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  1. Best of luck and a quick rebuild
  2. Tis a sad day in orbis history, best of luck and may your koolaid be refilled someday.
  3. This post is bad, downvote
  4. As others have said, this isn't going to reduce toxic behavior. That being said, thanks
  5. @Alex space stuff, awesome. Extra project slot, very much needed. Only 1 suggestion, maybe a nation could launch 2 satellites meaning that alliances without a lot of members could keep up if they spend the money. You could also make each satellite take 1 slot so it is very costly.
  6. Trimming the fat off of an alliance can be a really good thing, but it's dangerous if you start to lose your core members too. A useful but dangerous gambit.
  7. Anyone think these could become as popular as rippers PnW balls? This newspaper is a neat concept, keep up the originality.
  8. Unfortunately without military power, this post is just begging for cash back. However if you can enforce the words said here than there is a chance of getting cash back
  9. @Malleator I agree, blatant shitposts belong on central imo
  10. Good to see the rose hasn't wilted, congrats on 5 years
  11. @Mitsuru wow, that was really good
  12. Potpie99


    Downvoted back to 420
  13. Term #7 is way too harsh, sorry you had to go through such a devastating peace deal. @Fairymoon
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