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  1. Needing a NAP with Fark is outright paranoia. Holy buddah.
  2. I resent this statement. You don't even know what math is you dweeb!
  3. That's another thing. What happens to taxes once the bank hits cap? Do you just not get taxed anymore? Do the money/resources that get taxed get deleted?
  4. The numbers would need to be wayyyy higher. even at 10mil per city the bank would be useless. It would also give a huge advantage to mass recruit alliances like NPO, BK, TKR, and Arrgh. The whaling one. They could hold on to way more for less of a cost.
  5. One alliance, under atom, indivisible.
  6. You're right, he is completely calm and coherent in his post.
  7. and I'm the one that's triggered? Rage more.
  8. Then why are you trying to spin it like BC wasn't forced out and that you weren't rolled because of BC leaking?
  9. Compelling arguments. Truly compelling.
  10. They were forced out of Vanguard, ask anyone in it lol. And they were rolled because they were leakier than a busted fire hydrant.
  11. They did though. Albeit they changed their name. Goes to show how aware you cats are.
  12. Didn't FR get kicked out of some Bloc and rolled by it because they were such terrible allies?
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