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  1. kalev60

    Daily Leaks

    yep, keeping a list of one´s personal grudges is a good idea also...
  2. I for one like the council of top 25 AA representatives idea (wish it could be Top50 though to include some of the more good micros too). Just do both public vote and council vote to contrast the public which is always the AA with more members winning and council which hopefully doesn´t come down to everyone getting their own vote and reflects some "objective" stuff...
  3. As much as this pains me, I have agree with war-hippo on this one, either permawar or some self-humiliation for getting left alone for a micro on Orbis, is pretty much coercion, it´s not as fast as gun to your head and do it because destroying an AA or even a single nation´s drive to keep existing on Orbis takes more time, but it´s close enough.
  4. Roq please, if even slightly possible I´d prefer to leave GPA out of the current shitfest, a long time ago rebranded AA because it got constantly rolled, can not be your reasoning for the current permawar shit-fest.
  5. Almost incomprehensible he says, welp I guess too low IQ and too drunk just flew over one´s head there. Acting is lying so yeah you are right with that one I guess...
  6. Please stop generalizing like that, if not all women is solid argument then not all TCW members is one too. I for one am too low IQ and too drunk to get further into this Oppression Olympics you guys seem to be having going on just before Christmas.
  7. still don´t get the IC and OOC thing, it´s my character, I´m always in my character, how can anyone else then my character determine that what my character posts is in or out of said character ? Jesus if one individual can´t even get along with ic and ooc stuff how should rest of Orbis possibly get along with each other? Also personally don´t respect anyone that is nice all the time, you have to be monster willing/choosing to be nice sometimes to be anything other then a doormat...
  8. IF I was coloA I would want those logs to be fake, hell just wait till all the terms leak, then you seriously want the logs to fake...
  9. GPA rebrand kind of happened because we started loosing core members left and right, although getting rolled once in a while, and not for half a year at a time is generally a good thing, also IA will have a easier time with the rebuild after lets say 100 members collected you cash and now you have to rebuild 40
  10. these are some really lenient terms, I guess I didn´t lobby hard enough for TKR leadership be made to atleast re-roll and their membership forcefully merged into BK....
  11. On which ever side of which ever global conflict I find myself, there is always a group if fools thinking "get good" is solid argument to throw at loosers during the war. Nobody has ever gotten good in P&W during a conflict especially during loosing a global conflict. Getting good happens in peace-times, it´s about getting better treaties and better tiering and curating an active and loyal membership, you can not do most of that during a war.
  12. kalev60

    Daily Leaks

    Gag order, can´t post muh true feelings, no I have no strong feelings about this one way or another...
  13. If anything OP seems to be hinting at coloA, while publicly flirting with the narrative of them being hell-bent on peace, is actually trying their hardest on lengthening the conflict by leaks, spying on you and leaking is valid CB right? and it´s working, I for one have a strong renewed feelings of this global should last till the end...
  14. The time it took T$ to cancel that treaty is further proof why we don´t have peace already, how could one negotiate with such slow creatures?
  15. Why would we even need to read OWF after KT and few others declared perma.war few months ago and should total destruction of Colo B with their rhetorics ?
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