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  1. I was very tired... Ever heard of one ship raiding? Literally funds enough for a double buy to break blockade or a nuke and baseball can make the difference (I have funded 1 entire nuke using money from baseball; it can be done but I don't recommend it). Usually some nation will have lackluster ships anyways and you can get out. Also credits really mean a blockade achieves little; most of my spare cash from raids was spent buying credits during beige for the next round of wars. And personally I have always had commerce + food while I am raiding, so saying "all pirates have no comm
  2. Don't assume someone is new because their nation says "209" days old. I know hope well, raided in Arrgh with hope ages ago, never even paid attention to Arrgh "wars" (usually with TKR). That is the kind of alliance Arrgh is. The kind that does not give a F###. And you say most of Orbis knows your name but maybe I am just confused, I thought you were some kind of massive pixel hugger and this war against Arrgh kind of just cements that opinion in my mind imho. If you looked back you would see many of these anti-pirate wars and they all end the same way. When in Rose I had people train milcom
  3. Ogaden always used to post in his DoWs was basically just "Arrgh, lets drink rum and have fun! Yarr!" So Just have fun is like a pirate code of Arrgh tbqh. Not gonna lie I was gonna join/retire in Yarr but then Ockey said he would loan me cities/project or w/e tf I wanted interest free so I joined my bud in Oblivion.
  4. Yarr used to be ex-Arrgh mostly until Pre joined I think but regardless Pre himself raided a ton of times and raided Arrgh as well. I still remember Justice League just wiping us out so I think saying Yarr has mostly ex-raiders is accurate. Though I disagree personally that being a raider means you have to support Yarr or something. I was a member of Arrgh for years and raided people endlessly and literally just a few days ago Arrgh raided and looted me and I embargoed them. If TKR would just go to war again I could care less about Arrgh. : P And tbh everyone in Yarr is a mass
  5. I actually started this game with my Nationstates RP, the Empire of Tehver and puppet Calondia. However a few months after I joined I then changed my RP to that of the Japanese Navy (when in Arrgh) and then finally just on Japan/Ancient Japan/Empire of Japan but name is still Calondia. My Nationstates name. Probably have to go and review those nations haha. https://www.nationstates.net/nation=tehver Once again moved from Pacific to Balder, ugh, I wish I could set a favored spawn region. https://www.nationstates.net/nation=calondia My main region was usually Europeia/Equinox
  6. Fascism isn't banned, Nazism is banned. And people generally do not like fascist alliances in this game but it really depends on who is your friend and who isn't. Big Brother always laser beam focuses on shouting down anything to do with fascism, he has been doing it for years, so you can just ignore him. Many people in this game have WWII themed nations, alliances are just more easily visible.
  7. The irony here is that you choose the name "Yarr" to prevent anybody from stealing Yarr's cash when the game change was added in first place. XD
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA, this is just like Arrgh! Oh man, Buck. Good times. Some things never change.
  9. See you guys in a year maybe. Been in this game for so long, too many people to shout out. I will be in Roz Wei discord if anyone wants to ping or w/e but taking a break from this game for a bit. Hey, At least this game outlasted Ministates
  10. I will forward this love letter to Ockey.
  11. Arrgh! Nice to see a mutiny every now and then.
  12. No offense but not everyone hates GotG. I have raided you guys in Arrgh countless times and have always like GotG, have had friends in GotG, and have tried to get Rose to sign GotG to try and mend relations after that whole split. People can do whatever they want and play whatever game they want but to say you *have* to leave because everyone hates you or something is a bit ridiculous. Rose used to be my eternal enemy in Roz Wei, maybe people should try to join other alliances. NPO by the way is a friendly community (been NS member for like 8 years), so is Rose, so was Roz Wei, and so is
  13. Hahaha this same rhetoric happens with every game change. Things will go on just as they have. Thanks for helping uncover this shit show Alex. I always wondered how they got so many nations so quickly. RIP BK and NPO hahahahaha!
  14. “For centuries the people of Calondia have suffered under the oppressive, war-mongering, conquering rulers of the Empire. Through ages of gold and darkness the people have endured crisis after crisis, invasion after invasion, nuke after nuke, and we have had enough. The old aristocracy are now declared traitors and the people and with the aid of certain important military factions are not tolerating this corruption anymore! We will march to the capital, to the eternal palaces, to our homelands, and we will take it back!” a Calondian rebel can be seen on national TV, amidst a background of flam
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