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  1. I don't really have much to say, but I figured I'd make a post here. After 2,000 days playing Politics & War, I think it's time for me to step away. The game just doesn't interest me as much as it did years ago. I've gotten more nation inactivity emails in the last year than I can remember. I won't be deleting, although I originally wanted to. I'll be going into vacation mode instead in case I decide to come back, though that seems unlikely at the moment. I'll continue helping on the wiki where I can, and I'll still be active on Discord. I wanted to say thank you to everybody who put up with my BS these last five years. From IRC, to Discord, to the multiple iterations of the National Affairs RP, and the alliances I've been in. I very much grew as a person throughout my time playing the game. Thank you to the Serene Sakura Union (though they're long gone) for being my first alliance in the game, The Knights Radiant for being my home for literally a few days after the SSU merger, Polaris for being my longest home at 1,280 days, and The Commonwealth for being my home for the last stretch of my time here. Side note: if anyone from Polaris sees this, sorry for being such an !@#$, though that's just how I am. I've realized just how stupid the whole thing was, and I couldn't care less about it anymore. If you want to start over, I'm down. If not, you don't have to see me again. That's it. Like I said, I'll still be active on Discord, posting anime memes and hentai in my personal server. Also, it'd be remiss of me not to use this post's title as an excuse to post this banger of a song. With all of that said, ja ne!
  2. We're putting one together on Discord.
  3. As forum activity for the roleplay continues to drop, it was decided that Discord would be the best place to host the map-based RP moving forward. It was created with people's limited time in mind, and won't have an activity requirement as high as previously. The server will be limited to just the map-based RP for now, but may evolve to include more in the future. If you're interested in participating, you can join with the invite here.
  4. I've created the server. It's still a work-in-progress, but everyone can join and start using it. https://discord.gg/JU6kr5dEz9
  5. I'm working on creating a server. I'll link it here when I'm done.
  6. I'm sure I might be looking back at this a year from now and thinking to myself. "Lol yep, that was a thing." But screw it, I'll cut right to the chase, since I do have some ideas. It's no secret that forum-based nation RP is pretty much dead. Unless it's a massive community built around it, chances are things will end up like they have here on the Politics & War forum. Any attempt to revive the RP and bring activity up inevitably fails, cause who really goes on the forum for stuff like this anymore? Everyone uses Discord though, which is why my idea for the RP involves using a Discord server for the entire thing. I think people would be more willing to contribute to the RP in a Discord channel a little at a time instead of working on big posts on a forum every so often. Say each nation has their own dedicated channel. They could be given specials permissions within their channel to pin important posts like military information. Everyone can read the channel, but only the nation ruler would be able to post in their dedicated channel. There could be another channel for international interactions that everyone can post in. Someone could either type up a full post in that channel, or do it in their own channel and then link the message in the group channel. To put it simply, players can use their own nation channel to post whatever they'd like about their nation, be it news, story, or lore. Players can also use another channel for interacting with everyone else in-character. Using Discord would make it so much easier to mention people to let them know a certain post involves them, or straight up DMing them to plan something related to the RP. The biggest takeaway from all of this is that the RP would be taking place on a platform that pretty much everyone already uses, and participants can pop in, write up a post of whatever length they choose, and pop out again. If anyone actually sees this, what are your thoughts?
  7. Originally posted: May 17, 2020 by Aqua-Corpsman Without a response, and the message likely being forgotten, Israeli troops make a beachhead in Qingdao and start Operation Saving Grace.
  8. Originally posted: May 16, 2020 by Lelouch Vi Britannia Mt. Fuji District The soldiers eyed each other as the man came closer. However, the Britannian governor left the safety of his troops to approach the man who had so boldly approached the soldier. The man gave a light smile and held out his hand for a handshake. "If you are willing to sacrifice you life for others, I will be willing to help. We will do our best to keep you and these people safe while our evacuation arrives. Inform them to not approach the border, and we will send troops to secure their flank." the man finished before twirling his 'opium pipe'. The name is Kei Sakura, Britannia's former Japanese Governor and current Mt. Fuji district governor.
  9. Originally posted: May 14, 2020 The man stepped forward cautiously, keeping an eye on the group behind him as he approached. He soon crossed the border and introduced himself to the members of the Britannian border patrol. "My name is Willard H. Wright, first-class archbishop and Chief Inquisitor of the SSVD, the 8th District Repentance Enforcement Agency of the Great Court of Heaven. In layman's terms, I am an angel. I've been sent by my superiors to ensure the safety of Rokkenjima's evacuees, and to oversee the neutral territories of Hong Kong and Macau. If Britannia is evacuating its civilians as well, these territories would be the safest places for the time being."
  10. Originally posted: May 14, 2020 by Lelouch Vi Britannia Mt.Fuji District The soldiers maintained their positioning. "Do not move, if you move you will be shot! Our orders are to evacuate Britannian civilians first and foremost. If you wish to evacuate please wait for more Britannian Ships to arrive. If you approach any further we will be forced to open fire. This is your only warning." The soldiers didn't move and maintained their composure. The governor of the district took a megaphone to also add in his input to the group. "We aren't looking for intel, we are trying to escape with as few casualties as possible. Don't make this harder for anyone. Once aid arrives we will insure everyone is able to leave, if an enemy force does arrive we will relocate you and do our best to defend you. For the moment, bring forth your leader so we may discuss evacuation procedures." The Britannian frigate sent to aid in the evacuation was closing in to aid the district as time drew closer and closer. With more and more reports of civilians fleeing, Britannia sent 2 transport ships and 2 Cruisers to aid in the evacuation as well. These extra ships would allow more civilians to flee, but at a small time cost.
  11. Originally posted: May 13, 2020 The man stopped for a moment, raising up a white flag. He shouted back to the guards. "We are not hostiles! This group behind me wishes to flee the chaos. They are under my protection until everyone has been successfully evacuated. A safe location has already been decided upon, but we must request Britannia's assistance! I've also come to deliver some intelligence regarding the witches!"
  12. Originally posted: May 12, 2020 by Michael K. Ultra Seeing the outbreak of violence in Rokkenjima, the United Provinces of Southeast Asia has elected to convert the northern Philippine Island of Luzon into a refugee port for those fleeing Rokkenjima. Refugee centers with good conditions have been set up by the navy for each nation involved and an aircraft and corvette have been deployed to the Mt. Fuji district to evacuate Britannian civilians, they will arrive in twenty minutes, much more quickly than Britannian relief. As foreign emissaries, the vessels are generally shielded from violence. All helicopters aboard the carrier have been deployed to evacuate refugees. Contact with UPSA forces will remain open to all nations and entities, including rebels in Rokkenjima. All are welcome to request aid. Not all will receive it.
  13. Originally posted: May 11, 2020 by Mogar The corporation began patrols of the Indian Ocean past the Malacca, observing what could be gained by shipping to estimate weapons being unloaded to the civil war. The corporation had no specific side being supported currently, but maintaining a magical presence allowed for the company to utilize more entertaining conflict rather than the same storyline that has been repeated. Corporate drones would expand their reach as far as possible to keep an eye on the logistics of the theater. It was important to push inventory upon the various factions but ensure it was balanced in their favor, the government was given priority. It was required that they remained in charge of East Asia over other options, and forcing decolonization was a priority. The Air Force would regularly patrol local skies, the Med being closed to foreign transit unwilling to admit to boarding and testing. Vessels that did not meet company standards would be removed from the sea by any means needed. Their next move was close at hand it was simply a matter of who should lose first.
  14. Originally posted: May 10, 2020 by Lelouch Vi Britannia Mt.Fuji District It wouldn't be Britannia's first time on the opposite end of a Rokkenjima rifle, prior experience would be a double-edged sword. Lelouch knowing the devious nature of the Witches and in particular Eva-Beatrice would be tricky to counter-predict. Nonetheless, Britannia had already dispatched their frigate to aid in the extraction of Britannian from Mt. Fuji. Alongside this, Britannia had issued the "Shoot-On-Sight" order to any and all Rokkenjima personal who approach the Mt.Fuji district including civilians. The District would only need to hold out for a few hours for reinforcements to arrive. With the early departure and setup thankfully buying Britannia precious time Mt.Fuji would be prepared for the attack. Multiple layers of defense, border patrols and traps laid out in preparation for a brutal fight. The order would be broadcasted over the district, both to bolster the morale of the Britannians, and attempt to turn away Rokkenjima. This would be the ultimate test for the Mt.Fuji district. Meanwhile at the border a shout was heard near the border. The sizeable force following the sound put the source of the noise on the spotlight. "By order of his majesty, Emperor Lelouch you are considered a threat!" This call was followed by multiple troops taking a firing stance and preparing to fire their arms as well as call in mortar support. Overkill did not exist at a time like this.
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