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  1. Let me show you Orange Man Bad Quack Man Bad NPO Man Bad ET>KT
  2. naw gotta be 30 50% is 1/2 missiles get blocked I'd want that to be 1/3 or 33% So a fair value is 30-35%
  3. This looks like a good middle ground. Seriously tho. 50% was a ridiculously high value. Btw can we get an update on the other changes that were proposed for the game development as well?
  4. The title explains the entire concept mostly. Currently, the Nations API(or the Nation API) doesn't supply a field for Discord User Name or Discord ID. The suggestion is that these two be included in all APIs about Nation Info. Currently, we can put our Discord User Name (Eg: BABAI#0570) on the Nation Page. However, the problem with this is the Discord User Name can be changed at anytime. This might cause problems when we are pulling data via the proposed API addition since the username provided on the nation page might be outdated or you might not share a common server with them. This
  5. A 50-50 chance means you can pull bad RNG for your entire play time and never get a missile through the dome. On the other hand, someone out there might have excessive luck and never have a single missile miss due to iron-dome
  6. I personally feel that the reduction in credit prices to get new projects will help whales more than new nations. I'm going to be neutral on this and see what the others have to say about it. If I'm not wrong, a 60v60 without buffs takes out 18 spies at most. This nerf means we lose only 12 spies in a 60v60. On the other hand, firstly what do you mean by Failed OP. Is it when you fail to kill spies and are caught? Kill spies and are caught? Fail to kill spies and are not caught? Secondly, atm, you lose 9ish spies on a failed op when detected at most. The nerf means we lose 6 spie
  7. Lets discuss about Best Girl here. Btw Hayasaka Best Girl.
  8. My name is Majima Goro and I support this message.
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