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  1. You still salty about getting destroyed in the last war?
  2. Is there any controversial bully that you won't defend Firwof? I don't know if you remember Goons but they were truly horrible. They would troll and be toxic, flame and insult but then report mild offenses on others and hope to get their nations banned. They truly were a despicable alliance and their garbage continued into Ministate and then into ANO. Really come on man, grow some fricking balls and call out their shit. NPO and Goons were shitty. About the OP topic though as always I don't care if anyone rejoins the game. If the apology is sincere or not does not matter to me. Personally I think any from Goons/NPO should be allowed to rejoin if they want to but that is just me. Others obviously disagree and the reason why Firwof is because of the toxic cesspit that was Goons.
  3. Try not to react so badly next time to a mild insult towards a very controversial player and bad rhymer. 👍
  4. Kev was not being toxic, he was being honest. Deulos tried to change his name to hide from his previous bad takes. Then he proceeds to have many more under his new name. Deulos reasoning is like his personality: pure trash. This isn't toxicity. This is the truth. #truthisjustice
  5. You fought (moral support) SMC in delta war. The TCW war flag is in there, Alphas flag, Camelot, Dark Brotherhood, The Immortals, TFP, Yarr, Atlas Tech, ASM, Aurora.. I mean come on, you just fought over half these guys!
  6. Go to your doctor old man and get your eyes checked or maybe even your suffering from cognitive mental decline? You should know a lot more of those flags since a lot of them have not changed since the beginning of the game and also have the name in the flag!
  7. Although I disagree with Thalbuddy on whether Yuno should return. I think the ban was clear and ofc any NPO member can return and even reform their alliance. (my opinion) You yourself Firwof, disregard Thalmor's very legitimate concern; He is taking the stand that many probably believe themselves and what this entire thread is trying to address. He is right to call out what he believes is a threat to this game and thanks for doing so (to Thalmor) since it is not easier than just typing goodluck and best wishes like most will.
  8. If your so pissy that you want Guns and Roses to win the name war, then vote for it in the upcoming vote, otherwise stfu. Your name suggestions were pure trash, and even if the name wins the upcoming voting which is fine (I already said I think it is an uninspiring name) I think the fact than RON is trying to muscle in their influence to vote on the name within minutes of the war taking place is ridiculous. Tbh I don't think I will be apart of your propaganda network anymore.
  9. Congratulations to Rose, Condolences to COA.
  10. Didn't you see that sceenshot? Alex is one of the top fighters in Hollywood!
  11. Maybe don't have a bunch of people war evade or just sit around not getting involved and war performance will actually improve.
  12. I hate to break it to you but it has to be said. Your entire blocs war performance was truly miserable and disappointing; in fact it was so bad that I was truly surprised and taken back at the offer of white peace but I suppose I can understand why. Your blocs together didn't lose because of Hollywood hegemony but because you outnumbered your opponent in almost every tier imaginable and still your war performance was that of an out of control dumpster fire. Congratulations Phoenyx on joining another top sphere after leaving the Johnsons. I see maybe a pattern is forming.
  13. 2 year grave dig nice, but perhaps James XVI should stop his ads from linking to it or make an updated definitive guide
  14. I don't know about nor care about this "sothebys" but from the picture in that link it even looks worse than your stuff. You kept referring to your "work" earlier as a Mona Lisa. I am just letting you know that only in your dreams will someone pay 100m for something that can be made in a few seconds and that no pixel art no matter how much some idiot pays for it is comparable to classical art. All that link tells me is that taxes need to be higher on the rich. Moving the prices down into the 100k mark is more reasonable and favorable for RP. You probably would not have gotten downvoted to shit if you started with that and posted this in National Affairs but oh well.
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