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  1. Cheers to my friends in ASM! Let the odds forever be in your favor.
  2. I will say this once so listen up Six Kingdoms, In the entirety of your Kingdoms existence in the realm of Orbis I have seen many Kings come and go, yet House Stark has always had one true ruler. That ruler who has brought peace and prosperity in the North for years. We write our own history and this blasphemy you speak are truly poor manners. I hope you reconsider your folly and bend the knee, you know, before I change my mind. May the old gods and new ones too, whisper the northern way to your corrupt Kingdom. Love, Zygon of House Stark, First of His Name, Lord of the North, Protector of the Realm, Misspeller of Werdz, Killer of Dragons, and Harbinger of Justice
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