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  1. Is this another competitor for the most down voter user? xD
  2. Overpowered If this is to be added it would badly need to be nerfed
  3. Alex does a fantastic job running the game and being an active Dev. There are always room for improvement but especially with the ongoing mess of whatever is happening I think he's doing a fabulous job.
  4. If you'd already arranged a trade, then it's not common to decline the trade. Otherwise, no one would buy 1 food for 46k..... or would they
  5. Wait so Is this is a general goons shitpost or something serious? I can never tell
  6. With all this Goons shitposting you can never be sure what's true or not
  7. Customizable Slots are awesome for the navigation bar and it's great to have resources there as standard now, thanks!
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