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  1. Um...How about just leave it alone? Has there been a vocal majority of players, demanding you nerf Baseball? Is that the highest priority thing out there? Do you enjoy frustrating the people that play your game and in my case, donate to your game? Why even ask us? No one who plays baseball wants you to nerf it...the rest of the people don't play it, so what's the issue? In the last two and a half years i have been playing this game you have added two projects, made a few cosmetic changes and threatened to nerf baseball. That's about it. Why not develop the game instead of taking away a portion of the game some people enjoy and others don't care about?
  2. The game is supposed to be fun man. This is a long haul game. You obviously don't want to quit, so dont quit. There are different types of leaders and different types of alliances. Roquentin is a hands on leader and probably the best in the game (despite our checkered history). He's in it, every minute. Sweet Ronny D surrounded himself with competent people and you can tell he's passionate about the game. The Hippo is charismatic and logical. But these people have to have people they trust and like them, who have the same idea. You have painted yourself into a bit of a corner but the paint dries eventually. Just chill out man. Join an alliance. Contribute. You're not good at inspiring loyalty but you might be one day. Back to my Heinekens.
  3. I am an old person. How may I listen to these programs? I am not hip nor radical and I primarily play this game on a fully restored commodore 64. Please help the elderly of Orbis participate in the youth culture.
  4. New rule: Everytime I get a 504 notification, I am refunded one half of one fourth of a third of a credit I have "donated".
  5. Protip: Only use your own multi as your heir. Cuts down on shenanigans.
  6. Finally a lasting peace and an end to needless conflict. Now we can all instead work together in a 9000 nation cooperative baseball league, spamming til our hearts are content...infinite cash..everyone just getting-right-along...bygones are finally bygones... 40 cities and 10,000 infra will now be the new norm and we can all agree 90 windmills is the way to go... When peace becomes tiresome, we will simply delete our own nations and the server will go quiet....our own final version of Nirvana finally a reality...but we won't know it...as we will be somewhere out in the sun
  7. Well, I made it through 27 pages. Something about TKR and NPO or something. I think i saw the word "obfuscated". I don't know what that means but i like it in theory and i'm immediately going to buy two of them. The constitution of the United States of America is 4,543 words but this is definitely better.
  8. Well go for it. I think I waited 30 days or so to announce our existence..maybe 172..I misremember. Protip: immediately declare on Acadia to let Orbis know you're serious...no idea why I chose Acadia..no more drunken forum posts..I promise after this one.
  9. I would prefer more posts of this ilk. This is a game for fun correct? Who doesnt like coal?
  10. Hello Orbis, Again Those Fark fellas (upon closer inspection) seem to be mighty fine and as such we decided to forego the courting period and just go ahead and get hitched with a totally platonic-full-old-fashioned MDOAP. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you know what that means and I don't have to list 9 articles that don't mean much. Basically Horsemen help Fark. Fark help Horsemen. Until we have a scandalous falling out and WTF nukes us both. Along with WTF we will now be known as The Blood-Death-Scary-Nefarious-intentioned World-Farking-Horse-Force-men. The above name is still in the beta stage but in the meantime we will just be three separate alliances not hellbent on Orbisian domination. Signed for The Horsemen: Jesus The Ghost of Chris Farley Signed for Fark: Some guy named Chuck 1997 version of Jennifer Anniston
  11. No. We didn't. We were there from the first blitz to the last.
  12. Hello Orbis, Marginal-Micro-Former-Meat-Shield-Co-Leader of The Horsemen here. Just a simple announcement (Full Disclosure, I'm 44% drunk) but unfortunately we will be severing all ties with The New Pacific Order, effective immediately. We have always been a loyal bunch but We were lied to, for whatever reason....and I don't even care to investigate the reason..or explain the reason...as even in our dissolution..The Horsemen will do our best to be loyal....even to an alliance that doesn't deserve it. So NPO, best of luck to you. I'm sure you will find the happiness and Orbis Domination you are looking for but as for The Horsemen, we do what we say we will do and we expect the same from our allies. My responsibility to my guys is number 1. Maintaining an alliance with a group that only sees us as a meat-shield cannot continue. I'm keeping this brief. If I continue to type, vitriol and nonsense will come forth. Also, the average attention span of the modern human is 300 words or less. Ok, full, full disclosure..i'm 74% drunk. -The Dude Oh yeah..we withdraw from this nonsense (war).
  13. I just saw there was an Orbis-wide famine and wanted to give 10% of my food (and resources) to various strangers.
  14. Its..all on fire..beautiful..fire...
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