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  1. Projects come from infra, if you look at most pirate nations they have more projects than their infra can support. They also have like sub 1000 infra per city. I'm sure many pirates would like this project, but it's entirely infeasible due to the cost of buying that much infra for a single project.
  2. It's amazing for new players who may not know what discord is, but for players who are more established It's kinda useless imo
  3. This is a pretty interesting idea with a nice graphic alongside, however can we make that graphic a separate page instead of a pop-up to be more mobile friendly?
  4. Everyone knows the best way to prevent bots is a very predictable timing on the captcha. Even if that was a good idea that would be incredibly annoying to have to login every single turn instead of just doing a captcha.
  5. You all seem to have forgotten to put lordaeron in the S tier, what a silly mistake.
  6. Wait there isn't already an option to add all? I think this is a great suggestion.
  7. This is very easily abused and basically means that every war declared leads to the defensive person getting beiged no matter what. You may ask how, well let's say I declare war on you and do 1 ground attack to eliminate 10 resistance. All you need to do is. . . Wait, and you've won the war. There is no point in declaring offensive wars in a global because the defender will always get 6+ days of beige no matter what you do. Alex may be trying to get people to fight in wars that are declared, but I assure you this will do the exact opposite and make the meta literally not doing anything in defensive wars.
  8. Dear Ciprian the 1st, The nation of Golden Goose cannot support the funding of your rebuild. We cannot justify to our people funding an organization who's sole purpose is to loot and pillage. From, Potpie99
  9. TEst is going to win, TLE is gonna do great tho
  10. Hey so cool story and all, but I dont see how this falls under alliance affairs, this is typically used for alliance leaders or gov members to make an official public stance on something, and you seem to be 1 member who isnt gov. I recommend taking info to your gov and they'll decide what to do next.
  11. 4 month old logs where both parties seem to be negotiating without much drama? God these have to be the worst leaks ever, truly a disgrace upon the SNN name.
  12. Finally someone declares existence without having like 2 members. Goodluck in orbis.
  13. Potpie99

    Spy Exploit

    You can do 3 spy attacks on a nation per day, what even is this post?
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