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  1. Pasky Darkfire

    What is P&W listening to?

  2. Pasky Darkfire

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Application: Nation name: Ailurus Population (may use in-game numbers): 1,518,600 Population density (may use in-game numbers): 101.24 people/sq. mi. Official currency: Gold Standard / Coin Based GDP (may use in-game numbers): $1,441,390,531.18 GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): $949.16 Form of government: Tribalism / Anacro-Syndicalism Describe your nation: The Ailurus Tribe is a semi-modern tribe native to the forests and mountainous areas. As the world has shifted, directly elected representatives, chosen by the population have exited the province to reveal their presence to the world and stake claim to the tribal lands, home to their holy symbol and selected national animal the Red Panda. Government in Ailurus is on the local level. Cities and the smaller towns surrounding typically set up their own smaller representation to vote on issues that affect their area. For larger tribal issues, decrees are passed down to these local governments and the citizens vote directly on the issue. The response is returned to the capital, the votes tallied, and the decree passed or struck down. This limits the government’s ability to make swift national mandates or laws, but it also allows the tribes freedom to take their own course of action when needed. Infrastructure is almost non-existent outside of the cities. Roads in much of the state are dirt or gravel and many remain treacherous due to the sloping mountains. People in villages and smaller towns have poor to no running water and typically live in ancestral homes still made of stone or primitive wood structures. The cities are in stark contrast to the rest of the country. Gleaming glass and brick buildings and bricked streets. 91% of the population in all cities enjoy running water and electricity in some form or another. The cities have begun working on solutions to the country’s infrastructure problems to bring relief to those in need. A resolution was passed by the governments to open up a nation-wide effort to complete safer roads using new digging technology. They hope opening up to outside influence will gain them more knowledge to assist with other problems. The national religion of Ailurus is the Red Tailed Monks, a religion based on the native animal. The Monks of The Red Tails take care of the forests and are the main voice when it comes to protecting the habitats of these animals. In many cities and towns, these animals roam free and it is typical to see a large area in a city/town dedicated to a giant bamboo grove where the respected icons can feed and nap, and where they can be interacted with. Killing a Red Panda on purpose carries an exile sentence, while accidental deaths are judged on the circumstances. Ailurus’ military is a loose conglomerate of militias and some trained soldiers. These militias are trained in the arts of Guerrilla warfare; mainly ambushes, camouflage and hiding, and disorientating and disorganizing the enemy. Every tribesperson in above the age of 17 and below the age of 40 can volunteer and all citizens receive a year of training and annual re-certification after the age of 16 until 60 or unable to fight. An invader, though, would find themselves battling every man, woman, and child able to hold a weapon regardless of training. And most would fight to the death to protect their homeland. Most provinces have a small company of tanks, but very few have even one jet or even know what that is. There is one elite fighting force, made up of volunteers from all over the country that is trained and stationed in the capital. The Garnet Banner are the only citizens allowed to wear/carry a Red Panda skin, other than elders of towns or those given special commemorations for their contributions to the citizens or the country as a whole. The Ailurus citizens main Demonyms are Citizen, Sibling, and (in the familiar/affectionate) Pand Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Northern India/Nepal Mountains Attached Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): The National Flag -Post Link-
  3. Pasky Darkfire

    A Tribe Reveals Itself

    -Open to Responses- This was months in the making. After reaching out again and again, three news organizations finally responded and accepted the invite of the tribespeople to televise their announcement. The boundaries were formed from surveys across the tribal lands. With the help of a representative of the outside world, they drew their map and, with a lot more help, learned a common tongue to speak in when they gave their address so that it would be easily translated. The deep growling sounds and low noises that was the Ailurus’ native tongue hardly bared resemblance to anything in the outside world. The representative would later remark that it sounded like “Two Grizzly bears having a chat while two cats conversed just under them.” This also helped them to realize that some of their sacred Red Panda homelands may have been claimed by another. The representative politely respected their concerns, but would gently persuade them from starting a possible international incident that could put their legitimacy at risk. It then took several weeks to choose a representative to speak. When the votes where brought in, everyone had voted for a representative of their own town within the Garnet Banner. At least they could all agree it should be someone within the elite capitol guard who represented them. An emergency meeting of the elders was called into action to break the stalemate and when all was said and done, Pand Pasky was selected as their speaker. He had learned the language the quickest and his grammar, while still rough, was not as hard on the ears as the others. They worked on a small speech, just an introduction and a claim, and then their new representative would be asked to meet with the international community. The day came. March 17th, 2019. Pand stepped out from behind the cloth door of a wooden structure on the edge of their claimed territory onto the podium erected for him. He was dressed in a dark navy suit, white shirt, and a dark navy matching tie. On his right shoulder hung his symbol of status, the skin of a red panda, fashioned at his shoulder with a simple stitch. The face looked out at the reporters as Pand Pasky’s did now and the smooth auburn and black fur cascaded over his arm and part of his back. Alongside him trotted a live Red panda, which sat next to the podium on the left as he readied himself. “Nations and people of the world, I, Pand Pasky of the Garnet banners, hereby form a new nation, the nation of Ailurus. I appear here today to say we are now willing to meet with the outside world and hope to a peaceful exchange of ideas. We ask to be included in national affairs and hope to become a respected nation. Thank you. That is it for today.” Pand gave a slight bow, a smile and a wave, and then returned to behind the curtain. The small creature following him. The die was cast and now it was time to return to the capital city. Reporters balked at the short speech, but quickly returned to reporting on the new nation.

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