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  1. Everyone's penchant knack for using the opinions of one person to completely sum up the opinions of everyone on the other side makes pleading the fifth on such a case the best option.
  2. Well. in the context of your lovely screen grab there, Y'all, and I say y'all because I wasn't getting involved in that nonsense, no horse in that race or whatever, were still hot in the debate about your side saying they wouldn't "Burn their contact" or actually produce logs, iirc. But this is a good attempt at using it to your advantage. And I'm going to take a page right out of your book and say I wont answer a pointed question like that for a future gotcha post.
  3. Damn. Using a facetious Buorhann post out of context to help your point. Low blow.
  4. If it features Ripperland as a prominent setting and meets the above, I'll throw in another 5 mil.
  5. Y'all better get to clawing each other's eyes out. If this dies, we have to go back to Same old shit.
  6. Valid Perma-CB. Prepare your troops. Hopefully your spies work harder this time. lmao. Honestly, I find it hilarious. lol. The way your name sounded in my head made me thing of like... a generic drug form of some sleeping pill. Or like... Rin Tin Tin's cousin. Because Same syllables, ends in Tin.
  7. If I went through all the topics on in Orbis Central, and even in Alliance Affairs somewhat, and pulled all the similar arguments, separated them by argument, and created new threads for each argument, They'd all beat the 40 page record by a longshot. XD. Not even going to think about squashing them all into one spot... Stares at the "When Will This War End" Thread. If even half this gumption and whatever went into facilitating peace We'd been done last month. But all I see is a bunch of people in the dinning room flopping their dicks onto the dinner table. Not saying some outliers of reason don't exist, because they do. I've seen plenty of it from different people at different times. But You're all upsetting grandma with the imagery and she just wanted the kids to come together and have a nice, fun meal. And here we all are sullying her good china and ruining the tablecloth.
  8. Alright.... soooo... We got the "New Player Good, As Long as They Aren't NPO" ✔️ We covered The NPO Bad Spat Because Only !@#$ Threaten Reporting. ✔️ Orange Man Bad Becuz We Don't Like Them. ✔️ Calling Burhann the Kid, and an !@#$. ✔️ Calling Roq a paranoid child. ✔️ Is there anything I'm missing? Was there a Scarf Callout in this thread? If so CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! We've gone over the same shit, and we've done it in record time. 10 pages. Edit: The Terry Cruz Gif is your reward. You're Welcome:
  9. I'd say run from the OWF as fast as you can. But... You've posted. So it's too late now.
  10. Stood their ground... on whaaaaaat? I mean. If y'all wanted a participation trophy so bad, youse could have just asked for one.
  11. Yeah. Sounds absolutely like something that can get out of hand very very quickly.
  12. See... You had me in the first half there, chief, NGL. Innocent shit like that is ehhh. Seems like a cheap ego boost but it's innocent enough to not be down right disturbing. But that second half. wew. That dude sounds either like a total bad ass or in need of some help, but to even require something like that sounds like a shitty frat's hazing policy.
  13. As someone who has never dealt with CN or whatever, Can someone explain this concept of a Mercy Board for the uninformed? We're having a debate on whether its a wheel you spin for punishments or, my take, a board with balloons on it that you throw darts at to pop them like the carnival game, and each balloon has a punishment. All in all we agree it's a punishment system. ???
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