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  1. End of an Era tbqh. But excited to see what comes next!
  2. How are you doing old friend? I guess some things don't change huh Grealind? Why do you even bother anymore.
  3. Guns N' Roses Reunion TIME'S UP Grumpy Whale Scandal tbqh I would have been more surprised if everything went right and the servers performed above average. We even got Sheepy making a critical game change last minute and causing people to insta-beige just like last war.
  4. You say that but then only a year later you had another hissy fit on the politics and war discord because once again you were failing at war and needed to vent your frustrations publicly. I am noticing a pattern here and just wanted to make sure that you are okay and feeling alright because I know these things can be hard for you to fully understand. Just know that everyone wants you to succeed and it is alright to fail as you often do. Some people understand things quickly, and others, as yourself, can take multiple years and never truly learn anything. Keep at it though, some day you will learn, and you can finally stop blaming others for your own incompetence. I feel sorry for all the tS people who are probably trying to calm you down right now due to this being another dogpile which we all know are not your forte. Best Regards friend!
  5. Oh hey Excalibur, I remember teaching you how to fight wars and snipe slots quickly in Terminus Est when we were fighting Knightfall. How are things going? I remember you had just rejoined the game at that time and were upset that so much had changed. If I recall correctly, you and many others in Test (Aku) had a mental breakdown trying to get slots and throwing accusations of cheating around since you were just so awful at apparently using a clock. I remember having to personally tutor you in DMs on how to do that step-by-step. So maybe you should work on your own complete ineptitude before lecturing others.
  6. Yes, that was the era when tS was Roqs !@#$ (for a time). Honestly I'm surprised people expected better from an alliance like Syndicate which for a long time has been a relic of the past. I can't remember them doing much at all except sitting around complaining about everyone else while doing nothing at all besides the occasional failed assault against Hedge/GG. Leave it to KT to bring life to this game and intimidate the whales. GLHF, I hope all alliances destroy themselves completely so that we can have more easy raid targets. Good luck with it!
  7. Better late than never! We at Knights Templar understand that war is hard. And some alliances are better prepared than others. This is just a fact of life in Orbis. Even though Templars are better prepared, organized, disciplined than alliances such as, say, Order of the White Rose or House Stark; we God fearing folk wish to teach them the ropes of how to fight competently. So, without further delays, we wish to get this RoH posted on schedule unlike the inexperienced heretics we are fighting. You got your counters done finally guys, now it is time to post those DoWs! Deus Vult!
  8. No but I have considered crusading. Say Hi to Red for me.
  9. Melting the Chocolate Castle Knights Templar has always been known as an order that strives for excellence, competence, and faith. There have been times when decadent and stagnant alliances have been left alone as our focus can only be at one place at any single time. That time has come to an end. There are many alliances that require correction and guidance and we cannot simply ignore them any longer. Knights Templar, like God, is loving and forgiving. We exist to provide assistance to as many as we feasibly can. However, as with everything, some leaders are irredeemable and too far gone. Chocolate Castle is one of those groups that has fallen into decadence and sin. The gluttonous rulers spend all day eating an assortment of mint, Hershey, and Lindt chocolate ignoring the pleas of the faithful. They have set up a heretical anti-pope with flagrant disregard for our faith with intent to manipulate the belief in our Lord. There is only one response to this sort of blasphemous and malicious act. We have to melt the rotten chocolate castle to the ground. This is our holy mission and sacred duty and only the pious Knights Templar can bring them the light. Deus Vult!
  10. Congrats buddy! And good luck out there! Redarmy is a legend, great choice for a protectorate in ASM! Just ignore the decadent imperialists in this thread comrade, for the revolution!
  11. Hey Eva, you have been here so long, it is sad to see another one of the Nat RPers go away but I wish you well. Take care!
  12. I used to do this with Google back in the day... but I never asked for their permission.
  13. You still salty about getting destroyed in the last war?
  14. Is there any controversial bully that you won't defend Firwof? I don't know if you remember Goons but they were truly horrible. They would troll and be toxic, flame and insult but then report mild offenses on others and hope to get their nations banned. They truly were a despicable alliance and their garbage continued into Ministate and then into ANO. Really come on man, grow some fricking balls and call out their shit. NPO and Goons were shitty. About the OP topic though as always I don't care if anyone rejoins the game. If the apology is sincere or not does not matter to me. Personally I think any from Goons/NPO should be allowed to rejoin if they want to but that is just me. Others obviously disagree and the reason why Firwof is because of the toxic cesspit that was Goons.
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