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  1. I hope all my Media friends have a fun war, you're all awesome.
  2. Again your suggestion is to drag my allies into an expensive war. Even if it is a raid war they have to build military up or buy nukes (expensive), less income from being at war, use resources to attack etc. And even then, they would still have to declare multiple waves of wars to do any lasting damage. Yes and even after having a nuke and missile hit you I was still at 57 resistance left. So if I use another 12 MAPS for a nuke and your ID/VDS strikes it down, I can no longer win the war with nukes/missiles and am forced to beige quickly. So in total even with 2 successful hits I was forced to beige. Even if I had ships this outcome would have happened but I may have destroyed another 4 improvements randomly. So to take you down (someone with 0 military) I am forced to field ships, tanks, soldiers, planes, everything to solely defend against your attacks while you just need nukes to damage me. And again, as stated above, your suggested tactic is a long term strategy requiring multiple waves of my allies to declare on you, spend their own resources to potentially slightly damage a few of your cities (not stop you). I don't want your loot, I want you to stop nuking me, and you being on Guardian means I am forced to switch to a different policy. Not necessarily a bad thing in of itself, but this is of course just a single part of a multi-week dedicated counter-insurgency by my alliance. I have raided over a million infrastructure so this is just not true. It costs nothing to rebuild infrastructure to 900 and you are running 500. With your 30m bounty (your welcome btw) and your daily log in, resources to trade, beiges, normal income etc. you can easily build the infrastructure. I have never run out of money while raiding and I usually run full military. The only feasible way to take you down is by destroying your power plants to force you to rebuild that city (which would probably cost 40-50m to fully rebuild a city (still not alot considering you usually do 100+m of damage). I don't really want to nerf nukes into the ground really I just want them to be able to be countered effectively. Maybe if they are nerfed some way they are buffed in another, like being able to build more than 1 per day by default etc. Buffing Fallout Shelter can work but that causes the issue of making nukes useless if the buff is too strong, making it another project everyone automatically get, or if buff is too small changes nothing. I think the mechanics of nukes might need to be reworked. Personally I think nukes destroying 4 improvements also somewhat hurts normal conventional military raiders since every nuke you are substantially damaged since you need all those improvements to be militarily and economically effective (military costs money to run and resources to build). However a nuke turret does not really need many improvements to be sustainable. I think a buff to raiding is prob better than a buff to nukes. I do not want to nerf 1 ship strategy in any way. I planned to use this war as an example ever since I got the bounty put on me. You using 1 ship tho ended the war which is why I posted here (you should have waited tbf Hatebi, I would have nuked and if you saved MAPS you could have beiged me, mistakes for certain were made by me). Anyways, thanks for responding and I think positive discussion is healthy for the game even if we disagree. I respect your dedication to your strategy as you have made it work well. I also have abused the game system to my own benefit (running 200 infra before population was added in), endless war slot filling etc, and I do appreciate someone who drives conflict in this game (even at my own expense). Arrgh is gonna Arrgh.
  3. Unfortunately I find that using missiles or nukes is just a bit excessive for a strategy to counter nuke turrets. Think about it this way, even before Hatebi used 1 ship navals on me, I was at 57 Resistance left, any nuke/missile Hatebi blocks basically means I can no longer launch nukes or missiles as I will be beiged forcing me to quickly try and end the war. A far better strategy is just to eat the nuke and quickly beige the war, this way I don't even need to waste money on militarizing (ie. building ships/tanks) I destroyed 6 useless improvements and slightly damaged the economy of 1 city (which was my missile) the nuke was random and didn't hit power plants. My navals and ground attack destroyed no improvements. This is really not a good damage to investment ratio. Hatebi has hundreds of improvements meaning to truly damage them would require waves and waves of wars from my allies and nukes launched which is extremely excessive and expensive to try and take a single nuke turret down. (tho tbf Hatebi is prob the best nuke turret out there) For Hatebi I could need ships to avoid 1 ship navals, ground/air/superiority to avoid double buy, blockade sadly does not do anything to Hatebi and all I can really do is destroy a few random measly improvements while getting more damage myself through nukes or possibly being beiged. What you and Hatebi suggest is a very dedicated, long term strategy to take someone down who essentially does nothing but nuke and maybe use some ships. I just don't see how this is fair gameplay. I just think that maybe nukes do actually need to be rebalanced somehow to make them good to use but also some ways to counter/deal with them outside of spies.
  4. As Hatebi has so kindly shown in this recent war on me here. There really is no way to counter nuke turrets with low infra. Every type of war or conflict in this game as some sort of counter except nuke turrets. ie. Regular conflict with an enemy with more cities or military? get some buddies to help you out, spy their units, blockade them to cause them to run out of supplies, etc. However as you can see in this war, I am literally able to do absolutely nothing to hurt or damage Hatebi, using conventional military, nukes, missiles, blockades, spies.. anything at all. If I were to get some allies to "help" me out as Hatebi suggests, sadly my allies can't do anything to Hatebi either and I just drag them into conflict with an invincible nuke turret. I can't use nukes or missiles as the 25%-30% chance is too big to guarantee damage (meaning I risk getting beiged), Hatebi runs with Guardian (halved chance of improvement destruction) so I can't use ships or ground either, I also can't spy what Hatebi does not have or build, and with their improvements they don't need infrastructure anyways as they make enough resources to sustain themselves under blockade forever. Your only reliable strategy is to militarize and quickly beige the raider as fast as possible and eat 1 nuke while they suffer no damage and get free beige. Some changes need to probably happen to incentivize people to actually use their military rather than abuse nukes and 1 ship strategy to raid while being immune to any sort of consequences. Something like blockades being able to prevent nuclear launches (not missiles) I think would probably be good and make blockades more useful.
  5. All I can do is edit since you usually respond by embargoes and bounties. Makes a discussion here a bit difficult. Thanks for finally replying though.
  6. With VIP I can see how many people visit my nation page. It was 2 people early this morning, after you embargoed me it was 3 people, and when I got the bounty it was 3 people. I agree with you that the project is way to expensive and only benefits the very top of the player base. Also I agree with you that nukes should not be nerfed, I was simply giving my own experience nuking and raiding as I do think there are no ways to counter it. I have been nuked 149 times and lost almost a million infrastructure. I gave my own personal experience and opinion and you had a literal meltdown over it. Thanks for the bounty. Edit: Also just want to add I don't even know this Ivan thread, also I have never even talked, let alone begged, to a developer to "ram this down the communities throat". I honestly have no idea who you even are. I have 3200 infrastructure due to the half a year long NAP and have built 3 cities and 3 projects because of it, blame Eclipse for people farming.
  7. Hatebi will appreciate your 30m donation.
  8. "Your nation was embargoed by Blake Armstrong of Nepleslia for the reason listed of: Loves his pixels a tad too much.." Great response Nep, looking at your war stats I know I am dealing with a true pioneer of warfare here. Edit: Oh my goodness, thanks so much Nep.. this is actually my first bounty. 05/10 07:01 pm A bounty worth $30,000,000 has been posted for the defeat of your nation in a Nuclear war! In my entire time in this game no one has ever put a bounty on me and believe me I have tried. 30m is incredible, thank you so much. This nuke will also be my 150th nuke eaten. What a day.
  9. Buddy you are getting a bit into hyperbole. No one is trying to make this game like CN, it is literally just a discussion, and I or Buorhann have never cared about losing infra, come on man. Unless you are talking about stuff not said in this thread as I am not on the design team. I don't think making improvements a bit easier to destroy or nukes slightly more expensive is "trying to turn the game into another CN". Healthy discussion requires both sides and it seems that people are overwhelmingly in favor of keeping nukes as they are. It is literally a discussion, the people I see whining is you. Buorhann was even pinged to reply by the OP so saying that he is screaming until his demands are met is an absolute lie and honestly pathetic.
  10. I have made millions off of my bud @Who Me who always had my back in baseball. Literally saved my behind multiple times allowing me to make enough to buy missiles or rebuild. Just takes a few minutes, never even messaged him ever I think. We just understood each other. So yeah I think making 2m is not that much of a stretch or would take too long. With rewarded ads, all the new bonuses, many more nations to raid, more cities to have money etc. I think making the money for nukes is laughably easy. A full rebuild is another story but just nukes/missiles is easy for sure. Edit: Also Hatebi, I looked at your city build and I have seriously underestimated wind power. 500$(2000$) per day operational cost, for 4 improvement slots, gives me multiple extra chances for a city to survive losing a power plant for extremely low cost. No longer need to fear the double power plant destroying nuke. Should have started using them ages ago. Thanks.
  11. I have to agree with Buorhann that the nuke turreting strat is a bit overpowered. Nukes are very easy to buy at least 1 per day, maybe a bit more difficult to buy 2 but that project costs over a billion anyways. After being destroyed in a war and losing my infra, I can easily survive forever with 900 infra which is easy to buy back to. I make like 20m a day still at that level which is enough for rebuy + nuke + missile. I was raiding for over a year doing exactly this and hitting micro alliances like High Table and whatever alliance firewof was in. I have no interest in buying cities while raiding cause at 37 cities I just don't see the point so all cash can go to my military and warchest. If I was not also using my military/tanks etc to crush people and only using nukes I could honestly still buy cities no problem. Although my improvements are ideal, at 37 cities and 2 nuclear power plants, in order to improvement wipe me requires multiple nukes or an insane dedication to taking me down which in my entire time in this game (2015) has never been done. I remember Seabasstion making a post in Game Suggestions about people using low tier builds to have a massive military advantage and even after the Arrgh nerfs (population military caps) taking down a militarized low infra build is still extremely difficult and unrewarding. Usually people give up after 1 round or try to cycle and fail cause I can declare like 9 wars now. And if a city gets improvement wiped (by losing 2 nuke power plants) that is just 1 city out of 37. I just buy that city to 900 infra and fill with military buildings, next time under blockade and my cash is in danger of being looted I just rebuild that city. With only nuke turreting this is not even a concern, you can nuke forever and no one can actually stop you. The only thing that can stop someone would be the raider actually giving up due to boredom as if they produce uranium and even a tiny amount of cash + bonus can buy nuke + missiles every day. Multiple times I have been raiding, not just nuke turreting but that is always my strategy if I lose military, and after a year of raiding have only really lost a few improvements ,usually useless ones and not important ones like power plants or airports, and have never been economically forced to stop raiding. If you were only using nukes and no military you would have high income and low expenses, meaning improvements are not even really necessary as you should make enough money to buy nukes + missiles no matter what (bonus/infrastructure/raids). Also only nukes can take out power plants so conventional military is really useless when trying to stop nukes as there are just too many improvements to destroy. The only downside is that I don't grow as much as farming nations, stagnation damages me more than any alliance actually could. Anyways I love using nukes (288 launched btw not much but a good amount) so I want them to stay the way they are (and honestly 1 single nation cannot really harm an entire alliance with nukes) but maybe it is time to make military attacks destroy some more improvements to force people to rebuild more often and not stay permanently low infrastructure or make nukes more expensive to build (honestly maybe we want more raiders tho cause this game is kinda stagnant anyways, just my opinion). Anyways either way, post next war once I lose my infrastructure, I am 1000% going to raid and use nukes. I just bought guidance sat for this exact purpose. I can only imagine how fun it will be to use nukes and missiles to both wreck high infra nations and destroy improvements of those pesky low infra counter raiders.
  12. Ngl mate I thought the same thing lol. Horse would not be pleased.
  13. We just need Jessica Rabbit and Treasure Island back then it will be just like old times. Papers Please was end of 2016. Yikes..
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