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  1. It will be my honor to serve under you Luci ❤️
  2. TBF. My time in Camelot was Abit ago (Just under a year ago at this point) but my entire time there after the merger with GG&FU that was another thing if Epis doing that kinda went like this, you were one of the good things that came out of that merger and you were always sensible. Sucks this happened to something that I genuinely watched you work so hard to help for so long.
  3. Feel like a rather strong King Geoffry cosplay to me.
  4. Were you the weird kid or the one telling him to shut up... just for my notes
  5. Can we discuss this over seconds? What are we eating anyway Can we discuss this over seconds? What are we eating anyway
  6. Ill have you know. Potato is an amazing Milcom Low Gov and they are very useful ❤️
  7. Thank you for this. It was a great read and I'm sure there will be things taken away from it. It was a fun war no matter what people see as the outcome. Moving forward should be for an interesting game now.
  8. I feel like you and I got kinda close during everything and we talked Abit. Despite you being the leader of GOONs I felt that I was able to portray my thinking to you. You seemed like one if the only people in regards to OD proper that were willing to negotiate and talk on an actual level of calmness and things were able to move forward. I can not comment on the mercyboarding as a lot of it happened on another game entirely with the same community and leaked to here. It doesn't make it ok that it happened however, I wasn't here or around for it specifically. I may be a sucker for second chances as I gave Anna one aswell, but in my opinion, despite being the leader of GOONs at the time, you were never an issue. You're tainted by role and name. I think if given a chance, you could make a new name for yourself if everyone was willing.
  9. The idea that you came here to the forum in a game where people still compare things to NPOLT rather than moving on and ask for forgiveness is funny to me. Personally, I fought on your side for that war. I also came back to the game after it had started and GENUINELY had no idea what GPWC/NPO were doing. Had I known, I would have 100% left Polaris and gone to another AA or left the game myself for even being associated. That being said, I personally think that in order for us to be better than that of NPO and the ideals that coalition held, we can not tell someone they can't play if the admin allows them to. Telling them to stay away or if they choose not to, rolling them for the simple fact that they exist, THAT is an NPO move and makes you no better than they were. So, if you choose to come back. Welcome Back Anna
  10. *Signed Aero, The future ruler of Atlas Tech*
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