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  1. Just bring back perma-fortify and we don't have to worry about beige. Also Let's run this test-server style and give a MAP every hour instead of every two. It would make things twice as fast (if i ran my figures correctly) and discourage sleep in overly obsessed players, which in turn could lead to sleep-deprivation-insanity, which cures cancer via rapid-onset death (world-record was 11 days if anyone wants to give it a go). or Keep beige as it is (was) and ignore people that whine about slot-filling unless they "donate" a credit or two..you know..."kick a buck if you're able". or also Change the color from beige to purple. I don't know what this solves but it's less harmful than destroying a core part of the combat system. Also or Everyone is going to have an opinion or a gripe or a complaint or another word that means the same thing as a gripe or a complaint. Put beige back in effect for now, stop kowtowing (never used that word in a sentence before, so i'm feeling powerful) to people who think they can run the game better than you and tell them to design, implement and run their own MMO if they don't like this one. Jesus man. You're the god of Orbis. Conduct yourself as most gods do: Remain silent, accept praise and only speak in Earthquake and/or Tsunami when angered.
  2. Hello Orbis, Raoul Duke here, Co-Co-Leader of The Horsemen and verified compulsory beiger. Glad to be a part of this nonsense again and looking forward to blowing up at least 14 more imaginary tanks before I over-extend and lose my illusory air force. But What kind of quagmire is this? Both sides appear to believe they are fighting for the existence of the game. Both sides love giving orders and pretending they are General Patton. Both sides believe the other is the villain. Orbis has become Earth without the real smell of blood or the real pain of death (full disclosure: I've never died but I have seen it. Looks unpleasant.) As always, this could be settled with a virtual handshake and a mandatory "good game" but the powers that remain will continue to whip their followers into a frenzy and demand allegiance and compliance for some goal which is never really defined. This isn't WWIII. This is a group of boys (and maybe 4 chicks) who are using their thumbs or index fingers to do the same thing every politician on the actual earth does: Manipulate, spin and control. Chill out you savages. Roquentin isn't the Great Satan. Adrienne isn't the harbinger of the apocalypse. We're all just people pretending to blow each other up for stats and pride. Alright I have to go air strike UPN for some reason.
  3. It's amazing the conflict that can be created in a world of unlimited resources when you give the players the option to kind of kill one another.
  4. Alliance of the Year: NPO Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: NPO Best Fighters: Mythic Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: NPO Most Active Alliance: Mythic Best Government Line-Up: Best Rookie Alliance: The Immortals Most Honorable: WTF Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: TKR Best Forums: WTF Best Discord: KT Best Alliance Page: TCW Most Controversial Alliance: NPO Best Alliance for New Players: The Immortals Best Economic System: The Immortals Most Missed Alliance from 2019: The Originals Best Re-brand: COS Scariest Alliance: N/A Best Alliance Ad: Arrgh
  5. Well yeah Hope, it's stratergercal.
  6. [DOW] Now look Orbis. This is just micro drama and all that. So just go back to your world wide war. Mythic raids: We absord the pain. Our allies absorb the pain. Rinse and repeat but what the hey, let's have some fun. Let's just get semi crazy. What if, we don't just take the pain? What if we kill a couple thousand tanks and 7 soldiers? So, The Horsemen (totally peaceful and prone to tending to bauxite yields) declare war on the Mythical type fellas. Feels like an Arrgh war circa 2017 doesn't it? Short and sweet my friends, my thumbs are drunk again.
  7. Um...How about just leave it alone? Has there been a vocal majority of players, demanding you nerf Baseball? Is that the highest priority thing out there? Do you enjoy frustrating the people that play your game and in my case, donate to your game? Why even ask us? No one who plays baseball wants you to nerf it...the rest of the people don't play it, so what's the issue? In the last two and a half years i have been playing this game you have added two projects, made a few cosmetic changes and threatened to nerf baseball. That's about it. Why not develop the game instead of taking away a portion of the game some people enjoy and others don't care about?
  8. The game is supposed to be fun man. This is a long haul game. You obviously don't want to quit, so dont quit. There are different types of leaders and different types of alliances. Roquentin is a hands on leader and probably the best in the game (despite our checkered history). He's in it, every minute. Sweet Ronny D surrounded himself with competent people and you can tell he's passionate about the game. The Hippo is charismatic and logical. But these people have to have people they trust and like them, who have the same idea. You have painted yourself into a bit of a corner but the paint dries eventually. Just chill out man. Join an alliance. Contribute. You're not good at inspiring loyalty but you might be one day. Back to my Heinekens.
  9. I am an old person. How may I listen to these programs? I am not hip nor radical and I primarily play this game on a fully restored commodore 64. Please help the elderly of Orbis participate in the youth culture.
  10. New rule: Everytime I get a 504 notification, I am refunded one half of one fourth of a third of a credit I have "donated".
  11. Protip: Only use your own multi as your heir. Cuts down on shenanigans.
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