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  1. We have breaking news for you this morning. It was just announced by the Witch Council that an agreement was reached last night between Rokkenjima and The Holy Britannian Empire regarding the war. Britannia agreed to cede Japan to Rokkenjima under the condition that they retain sovereignty over the Mt. Fuji area. Per the agreement, Britannia began to withdraw from Japan while relocating a portion of her citizens and military forces to the Mt. Fuji area. With the reestablishment of Rokkenjima's presence on Orbis, the Witch Council decided to reclaim Rokkenjima's other former Asian territories - South Korea, North Korea, Sakhalin, Manchuria, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It looks like this is the conclusion of the Rokkenjima-Britannia war updates. Until next time, ja ne!
  2. Nation name: Rokkenjima Official currency: Yen Form of government: Oligarchy Describe your nation: A nation made up of various species governed by a council of witches. Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Rokkenjima Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): https://i.imgur.com/ZWvKRS2.png
  3. Since I know at least three people will claim Japan at the start, maybe we could fill in Japan (and other disputed territories) with diagonal stripes with each nation's color. If that's decided on, I imagine the 40 provinces of Japan would count towards each nation's 100 province limit.
  4. @Lelouch Vi Britannia An example would be The Empire (in red) from The Saga of Tanya the Evil.
  5. Another suggestion is to allow players to be entire countries, whether real or fictional. Maybe not something as big as Russia, but still larger than 100 provinces in some cases.
  6. I think the requirement of a new topic per month is a bit outdated. Posts that continue a thread/story should be fine as long as they meet the one paragraph requirement. As for colonies, I think nations should be mindful of barriers that may be imposed by other nations which would prevent them from suddenly moving in a large military force and establishing a presence on nearby land. I believe the starting amount of provinces should be increased. I don't see a whole bunch of people joining, so it would be best to fill in as much white space as possible.
  7. This just in, Eva-Beatrice of the Witch Council has issued a statement regarding the war thus far. RNN has received the statement and will present it to our viewers now. "Good evening, citizens of Rokkenjima. This is the Golden and Endless Witch Eva-Beatrice speaking on behalf of the Witch Council. As you know, we recently entered into armed conflict with the Holy Britannian Empire on the planet of Orbis. Our goal is to recapture the Japanese islands that are currently being occupied by the Empire. As of now, our forces have yet to capture any land, but have succeeded in dealing heavy losses to Britannian military and infrastructure in the region. I would like to take this opportunity to confirm the reports of an Aurora Bomb detonation over Tokyo. The bomb was of the 50 Mt-class, which is capable of leveling entire cities. In this instance, the bomb detonated high enough in the air that damage to the city was minimized somewhat. The Witch Council did not issue the order to use the Aurora Bomb against Britannia. We are currently investigating why this happened, with suspicion that the airship which dropped the bomb had gone rogue, although nothing is certain yet. As for the current state of the war, the heavy losses experienced thus far are mutual. The Air and Navy fleets sent to Orbis as a part of the first wave have been wiped out by Britannia as well as their allies. Despite being outnumbered, our forces have performed impressively thus far. Both parties are currently in the midst of a ceasefire, but this isn't the end. Rokkenjima will strike again, even harder then before. This I can promise you. In the meantime, continue to tune into RNN for the latest news. Have a wonderful rest of your night." It has also been reported to RNN that a Rokkenjiman starship is currently in orbit around Orbis. Although the Witch Council hasn't confirmed its purpose, we speculate that it is used to dock Rokkenjima's World End Airship Fleet, as well as other military forces. That's all we have for now. We will continue to update everyone when more information becomes available.
  8. The January 12, 2020 episode of the Rokkenjima News Report has been added.
  9. This just in, we are getting reports from Rokkenjiman military forces on the front lines that an Aurora Bomb detonation was detected at 9:11 P.M. JST over the Japanese capital of Tokyo. The city is referred to as the Tokyo Settlement by Britannia, the capital of Area 11. The number of casualties and overall damage to the city is currently unknown. We expect an official statement from Britannia's government regarding the situation will be made shortly. In the meantime, the Witch Council had no comment when asked by our staff to confirm the Aurora Bomb detonation. RNN will continue to update everyone when new information becomes available.
  10. Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to the Rokkenjima News Report for January 12, 2020 here on RNN! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. It's been ten months since our last broadcast, so I'd like to welcome back all our viewers and thank you for watching! I stated in our last episode that the Rokkenjima News Report would be reserved for major events occurring in our nation, and we have two major events to discuss with you today! To begin, we're happy to report that Rokkenjima now belongs to a different alliance affiliation on Orbis. On December 8th of last year, Rokkenjima ended its affiliation with Polaris which began on June 7, 2016 and lasted 1,280 days. As of December 9, 2019, Rokkenjima is now affiliated with The Commonwealth alliance. With this change, the Witch Council has declared their intention to reestablish Rokkenjima's Orbis branch, which leads me into my next topic. This just in, Rokkenjima has declared war on former ally The Holy Britannian Empire as a part of The Commonwealth's campaign against The Black Knights. The Witch Council has decided it would like to claim the islands of Japan for Rokkenjima once again, which is currently occupied by Britannia under the name "Area 11." The Witch Council wants to make it clear that there are no hard feelings between the two governments, also stating that this conflict should be the perfect way to relieve both parties of their boredom. Rokkenjima kicked off the fighting with the first airstrike of the conflict shortly after the declaration of war. Rokkenjima's forces lost 158 aircraft, while managing to destroy 300 Britannian aircraft. Rokkenjima looks forward to meeting Britannia on the battlefield. No hard feelings, right? Hehe~ That is all for this episode of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN. Until next time, ja ne!
  11. The wonder of the world is gone, I know for sure.

    All the wonder that I want I found in her.

    As the whole becomes a part I strike to burn.

    And no flame returns.

  12. As a member of Coalition B, I can say that the current awards are nothing more than a circlejerk between the major alliances on our side. Every year, it's the same. "@everyone, be sure to vote for X members/alliances so we can win!" It's made the yearly awards a joke, and I'm sure others agree with me when I say I don't care about them. It seems like alliances such as NPO and GOONS are wholeheartedly defending the current system because it's seemingly the only thing they're good at organizing and coming together for, basically guaranteeing their side the win every year. Their members will blindly vote for whomever their leadership tells them to without thinking about who actually deserves it. You can try to deny this is the case, but you're not fooling anybody. I've seen it myself year after year. The current system is a joke and needs to be improved upon if there is to ever be any credibility to these awards. I guarantee you if the situation was reversed, and Coalition A members were dominating the awards, it would be Coalition B alliances trying to devise a new system. You have the other side trying to work with you to create a fair voting system, but are shutting them down because things went your way this year. It's pretty sad. @hope and everyone else, this is a great suggestion and I agree with it 100%. I appreciate the effort even if no one else on my side does.
  13. You know I give a fu** about you everyday.
    Guess it's time that I tell you the truth.
    If I share my toys, will you let me stay?
    Don't want to leave this play date with you.

  14. I don't give a fu** about you anyways.

    Whoever said I gave a sh*t 'bout you?

    You never share your toys or communicate.

    I guess I'm just a play date to you.

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