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  1. Well I suppose I will respond and not meme around here with gifs. Correct I told you all to go on with your TKR crusade after 4 days of HS/t$ telling you why it was not only an extremely poor idea but how it would destroy any strategy we had with our front. Through these four days you made it ever so clear that you would not back down after HS/t$ made it more than clear that we were not OK with this course of action and we would not stand for it if there was to be an attack on TKR. Actions have consequences. As NPO made it more than clear you were not going to listen to your two closest allies at the time, we made it clear to NPO by our immediate peace with our front due to the lie you would have us told on the strict post we made entering, not to mention you agreed to. As to the countering I supposedly promised, we only said that we should look at TKR once we were done with Guard/GoB and if there was something there, we would be perfectly happy going to war against them then. Unfortunately copy pastes of Polaris logs aren't enough evidence. So, as you can imagine there was some animosity seeing the devolution of the plan we had had and agreed to and unfortunately, paranoia got the better of you and you completely cleaned the whole channel of the log’s history, as you claimed things were being leaked with no clear evidence. If anyone is revising history here, it's you.
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