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  1. Imo, just replace the resources tab with a trade tab and keep the resources at the top of the screen, it's the only bit that I find annoying while playing on mobile.
  2. It could be because you're using the food you're producing, meaning you break even instead of producing any extra food.
  3. People spend lots of money and loose it all.
  4. Just because someone got incredibly lucky doesn't mean it should be removed entirely.
  5. As far as I know, the custom little nation map is purely cosmetic and has no impacts on the game, so I would be against tying in Land ownership with game features. Plus, land in cities is important as it lowers disease and means you can produce more food.
  6. Congrats on peace, good luck in the future!
  7. When you asked for pictures for the DoW and I gave you that, I didn't expect you to use it lmao
  8. Inb4 another dupe scandal
  9. Weren't you guys the Gov behind the recently couped Vanguard? Good luck with your future merger requests and gl on not getting couped next time, choose your Heirs wisely xD
  10. It was a good fun ride Uriah, thanks for being a massive part of the community that got me into the game! Best of luck wherever you go next o7
  11. Trust, I guess it does take some time to learn about the game's mechanics.
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