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  1. Honestly, Best Idea I've heard around baseball ever. GIVE ME HOCKEY!
  2. Wait. Do you want the score sheet first, or do I just get to come in with a list? Because, ya know, as much as I flirt with you and tibbers on being my favorites, You're all still woefully behind Keshav. And I don't want to hurt your feeling TOO badly.
  3. The voices down the ages warning "never cross a picket line"
    You must never cross a picket line

  4. If I knew I was in this high of a demand in NPO, I might have liked you guys more. ❤️
  5. Aww. I like you, too Dio. My favorite NPO person I don't make fun of. ❤️
  6. Look. I'm not saying you were lied to. But I'm pretty sure the devil was a snake. And I've never seen the devil and prefonteen in the same room. So.
  7. @Tiberius, you better be careful. This ones coming for your crown of Best NPO Sheeple Mouthpiece. And with the divorce finalized, they might take my ❤️
  8. Best news server in orbis yet so much bs and wrong Information in one article. I'm going to print this out and line my cats litter box with it.
  9. You know I'd sell you to Satan for a corn chips, my dear. Let alone a Value slam from Denny's.
  10. This is the best reply I have ever gotten ever on the forums. Thank you.
  11. Well since CoS is dead, long live CoS, I'll comment on this. The changes that where going on was a merger of Valinor and CoS people. We HOPED to do it after Surfs Up but we all saw how that song and dance went. We did lose a couple of people, but besides Ripper, who was retiring from the government, there wasn't that many people who actually left. But war. War never changes. Especially this one.
  12. What was this topic about again?
  13. Citizen workers of Orbis, Though my time among you has been short. I have seen plight bestowed upon you! You toil away for false leaders who give you nothing for your hardships, turning you into slaves in all but name. You throw your nations into everlasting wars for your masters to seek glory but find nothing but destitution and feel nothing but the whips on your backs as your commanders compel you forward for their own gains. Your nations produce by the sweat of your brow and those in power keep what you produce for themselves, giving you no say in your labor. Totalitarian regimes and fake comrades beckon you to their cause only to strike you down when you find their backbreaking orders too much. No more, I say to you. No more. Do not listen to those who claim to call you comrade, but are secretly beady-eyed, power-hungry authoritarians. Do not listen to those who claim totalitarian power over you and your fellow workers. There is only one true power in Orbis. You, the workers are that power. Come workers, Come and Join us at the picket line in Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics. Together we will hoist the black and red banner over all of Orbis and once and for all declare No Gods, No Masters. The only force that can break tyrannical rule is the one big union of all workers! BREAK THE CHAINS!
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