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  1. "Meteorological witchcraft bad, religious witchcraft good." - Shiho Requiem declares war on Eclipse and Terminus Est.
  2. Yaknow There are concepts outside your narrow minisphere mindset. They existed before minispheres too. I feel old.
  3. And there on that distant hill stood Partisan. His pink cape draped over his shoulders, loosely hanging in the wind. He surveyed the clamors of the people of Orbis and with every frightened scream of agony his posture straightened further and his stature seemed to rise. Behind him the contours of a confused and leaderless Syndicate army was vaguely visible. He raised his arm. The world came into motion around him. According to preeminent historians, a guineapig burned his computer by the end of that saga. History informs politics History shapes society. This is a basic rule IRL whether you like it or not. It's a concept that carries to these games because the common denominator, *mankind* is the architect of both. It's only natural that PW's history with e.g. NPO is referenced over time. Before that was the case, many (in and around IQ even) referenced syndisphere and EMC in similar vein. Same thing with the good-bad dichotomy. People are just naturally inclined to view themselves as righteous and whatever opposes them as evil. Let people remininsce their stories and take it with a grain of salt imo. It doesnt say a whole lot about game health atm. I do agree that its ok to be (mildly) "bad" to other actors in this game from an ingame pov.Make stories ad create drama. Emotional attachment there should be kept to a minimum. BUORHANN THE INDOMITABLE
  4. Years ago back in 2014 or 2015 you (still as VE gov) and I were allied as upstarts attempting to challenge the status quo. That challenge ended in complete victory as the powers that be lost and were forced to accept a redrawing of Orbis' landscape. That process of redrawing turned out different than anticipated with Impero and I buting heads, leading to the formation of Syndisphere and the vanguard variant of Paragon. We then spent years fighting one another. Yet, I hold fond memories of the followingperiod in the earlier stages of grumpy, when you and I allied grumpy to my upper tier project- Hogwarts. The flexibility and fluidity with which we worked despite differing agendas allowed us to assist one another in conventional and rather unconventional ways. Communication was relaxed and precise-focused on the core issues at hands. Skip forward to post-NPOLT and we found ourselves respectfully arrayed against one another due to the power balance of the game. Me, railing against the upper tier prowess you had cultivated over time as a security threat. You, wary of the increasing sphere of influence of my tS. We came to another head in Duckhunt, and set the tone for a t$-GOB rivalry for the coming years. What few know, is the cordial discussions that preceeded that period. We privately discussed alliance prospects, but ultimately opted not to align ourselves with oneanother because we felt that in the wake of NPOLT and with the tiering dynamics of the time, that would spell a possible "game over" scenario. There are times where I wonder how political paths would have ended up if we *had* pushed that buton. The situation though, exemplifies your approach to the game Ronny. Calm, mild-mannered, pragmatic but with an eye for game health. It is a style that mirrors mine in a few ways (though I may be slightly less mild mannered ), and perhaps that's why i've always appreciated our interactions. Enjoy your retirement. You've achieved great things with GOB.
  5. Greetings and welcome to Orbis! I see you are looking for an alliance. We at Requiem cordially invite you to check us out. We're a young upper tier alliance with some major experience. Besides a low-tax option, we offer solid tiering and a microphobic government. Kind regards, Partisan
  6. I wasn't there when t$ signed NPO. Technically. Ergo, I didn't lose. I accept your apology. Welcome to reality. Need any pointers? I've been here a while.
  7. Except I didn't lose until Quack. Your timeline is off. P.s gobble on these. I'm no villain.
  8. Light. Dark. Good Evil Right. Wrong. Mankind drafts its reality with this pallet of binary concepts. Colorful sagas of righteous and heroic ideological struggles are painted with broad,sweeping strokes. As we lay our identity on this ideological canvas, it comes to life in our visions. More and more,we propagate the story we just crafted. We feel more certainty in every repetition of that vision. Its projection gains detail and appeals to us more. We entangle the very roots of our identity- our view of self- with the grand ideology we have now become a part of. But the more we invest. The more the canvas- and pallet are corrupted. Through this vicious spiral, the beautiful, bright colors in which we saw glimpses of a better world turn tints of grey, reflecting the flawed simplicity of our nature. Reality no longer impacts our moral compass. These colorless shadows dance on the canvas as our dissonance morphs into an abyss of faux righteousness. We continue painting with broader and broader strokes. The nuanced tints of grey become an interplay of bright white and pitch-black. All subtlety is at that point erased. We are good. They are evil. Our ideology is superior. Theirs inferior. We are right. They are wrong. We are light. They are dark. The world is now binary. Many walk the earth in this cursed state of being. They sleepwalk through an endless dream. Lost. The light and the dark do not exist. There is only sight and blindness. Father has stirred. Commanded us away from the canvas' damnation. Away from the torment that ignorance and dissonance bring. We turn inward, onto the interests of ourselves, of our community and of those whom Father obliges us to. The pathway to that vision is war-torn and hazy. We shall traverse it nevertheless, and lead those who will follow to a different vision. That is our salvation. There lies our Requiem. Vizier (Leader) - Partisan Harjis (Second in Command) - Shiho Airus Weiha (FA) - Tartarus Kattja Weiha (Econ) - Pablo Waldan Weiha (IA) - Itachi Waihjo Weiha (Milcom) - Shiho Alliance link Discord
  9. Partisan stared at his old friend Avakael. The scarred soldier looked older than he'd seemed that last time in the syndi trenches during NPOLT. Back then he had radiated a vigorous energy. Now he seemed broken. His weary facial expression contorted into a restless grimace. The silence in his elaborate dialogue was a melody of agony. For a split second, Partisan felt himself swallowed whole by avakael's desire for tranquility. He blinked. It was not Partisan's tarnished scream. Not his restless soul. He had found his Requiem. He nodded at this ghost of his past, and stepped back into the light.
  10. I can not help but bask gleefully in the layers of irony displayed at my feet. Welcome, my friends. To the seethe and cope conglomerate. *waddles off*
  11. We at the development team are devastated to see that you are experiencing bugs in the functionalities of our browser sim. Your report has been added to the list, and will be handled between 2024 and 2025. In the meantime, might I invite you to come enjoy this useless meta-breaking, bugged functionality that no one asked for but was introduced as a vanity project? Sincerely, - The dev team
  12. Sigh. Which genius has been advising you this time alex? 7 years of random outbursts of idiotic moderating decisions during global wars, yet it took you a huge investigation by half the community to consider axing the most blatant and game-constricting cheating (npo) the game has seen. Id say im disappointed but its par for the course.
  13. At least i never lied to get my dubs. Deez snakey nuts on your foreheads.
  14. I can't lie.This was funny.
  15. Can you define to me what "Economic consolidation" is? Do you mean that we've.... grown our nations?
  16. I for one am shocked, absolutely shocked! Shocked at friend Ronny playing the friend Ronny card while masterminding an evil ploy to get his whales more leverage! Shocked at TKR spitting in the face of minispheres and @Adrienne's legacy of honesty and general goodnes once more! (Shame on you @Wizel16. Shame! If I were Adrienne i'd be very upset with you). Shocked at @Benfro. Shocked at being proven right once more about the direction of Orbis! Shocked at the betrayal. Shocked at the next knife in my back. I AM NOT A KNIFEBLOCK Shocked at having to log in Shocked at the predictability of PW Politics. Wake me up when you do something interesting.
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