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  1. Lol you completely miss the point, both of you. I am saying why don't you post more and contribute more so maybe there is more activity (because this thread is about trying to increase activity in the NatRP and you both are very active) and you both just find reasons to just continue doing what you have done before. I am not saying you can't have your sub-forums or w/e kind of role-play but don't be surprised when nothing changes. Couldn't you have your special RP forum but also post more for in-game NatRP? "I have been willing to take a loss but that requires someone to actually play politics, otherwise I will continue to RP as I have and await somebody who actually wants to treat the great game scenario as though their choices had consequences." The problem isn't that you are not willing to take a loss under certain circumstances, the problem is your strict set of rules and guidelines for even wanting to engage with others is not appealing to many of the RPers. Whatever is decided for the sub-forums I guarantee that just the usual suspects will even post there but have fun I guess.
  2. "In-Game roleplay of events that involve or affect your nation." Copied directly from the National Affaris forums so I don't understand why you think basing RP on my in-game nation is so weird. I just think people should post more and not adhere to such a restrictive set of rules.
  3. The eternally great and infinite Empire of Calondia declares war on Britannia Emperor Mayor thought about all the recent times over the years that Britannia and Lelouch has conquered Calondia, dived it up between Britannian puppets and satellite nations. There was the Calondia resistance, the partition, the occupation, and years of strife and conquest. The ancient great Empire of Ancient Calondia was a distant memory these days. All overseas territories lost or snatched up by Lelouch and his goons. We have always been enemies, since the days of old, the Witch Wars, the Umbrella plague, there was never a time when Britannia looked favorably upon this eternal glorious country. Well now the time has come. Calondia is strong again. We have power again. We can reconquer and liberate our stolen peoples and unite our ancient empire! The last stepping stone on our path to global domination is upon us. We will rule and we were always meant to. Lost in his thoughts the adviser next to the emperor from the Rose alliance was patiently waiting. "Uh, Sir?" The timid man, only in his thirties, says meekly awaiting a response. The Emperor looks up from his seat, fury in his eyes. "Why are you bothering me?!" The assistant adviser backs up and shields his head from the incoming flying lamp the emperor threw his way that just misses him. "Umm.. Sir, we have many pending requests for the current economic situation of the alliance, and we need a plan for the current infrastructure situation, and our communication software is acting up and-" "Enough!" The emperor said firmly with authority in his voice. "The Rose alliance can wait. They have no idea how long I've been planning this. They have no idea about the glory of Calondia. They have no idea!" The assistant looked confused and didn't understand what the emperor was talking about. He had heard that the emperor was like this. Completely irrational and prone to spontaneous and random sparks of insanity. But it was another thing to see him in the flesh. With his golden, diamond studded robes, massive jewel-encrusted crown, and an unrealistically long cape that always got stuck in doorways. And of course his fuming, angry, constantly grunting look on his face. "What are you talking about Sir? We have priorities. We have to deal with the economy and finishing off the remnants of the IQ rebellion. We can't have Calondia go gallivanting off into-" During his speech though the floor creaked loudly and trembled; terror rushed through the assistants face. Of course.. The emperor had a fondness for trap doors when people were annoying him. And the assistant fell into an unknown pit that led to an unknown place, as no one had ever been seen again. "These people, they never understand. They could never understand my feelings on-" However the emperor stopped in mid sentence as he noticed the assistant climbing up back out of the pit in the middle of the room. "Uh Sir? I am terribly sorry but it seems you have never cleaned this pit out. It is filled with garbage and... well bodies from... is that Mr. Johnson? Is this where he went?" The Emperor was puzzled, this had never happened before, he thought the pit was bottomless. Of course.. those nasty contractors had cheated him out! They claimed the pit to never end but here is his assistant standing right to his side again! What nerve! "Well... Tell the Rose alliance I will deal with their problems... As I always do, once I complete my final objective.. Once I conquer my worst enemy! Britannia! They will die by my hands!" And with that said the Emperor stood up, turned around dramatically, shoulders squared, cape flying in the air, his crown shining gloriously, jewels glittering and reflecting the tiniest bit of sunlight entering the room. He felt invincible, nothing could stop him, not when he was at the peak of his power. He walked with an objective, a mission, and nothing could get in his way. "Uh Sir? Sorry to bother you but... that hallway is under repair, you have to take the door behind me." The emperor stopped, grimacing as he always does, turned around and reached for the trap door button on his desk. "Uh... Sir? The trap door is... Well..." "Silence!" the emperor shouted, he then reached for his phone and called his generals. "Yes, this is Mayor. Fuel up the bombers and ground forces! We are going to war!" "Yes, Yes.... Yes I know we are at war with IQ. Yes.. I know. They are insignificant. I of course mean our greatest enemy. Yes.. Yes, I know. The other greatest enemy. Yes. Yes Britannia. Yes, okay good." He promptly hung up the phone, sat down again and leaned back in his chair. A slight smile formed on his face before he again frowned at the sight of his assistant. The emperor waved him away so he could be by himself, moments like these needed to be treasured. And this was a great moment. He would finally get his just revenge.
  4. Rimski it is not just that, but say in my Invasion of Mogartopia, Mogar could have roleplayed resisting the Calondian menace (As Poland *kind of* did), after war is over in-game Mogar could have done an RP about liberating their homeland, they could have done propaganda, they could have said their were doing guerrilla tactics against Imperial forces, Mogar could have done 100 things to make the RP more interesting but he never does. All he does is grow his empire on the map and RP with his friends and then complain that the RP is dying. I find it so ironic he is always saying ideas to "improve" the RP without actually doing any more RP which is what people want: more content. I would rather have someone reply to my threads and have fun rather than just ignore and do their little clique RP where no one else is invited nor replied to. I have also replied to some of those "clique" threads and every-time I am also ignored. The answer is obvious but they do not want to RP with anyone else it seems.
  5. Seriously though for the nature of this discussion it is imho better to have no sub-forums like the old days, an opt-in optional map based RP for those who want to be on a map, and no dividing in-game RP with "fantasy" RP, and no "I could care less about what you do or your RP" and more say ... I don't know ... actually contributing more and not just sticking to your preferred RP group which divides the community and creates less content. Sure you can have some rules for the map and general respect guidelines like no trolling and bad faith posts but no official moderation councils and sub forums upon sub-forums, expanding colonies and "aggressive war" consent forms/agreements. I mean I only resorted to "in-game" RP with my wars cause you all got me banned and my posts locked for a month because I had the nerve to start a war so ofc I resorted to in-game cause people just cry to moderation "council" when things don't go their way or they are not top shit in RP cause they have the biggest territory. People don't like losing so they make rules to prevent them from losing. So get with the program and adapt or keep proposing the same things every few months because no one else wants to join in on this boring stuff. Also did you ever reply to my Invasion of Mogar? nope it was entirely ignored, and of course it was because it interferes with your little utopia you have set up for yourself in the map-RP where the super actives take advantage of the conquest/colony rules they themselves usually set up to give them an advantage. Anyways that is my 2 cents on this dying community, good luck guys.
  6. Yeah we all have to cater to the wishes of Mogar and what is termed "fantasy RP"! Hahahaha! Have fun with the tired same old, same RP that you guys always do on your pathetic maps. XD And yes there was a time when the map based no rules Nat RP was fun before you all ruined everything and divided the community with your crap drama. If your wondering what happened to NatRP you need not look further than yourselves. You do you, I will just keep using the NatRP and ignoring whatever new crap you come up with that will probably be abandoned anyways after a few months, per usual.
  7. Just ignore the powerful people then? I think I have shown time and time again no nation can beat Calondia. Poland, ally of many and a bastion in Europe, invaded and conquered by Calondia? The much envied Empire of Mogar who was a superpower in the region with a massive land mass and considered unbeatable; became the newest Calondian province and personal fiefdom of the Empire. There are still ways to have fun, I think people just get to caught up in rules and guidelines they forget the most important part. And I'm not gonna lie, Holy Britannian Empire was a Calondian target this war. And you better believe I would have RP every bit of that war and may still do so...
  8. To be honest I just like the National RP and it is all I use these days. Should we not merge all sub-forums into just NatRP to increase activity?
  9. Oh Max.... Some things never change. I have been on everyone of your projects, all the radio shows and newpapers and everything (except your alliances which make good targets) We might all like to rip on you for your "failure" bit it is all just in good fun. As everyone on here has stated it is better to try and attempt rather than just sit around doing nothing. You provided great content over the years and even though your website is down I hope you will still continue to create content. I always check up on stuff you create or post on forums and even though he wont post here I know Ockey did as well. inb4 Orb Mobile App.
  10. We are at war, but the only way to win this war is to be as understanding, non-biased and politically correct as possible.
  11. This all worked out for the best if you ask me since utterly destroying IQ is a favourite pastime for Calondians.
  12. They got raided by me and funded my month long raiding spree. They did that which I really did appreciate.
  13. Tbh I liked Surfs Up, seemed like a fitting name for the war.
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