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  1. Are there plans on a beige rework yet? As far as I know, beige and sitting have been one of the biggest problems in globals since a long time
  2. Can you show a calculation of how this would look like?
  3. I brushed it up, removed people who made it in without being part of the war, have less than 1k infra or are less than 10 cities.
  4. Projects are bad for small people. You will need high infra to support multiple projects is the reason small people are told to build only essential projects like IA. Even at 22 cities @ 1k infra/city, I only have 6 project slots, 5/6 of which are filled with important projects namely IA, PB, UP, AUP, NRF and I plan to get the MLP when the timer resets. You can argue that most small players wont need the NRF and MLP and I'll agree with that. However at the level you are talking about at some c5-c6, you usually dont want to go over 1k infra per city. Even if they have 100 wars won+lost, that's
  5. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/792107096786862121/855371779609591828/video0-105.mp4 No idea how to embed the video but it contains proof of minesome being a cat eater
  6. From what I've seen, when peace happened, your coalition was losing the c20 edge and the fight was spilling into the c15-c20 tier. And there is no excuse to not be militarized in a 3+ week long war esp when the other side doesn't have the numbers to effectively pin then other side down all the time. No matter what excuses your alliance makes, the only reason you "lost" the upper tier and started losing the lower ones is just sheer incompetence and not wanting to do shit.
  7. All "economics" aside, can this not be solved by just making the current manufacturing bonus more?
  8. um i think you dont know how to read graphs The graph compares every city(c1,c2,c3.....) while the table compares tiers(0-10,10-20......) From the graph, it is clear that at certain city counts, IQ held a bigger numerical superiority while in others, it had less numbers than EMC. I'm pretty sure you can come to a similar result as on the table if you add the data from the graph. So you do agree IQ can never win unless it has more than 3x the numbers of the opposition?
  9. It looks like my assumption was wrong. They are stuck at -1 VM turns still
  10. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=270452 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=254930 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=242482 All of them have -1 turns of Vacation Mode left I haven't found people who have more than -1 turns of vacation mode left so it might just be that they are getting deleted next turn.
  11. Nah I dont think that counts. But I'm looking for more big people. Small people are well new, possibly in first war. I'll give them a chance once.
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