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  1. Gib a break, probably just put their membership first, were broke or just bored for over a half a year of global conflict.
  2. Freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the UDHR states that "everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference" and "everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice". Also all my " crimes" were committed under the umbrella of a New´s Agency so journalistic freedoms apply also, also one would argue most nations using the citizens as collateral to loans makes everything governmental entities and if going by socialistic ideas there is no such thing as private property.... But I understand your impulse on wanting to tap your finger on that sign
  3. And you could have easily not escalated things in the first place by not attacking our allies. Also it is not that easy to put months of time into creating perma-war situation and then blame others for doing something you could totally foresee them doing that could possiblyfurther your goal of perma-war.
  4. I for one am glad to have entered into "big politics" on freedom of speech issue and will defend my stance on this. Lol liking a post on the internet is grounds for banning my speech, it´s virtual equivalent of sewing my mouth shut and cutting of me hands so I could not write too for I liking something in the real world. Also GPA has had really free attitude and culture from the start about freedom of speech to such a huge extent opsec and public image have had problems because of it. Also some members have gotten us rolled for it. It will never change, TCW will not silence it´s members for jokes ever, there has to be real and grand reasons for doing so, and Prime-minister can get impeached rather fast for playing fast and loose with those sections of TCW/GPA culture. On flaking my loans, lol, I have loans? Sphinx is allowed to be critical of my actions all he wants, that doesn´t mean he has the power by the charter to silence members for jokes. DNA has been a joke from the start, I´ve called all prime ministers Socialist Overlords from the start, Drunken News Agency has talked rubbish about TCW allies always. There are even funding charter principles of DNA published years ago warning people about that and I republish them now and then if someone flips out. The 3 smile emoticons are there to remind and hint it´s a joke and the worst possible enemy spin on things I can imagine at any given time. I´m not responsible for people not knowing that, does that mean I should be silenced? No ally that I know of till Col B has ever had a problem with my jokes before, even posted some rather nasty stuff about TKR in their own forums under the label DNA and those are still up there. Also no ally has ever come to me and applied any pressure to change my stuff in almost 5 years I´ve done DNA, neither have they totally ignored the source and went behind my back to !@#$ about me to my prime-minister. And all I did was to post pro GPA, coup culture, pro impeaching the Socialist Overlords, pro world peace stuff, in hopes of my jokes sparking an idea in some leaders about the perma-war being kind of boring and bad for the overall health of the game and the community. Also at the time at any point no ally made me aware of the fact that I did anything wrong, as I heard it after the fact and from Sphinx. IF you only knew with how many articles I´ve gone to Sphinx with and asked: "Can I post those or am I going too far?" and gotten a firm rock-hard NO on. And I´m sorry for putting my friends through having listen to people, who clearly lacked the spine to come complain to my face, instead complaining to me friends about me, so sorry for that Sphinx. Should I be banned and silenced for that? I also know NPO culture somewhat, having been in it for years in another universe, so I can understand how restrain values take a back-seat for others in that fine community, although I do not understand how members of NPO community can blindly think all other communities are similar and can just constrain their member´s speech as NPO does. I´m not even laying a moral judgement on NPO for doing that, I can understand the value and limiting risks on FA and image by doing it, I just can not understand how they thing all or even only TCW should abandon their cultural past and copy NPO and just gag order our members like they are some lifeless, no rights or value having, not spiritual or self-expression seeking beings but machines following their doctrine or their programming with no questions asked - bots for a lack of better world. I just do not see how any alliance or community can be so narrow minded to truly think and believe everyone else is just like them and should act like em. Should I be silenced and banned for that ? So I liked EM post, maybe I did so because I really liked the series, or maybe I was drunk or temporary insane, or maybe just over tired and grumpy. Doesn´t really matter why I liked it, their reaction to my one click, which could have very well been a mistake on my part, was not to seek wisdom or info by confronting the "perpetrator" (me) about it but to demand I be gagged and punished for it, which when done correctly I would find arousing, but in this case it was insulting, they didn´t even asked me to correct it but have held on to it like some jaded girlfriend with a mistake done ten years ago to throw it in my face in every argument I get into with her. Should I be banned and silenced for that? IF anyone´s curiosity was peaked, and I doubt it, Drunken News Agency´s most propaganda pieces can be read on TCW discord and TKR forums. I´m really glad I have not been silenced and banned yet on those, even though been part of wrecking some TKR nations for better part of half the last year. Should I really be banned and silenced for that ?
  5. We always have had problems with lower tiers, namely not having any so I would not call it hiding exactly. I wouldn´t call getting dropped for swapping sides either. Aggressively failing at plotting a war "to rebuild military rep" and getting months old logs of those leaked doesn´t show much initiative either, if anything it shows more improvement is needed in member selection and OPSEC. The choice to honour existing bloc treaty against honouring a treaty with our biggest ally at time broke by attacking our Cock-bloc was literally no choice either, it just had to happen no matter the fact that our nations may very well end up next to Colo A nations just burned to the crisp for next few months or till the game dies, who knows. And as for safetynet well that has really not existed for us as we kind of knew after KnightFall and especially during this global the powers that be on Orbis will kick anyone to curb as soon as they are done with them...
  6. Well this sucks, illegal acts can never be tolerated and part of any community even one as toxic as this one. Leaving the morality of committing a less visious crime on a known criminal (trying to force folks out game is as bad as it gets for Orbis, some Thanos level supervillain stuff) out of this, I think the reasoning if you don´t want it done to you, don´t promote it being done to others applies here just fine . Also I´m sorry IQ has put so much pressure on the hacker that they felt their only way out or to get even was to commit a crime. I´m also sorry for the sad state of Orbis were people might think two wrongs might make a right and blame a victim no matter how well deserving or not. OOC stuff is never cool, be it doxing or hacking accounts...
  7. Don´t know how topic on an alliance honouring it´s treaties and recognising it´s " fattest friend" is rolling their other friends gets 9 pages in a day but I guess it can be an oddity these days...
  8. Been telling Sphinx from the start to join the winning side, as Colo A is still in lead with stats, only sad thing is TCW now has -20bil net damage we did as colo B to start undoing, don´t think we can climb into positives now....
  9. With permawar still raging on with no end in sight what do treaties even mean at this point in time ? Don´t you get it, P&W is in a death-spiral never to pull out of that.
  10. It doesn´t click and zoom right, just zooms parts not the whole thing and gets extremely annoying after a while, and I rather not update my perception because it´s easier to avoid all that mess then to deal with the aftermath. Them articles have been fun to read, just that minor detail with the formatting, annoys the frick out of me
  11. 5 points for showing your total lack of knowledge about P&W history. Also you are online, nobody cares by default ...
  12. Format/font size/ please set a little bigger then fricking 6
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