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    Last recorded log of fanatic cult leader, Thrax (self declared spaceman), to his personal journal: I fear my time has come. The Koolaid fountains have dried out, and our reserves are dangerously thin, almost empty. The people, my wangs, they have grown dissolutioned with my orders to limit Koolaid consumption. Already so many have abandoned ship but those who remain have become starved, the withdrawal symptoms have driven them to madness. Those who left, they called me a liar, a cheat and a false prophet. But those who are left thirst for the Koolaid. My sweet wangs, my followers, I fear they may soon come calling for the Koolaid pounding through my veins. With nothing to wash down the bagels, they become oh so thirsty... Very well. The time has come to feed my sweet wangs. Oh sacred Bocephus, first of his name, give me strength. I only wish ripper would sit upon my lap one more time before I go. One final time: I am become Koolaid, destroyer of Wacky-mallows. Peace. In case you didn't realise it, CoS is disbanding. We want to thank our friends Soup, Seven Kingdoms, The Knights Radiant and Sanreizan for a great time. We couldn't have asked for better allies. We also urge all the participants of the war to end things before there are any more casualties. CoS disbanding came as a direct consequence of this war and nobody should take war to the extremes of destroying a community. We wish all the best to those still fighting and hope you end this thing sooner rather than later. To the ex government members of AK, we thank you for fueling our alliance's existence purely through sheer will and spite to prove you wrong. It was most beneficial, now however since you're also gone our spite dried up. Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Cheers all! Tldr: despite our best efforts, CoS is no more.
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    General Secretary w00tles of Hobotown ordered an airstrike upon your nation of Badlands. The attack was an immense triumph. General Secretary w00tles's forces lost 0 aircraft, while your defenders lost 0 aircraft. You used 0.00 munitions and gasoline defending the attack. The attack destroyed 11.10 infrastructure in the city of Step 4 and $996.90.
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    Hey all, Just letting you know that House Arryn has merged into Ming Empire All members will be transferring over to the Ming Empire. The People's from North remain always in the North.. Thanks,
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    I’m a little confused that this is even a debatable topic. OOC is OOC and IC is IC. When you make an attempt to hurt someone OOC it’s not okay, even for IC reasons. This is a game. Some of you are taking this game a little too serious and seem to be forgetting that there are actual people behind the keyboard. The BKnet attack was no bueno.
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    hi! as the rules state that going into vm with a bank for the sole reason of protecting it from raids is bad, i am not protecting it, i am stealing it, so i am not bad
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    Aren't you the one they voted out of leadership?
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    As someone who has spent 100 years fighting GOONS, my father fought GOONS, and my Father's Father, and his Father before that. And every time they sucked. I must confirm. Absolute gobsh**. Never seen a more morally debased, craptastic fighting force in the entirety of Orbis. Been fighting for 90% of my life here and I can't believe they would go on like this. -Noctis in 5 minutes.
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    The fact that this thread has been up for 30 minutes and he hasn't responded leads me to believe he's been suspended again.
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    First, I hate these forums quote ability. Second, as I’m one of the main coordinators on our side - I can safely say there were only 2 terms and the usual surrender request back towards the beginning of the war. The terms were not set in stone. No, there were no talks about prolonging the war. We initially imagined it’d be a 2-4 month war considering the size of the AAs involved, then we’d just separate and move on at the conclusion of it. There were no talks of merging Chaos and KETOG. We honestly paired up due to the numerical threat presented that got leaked out. The only reason why we hit TCW and BKsphere is simply due to N$O at the time adamantly denying they were a part of it. We took them at their word. But TCW/BK at the time were hit because it was blatantly in our face of what was going on. However, no. We had no plans of grinding them down with the goal for them to lose members. Never in any of our veteran leadership’s history was that the goal in any wars we were involved with. Our goal was simply to kick your asses, burn pixels, then let it go. We had no concern over whether you could rebuild or not, never crossed our mind. That’s too detrimental for the game when you want to cripple alliances like that. If you folks managed to store funds to rebuild swiftly after a war? Fantastic! Game moves on. Third, in regards to BKNet, some of us are familiar with how it works. The timing, accusation, etc. just seemed all too suspicious. @Alex confirmed our suspicions. No one hacked @The Mad Titan. There’s a thread in Moderation Support you can read to get further info on that. Its not the fact “we didn’t care”, we do. Anybody would care if there were individuals who had the capability to hack into another player’s account. Especially @Alex would care since that affects the confidence of the player base with the security system. We just don’t care about players trying to pin it on someone else without verifiable proof in an attempt to character assassinate them.
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    This nation stole the bank of his former alliance (Weebunism) and entered VM mode while trying to flee with the contents on him. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=164832&display=bank
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    Hello Orbis, Raoul Duke here, Co-Co-Leader of The Horsemen and verified compulsory beiger. Glad to be a part of this nonsense again and looking forward to blowing up at least 14 more imaginary tanks before I over-extend and lose my illusory air force. But What kind of quagmire is this? Both sides appear to believe they are fighting for the existence of the game. Both sides love giving orders and pretending they are General Patton. Both sides believe the other is the villain. Orbis has become Earth without the real smell of blood or the real pain of death (full disclosure: I've never died but I have seen it. Looks unpleasant.) As always, this could be settled with a virtual handshake and a mandatory "good game" but the powers that remain will continue to whip their followers into a frenzy and demand allegiance and compliance for some goal which is never really defined. This isn't WWIII. This is a group of boys (and maybe 4 chicks) who are using their thumbs or index fingers to do the same thing every politician on the actual earth does: Manipulate, spin and control. Chill out you savages. Roquentin isn't the Great Satan. Adrienne isn't the harbinger of the apocalypse. We're all just people pretending to blow each other up for stats and pride. Alright I have to go air strike UPN for some reason.
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    DM me in the morning on discord, Epimetheus#0222 and I'll explain our side of the story. Ultimately we didn't initiate this war, this was something TCW has been planning for well over a month. We exhausted every resource trying to prevent it and delayed our attacks for as long as possible, until definitive evidence and testimony manifested itself proving these alliances would enter. If Immortals, Weebunism etc. Had approached us perhaps this could've been resolved. But they committed themselves to the war and paid the price for it. Its just as much their failure for not reaching out to us and it is ours for not reaching out to them. But ultimately we harbor no Ill will towards Fark or Immortals. In all honesty, you guys were betrayed just like we were. You just didn't know it at the time. And this is why you don't attack the mdp ally of the guy who's got admin in your bloc server. It's likely to bite you in the ass.
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    I disagree. As an example: The only people who can be critical of GOONS (that actually matter to me) are GOONS membership, GOONS gov, a select few alliance leaders/allied leaders. In that order. Interstellar did what they did for the good of their membership. In every interaction I've had with them they seem to be intelligent and have enough foresight to see what would happen to their community in a prolonged conflict since they don't have as strong as a communal tie as some other alliances do. Could it be perceived as shitty by the Immortals? Absolutely, but to think wanting your ally/protectorate (who isn't, by definition, required to fight in your wars) to go into a conflict knowing full well it will likely mean the end of them as an alliance isn't being a good friend. GOONS would never force a protectorate into a war, @hope brought up similar issues to me/gov and I told them as such. Forcing people to come to a decision quickly also impairs their ability to decide with clarity, and that seems to be what happened here. Interstellar rushed to a choice out of fear of looking disloyal, Immortals is pathetic for ever putting them in that position.
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    Hi, I'd like to suggest adding an option to select which cities you want the mass infrastructure to be applied instead of applying it to every city. Maybe something like in the picture below would be great. @Alex, also, just to put it out there, is there a reason why there is no mass land purchase?
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    @Zygon no pressure but if you mess up we honestly will coup you too.
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    Regardless of how careless Leo might have been with bot security, that doesn't excuse or justify using it to kick members. I'd like to think that we as a community can avoid malicious use of tools and forcing people to spend lots of time on security measures to prevent malicious use. A certain level of OOC trust and respect on this would benefit everyone.
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    in the same way Church of Atom "acted hostile" to warrant a demand of 7 bil in reps? Get off your high horse.
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    Not happy to see this honestly.. best of luck wherever you may roam.
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    Thank god we have 7 different coalition servers intertwining and overlapping. The joke's on you- the server that leaked happens to be 1/7 in content where I come across as an angel and a voice of reason. Still on my moral high ground. Up yours!
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    How about we get back on topic about how BK faked being hacked to try and get the game rolled back pre-blitz
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    I find myself in an odd position. I am a coalition leader in Coalition A but I like Jazz and a decent chunk of GOONS. Please send help. Interstellar’s thread seemed like the perfect place to put a SOS.
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    i could have sworn we already went over this and agreed that bots preforming in game actions were against the rules and any future us of them would be harshly punished? is that not why this text was added to the captcha page? " Your account has been randomly screened to verify your identity as a human. This measure is being taken due to the presence of "bots" and "scripts" that some players attempt to use to cheat. "Bots" or "scripts" which play the game for you are strictly against the Game Rules. We apologize for causing this inconvenience. Once you have verified your identity, you will be redirected back to your previous page. "
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    Any bot that automates in-game actions (such as war declarations, bank transfers, baseball etc.) should be prohibited. Any script that accumulates and/or parses data from the game should be fine. A hard line on this is probably necessary to prevent rules being bent.
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    Maybe more in the future
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    According to popular opinion on discord, we are bad at fighting. The worst!!!! even. Discuss. https://imgur.com/OQYHS12
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    An Announcement From The Grand Administration Of The United Fronts The United Fronts, after weeks of deliberation, has come to consensus regarding the current war. United Fronts refuses to cower in fear while the rest of Orbis fights for it's freedom from the evil clutches of Opus Dei, United Fronts refuses to stand idly by while her allies fight for Orbis' safety and integrity. The acts committed by Opus Dei are nothing short of despicable, their disturbing lack of morality and urge to purge Orbis of what makes it unique is disgusting, and it's lust for power make it a threat to every alliance and nation who disagrees with their wayward philosophy. The world of Orbis needs all the help they can get in this fight, despite our small stature and lack of influence we intend to fight to our last breath alongside our allies and friends to ensure the future of Orbis is what we make. We may not be the most important, skilled, or sane alliances, however we have the determination to fight to the bitter end in this struggle. The action of staying neutral is as evil or even worse than the goals of Opus Dei and we refuse to be seen as cowards and war-dodgers, no longer is joining the war a choice as it is a necessity to ensure Orbis in it's current form survives. As Opus Dei's clutches on Orbis tighten and their true motives reveal, The United Front has decided to join sides with Orbis' freedom fighters against the scourge that is Opus Dei. The United Front refuses to stay in the dark and hereby declares a state of war with Opus Dei. No longer will we wait for things to blow over as it is our time to strike. See y'all on the battle field. tl;dr: The United Fronts declares war on Opus Dei
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    Forum Name: Cathy Link to post: Reason: This not the first post of this person, but I am in phone to gather all the posts, using the whatever is called: nazty, all the time to address the "fashies", is clearly a "go around" with the German Party between 1936 - 1945. Plus, the awful way to write, that even an email filter can considerate it as SPAM, that costs to the non-native english speakers to understand what is saying, is just a Big no. And clearly the person is not willing to write like someone that got education in a school. I believe that, if most of people gets corrected by using any way to express the root word, this one should not be an exception. And should write properly in a forum where everyone has right to understand what is trying to say (even if is non-sense).
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    Goodbye CoS! You will be missed for sure. May Bocephus guide you on your next journeys.
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    Shame to see you disband, good luck whatever you choose to do
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    >The Galactic Republic has collapsed due to a coup cackles evilly
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    To me, the answer to "How do we stop people from using external software to improve access to alliance banks?" is pretty clearly, "Improve the in-game access to banks so people don't have an advantage by using external software." Otherwise, you're just going encourage people to build better and better scripts to try and evade whatever limits Alex sets up to counter the previous generation of automation. One improvement would be to let an alliance set a daily allowed withdrawal amount from the bank from users that don't have full bank access.
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    Yes, and I immediately contacted @Lorhill with the following conversation. As I've told Leo in DMs, I don't release logs that could potentially be OPSEC and out-of-context. Nonetheless, I made my suspicions known.
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    When you realize that NPO defending bots is not a fight to automate more some aspect of the game but is a fight for their own life
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    ..or YOU'RE ALL just obstinate, gaslighting, mulish, spiteful jerkoffs that can't do anything except backpedal and argue in circles for the past year +
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    Nope. You just already have a negative predisposition and it might just have to do with whatever vision your alliance has where peace is good. You seem to value peace for some reason when we get nothing out of it. Our reasoning has been explained ad nauseam. If you don't like it that's too bad. We've had to deal with these people for years, so we're not going to listen to someone who popped up out of nowhere and thinks he knows what's up. You completely miss the incentives on our side and there's at least one person(Avakael) who was honest enough to point out, that we have little reason to end it. Even so, there were terms presented. The Fark that has become a thing as of late isn't the same one it was before. The FA has been decided evidently by someone biased as of late, so that they would position against us as opposed to Fark's previous lack of interest in either side doesn't surprise me. Would you not expect to get trashed in the logs? I'm sure plenty of people have logs of you getting trashed. Hell the heroes you're upholding now have trashed you plenty, so yeah you are full of crap and you're where you've wanted to be. This is bullshit. You literally have started a war in the past screw with people's rebuild. You rogued those people and made an alliance to attack them later on. That's real damage. You pounced on peripheral allies with the demand they drop treaties and tried to isolate us. Then in this war you're one of the biggest causes for us having to take such radical measures. We won't put up with the level of vitriol and not take it seriously lmao.
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    I don't know about this part. I've interacted with a lot of people in my 5 years of playing, and there's only 2 people I know who definitely fall into the 'clinically a sociopath' group. The game does attract a very narrow and 'interesting' set of people though. I like the idea of having global events (like a zombie apocalypse or a massive asteroid) that will encourage alliances everywhere to pool resources together to prevent massive damage to infra/land/military/improvements. These events would also present opportunities for alliances to harm each other as well, though (to allow for drama). I've thought a lot about the astroid one in particular. I should type my thoughts down and present it in the suggestions subforum.
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    Not how the rule works. Shortly after it's inception a guy did basically this to Syndi and it was returned. Also you are hiding it from raids, as there are various people I could ping right now if you weren't hiding to raid you. ?
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    This is actually true since we have no real objective and it's all just drama between specific actors with no resolution, then it will breed hate and lying and so on. That's something to consider in terms of adding something to the game where cooperation is encouraged or at least friendly competition rather than it being like some sort of gang war without any drugs involved. Ultimately if we always have to cannibalize each other, then it's going to be pretty negative. Otherwise, nothing stops this train.
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    The alliance known as the Church of Spaceology hereby surrenders to the combined forces of the Memesphere Coalition, aka Coalition B. Upon the announcement of our surrender no members of Church of Spaceology or members of the Memesphere Coalition will declare further wars upon each other and any currently active wars will carry on to their full conclusion. Furthermore, The Church of Spaceology, with its wise and ancient members, remembers the era of Clarke and his infamous actions regarding monetary reparations at the end of a global conflict. Having searched deep in our memories and pondering the truths of this era, we have come to a conclusion and must admit with full confidence that Clarke did nothing wrong. Signed for CoS: Bezzers Redarmy Pasky Joe Stupid Durmij Signed: Memesphere Coalition Primary Memesphere Coalition representatives: Aero tldr: CoS withdraws from the war and the Coalition A forces. We wish all the best to all the remaining fighters.
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    Just pretty much echoing everyone else here at this point as I think my stance is clear. Automated in-game actions should be against the rules. I'm not even sure why we have to have this conversation, honestly. The game is meant to be played by people, not scripts. I also agree with Zephyr about removing the API all together at this point. The only part I'm willing to overlook scripting is with mass messages. I could care less if an alliance has a recruitment bot, that has been a mainstay of nationsims for years.
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    I declared to get loot, and I was confident that I would win against zero soldiers, so I decided taking the time to run some quick tests was an acceptable risk. I was of course testing to see if I could get an immense victory with minimum soldiers versus zero soldiers, like with ships. Rest assured that the war isn't over, and I plan on fighting valiantly now that my few field tests are over. And as such am not slot filling. Thank you for your concern in my wars. I can rest easy knowing that good men such as yourself are combing all wars looking for evil doers.
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    Greetings Friends!! It's time to award the first installment of The Fraggle Billion Dollar Giveaway!! All entries have been reviewed by the Creative Fraggle Division and a decision has been made. Let's have my friend, Red Fraggle announce the winners. Thanks Gobo!! Remember when I tried to frame Wembley for your murder? No? Good. Now onto the announcement. The first 100 million is going into The Fraggle Chaos Bank. The Creative Fraggle Division decided to go a different route. One billion will be given away, but in a different way. Let's have our friend Wembley explain it to you non Fraggles. Greetings Friends.....wait you framed me....you're such a Fraggle-Hole. I refuse to take part in this...... Greetings Friends! Boober Fraggle here. Wembley is such a pain. Set him up for one murder of Gobo, and he takes it to heart. Now onto The Fraggle Chaos Bank Grants. To be eligible for Fraggle cash, your nation must commit to one of the following themes, as well as The Fraggle Concept. Let's have our friend ChuChu Fraggle explained the Fraggle Concept. Land and Nukes. That's all. Every cent you get, legally, or illegally goes to either land or nukes. Nothing else. Back to you Wembley. No! I quit. Fraggle-Holes. All of you. Once you commit to The Fraggle Concept, you will select one of the three nation themes. 1) Dinosaurs 2) Alf 3) Punky Brewster Any nation willing to embrace The Fraggle Concept, and have a great theme will be greatly supported and awarded. Now let's check on Wembley. Fraggle-Holes!!
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    Purge war slot fillers everywhere if you ask me, but I don't know anything about that whole situation so I won't comment but perhaps you should bring it up to moderation. However this BK/Acadia shit is obvious cheating, no simple way to say it.
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    Mind you, this would be in conjunction with a number of other changes to the war system I have in mind: Assuming beige is removed from the game, I don't see why a nation couldn't "surrender" in any active war and have it automatically finish the war as if they lost (do the % infra damage and loot.) I suppose it might be an issue if you transferred all your money/rss away and then did a "surrender" and then received them back, but presuming there was some way to prevent that I don't have a problem with giving nations the option to end a war they expect to lose early. I know that's not what you proposed, but I want to add it to the discussion. Part of what I have in mind for changing the war system would be 1/3 rebuilds daily on all military units (not missiles/nukes/spies) such that rebuilding to 2/3 of your total military force is possible in any given double-buy. I think that eliminates the problem with needing time to rebuild and not getting it without beige.
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    I think any bots that perform in-game actions should be against the rules, whether that's moving banks, trading, sending out recruitment messages, declaring wars, attacking, etc. Notification bots are ok I suppose.
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    That's absolutely wrong and ridiculous, and here's why: There was not a security flaw with the website. A user chose to link to a city image from a sketchy website which was identified by anti-malware software as malicious. Mostly likely, it was malicious in that it attempted to infect the user's site with a trojan computer virus. I determined that there was no reason to believe that the user did this intentionally, and that most likely it was the result of looking up city images via Google Images or similar and copying a URL to an image from a sketchy Vietnamese website. We already have proof that the user who was "hacked" had given their credentials to a banking script that was configured to make bank withdrawals and kick inactive users. Sure, another player probably abused the script UI to get the "hacked" player's nation to do some things that weren't intended when the script was setup, but that's the fault of whoever made the script in the first place and the player who allowed their credentials to be used for it. There's no evidence to suggest that the player was infected by a trojan virus which was used to screw up their Politics & War nation. It's also entirely ridiculous to think that someone is creating trojan viruses and spreading them through the site to infect user's computers and get them to withdraw bank funds and kick users from the alliance. Like, completely absurd. If you were going to commit that much time and energy into "hacking" the game, why would you do it in this manner? Why wouldn't you just target my account and use it to generate whatever you wanted, or make a direct attack on the site? You're insane if you think that these things are related and someone went through this much effort to commit such meaningless, traceable, and reversible actions in-game. There is no breach of security. Your password is not compromised, and all passwords are stored using the latest hashing algorithms. Believe it or not, Politics & War is set up very securely, thanks to ss23 who has far more experience than I do on the matter. For example, the forum isn't even hosted on the same server as the game so that if there was ever even a forum software vulnerability, it wouldn't impact the game whatsoever. You are spreading panic and false rumors, either out of stupidity or plain malicious intent to hurt the games reputation through fearmongering.
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