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  1. Cleaning crews clearly need a raise
  2. Can you like. Declare war before I retire next time? Good luck.
  3. Not to spoil the meme. But Knightfall + VietQuack + Guns & Roses. Still not a lot I reckon, but it's weird that it's happened thrice.
  4. Oh my, why didn't you tell me you were posting a DoE, I woulda rushed here! Good luck you guys!
  5. What I get out of this thread and the various servers talking about it is. TKR exists Therefore Hegemony Any facts or reality to the matter be damned.
  6. I like you guys already. Good luck!
  7. Obviously you need to start using irc
  8. We sorted this out. Appeal approved, please make sure you refresh your memory of #rules-and-info and pinned messages upon your rejoin 🙂
  9. Hey there! Do you know who issued the ban/can you supply a screenshot of the bot message sent to you informing you of your ban?
  10. Huzzah, we've made it from Theocratic Dictatorship, to Military Coup, to Absolute Monarchy in just one day!
  11. I'll also point out, that shortly before this coup, there seemed to be some major pushes towards mint chocolate, that have not been reversed since the change in power. While I can't confirm, sources are pointing out that the coup may have been to make the alliance more Mint Chocolate Aligned.
  12. Hi, I'm Rosey Song I may not be a leader, but I play one on TV, and I'm here to tell you that I no longer play one on TV either.
  13. Well yeah, you tend to get shunned because you didn't bother to read and process what was said, and focused on the words that made you upset.
  14. Cool, so I'm going to dodge the IC stuff, because without being there the best I can assume is he said/she said, and I jump over to a word, hopefully of wisdom, for both the coupers and Jaden. New leaders tend to struggle with communication, it's not at all an uncommon occurrence, even some of the major AA's leaders occasionally struggle with communication, it's par and course for the role, as it's generally the first time the player doesn't have to answer to someone, and has access to information that they can't always pass along. So you're jumped from your casual life in Orbis into a role where you're both more free, and far more restricted in other senses, and it takes a while to get used to that. Even beyond that, you're hoisted into a position where, you care about the success or failure of what you built, which is a heavy weight on its own. Reading past this posts direct words, and Jadens frustration should show first hand how much he cared to see the AA succeed. Generally, if you address that to your leader when you notice it, it improves them as both a leader and a person. That said, I don't think your coup was remotely in the benefit of the alliance, Jaden, or yourselves if you remotely care for the AA. Stability is what allows young AAs to succeed, coups, especially once the former leader declares it illegitimate publicly like this, are the antithesis of stability and typically lead to downward paths, especially if the claim is 'lack of communication', because it shows that the situation hasn't improved, only the one at the helm changed, and is likely to lead to future coups or increased central power from paranoia of coups. In the future, I would advise you to communicate better with your leader. Good luck though 👍 Closing note: Thanks to everyone who checked in to make sure Jaden was okay ❤️
  15. Just confirming, and wishing luck for them going forward
  16. Good luck to both @TigerFire and @Lord Vader! As well as the rest of TO, has been a pleasure having you guys as a mission partner all this time o/.
  17. Because he has no point to make. Yes, that's what Jaden was pointing out.
  18. Hate to break the news to you. But a Recognition of Hostility does make it a war. This is something you should have known before starting an AA.
  19. Lol congrats on showing everyone why I wasn't going to engage in your idiocy.
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