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  1. Hahahahahaha nice. I haven’t been hit with a “shut up, you don’t get to speak because you just showed up” yet. Thanks for that. Really puts it into perspective how absolutely crazy you people really are. If anything I should be a welcome addition to the community because I don’t have a completely negative opinion of NPO and BK and the rest of your sphere and if you don’t view it as your job to change the opinions of yourselves amongst an unaligned bloc, that’s your FA prerogative and failure but hey let’s not let obvious observations get in the way of things. You had 4 months to talk to us and don’t give me the bullshit that you chose not to do so because Kit is FA at Fark now, there were 10 other alliances and you just decided to punt on us and see what happened down the line. And uh, I get that you might be loosing it with how often you need to WoT to defend yourself and shit like that, but you put us here by 1) ignoring us and 2) attacking the ally of our ally and then preempting us. And it’s not like this could have avoided if you did any FA work instead of being lazy and just rolling off to war.
  2. The 6th grader inside me giggled.
  3. Keep, going! A few more posts and you might have deflected enough from every legit point I made to Edward! On the subject, your FA department should do some serious self reflecting.
  4. You shouldn't lie to yourself like that, it's unhealthy.
  5. Don't quit your day job, comedy doesn't seem to be your thing.
  6. Remarkable. You are absolutely remarkable. I'll just wish you luck again and be rid of you.
  7. I’m not mad, I’m flabbergasted. Keep up nongov dude.
  8. What an absurd claim to make. What the hell are you smoking that Orbis are now the bad people and you're waging a war for your own survival suddenly? The current attitude towards NPO and Col B is a creation of your own (and your allies) design. We've watched you sit there and keep a major percentage of the game at war for 8+ months while you simultaneously attacked and beat down any one of your 'allies' that had enough of your never-ending war and wanted a return to peace for their members. Plus, you had an ENTIRE sphere sitting there that you signed a 6 month NAP with and then you basically ignored FA wise even after the logs leaked of you trashing plenty of us. So, from the moment you entered? Laughable. You've spent the past 8 months carrying out actions that have lead to where we stand now. This is your own fault.
  9. 6 posts Cant be downvoted has -3 rep Says a lot.
  10. We appreciate the opinion of the Honorable Gentleman from Poopshiddydoodoo.
  11. You're doing nothing but lobbing missiles from your infraless nations. Congrats? Considering how much money we make you guys are just a sideshow to pass the time. You both seem exceptionally salty that we've decided to take away your ability to raid properly though.
  12. Win what? The 'Damage' title in the fight which never counts the ridiculous amount of military you guys keep buying and deleting just to lob missiles after having your 250k soldiers merc'd? You guys started at like 13 + you two and now your down to 8 plus a guy in vacation mode. We arent fighting anyone and for the most part we reduce your mil to shit to keep you from raiding effectively. What exactly is it that you're winning again except for the missile war? Cause really I'm quite disappointed.
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