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  1. Bruh...stop obsessing with Swamp before we decide to roll you for giggles again.
  2. We won a long time ago. We were never interested in making the AA disband. Look at it as us saving the TCM membership from their "international king" as he calls himself. No it isn't. We won. You lost. Horribly. Excruciatingly.
  3. Looks like fair game to me, still.
  4. Aren't a bunch of war declarations supposed to follow a RoH?
  5. Offering people the opportunity to escape the actions of their leaders is not demanding they leave. Are you thick?
  6. tl;dr TCM broke terms, admitted it and refused to do anything to remedy it.
  7. It's funny cause we used bots to calculate the damages when we decided we were going to make you pay for everything. And please go ahead. We already know your allies don't support you. Hell, even your own gov doesn't support you. You're just a dog barking from behind an electric fence now. And the mechanics make it so easy to just keep you neutered so...step up, pooch.
  8. You are literally making shit up because if you caused a billion+ worth of damage to us, we would have demanded a billion worth of reps. Seeing as you could barely afford the 400 million and needed Wei to pay a portion of it, we would have simply ground you and your AA to dust. You are a joke and a sad joke at that. But hey, keep going. I'm sure your AA is really happy to watch you try and save face after you had to give away all their money.
  9. So what, after being a coward and completely silent while making Wei negotiate on your behalf, now you're going to make up random numbers so that you can make bankrupting your alliance look like a W for yourself?
  10. Can you really do anything but laugh at this point people?
  11. Thanks for sharing brand-new player who hasn't bothered to learn anything about Orbis at all before licking the non-existent NPO boot. I'm sure you're destined for success here, especially with such a riveting nation name and bio. You should go join Buck in Hell.
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