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  1. Shame to see you disband, good luck whatever you choose to do
  2. *insert generic comment about how long it lasted here*
  3. But it is almost definitely your most important
  4. One day they're bragging about how far they've gotten, the next they hide from any sign of war. Isn't it fun to watch
  5. Inb4 Immortals ran bank & copying claims.
  6. Best of luck post merger guys!
  7. That is magnificent. If I don't see this on the Schrute Farm page I will be disappointed
  8. Pretty sure it's just nominations rn
  9. So long as reactions aren't enabled on the reports forum imo
  10. I've heard worse ideas
  11. Is this another competitor for the most down voter user? xD
  12. Overpowered If this is to be added it would badly need to be nerfed
  13. Alex does a fantastic job running the game and being an active Dev. There are always room for improvement but especially with the ongoing mess of whatever is happening I think he's doing a fabulous job.
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