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  1. Mayor

    Help Me Out Fellas

    Yeah Rozalia was willing to tackle any debate or issue irl or in-game as long as I knew him. Before discord we would talk about Guerrilla Republic and he would say how shit it was in the old in-game messages. He also was always posting on the forums as Buorhann said. Other older players who would post on the forums a lot have left the game as well and I guess the newer players are just not as interested in the forums as they are discord (compared to old IRC).
  2. Mayor

    The Hobo Express - Part Eight!

    Immigrants asking to vote in Rose elections? What has the world come too..
  3. Mayor

    A farewell from the grave!

    Hahahaha you logged in to check your messages? XD Farewell again buddy.
  4. Mayor

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    Sheepy takes a while to do stuff and its only been 3 years so far.
  5. Mayor

    The Romance of Rozalia

    Nothing about the legends is fiction, all 100% complete truth.
  6. Mayor

    The Romance of Rozalia

    Why even post if you read nothing in the entire thread? Someone else also asked for a tldr. Anyways... The Legend is a series written over ~3 years about Roz Wei and Rozalia. My post above has a list of all of them, but there cant really be a tldr on this besides the fact that it is Roz Wei's final battle against the Radiant Empire (TKR) and the completion of the series.
  7. Mayor

    The Romance of Rozalia

    ^ August 14, 2015 to November 12, 2017 ^
  8. Mayor

    The Romance of Rozalia

    The ultimate conclusion to the incredibly long series spanning the life of Roz Wei as an alliance and the legendary Roz himself. The final conquest over TKR and their allies.
  9. Mayor

    The Romance of Rozalia

    I asked Rozalia to complete the greatest series known to man and give us his epic conclusion to the Legends chapters. This wonderful work of pure genius is written by the Ultimate Man himself in all his glory. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have! Thanks Roz for all your work. I have enjoyed every second! ----- With time Lordship freed himself from Roquentin and ejected her forces from the Radiant Empire. His marriage was annulled soon after, on his word that during the whole period Lordship never consummated the marriage, a shock to absolutely no one. The Radiant Empire, strong, but surrounded by enemies of which now included Roquentin was still very much in danger. Of these Rozalia was certainly the most renowned and feared by Lordship. Many efforts had been tried but no one could take him down, however Queen M who had resented the Son of Heaven for his involvement in previous encounters between them put it to Lordship that she could defeat the Roz. She argued that the reason Lordship had always failed was because he tried to use men when he should have been using women. She was not only going to kill Rozalia but prove the superiority of women over men. Later in Roz Wei "What have I done lately to be gifted with such a gift? A visit from Queen M herself and all this lovely... chocolate", the Roz spoke from his throne gleefully. Queen M internally went into a rage but held strong, she needed to carry out her plan and overcome Rozalia. "Oh... mighty, fine, and handsome Rozalia" she said as she internally screamed. "Your exploits and virility are known by all under Heaven... and as such in a show of peace I've come bearing a gift", Queen M said as she fought herself in her mind, hating to talk of women as possessions. "This here are my elite guard. 200 of my finest warriors, all Ebon women which I have been told you have quite a fancy for. As you can see they are all of exceptional body and beauty. Choose one and she is yours... but will you I wonder? Be warned Rozalia for my guards are powerful even by our standards. Every single one of them can break any man. I promise you that". The Roz could see what Queen M was trying but he ignored it, not one to turn down such a great gift. As he walked through the lines of women arrayed before him he examined each as he passed. All were tall. All were of strong constitution. All were beautiful. All had fine and plentiful tracks of land. All had exteriors you could sleep on. One however caught his eye for her resemblance to Queen M herself. Perhaps a sister? Rozalia thought that one the best to provoke Queen M with and as expected she reacted, though still restrained. "You have chosen well... however, are you not the u-ultimate male...S-sir? Why do you not choose two? Why not four? Perhaps you can manage a dozen? Or is one all such a... "great man" can handle" she said finally showing some enjoyment. The Roz saw through it all but as all great men, he would not let such affronts stand. "If you will offer more then all of them then. These hips will not stop until I have conquered all, on Heaven I swear that". Queen M was shook. While provoking Rozalia into more than he could handle was the plan she never expected him to say such madness. One of her guards was more than most men could handle, but all 200, his hips would be pounded into dust. Sweating, she began to have doubts, thinking perhaps that the stories were true. And thus began the final battle right there and then. The Roz outnumbered 200 to 1, against insurmountable odds. Like a hurricane he put woman after woman under siege. With speed, power, and grace woman after woman fell to him, each easier than the last as the women that remained looked upon the carnage in fear of what was to visit them" The battle lasted 10 hours. Queen M hid in a corner of the room overcome with fear, all manner of juices escaping her. She looked in horror as her last guard fainted before the Roz who now stood in the centre of the room, his hips finally halting. In truth the Roz had already died midway through the battle but his sheer will possessed his body to keep going. With the task now done, he finally expired completely. The Roz passed on, not with a whimper but a great many bangs. As such a great man passes however he does not go without leaving something behind and the women, who would remain in Roz Wei would give birth to 1000 children. Queen M managed to escape from Roz Wei with her life, but not her sanity as the event totally ruined her mind. Lordship celebrated the news of Queen M's success. Her brought upon insanity was thought of as a bonus as he hated to deal with her, as he did all women. Without the Son of Heaven his warriors persisted in the world, fighting against the endless seeming forces of Lordship. James XVI, Mayor, AkAk, Kastor, Henrich, and others, all great men fought these battles, at times side by side with others, other times alone. Finally however Lordship had them in their final moments, with so much of their territory lost to Lordship's huge army, Lordship travelled uncharacteristically to the front of his forces, confident, and ordered the final charge that would end it all. His minions charged at the outnumbered and tired forces of the passed on Rozalia, the Son of Heaven. As they began to get into range the Heavens opened up and a mighty Azure Dragon like the one witnessed at Rozalia's birth appeared. The Radiant army's charge broke in response, the men overcome with fear at the sight before them. Seeing their chance, and that the Son of Heaven was with them from his home in Heaven, the Roz Wei forces rallied. The Radiant army which had fallen into chaos broke apart when hit by their attack and many were slaughtered in the melee with Lordship himself falling in battle. One of Queen M's former guards stabbing him off his horse. As Lordship died in a ditch he cursed the Heavens for creating women, having known all along that one would be the death of him. Retreating from the battlefield back to Radiant Castle, the Radiant army stopped to determine who would be leading them. Lordship had left no heirs, obviously. Many made appeals but a shock came when "Yui" stepped forward. The mysterious and masked leader was an enigma, no one even knowing if it was male or female. Finally all would be revealed, this would show everyone that it should lead. As "Yui"'s face was finally shown there was a divide in the reactions. The younger of those present did not react, but the elder among them did so with great shock. "It cannot be" spread among them. "Yui" laughed with jubilation, having waited so long for this day, "HAHAHA, yes. Those who know who I am thought me dead but I have all along been among you, biding my time, waiting for this moment. Both Don Juan and Rozalia thought they rid themselves of me, they thought they were so great but look at them NOW. Both DEAD. Only I, THE GREAT GRILLICK have survived. Everything up to this moment has been by my design. The Rose Empire's defeat. Lordship betraying Don Juan and getting him killed. Queen M's killing of Rozalia. It was all me. The world moves as I, the GREAT GRILLICK will it". Sensing he had overawed those present he continued with his speech, "Now granted I did not expect Lordship to fall like this, he was an excellent pawn and it is a shame to lose him at this stage but he needed to go soon anyway. While the enemy inflicted a blow to us in the previous battle it was as if they cut off our beards. We can regrow our numbers without issue, not that our current force is lacking of course. They however? It is as if we have delimbed them and that they cannot regrow". Those present could not make a case against Grillick, they were fearful of the entity before them that emanated insanity, having spent so long in the shadows full of anger, hate, and despair. The Radiant army once again marched on Roz Wei with Grillick now leading them. Grillick, while having been wise in the shadows, let himself overestimate himself once again the moment he left them". This time around numerous armies arrived on the field, the mightiest being Buorhann's Golden Hoard. Grillick fearfully assessed the situation, he could not believe it. How, after all that he had done to get this far did it now decide to fall apart. As he looked at the sky he realised that the Heavens would not allow him to have his victory. The Radiant Empire would finally meet it's end in Roz Wei, Grillick once again falling to the underworld and this time without doubt. Times of war such as all that had transpired would forge many tales and as the eras moved forth many would be forgotten and lost. One however stood above all the others from the age and was later put to a book which became one of the great literary classics. The Romance of Rozalia which told... the LEGEND. OF. ROZALIA.
  10. Am I doing something wrong? On my nation page shows the borders but no map? On Edit page I can see the map. :S
  11. Mayor

    Rose Fourth Anniversary Radio Show!

    Woo, Dynamic! o/ Rose
  12. Mayor

    War Stats - Global War 12

    I have always despised SRD, never wavered once in my absolute disgust of his cancerous presence. Whether an ally or enemy. #rememberRozWei So I wouldn't be praising him no matter what. He is a piece of garbage. Thanks to whoever destroys him since he is far to large for me to take down.
  13. I know right? Papers Please was an absolute blast. Raiding every single alliance, the resistance changes, ships being useful, it was a lot of fun. People just are whiners imho, on both sides too tbh. If you can't get a slot, then git gud fam. Edit: We were thinking of different wars, but in the end it was a dogpile and I had my fun.
  14. Mayor

    Name this war - Community Poll

  15. Mayor

    Name this war - Community Poll

    For the love of all that is holy I will DESTROY Featherine if the Great Sock War wins!!

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