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  1. Raoul Duke

    The Big Recap

    I'm no student of history but i'm almost certain this is how the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 began.
  2. Raoul Duke


    Welcome Nuke. I'm sure you will find the forums a friendly place where you can freely express your ideas without judgement from your fellow Orbisian citizens. Shields up!
  3. Raoul Duke

    Mountainia draining market resources?

    If i was the creator of this game It would be drawn out on notebook paper and be played only via the United States Postal Service, as i can barely use this keyboard. I think he can do whatever he wants.
  4. Raoul Duke

    The Fraggle Quest To 1000

    I admire your quest but when you reach 999, you should stop...allow the masterpiece to remain unfinished..a final fraggle finger to the gods...
  5. Raoul Duke

    The NR-PR near war.

    These fellas with an alliance score of approximately 1600 may not have experience, or allies or planes but they have the most important thing: A keen sense of honor And In Orbis, we know that honor will take you places....
  6. Raoul Duke

    HorseForce 2000

    We like soup....We wanted a bit for ourselves (in truth it probably was way too hot for us too handle) but we definitely should have tried it. Unfortunately we detected an abundance of spaceology flavored rosehips and knight-infused Spaghetti-Os floating around. You're right though. We should have had some soup, no matter what it tasted like. That's our bad choice. This treaty upgrade is to make it clear that no matter what the soup tastes like from here forward, no matter who is serving it..you're gonna have to serve it to us too.
  7. Raoul Duke

    HorseForce 2000

    Admittedly, I'm confused as well. The author of this treaty is a querulous drunk and cannot be counted on for clarity. Also, querulous didn't mean what I thought it did. Oh well, I'm rolling with it.
  8. Raoul Duke

    HorseForce 2000

    Yep. We definitely had options.
  9. Raoul Duke

    HorseForce 2000

    A long long time ago (almost an eon in Orbisian time) The Horsemen and WTF decided it would be sorta cool if we optionally and occasionally defended one another. Well, in today's Orbis, optional just doesn't seem to cut the mustard as mustard tastes like cold, bitter, yet oddly enjoyable chaos infused soup (mild nuclear aftertaste). So Enough with all the options and such. We need ironclad, mutual, contractually obligating and legally binding shackles of friendship and good will. WTF and Horsemen (The, the is the only thing optional about this treaty.) agree to mutually defend one another from all sorts of pirates, good natured soup slingers with catchy taglines and the occasional top ten alliance, bristling with cash, firepower, ironic nation names and so many planes..so.so many planes. Signed for WTF by me since I'm writing it but I'm sure they agree to it cause they just said it sounded cool And Also signed by me, using my thumbs and Trojan said: "Sorry, I'm mowing and a little drunk but that sounds mighty fine to me." Death tacitly agreed (he's distracted, pitching woo with some uruguayan lady of the night). I forgot to talk to Doctor Famine. Also I'm driving and don't have any pictures available but nevermind that.
  10. Raoul Duke

    Best/worst name

    Doctor Famine or Ripper or Azaghul Testicula Spicy Boi Republoc of angry germans (To be honest, this one is growing on me.)
  11. Raoul Duke

    The Adventures of Fraggle Rock

    Fraggle: Not afraid to play the long game, or short, depending on how you look at it.
  12. Raoul Duke

    Terrible Ideas that would break the game

    I don't particularly think it's ruined or I wouldn't play it.
  13. Raoul Duke

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    A fine Saturday evening (for me) diversion.
  14. Raoul Duke

    Water to quench my thirst

    I can roll with this.
  15. Raoul Duke

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    Ok, i'm getting confused. I thought i had successfully turned this into a (bad) PR campaign for The Horsemen but instead everyone keeps spelling it "horseman". I'm not even sure if there is supposed to be a "The" really. Also Shouldn't a successful war be a sucker punch? Clearly from my war record, I'm no military scientist but it seems somewhat counter-intuitive to announce your intentions to your prospective foe...i don't know....until just a few minutes ago I thought Sun Tzu was just was an all Inclusive resort in the Cayman Islands...lots of people running in slow motion on pristine sandy beaches while the locals serve them drinks and the sun eases gently over the horizon, leading to a tiki-torch- lit night of drunken debauchery.. Turns out Sun Tzu said a bit about war or something...crazy world.

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