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  1. Gib peace a change people #GEA_is_Coming! coup-coup... coupity-coup!
  2. Interesting and bold move indeed, kind of confused on what KT thinking was on that or what they wish to accomplice by doing this but at least it will fun to watch from afar ... Also I guess it´s that time of year again to start planning on my own new year´s plans and resolutions , thinking about going oldschool with 800x600.
  3. Totally upvoted the OP here, frick supposed "allies" telling me who I can upvote or not on the forums !
  4. But that was your sides narrative and basic battle cry at the beginning when you still thought you were winning...
  5. Frankly you aren´t saying much with arguing one trash is superior to another... but I agree...
  6. well Alex ruined 2 things now, downvote being gone is one, good reputation being other as thanks adds positive karma now it will just mean you are shitposting bad-posting troll when you have good rep on forums. Which is kind of fun, also every major global war Alex does an update which is so dumb both warring sides go for few seconds: " this is dumb". It´s like magic or something for a little while global conflict seems irrelevant and all sides can agree on admin again being the biggest game killer...
  7. "Bans and warning points" are really just the laziest way to voice disagreement with someone, and contribute to the negativity and toxicity that is plaguing the game currently especially on P&W discord where people receiving em doesn´t even get a reason why at times While i can understand Alex´s desire to make forums and discord more pleasant for all involved, removing problematic people or expression of human emotions like simple act of downvoting to reflect someone´s anger or disagreement to any given stimuli, I do not think removing down votes will not result in more pleasant exp, if anything it means more oppression, less speech and adds to the "toxicity" that is anonymous human interaction online. If Alex´s goal was to slowly kill his forum and discord and drive Orbis community to their own small parts of discord, furthering playerbase´s growing disdain for the game and it´s owner, then all I can say is Thanks Alex!
  8. Alex just gave rise to new social construct of thanks meaning down vote, remove that, then heart will be the new down vote people agree about, remove that then upvote will become the new down vote and so on. I don´t see how removing the laziest form of criticism and way of people to vent their anger at things will improve anything, if anything it will create more toxic in length forum posts, some of which while not very constructive in their criticism of any given situation might just lobby more people to their cause of just being angry at stupidity...
  9. kalev60

    Daily Leaks

    yep, keeping a list of one´s personal grudges is a good idea also...
  10. I for one like the council of top 25 AA representatives idea (wish it could be Top50 though to include some of the more good micros too). Just do both public vote and council vote to contrast the public which is always the AA with more members winning and council which hopefully doesn´t come down to everyone getting their own vote and reflects some "objective" stuff...
  11. As much as this pains me, I have agree with war-hippo on this one, either permawar or some self-humiliation for getting left alone for a micro on Orbis, is pretty much coercion, it´s not as fast as gun to your head and do it because destroying an AA or even a single nation´s drive to keep existing on Orbis takes more time, but it´s close enough.
  12. Roq please, if even slightly possible I´d prefer to leave GPA out of the current shitfest, a long time ago rebranded AA because it got constantly rolled, can not be your reasoning for the current permawar shit-fest.
  13. Almost incomprehensible he says, welp I guess too low IQ and too drunk just flew over one´s head there. Acting is lying so yeah you are right with that one I guess...
  14. Please stop generalizing like that, if not all women is solid argument then not all TCW members is one too. I for one am too low IQ and too drunk to get further into this Oppression Olympics you guys seem to be having going on just before Christmas.
  15. still don´t get the IC and OOC thing, it´s my character, I´m always in my character, how can anyone else then my character determine that what my character posts is in or out of said character ? Jesus if one individual can´t even get along with ic and ooc stuff how should rest of Orbis possibly get along with each other? Also personally don´t respect anyone that is nice all the time, you have to be monster willing/choosing to be nice sometimes to be anything other then a doormat...
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