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  2. Greetings, diary friend!

    Today it feels like someone is watching me.

    An unknown nation has executed an espionage operation against your country. They were not successful.

    Friends? Come then. Party with me!

    1. Suyash Adhikari

      Suyash Adhikari


  3. From the desk of Ockey Terminal Oblivion The Jestest Parti ever Greetings, friends! Ockey and Praggle are done playing on the swing! The swingset maintenance friends have spent a lot of time with us over the past day, and we feel like we have gotten to understand and appreciate eachother on a deeper level. That newfound respect has translated into a mutual understanding that our little kertuffle was really a misunderstanding caused by coincidental environmental factors! Can you imagine that friends!? We have agreed to peace! Peace for all! And a NAP! A 6 month NAP! Everyone involved has agreed and signed friends! I could not be happier at this turn of events! Excepts for the Delta-Tango-whatever people. Ockey is coming for you! Ta!
  4. No friend, my friend is busy with other things. I will do this alone!
  5. From the desk of Ockey Terminal Oblivion The Jestest Parti ever Greetings, Friends! Terminal Jest formally recognizes the recognition of Hostilities from TaSkFoRcE DeLtA. Regarding StRaToSpHeRe's announcement: Pragglesan wishes to clarify that our reason for is super legitimate and we are sorry relations have deteriorated to a point where diplomacy was no longer an option. Please be assured that Terminal Jest views war as the last resort and rues this day where it receives the D. Terminal Jest has at no point intended, nor will it intend, to besmirch the honor of the combat we are about to engage in. This combat -which was by the way a measure of last resort friends and which we regret for certain having had no choice- is sacred to us, an alliance which values friendship, loyalty, trust and honor above all. We cordially invite you to the Terminal Jest server to engage in good faith diplomacy upon that we may redeem the honor of this combat and find an amicable solution.
  6. From the desk of Ockey Terminal Oblivion The Jestest Parti ever Greetings, friends! The other day I was spruceshuffling with Uncle traveling Patt, and the spruce fell into a hole! When I went to find it, I stared straight into the abyss! And Oblivion stared back! It whispered to me. Caressed my hair! Calmed me. Mesmerizing. I ever so briefly crossed over friends. It enveloped me. Swallowed me. We became one, yet neither of us was. What we are is not what we are becoming. My train of thought. Who interrupted it. Rude! Hostilities! Terminal Jest declares war on tango bloc in preemptive Defense of its ODOAP allies Immortals. Also Oblivion is cute.
  7. Greetings, diary friend!


    What shall I do today?

  8. From the desk of Pragglesan, The pragglest fraggle ever! Exorock Not in Swamp Greetings, friends! Following the events that we have been exposed to recently and the developing issues brought on due to such, a decision was brought to our attention. Terminal Jest government came together and through a somber discussion, we reminded eachother what matters most to us and what our most important values are. A major core value of Terminal Jest is loyalty, and recognizing when that loyalty has been broken or disrespected. Due to the events in the past 48 hours, we feel that we must take a stand and as such we feel that our memebership within the Swamp bloc is no longer a suitable nor appropriate fit for the alliance and as such, we must immediately give notice of cancellation to the bloc entirely. We look forward to new opportunities, friendships and spruceball, aintaining no ill will or bad blood toward any previous partners or allies. We also declare thusly our existence friends! Terminal Jest is a young, fast growing (over 300% today!) alliance with a fun loving and friendly community. We believe in loyalty, trust and loyalty, and look forward getting to know you all! Some information! Page: https://politicsandwar.com//alliance/id=8491 Discord (come say hi or apply!): https://discord.com/invite/zsMaKqp Forums: Link Wiki: Link And now a word from Pragglesan! IS THIS THING ON? CALL THE BANNERS! JEST JEST JEST JEST JEST!
  9. So there you go oh, can't make a wife out of a ho, oh.
  10. go away KT im beefing with people who mightve tried to merc KT on us. Come back to me when you have proof or counterproof to add to the conversation.
  11. Did you just try to merc KT on us?
  12. Oh no not my pixels whatever will I do!
  13. Good introduction, Where's the rant? This was 3 words on the Partisan wot-o-meter. Definitely a topic with lots of nitty gritty details that can be debated ad infinitum. I do believe you've marked down the major aspects of FA, and categorized them neatly in 3 easily digestible concepts. Building on that, i'd stress that the interplay between these 3 "realms" of FA is where alliances distinguish themselves from one another. If an alliance misaligns its hard FA with its branding (PR) or fails to secure trust or rapport through soft(er) FA, those discrepancies can spiral out of control, resulting in controversy (e.g. internal sphere drama in case of the latter, or leaks revealing contradictions between the public and private domain of an alliance). Similarly, a hard-focus on just one area while neglecting the rest tends to cause blind spots. Your super pragmatic 9D chess powerplay isn't going to come off the ground if no one trusts you or buys into your alliance's plan or vision. Yet without a strategic agenda (hard FA) and some backbone, your alliance will end up walked all over in backrooms: You become the plaything of more balanced and visionary alliances. A recipe is needed. And like with all recipes, different leaders, members and communities will have different tastes. As we are forced to interact with external parties, these differences in taste at times cause tension of their own. That's a different conversation however. It might be a fun exercise sometime to try to place the major on a model based on this. Rose and t$ make two near-perfect examples. Coincidentally, @Mhearl and I recently had a fairly in-depth conversation on this topic. Rose is heavily focused on implicit FA: Its community is friendly, its members prefer shooting the shit out-of-game over hardball ingame stuff. Rose tends to try to present itself as a friendly giant. Its government does engage in explicit FA. The alliance is a perennial power player who generally gravitates toward the formation and maintenance of its own powerbase (sphere of influence). Implicit FA? check. Explicit FA? check. Rose does not however, engage much in non-targeted FA/PR. This directly translates to misunderstandings and misinterpretations of their actions and their rationale, and at times directly impacts their ability to conduct either explicit or implicit FA with some parties. Ergo: Rose's profile may be viewed as disharmonious. t$ on the other hand, is known for being heavily focused on non-targeted FA. t$ leadership has a strong public visibility (on FA/in-game topics) and presents a coherent narrative in line with its historical branding. t$ also has been at the forefront of power politics (hard FA) with a very specific style of play for the past 6 years. PR? check. Explicit FA? check. Where disharmony kicks in for t$, is the implicit FA: For one reason or another, t$ FA (myself included) has invested only a token amount of time in relation building compared to its peers. This likely impacts the speed at which we generate political capital with non-allies as well as our ability to execute plans that span beyond our immediate circles. So are t$ and Rose both bad? No. Rose likely believes t$ are obnoxious !@#$ who cant be trusted. t$ may view Rose as spineless hypocrites wo cant be trusted. t$ may style itself a pragmatic power player who "aint got no time for time wastng" whereas rose may be convinced of its role as a friendly community which just wants to have fun. Both communities might benefit from a light reprioritization, but at the same time they may be content with their style of play. Your turn- take 2 alliances: Compare and contrast them!
  14. Pursuant to article vi, subsection ii of the syndicate camelot modaeop, the terms ratified in aforementioned agreement are now rendered void.
  15. Partisan stares at Jordan and his 7 cats. One word echoes faintly through his conscience.
  16. Hi, Today I sent over a PIAT to The Immortals who accepted it (we're friends lol). I went to look 10 minutes later and it wasn't visible. Is there a GFX bug being handled atm?
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