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  1. Prefonteen

    An Ocean Voyage

    I did not have sexual relations with that hamster.
  2. Prefonteen

    Slithering away

    All good things come to an end. So does my time in PW. It no longer fits with my RL and so i'm moving on. Shit's been fun. Sometimes vexing. No bad blood to anyone from me- it was all cool. Thanks for playing, maybe i'll see you around. Uhh, i've VM'ed and will be deleting from discord after i've said my personal goodbyes (no public shoutouts SORRY).
  3. Prefonteen

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    That's profiling.
  4. Prefonteen

    Round 4 at The Great Fire

    I watched all of that video. Great dutch political discussion on the merits of gender-neutral bathrooms. Nothing wrong with it. What's your point?
  5. Prefonteen

    Round 4 at The Great Fire

    frick you and your door
  6. Prefonteen

    Round 4 at The Great Fire

    frick you. I like my shitty mic.
  7. Prefonteen

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    If i were not an esteemed political figure in a vibrant and real world, but rather a man playing a game, i would feel like the message i am quoting is an infraction on the clearly defined ic-ooc line which that games moderators would vigorously uphold. but that is not the case, so i will instead thank you for your service to your country, private Smith. Semper Fi.
  8. Prefonteen

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    Your writings as the leader of a neighboring nation lead me as the head of a sovereign state with a vested interest in the stability of the geopolitical macroenvironment to conclude that there is a large probability that you are and therefore will act as an irrational and unstable actor. I as a nation leader who cares for his people am concerned.
  9. Prefonteen

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    I could argue that my post was an IC valuation of of the IC conduct of the IC character which was treading OOC lines, and that therefore not a warning, but rather a thank you was in order. but im mature enough not to be such a cynic
  10. Prefonteen

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    Sorry mom
  11. Prefonteen

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    You sound like a raving idiot atm.
  12. Prefonteen

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    The meme is not wrong. Lots of infrastructure damage.
  13. Prefonteen

    Annual Fraggle Rock Fund Raiser

    Well frick you too
  14. Prefonteen

    Name this war - Community Poll pt 2

    10 - 12 hour shifts of playing HoI4 and defeating the reich, you mean.
  15. Both the $yndicate under previous administrations and I personally have a longstanding history of accompanying any declaration of war with an outlined justification. We believe that -whether our counterparts and the community as a whole agree with our reasoning or not-, the provision of a reason beyond just shedding pixels is always preferred above wars for war’ sake. Over the past two weeks, I have received various requests for a presentation of our reason or war. When I posted the Syndicate’s placeholder declaration of war, I intended to uphold that ideological tenet by eventually circling back to it to properly outline our Casus Belli. Unfortunately, RL circumstances (OOC: I am currently in the middle of finals) led to a lack of time, and a long delay. You have my apologies for that. So… Strap in. Wall of text inbound! 1. Prewar leadup.
  16. Prefonteen

    Per your request. $yndicate CB talk.

    fricking snowflakes you two.
  17. Prefonteen

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    Fun to me is seeing you on your knees, under my jackboot if I was able to wear jackboots, begging for the benevolent mercy of the roqswarm. I am but a vessel of the greater good. An enforcer of the hivemind hegemony. You are in the way. You will Perish. And it will give me pleasure.
  18. Prefonteen

    Grumpyhave teeth

    frick YOU WHALE
  19. Prefonteen

    Grumpyhave teeth

    frick YOU DOLPHIN
  20. Prefonteen

    $yndicate placeholder Dow

    Server-related mishaps murdered my wall of text. This servers as a placeholder for The $yndicates declaration of war on The Commonwealth. While the official Declaration of War may come later, we do have a message for you.
  21. Prefonteen

    War Stats - Global War 12

    List them.
  22. Prefonteen

    Shifty News Network-Angel of Death

    This sounds like a measured response. Kudos to you.
  23. Prefonteen

    Per your request. $yndicate CB talk.

    I think you misunderstood an observation on ramifications of the political framework in which The $yndicate operated pre-split for a specific dig at you. If anything,. I'll bite though :). As I understand, from my predecessors, t$ was indeed set to join that war but with different motivations than you. If you recall, there was a leak which featured a nuke bloc representative prodding to see if they could get away with a hit on The $yndicate. That would have been The $yndicate's CB. I do not recall that to have been cited as yours. There is a distinction between removing dissenting factors and moving to safeguard your own security. With regards to acknowledgement however, I never claimed The $yndicate to be innocent of perpetuating the political dynamic of the past year. I did provide an account on how and why we ended up perpetuating it. The point which was being made was that the particular combination of bipolarity and tier consolidation had a restrictive effect on The $yndicate's (and I daresay, others') ability to fulfill its stated desires. Hence why it was relevant to provide that information as a background to our moves. Our potential involvement for very different reasons in one skirmish cited as anecdotal evidence is much less relevant to the broader point being made and was therefore left out. I do not believe your alliance's objective to have been the systematic removal of dissenting factors at all. But you were one of two actors locked in a cold war and and that rivalry overshadowed the remaining spheres. Was it the objective? I very much doubt it. Did it occur nonetheless as a result of natural tendencies? Yes. On both sides.

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