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  1. DNN isn't for sale, gtfo of here.
  2. The Media these days is villainized for absolutely no reason and this extreme rhetoric against us is actually quite dangerous. Criticism is one thing, but WTF's attacks on the press could encourage people to do crazy things in relation to news organizations and individual reporters. While the World Task Force is certainly entitled to their opinion on how journalists do their jobs, there are times when that can cross the line.
  3. I do agree that irl politics should prob be kept out of the game mechanics and design and let people just RP their nation as that. As, you know, it is a nation sim.
  4. Weren't you supposed to take a break or something? Get on with that.
  5. This actually hurts.... Good luck out there friend
  6. Translation: Hey so I am whining that I lost my fake job in a totally fictional video game but I'm trying to play it cool so I am going to post my goodbye thread in Orbis Central and not in Alliance Affairs like those other demon lords but also not going to post it in the goodbye thread subforum. Signed, just another attention seeking *****
  7. You're really getting some mileage out of this meme eh?
  8. Car accidents are very serious for sure, kind of like this train wreck of a thread
  9. Oblivion is a dead alliance, why even bother?
  10. I wonder if LPS ever finished those pesky exams.
  11. And then their Ai/Tech is just Borg.
  12. I wish this game actually fricking worked properly for once.
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