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  1. The real problem with this is that RNG is still a factor in Iron Dome RNG is just dumb smh
  2. I think that just shows that even poor advertisements can work well
  3. I think it's about the character's name, not the fact they retire
  4. Wow mid level infra is higher than I thought. Cool proposal though
  5. I'm active on NationStates, and I don't do anything in the World Assembly beside vote, and I have no reason to vote so I wouldn't bother if I wasn't otherwise playing the game. People are active primarily for other reasons, the World Assembly isn't normally the primary reason. Furthermore, this game is quite different to NationStates, with the two games sharing very few similarities. Adding a World Assembly similar to NationStates wouldn't add much to the game imo, given how if there are meaningful changes to a nation as a result of the legislation passed, there would be a few annoyed people. I get you've said that it should be voluntary, but it just wouldn't fit in here. Plus
  6. Except a Hydra makes sense half of the time
  7. You're all laughing now, but before you know it they'll be single-handedly rolling you, this peace is the calm before the storm!
  8. I feel like someone hasn't quite thought about the Bloc's score range, but oh well, I'm sure Fark will enjoy eating popcorn as their smaller score friends get beaten up due to their actions.
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