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  1. Couple of things... Congrats good sir. Proud of you. I killed Arrgh but then gave it back to you guys because you're nice fellas. I did that for a few reasons....As I said...my friend hated you guys but I didn't and I thought it was mildly funny to do what I did...I've played the game for 1700 days or so and it gets a bit bland... Arrgh exists because I allowed it to exist..don't ever mistake that.... I found that Arrgh was just like any other alliance, only with a twist...instead of making bauxite..Arrgh just pillages sleepy folks...that is why Arrgh will always exist as saprophytes...they eat the dead...and when someone strikes back...they just rely on the stupid game mechanic that allows them to continue raiding... That's fine...I do it as well... I wish you guys luck...many great guys and about 4 pirates. Wake up and make a mark or I'll reroll and apply...
  2. I did what I set out to do but In the end I gave it back to Ogaden as although my friend hated Arrgh...I do not.
  3. My best friend died. Taken out early at 35.....it happens... He hated Arrgh because Arrgh was an abberation...they abused the dynamic...which was fair but absurd... So..I quit the game after 1200 days...and then I came back as a ruthless pirate...it is was a long con for my best friend Ryan...death...he wanted to kill Arrgh...and I was conflicted... Excellent people but I did what I had to do to honor his memory...I killed Arrgh..which no one has ever done..it's done...they may remake it...they will coalesce...but for my friend...I did what no one has done...I killed Arrgh...hate it for the guys there....they will hate me..always..but my Friend...Ryan Berkebile...owns you now....he was my best friend....and the long con worked....to my good friends in Arrgh..make another...but know..Ryan Berkebile killed you.. It was all a ruse...and it worked...no one could kill Arrgh...but Death...RYAN BERKEBILE...
  4. As GA of Arrgh, it's good that I'm the 117th person to know. All is as it should be.
  5. It's been a while Orbis. Back in another life, when I was a Lord of Horses and whatnot, I posted quite a bit. Now, I'm just a filthy pirate, making a living on the ineptitude and disinterest of the standard disenfranchised Orbisian citizen...just stealing for my supper. But I suppose, old habits die hard and I chose to Mutiny and try my hand at this Grand Admiral of Arrgh gig. Now most of you know we're just a bunch of honest pirates, prone to copious over-indulgence In rum and debauchery and we aren't adverse to the idea of a little parley, if you would like to come say hello. I do hope in my time as GA of Arrgh, we can all just keep getting along as we steal from and eventually kill your inactive tax-mules...strengthening the herd..so to speak. Due to my proclivity for actual drunkenness, this may be the shortest GA tenure of all time. Happens. Keep fighting Orbis and in the meantime, we abide. Arrgh!
  6. Beige is my favorite color. Tastes like success. Grey is a strong second. Tastes like Apathy Underneath it all: Still Pirate Black
  7. Eh... I read all of it...Every Word! I don't play this game to replicate the Earth. I'm just here to steal some loot, kill imaginary women and children and have a good time. Arrgh!
  8. Arrgh Gentle souls one and all Sure We steal And we kill But not for the Thrill We do it for the kids (not really) Who were told you had to make Orbis into Earth Pay your taxes and tend your crops and give it all to me, me, me Do As you’re told, now children that never gets old Talk all of the time, in flat verse or in rhyme and don’t forget your Mandatory city-builds / minimum military / warchest requirements Or just join Arrgh And realize this can all burn and that's just fine Every story needs a Villain
  9. A couple of notes. That was almost half the length of The United States Constitution. The first 9 IRON Commandments negate or invalidate the tenth. Good luck and all of that though....
  10. We could actually turn this game into a full competition. The personality type that plays this game, generally appreciates stats.
  11. Lord of war: Win 500 wars. God of war: Win 1000 wars. Chaos Incarnate: Destroy 500,000 infra Destroyer of Worlds: Destroy 1,000,000 infra
  12. Alright then. I'm un-credited white walker #4. Maybe 5.
  13. Well, I formally recognize that i can no longer recognize myself in the mirror. What kind of monster have I become? Cost of doing business in this mad, mad world. Guess i'll launch another hastily constructed missile or something and hope for the best.
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