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  1. I literally thought TKR raided or attacked them (which would have been hilarious), didn't actually believe anyone would sign that trash. WTF is TKR doing. Still salty about the war eh? Don't worry, WTF has not had any ROI in quite a while so they can prob teach you to cope with loss.
  3. "this will be the last time I ever seriously post on these forums or ever bother giving a crap about what's going on in PnW again" Sounds like a rage quit to me.
  4. You mean like every media conglomerate? RON became the mainstream. Your debate with hidude went so poorly you're quitting the game over it? GG. Why people even care what anyone says on the forums always surprises me tbqh.
  5. Holy shit that was funny. Thanks for the laugh. If a challenging fight to you guys is Midgard then that truly explains everything. And trust me when it comes to Midgard they have a lot more issues militarily than simply tiering and would be utterly no match for Rose/Eclipse.
  6. Says the Oblivion member.
  7. It was a tale of Two Chats. Tbh I think this happens every time on the Great Fire.
  8. Break Up Tears of Celestial Lack of Loyalty Celebrity Feuds
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