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  1. Originally posted: February 3, 2020 by Mogar Weapons began to flow from the corporation into the Asian theater. Criminal elements in Sino territories would quickly be armed with the basic toys to make them a threat to your under-prepared soldier. The corporation would only be linked through a few degrees, an honest accounting error should anyone ask. The same elements would also be given incentives to remove any mainland government operatives within their own territory. The company had no stake on either side of course but ensuring a successful transition had it's own benefits should t
  2. Originally posted: February 2, 2020 by Tali CIA Director's Office, New HQ Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA Report: 525-CA Confidential: High Level Clarence Needed to access With the Chinese being previously, our largest rival, many members of the Intelligence and Military communities have publicly supported Rokkenjima's actions and have called for US Officially supporting Rokkenjima. However, congress has already the United States of America will not support Rokkenjima in any official capacity. The Director of the CIA, Owen Hall has secretly approved a small group to anony
  3. Originally posted: February 1, 2020 The People's Republic of China vs. Rokkenjima The conflict began in January when protestors in Hong Kong succeeded in taking over the city's Central Government Complex and killing pro-mainland members of government. They seceded from mainland China, declaring themselves as the independent Republic of Hong Kong. The Witch Council of Rokkenjima quickly took action, meeting with Hong Kong's new government where an annexation agreement was reached. Hong Kong would become sovereign Rokkenjiman territory in exchange for protection from the People's
  4. Originally posted: January 31, 2020 With the conclusion of the Rokkenjima-Britannia conflict, Rokkenjima once again found itself an established presence on Orbis. Upon its formation, Rokkenjima's territory consisted only of Japan, the Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, Korea, and Taiwan. In its time away, Communist China rose yet again to be a dominant force in the region, doing everything in its power with the exception of military intervention to bring Hong Kong under its absolute control. In January, Hong Kong protestors succeeded in taking over the Central Government Complex and killi
  5. "I'm sorry. Some troublesome complications have arisen, but don't mind them. The play is far from over. Like always, the world experiences spontaneous instances of activity. Like lights, countries rise across the map. However, even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die, returning the world to the void to soon start anew. The play up until this point has seen many unexpected players, but they too, have died out and disappeared. This doesn't mean the end of the story. The events of Orbis in the year 2020 demand to be told, and they will. It is a tale of ri
  6. The fighting in China and Vampiria's continued aggressive expansion had put the leaders of the other countries on high alert. Aside from minor border skirmishes, the battlefield had remained pretty quiet. It wasn't because the other countries had been doing nothing, however. In truth, they had been spending their time drafting up plans and building up their militaries, waiting for the next major development in this war. In the Demon Army: King Satan, General Alciel, and General Lucifer were gathered in the throne room, discussing their next move in the war. In the time since the demo
  7. With the ongoing power struggle in China throwing what remained of the country into chaos, Vampiria had an easier time than ever encroaching on its remaining territory. In the south, the vampires had quickly captured half of Yunnan province. Behind closed doors, plans had been drafted for the country to push into southeast China with the hope of establishing additional ports. Doing so would allow Vampiria to build up a naval presence in the region, and eventually launch an assault on the other countries from the north and south. In the northeast, Vampiria's army had captured the rest of Hebei
  8. Current map as of 8/26/2020 Version with no flags:
  9. Moving two provinces from Tibet to Qinghai and Sichuan:
  10. While Kaname was still out, his advisers met to discuss the current state of Asia. The Bao Dynasty had seemingly fallen. With no official government remaining, the remnants of the CCP that were scattered throughout China returned in an attempt to reclaim the power they once held. It was now that China was at its weakest, with civilians taking up arms and seizing military equipment, the CCP would face quite the uphill battle in reclaiming China. With the current situation as it is, Vampiria would follow through on their agreement with Tibet and withdraw their forces, instead focusing on their o
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