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  1. CoS was home to many great people in the community and world of Orbis. It is sad to see what some would view as a pillar leave said world. You guys fought long and hard to get where you were and ultimately became war torn. Retirement is well deserved though sad. For those that called CoS home, I wish you the best of luck in finding a new home if you choose to stay in this world. o7 CoS... o7
  2. Aero

    Spam threads

    I did nothing but honor a treaty... At the moment with all the wars going on there are very few non beige or available slots. Best believe as they free up they will be hit as I already have.
  3. My apologies. My old nation was removed due to inactivity. Was the same forum account from my first nation. Rectified
  4. This thread is brought to you by the ASPCA... will you adopt a micro today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gspElv1yvc
  5. I just wanted to say, no matter the outcome. It really means a lot that my name got to the final votes for Most likely to Succeed in 2020... It really means a lot thank you!!!
  6. My thoughts on these are probably meaningless and to some from both sides won't be truly liked but here ya go: When I joined the server I did ask around for the point behind them because my initial thoughts were basically "This seems kinda..... Salty and upset". Not that I thought the people running it where such but that the ideas behind them were more going for that if they couldn't have it there way officially they were gonna have it their way anyway. Once I started talking and reading more inside the server I did see that they knew these were "meaningless" and were more so just to have Abit of fun their way. Which isn't necessarily bad in anyway. The argument can be made that they're "testing the waters" so next year they can push for it. I saw this argument and this is correct. But ultimately it really doesn't matter. Atleast to me. The awards in general to me are kinda meh official or unofficial. It's just some fun at the end of the day. I really hate that alot of us, on both sides, can't seem to have fun with the game these days. And even if you don't know the person, the AA they associate with are all it takes for you to think you know the character of said person. For example me, I just came back from leaving the game in 2016 and I rejoined Polaris because of my history with them. I will meet someone for the first time and because of my AA I will get shut out or shat on on an OOC level. Some of the best friends I've made in this game do fall on the opposite side of my AA which is the main reason I decided to take part in these awards. Because at the end of the day, they are just for Abit of fun and the fact that they aren't "official" or you don't like the format of how they're being done, it shouldn't cause anymore of a rift. If you don't wanna partake, don't. There's no need to continuously cause grief on the fact. Let those that wanna have fun do it. Sorry for the monologue. I don't post much but there is a really big issue in this world and I'd really like to see it dissaper. And BOTH sides are causing it. Not just 1 side or 1 AA. For there to be a conflict you need more than 1 person or side.... Lets just get back to what this is... A game we play for fun
  7. Maybe I am blind and just missing it, but the forum has a dark mode... is it possible to maybe add dark mode to the game aswell? The white page constantly is just blinding IMO and since it was something you gave the option for on the forums, figured it only suited to ask for it there too :). Edit: Please ignore this.... I found it eventually..... and by that I mean very soon after this post. Im very tired. Apologies!
  8. Tbh I couldn't care less about the amount I would get. We did try to talk to her and her responses were that of arrogance and entitlement. Not one of apologies or caring about the rules or other members. Length of time in a place doesnt give you free room to do as you please when you please to do it if it violates guidelines put in place. Sorry bout it.
  9. In regards to this post even existing where it does, this isnt soley a PnW issue if even an in game issue at all. This spread across 2 games, 2 sets of government that includes PnW Members of other AAs having decided your fate. Not just Polaris. Your work isnt and was never discounted or looked down on. What was was your blatant abuse of power within the server seen on more than one occasion. And you were removed from power before I joined PnW Govt again. You made a deal with our now retired Regent that if you were behaved for a month you would be restored. Within that month, you cried and begged for power and complained about what was going on in the server and didnt bother to state how you would change anything, just that you hated it. After our regent retired her last wish to us was that we grant you a second chance and we did with the rules of hey if you need anything just let Cobra know. You went as far as creating back doors on roles and changing bots so if you were ever stripped of power again you would still have power thinking we wouldnt notice. You then gave yourself the role of Emperor in BOTH games which is where everyone drew the line. When asked about it your answer was because of permissions it had that you needed to do one of your tasks which was accepted. The part that everyone took issue is was when you were asked why you didnt just wait for Cobra to give your role said power, your only response was "You're welcome by the way". As if you were entitled to us groveling for your help on opting in a damn channel dedicated to talking about wrestling.... It wasn't the fact that you were targeted or not appreciated for what you did. When you agreed to give power over to CN Emperor and Co. you knew you would have less power and have to act correctly and promptly. You did not do so. Instead you tried to do things how you wanted them despite talking to anyone for anything. So you were removed. This was not a soley Polaris PnW decision. As our other Govt for CN has members not even in PnW at all and in other PnW AAs as government. This post is ridiculous and should be removed. if Alex didnt remove downvotes. Id be interested in seeing this thread.
  10. Oh. Hello Facebook reaction bar!
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