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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA, this is just like Arrgh! Oh man, Buck. Good times. Some things never change.
  2. See you guys in a year maybe. Been in this game for so long, too many people to shout out. I will be in Roz Wei discord if anyone wants to ping or w/e but taking a break from this game for a bit. Hey, At least this game outlasted Ministates
  3. I will forward this love letter to Ockey.
  4. Arrgh! Nice to see a mutiny every now and then.
  5. No offense but not everyone hates GotG. I have raided you guys in Arrgh countless times and have always like GotG, have had friends in GotG, and have tried to get Rose to sign GotG to try and mend relations after that whole split. People can do whatever they want and play whatever game they want but to say you *have* to leave because everyone hates you or something is a bit ridiculous. Rose used to be my eternal enemy in Roz Wei, maybe people should try to join other alliances. NPO by the way is a friendly community (been NS member for like 8 years), so is Rose, so was Roz Wei, and so is Arrgh. People are people at the end of the day and if you look too long at the shitty forums you will start to get the wrong idea. Anyways good luck guys, I have always liked GotGs sense of community and team spirit in my DMs with your members so I hope you stay strong.
  6. Hahaha this same rhetoric happens with every game change. Things will go on just as they have. Thanks for helping uncover this shit show Alex. I always wondered how they got so many nations so quickly. RIP BK and NPO hahahahaha!
  7. “For centuries the people of Calondia have suffered under the oppressive, war-mongering, conquering rulers of the Empire. Through ages of gold and darkness the people have endured crisis after crisis, invasion after invasion, nuke after nuke, and we have had enough. The old aristocracy are now declared traitors and the people and with the aid of certain important military factions are not tolerating this corruption anymore! We will march to the capital, to the eternal palaces, to our homelands, and we will take it back!” a Calondian rebel can be seen on national TV, amidst a background of flames and destruction. The screen goes back to a familiar desk of a media room, a man sits there reporting on the situation. “Taking advantage of a declining land-based army, due to many defensive wars, and territorial contentions in important imperial provinces such as Japan and Taiwan. The ancient estates of Calondian nobility stand little chance against the rising rebellion. Even here in the imperial Capital of Taiwan the situation is unknown as the uprising spreads everywhere. There are even reports of..” Gunshots can be heard in the background, the reporter looks off-screen and quickly stands up but is shot dead, the feed suddenly cuts to static but soon another camera in a different room appears and a rebel is on screen. “The corrupt media of Calondia have been dealt with, the nobles have either died or fled, and soon all will be accountable for their crimes against the people. The Emperor has been secured in his garden mansion in Kyoto and will be protected from all external influences. The Revolutionary Council will hereby take over ruling responsibility of Calondia. More information will be shared publicly soon. That is all.” Another Calondian rebel says in the dark room before the screen cuts again to static. Official government sanctioned report on the civil disturbance in imperial territories sent worldwide The new government of Calondia retreats to currently held territory, and renounces all claims on former imperial provinces. Domestic civil disturbance and foreign military aggression by Calondia worldwide will cease. Calondia will send official diplomats to all nations and also a special team of peaceful negotiators to Rokkenjima very soon. Revolutionary Armed Forces Calondian Air Force 600 Jets 30b 200 Bomber 30b Calondian Navy 2 Carrier 50b 2 Cruiser 25b 2 Frigate 15b 5 Corvette 20b 5 Transport 20b Calondian Peacekeepers 20,000 Peacekeepers 6b 5,000 Anti-Tank 2b 200 Anti-Air 1b 200 Artillery 1b
  8. The great and ancient nation of Calondia has moved military forces into "Rokkenjima" occupied Japan and blocked their incursion into our capital province of Taiwan. Imperial armies are standing ready to launch a massive offensive to evict Rokkenjima occupiers if it is requested and are prepared to liberate Japan from the evil regime. We have for an eternity lived in Taiwan and Japan and consider this an aggressive act by Rokkenjima. All Britannian ground forces, naval forces, and air forces have already been wiped out in our defense of the region however Calondian forces have not stormed Mt. Fuji. Observers wonder if the old treaty is being honored to this day. "Although we have totally decimated all areas of Britannia's military for the time being, and even shot down their allies nuke that was launched at Tokyo, we are willing to come to the table with Britannia and Rokkenjima for peace on Japan. These are sovereign Imperial territories and are inhabited by millions of Calondian citizens, our military is on full alert but for now our orders are to stand firm and wait for the negotiators." -Imperial military state news observer Long live Calondia!
  9. Nation name: Empire of Calondia Official currency: Calondian dollars Form of government: Autocracy Describe your nation: An ancient empire that has always existed. Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Japan, Taiwan, Philippines Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): use nation flag or custom
  10. Good luck, I only have 71 more nukes to launch at IQ nations before i'm #1 in the game (and of course probably another 20 after that... it's a competitive leader-board...) so hopefully I can get it done before peace. That's the problem with winning wars so often, you can never nurture these stats.
  11. I can respect this reason for wanting the war to go on. But my friend, without peace no one can build their planes up really, so it might be a bit for the other 50k or so planes more you need to kill but keep at it. This war is doing lots of help for my Casualties statistic and nukes launched.
  12. I really love all the war slot filling and blatant rule breaking and cheating. I really enjoy that aspect of this war. However to keep it positive, I love fighting LeLouch from BK, he better believe this is gonna be role-played in NatRP.
  13. You could also do it by regions instead of the starting 100 provinces, Like I start in Japan, or Germany or Russia. Or if countries too big , then split them down to East and West or North and South. And then any territory outside of their original country region are considered not "de-jure". So Poland etc. are not part of Russia and can still be claimed even if overtime Russia took all of Polands territory. I just think it allows for more people to play as the nation they want to.
  14. I am usually against colonies and land claiming since it usually causes empire to be so huge and stops people (like myself who roleplay only one country) from playing or joining in. (Though I understand giant white space are boring) Maybe colonies or secondary land claims are not priority so others can join in they wish? An example would be: If I am Japan, and I colonize Korea, but then some player wants to be Korea and joins, then they have priority over my claims but I still get to keep Japan. Or if I get half of Japan with the amount of territory I can start with and overtime I "colonize" the rest of Japan then that "new" land can still be claimed by new players. I mean we can make a requirement that they would have to RP some way to make it fun but that way anyone who wants to play Japan or Europe or w/e can still join in and have fun. aka. No more Calondian resistance...
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