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  1. I'd like to add they still get penalties of losing i.e. infra damage and loot and bank loot. But they should not be protected.
  2. There is already an abundance of resources, I don't think adding them will help. The alliances should be user defined not Alex designed, challenges wouldn't accommodate player design and things might get cookie cutter like in idle tap games.
  3. Destroying land makes no sense. You can't destroy land. If a nation is bombed their land doesn't disappear into the ether.
  4. I think before we add more to the game we need to improve server performance. I.e. politics and snore. The game is down 2hrs total (5 min before and after turn change) on a good day.
  5. Congrats on peace. May you find better allies that don't abandon you after getting caught cheating! They were underserving of your unyielding loyalty.
  6. Does this mean we cannot expect to see 'pirate wars?'
  7. Why is he allowed to cheat? Also DNFJ is a burnt donut, he cannot be trusted.
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=182088&display=bank NSFL Don't click on the link unless your a mod, you'll regret it. He sold all his stuff and transferred it. He's obviously intending to get deleted so his resources and cash being transferred out is also a rules violation and should be deleted out of the respective banks.
  9. Didn't DNFJ brag about goons destroying communities when they first popped up?
  10. We were fighting each other just fine before. t$ /pre vs Alpha 2
  11. Sad to see they would rather destroy their own community then have white peace in a war
  12. This is the most thorough explanation of a ban I've seen. Kudos to Alex for defending his position, even though if you read the document it's more than enough. Most admins say "I AM GOD BAN!"
  13. Welcome to the fight! And welcome to Orbis!
  14. Why not have a system that's a gamble. Games are automated but you manage the team and their tactics. Have a 'baseball season' a point cap system so you have to strategically pick you players and what they're good at, and a pay out system based on how far your team gets. peopel could still play baseball, it would be more fun since you'd have to actually think instead of just spam investment. And you completely eliminate any botting
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