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  1. Zygon

    Declaration of War

  2. Zygon

    Declaration of War

  3. Zygon

    Declaration of War

  4. Zygon

    Declaration of War

  5. Zygon

    Hydra enjoying the coal mines

    Will he just delete his nation already?
  6. Good god, thanks for your work Alex.
  7. Zygon

    "Exotic Friends"

    Another condolence is due.
  8. Zygon

    BK Adds Some Ink

    My condolences.
  9. Zygon

    Triumph and Existence

    Good to see familiar faces back. Good luck to you fine gents.
  10. Zygon

    Romans March North!

    Preamble: When the Romans first made their way into the North, we mistook them for Lannisters and nearly rode them down. Fortunately, they were able to tell us they were here to fight walkers and not us before they fell beneath our cavalry. After a few months of House Stark helping RnR get on their feet we have decided to enter into a new bond of friendship to ensure the prosperity of our peoples. HS and RnR engage in n MDoAP (even if RnR’s colors are suspiciously Lannisterish). Article I: Sovereignty and Non-Aggression Both House Stark and Respublica Romana acknowledge that they are separate alliances with their own sovereignty. HS and RnR agree that neither will attempt to interfere in the internal workings of the other alliance. HS and RnR agree that they will not engage in war against the other. Article II: Send a Raven House Stark and Respublica Romana Agree to share any information pertinent to the other immediately. HS and RnR agree to send aid to the other if requested. Article III: Romans Under Siege If either House Stark or Respublica Romana is attacked, the other is obligated to respond with their full military might. Article IV: Death to the Boltons If either House Stark or Respublica Romana engage an enemy in offensive war, the other may join in, if they wish to do so. Article V: 284 A.D. House Stark and Respublica Romana agree that if any incidents arise, they will be settled in private. HS and RnR agree that if either party no longer wishes to honor the treaty that they will alert the other with at least 72 hours’ notice. Signed for Respublica Romana: Consul - DreadnoughtQuaestor (Econ) - Carl SaganPraetor (War) - ELSheepo Signed for House Stark King in the North Zygon Hand of the King Revan Three-Eyed Raven Cypher Wisdom of Alchemists Guild Jroc Archmaester Darth Ataxia Banner Lord: Enjgine Lord of Coin: Darth Ataxia Lady of Coin: Blackatron Maester: Ballard Maester: My2Lemons Acolyte: TSA

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