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  1. Lol I love how you posted this on public forums and not just send a PM in discord but w/e have fun in SK
  2. Mayor

    The Big Recap

    For what its worth I white listed your site. You will get some revenue from me. Remember that.
  3. RIP Pantheon, its been a long time coming.
  4. Mayor

    The Big Recap

    Malleator, Mad Max does the same stuff all the time, he starts of making some great (in his mind) thing like an alliance or website or radio show that looks cool and has all these features but wait... what is that? It is a complete lack of content that anyone finds valuable. How does this surprise you? Anyways I also rolled my eyes at the ad blocker message but mostly at the fact that OF COURSE mad max has it on his website but half of the media and journalists websites still don't have such messages but they are getting around to it at a snails pace. Anyways mediocre content from Mad Max as expected. If you go in with these expectations Malleator then everything is usually peachy.
  5. Oh god ... Thalmor is posting again? Jesus I thought we were done with this shit.
  6. I think I can take the mantle of that. Alpha are slipping anyways, soon I will usurp them on the leader-boards there too so Placenta might as well give up right now.
  7. Mayor

    Some Thoughts

    Villains are the worst. Why can't we all just get along for once.
  8. Finally someone who gets it. I love it when people threaten me with nukes. I gotta get to #1 nukes eaten, the most prestigious leader-board.
  9. Everyone does this to every VM nation like all the time, what is the difference? I am just in Oblivion and not Arrgh this time but no VM nations or inactives are ever safe from me.
  10. Mayor


    I'm going to be honest here I posted a ton of stupid shit when I first came to this game (due to ignorance of the rules) and was called out for it so I understand. I remember basically the entire alliance of Socialist International telling me to just shut up and keep my head down and never again post something so stupid on their forums. Live and learn is the Mayor way.
  11. Mayor


    I like flag 2, also people are saying "time to prepare for war flag" because a lot of people here are annoyed by new alliances and new posters on the forums. So they are saying that as a sort of veiled threat and as a joke as you will need to have a vote for your war flag as well. Anyways I would not worry too much as all these guys are probably far out of your range anyways. Goodluck!
  12. The ancient and enduring, and probably somewhat corrupt, eternal lasting empire of Calondia fondly remembers our old alliance with the Meta Board. We of course remember peace and prosperity, cooperation and respect towards each other with never a hint of violence. When the world fell apart around us, of course never once our own doing, our nations stood strong and proud. The great citizens of the Meta Board will always be accepted in our spectacular domain and have full rights. Our country is open to you!(Unless you have ties to secessionist Mogar province in which case you will be viewed with suspicion) Emperor Mayors Diplomatic Core Trainee *March 25 07:58 am: Imperial Calondia sends diplomats to Meta Board to re-hash an alliance. His eternal shining eminence Mayor the great will be in attendance. *March 25 08:18 am: These News feed messages are sponsored by the government and will always remain impartial and accurate. Have a great day and remember to be diligent and report dissidents. *March 25 08:22 am: Golden Age of Calondia begins again! (No that does not mean we will be destroyed again) ... Don't believe anyone else, they are Fake News!
  13. F.

    1. Buck Turgidson

      Buck Turgidson

      Riveting update, dude.

    2. Mayor


      Thanks, a lot of thought goes into each one. :P

  14. LOL I thought this was some kind of shitty format Pantheon RP and I gave it a pass. Hahaha.
  15. Mayor

    SNN: The Pantheon Report

    I really wanted to read all those and got so excited and opened all of them up; but then I read the first sentence and was immediately bored. I guess Pantheon just has that effect on me. Sorry Shifty, I tried.

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