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  1. Good lucks with the new sphere guys!
  2. Speak for yourself bby 😘
  3. Im glad the feeling was mutual. 😛
  4. Hollywood Productions 1 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 5th, 2022 - Hollywood, CA - The halls echoed with the sound of his footsteps as the once revered Hollywood magnate Wizel Spielberg allowed himself one final tour of the Hollywood Productions studios. As he walked past empty offices and abandoned sets, Wizel reminisced upon the golden age of Hollywood Studios. The studio came to prominence with the instant success of its first film, Guns & Roses, followed by the blockbuster sequels Brawlywood and The Big $hort. Of late however, the studio hadn’t been faring as well as it once did. Critics reported that its recent pictures, The Battle of Los Angeles and The Knights Radiation, fell short of expectations, while pre-release viewers of the upcoming star-studded epic The Fault In Our Stars (working title) complained it felt derivative, with many heard commenting upon leaving test screenings across the country “I just feel like I’ve already seen this one before.” With such dismal pre-release reviews, The Fault In Our Stars was guaranteed to become a box-office flop. Having sunk all its capital into that movie’s budget, Hollywood Studios had no choice but to enter creditor protection. Studio management convened to look over the finances and decided the best route to profitability was to spin off certain assets and cut ties among some of its affiliated studios. After further discussions, it was decided that the newly spun-off Radiant Motion Picture Group, Grumpy Pictures, Guardian Films, The Oblivion Company, Immortals Cinema, Dank Meme Studios and [REDACTED] Films would sell off all their Hollywood assets with immediate effect. Public Relations Contacts: Grumpy Pictures Sweeeeet Ronny D Samwise Presidential Guardian Films Memph Synthesis JtTeE Vanek The Oblivion Company DtC Justice (Message for free money) Ockey1 Ockey2 Ockey3 Ockey4 Ockey5 Ockey6 Ockey7 Ockey8 Ockeynein Immortals Cinema Scratchy James the Volleyball Maks Maximillian Latsu Dank Meme Studios [REDACTED] Films O5-1: The Pilot O5-2: The Resurrected O5-3: Nine-tails O5-4: The Dreamer O5-5: The Spaceman Radiant Motion Picture Group Wizel, Chief Executive Officer Canbec, Executive Vice President BigMorf, Vice President - Public Relations Kyubnyan, Chief Technology Officer Lancelot, Chief Financial Officer WarriorSoul, Vice President - Corporate Security Modi, Vice President - Administrative Services TL;DR: TKR, BK, NW, Grumpy, Guardian, Oblivion and TI cut all ties amongst each other related to Hollywood sphere. Hollywood sphere comes to an end with immediate effect.
  5. tl;dr - TKR and NW declare war on The $yndicate, Rose, House Stark, Dead Rabbits, and Hogwarts
  6. Hello scary internet people! I come to you today with a grand announcement. Today The Knights Radiant celebrates its seventh birthday!! We would love for everyone, new friends and old, to join us in celebrating making it to seven years in this crazy place we call a game. We've had some fun this past year from a couple of wars to a few minor skirmishes to my ascension as the sixth monarch after my successful coup of @Benfro retired to take his place among the shards. None of which would be possible without the entire Orbis community that we get to ineract with on a daily basis. We have high hopes for our continued growth as we enter our eighth year and beyond and want to thank everyone for making this community what it is. Feel free to pop in our discord and say hello or catch us in yours. Heres to the next seven years!!
  7. It was 8 months. Smdh
  8. Hmmm tempting. Ill keep that in mind for the next one.
  9. 5/10 Thats average in my book. Ill take that as a compliment as I have never really been that much of an artist.
  10. Announcement from The Knights Radiant The Radiants are declaring victory after Radiant Intelligence Services confirmed that TKR has indeed regained its #1 spot on the Nuclear Stockpile list. After CoA launched 274 nukes and had 137 destroyed by Radiant spies our primary objective has been achieved. We will continue a special military operation to widen our lead as they have many more nukes available to be launched or destroyed by Radiant spies. We thank Church of Atom for its support in helping us return to the top as the preeminent nuclear power in Orbis!
  11. Clearly Church of Atom was threatened by how close our nuke stockpile is to theirs so they declared war on The Knights Radiant to address the issue by...... diminishing...... theirs......? Good luck in the war y'all : let the nukes fly. tl;dr: TKR recognizes hostilities with CoA
  12. The Circus is in town and The Knights Radiant have season passes! Unfortunately, we’ve noticed the way the animals are being treated and we’re not big fans. After consulting with PETA, we’ve determined the best path forward is to politely carpet bomb ask The Circus to leave. Unfortunately, the clowns only speak Romanian. So we have our cans of faux-blood, our spray paint, and picket signs at the ready — we’re going to war protest the treatment of these poor animals. The lions and tigers and blinks bears! Oh my! Tl;dr: TKR recognizes The Circus recognizing us
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