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  1. Save yourself in the Oasis, or wander forever in the deserts of hell.
  2. It's obviously to publicly support them while simultaneously shitting on one of the worst AA leaders in the game who was the embodiment of what it meant to be a pixel hugger before he stole another 10 billion dollars from the people that he conned into joining him and decided to go rogue launching missiles. Not that hard to see my man.
  3. Ah if only. Would have been a bow on top of the tree.
  4. You're a good dude. I enjoyed our working together those months ago when things seemed extremely dire and were crazy and out of hand. But lets get things straight. I wasn't the biggest fan of how you initiated that conversation as if you had no idea what happened. Furthermore, that episode was recorded and you're able to go back and listen to it and you will hear that I did not voice opposition or say that Quack is 'waaaaaaaaaaaay to large and scary' as you put it. I simply inquired why not a single person in the game seemed to care that Quack had rapidly grown to surpassing the size
  5. The king of the backroom making snark comments about 'backroom' deals. Parti, you slay me. Perhaps your past reactions to people raising concerns about your size shouldn't have been responded with the equivalent of "we should be commended for not being bigger" and maybe you should have done more to dissuade people of that opinion. Instead you said frick it and decided to hit a sphere and the ally of a sphere giving everyone the with that opinion the impression that their thoughts are correct. Way to roll the hard six.
  6. I didn't realize stating the obvious was burning a bridge. Then again, I am just a ramblin man...
  7. I know! It's almost like Quack gov asked Swamp before hand to step aside and allow quack to roll tCW along with Hedge! What an absurd response to have to such an inquiry!
  8. It has been stated time and again that discord and the forums are completely separate and one does not have to do with the other. Deleting the thread in its entirety draws more attention to the convoluted disaster that is this games moderating system on both the forums AND discord instead of it just sputtering out on its own or being overlooked once locked. Now, we're all twice as curious as we were before. Delete one thread, two more shall take its place.
  9. You people voting for the 10-day war are so fricking boring its sickening.
  10. Поздравления Новейшему Главному Совету
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