back on our home planet. Regarding the colony situation, Rokkenjima views its East Asian neighbors as allies, and would gladly take responsibility for them by providing humanitarian aid and anything else they need. Again, we're willing to have this done under the supervision of the international community. I also understand that we need to take action in order to earn trust here, which is why we're willing to make the first move and relinquish the Republic of the Philippines. Perhaps then, we can move beyond this endless cycle of 'what ifs.' As for Ms. Picquery's points, we agree with some of them. That being points one, two, three, five, six, eight (partially), and nine. I'll explain the points we do not agree with, starting with number four. Removing non-human soldiers from Rokkenjima's military during peacetime, especially when we're planning to transition to a policy of armed neutrality, would result in us having a military force too minuscule to protect ourselves effectively. For point seven, to reiterate, we are planning on moving these weapons off the planet. For point ten, it is the concern of Rokkenjima and many other nations that such an authority would be easily abused. For point eleven, Rokkenjima would only be willing to allow the monitoring of the occupied civilians' well-beings and nothing else. For point twelve, it is Rokkenjima's responsibility to guard its own borders. We won't allow any foreign troops to be stationed on our soil. As for the Rokkenjima-specific points, we agree to points one, two, and three with nothing to add. As for point number four, we are only willing to do this under the condition that such an office would remain under Rokkenjima's direct control and not treated as international territory. As for point five, such a thing wouldn't be possible. I highly doubt the Witch Council would concern themselves with anything of the sort."
  11. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    Alciel responded to the Allied States Representative. ”I’m by no means claiming the moral high ground. We recognize that Rokkenjima invaded China by force, with distaste of their regime being the root cause, no less. However, if you read up on our history, you would know that all other territories under our control, with the exception of the Philippines, joined us of their own accord. Returning to the topic of Russia, I believe only Moscow has the power to determine if such claims to their land is legitimate. As Mr. Gottwald has stated, the British have no business in lands so different and far away. All that is being accomplished is the creation of needless military tension. Just as Rokkenjima invaded China due to its Communist regime, the British have annexed parts of Russia and China to enforce its regime upon them. We are surely both at fault here, but perhaps this is an issue that may only be resolved by the ruling of an international court. Nevertheless, unless there is a resolution, we’ll be stuck to continue playing this game for seemingly all eternity.”
  12. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    Alciel replied and stood as well. "Would you care to clarify what would be considered a 'legal colony' as you worded it? I'm fairly certain unaligned Russia isn't very happy about a foreign power seizing their land. Of course, the same could be said for any country."
  13. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    Commander Satan stood, addressing everyone in the room. "To begin with, I would like to reiterate that the terms which Rokkenjima presented in its initial broadcast was dependent upon the fulfillment of the two terms we presented to everyone else. From what I understand, The Holy Britannian Empire and MoG[Corp] expressed willingness to comply with said terms. The British Internationale, on the other hand, did not. So with all due respect, we would prefer to discuss this issue first."
  14. Eva-Beatrice

    Global Security Council

    Commander Satan Jacob, along with General Alciel, General Lucifer, and General Esdeath would attend as temporary representatives until such time that Rokkenjima's new permanent government is formed.

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