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  1. This bloc goes in the square hole. o7
  2. o7 you guys showed so much promise with tremendous growth! Happy to upgrade ❤️
  3. https://gyazo.com/455be68ea67183a3d37552b7a033822e >.> https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=157612 Sorry heres the nation link Upon Further review Why caps those 3 letters specifically and then try to get around Nazi rules by claiming to NOT be Nazi
  4. Ya. Looks pretty bad. If only the entire server was leaked. Like the part where after I asked Under to change the terms for Theo and t$ to include the 12b, I later said I have every intention to remove the term once we get to that term for negotiation. It was one of the but arguments Sphinx and I had as he wanted me to remove it altogether, I simply wanted to remove it once we reached that part of negotiation. And as for the rolling of t$ till the disband comment. I was openly mocking others in the chat. My sentiments haven't changed from what I said in this thread. Only thing tha
  5. There are mixed feeling in this thread regarding what the OP has stated. Some support and accept the sentiment others (a good majority) are skeptical or just out right dont believe it. Id like to share my journey with Camelot for what it has been from the beginning. When I came back to the game the war was in full force. I rejoined the AA I helped found many years ago (Polaris), and very quickly I realized the sentiment of what they used to want to be and what they were now were very different. From the moment I became Head of FA for Polaris and was put into the Peace servers and
  6. Its become about more than just the game at this point honestly. While most players are probably doing in character stuff about the AAs and have no ill will IRL for anyone, the last war became extremely personal for a lot of players and some still haven't let go. It is a very sad day and I, like Arthur, would really love to see a world where playing the game really is all anyone is doing without any personal feelings of negativity going into it.
  7. Somewhere recently I saw someone complain the game was getting boring. FA is always fun
  8. Hang on. We still arent sure what this isn't. I've also heard bets on this just being a six alt with a reroll ?
  9. They said that the Titans could destroy the Gods and yet they were trapped in a pit for centuries by those in which they could destroy. When freed they tried to take over once more and yet... Weren't successful. Let us see if freed again they will succeed ? Congrats o7
  10. We dont wanna drive people out of the game :(. Dont make me post cat pictures..... Congrats on the treaty friends!
  11. Look. Let it all run out. Daddy Alex can give us stimulus packages of RSS
  12. Ooooo I remember this day
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