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  1. Hey man, I approve of anyone who joins Arrgh. Huge improvement over BroFam and Panth imho. Have fun and get your revenge I say tbqh.
  2. This guy has a big issue with KT clearly. edit: I know he mean Johnson sphere
  3. Going to analyze this war now? Anyways, good luck to all of the great nations in the collective known as The Johnsons.
  4. Oblivion is probably the most peace loving alliance to ever exist in this game. Sure we will defend our members any day of the week but outside of that war isn't really on our minds at all tbqh. Delta has shown that not only are they an aggressive bloc but they are also very inexperienced militarily (like Pantheon was so not surprising at all). All bark and no bite with them. Cats win anyways.
  5. Welcome to Pantheon, official PnW Academy of Pixelhugging! Please look at our testimonials from the great whales such as Fist, Printer635, Felkey, Madden8021, and many others! Our alumni are rich, militarily inexperienced, and ready for more cities. All students are entitled to our extensive vacation options that may be pursued at any time at the onset of any global war, truly Pantheon is the school for the elite. So what are you waiting for? Join Pantheon and never again be raided by Arrgh!
  6. Has it really been that long? Jesus... if it wasn't for NPO we could have gotten at least 2 more TKR dogpiles in that time.
  7. To conclude, Dave got the Big D alright.
  8. If your insinuating my friend is a bigot I find that insulting to my alliance in that it would be used to invoke a response that literally no one gives a single fricking shit about, please remain fun on the forums. Your (perhaps intentional) being a irrelevant, insignificant crapshoot of a nation is not welcome.
  9. Can I get some F's in this thread plz for the founder of Orbit Stock Exchange, SwingSet Bank and recipient of a 1b dollar reward a week ago who is no longer with us due to Calondian aggression.
  10. What a victory for the great Empire of Calondia!
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