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  1. Mayor

    Bounties for deleted nations

    Going to a random nation is much more interesting than refunding.
  2. I can confirm. Mad Max is definitely trash. Anyways, very sad to hear of Roz departure. VERY UPSET ABOUT IT. All of the good times battling TKR, The legends, The endless supply of salt, The laughs, The good times. . It seems all legends come to an end, I just pray for the new series "Roz the Returned!" Goodluck to Akak and Roz Wei. Farewell (for now) to Rozalia!
  3. Mayor

    Into the Sunset

    Nooooooooooo Ogaden!! Why?? I will leave Rose and come back!! What a sad week. But I wish you all the best. I guess there will never be the Ogaden's 4th Comeback as GA.
  4. Mayor

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    3 years later and still no close. . Sheepy Shut down this thread!
  5. Mayor

    BK are bullies

    What the hell is your guys problem? Can't you see this guy has simply had enough? Like seriously what the fricking hell is your fricking problem you stupid fricking !@#$. You just go on and slander this poor guy and give him hell when he clearly does not deserve it. BK is just the fricking worst alliance of all time. Everyone in their alliance is utter crap. Their alliance belongs in the trash. I can not believe this unacceptable behavior. Casey is an upstanding member of the community and you guys just frick him on every turn. This is exactly the kind of crap I expect from shitty BK. I personally have been bullied from them on many occasions and never deserved it. I have been nothing but polite and friendly to BK but they just fricking shit in your face all day. That is all you can expect from that alliance I guess. Alex, please delete BK. It is only fair to Casey and the rest of us who have suffered their bullying tactics. -mayor
  6. Mayor

    EMC-Nuke Bloc War Propaganda Thread

    I can confirm Samwise, I had to join GPA CN forums to be admitted into GPA, even though I never played CN ever in my life. On that note. . . My nation was GPA.
  7. Mayor

    EMC-Nuke Bloc War Propaganda Thread

    Samwise, that is some epic troll right there. love it.
  8. Mayor

    Say something good

    Acadia: Its nice to see George Clooney again
  9. Mayor

    Vacation Mode bug

    While in Vacation Mode, your nation will be unable to declare wars, fight existing wars, be declared war on, spy on other nations, be spied on, receive any sort of revenue, pay any bills, trade with other nations, or use alliance banks. There is no way to end Vacation Mode early. Vacation Mode is not intended as a tool to use to avoid wars, and it is not a "peace mode". Once you put your nation in Vacation Mode, administrators will not reverse it for you, and you must wait the length of time you chose before you will regain full access to your nation.
  10. RIP my nukes eaten stat
  11. Mayor

    Question about IQ alliances

    It was right after you guys wrecked Kastors alliance for raiding applicants (like directly after) so that was probably apart of it and I was specifically told to not raid you guys anymore so that was all on me. Yes Rozalia is very easy to get along with and is willing to discuss anything at length if necessary. Also sorry to everyone on page 3 of this thread, I ran out of likes again.
  12. Mayor

    Question about IQ alliances

    I can tell you that he had the same opinion of Mensa HQ throughout the war and respected your alliance. I imagine that continued even after I got kicked for raiding your guys applicants.
  13. Mayor

    Question about IQ alliances

    I know if there are any alliances I wouldn't be thrilled to fight in a large war is Roz Wei and Arrgh. And EMC has wrecked me countless times when I was apart of those alliances. I honestly miss the RW activity in Papers Please. One of my favorite wars even though I got wrecked badly.
  14. Mayor

    The Ayyslamic Caliphate Rises

    "At war with Arrgh" "Surrender" Smh
  15. Now even Democrats realize how crappy of a candidate Hillary was. That is a fact.

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