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  1. Who would have thought an apology thread would turn into such a troll fest. There's a lot of growing up needed throughout Orbis.
  2. Look at that paint job
  3. Weebs are annoying but this post is useless and therefore more annoying.
  4. Thanks for the update Alex. Let's see how it works out!
  5. I'm surprised this wasn't another pledge joke thread. It's worse.
  6. Y'all keep throwing whatever name you want at him. Spaghetti complex.
  7. Hope is not a woman as far as I know?
  8. Sorry to see you go EM. Hope you come back. I know Lyanna will miss you
  9. I'm excited to see a well established and seasoned community join us. Congratulations on your formation and good luck!
  10. Didn't Seb beige EM? EDIT: So did Abyss. TEst gave him five days of beige right after all of your comments. Oof.
  11. Cypher isn't a leader
  12. Cypher doesn't speak for H$. neither do you.
  13. What authority do you speak with? :X
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