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  1. Is he really still running with this? He's more proud than I thought.
  2. The chest thumping in this thread is hilarious. I love it when people call other's 'children.' It's so....simple. EDIT: It's so childish!
  3. Yes. You still get beige loot and you do 4% infra damage to each city still.
  4. The coalition whose alliances are no longer in the game?
  5. Alex seems to be catering to 4 or 5 members of the game, and lashing out like a toddler against the rest of the game. Favoritism no bueno. EDIT: He won't even consider the dozens of suggestions to the problems presented over the years. He just ends beige and cries.
  6. What are you talking about? Micros are complaining too.
  7. Welcome friends! glad you folks found your way to the righteous planet of Orbis.
  8. Their government was caught illicitly generating resources twice while trying to get have the game to quit by placing us in a perpetual war. The high gov was banned so NPO and their allies quit the game and tried to coerce as many people as they could to quit too. They or their friends also review bombed the game with outlandish claims like this was a pedo ring. They aren't welcome round these parts.
  9. Are you trying to say Fark is not an alliance?
  10. Who would have thought an apology thread would turn into such a troll fest. There's a lot of growing up needed throughout Orbis.
  11. Look at that paint job
  12. Weebs are annoying but this post is useless and therefore more annoying.
  13. Thanks for the update Alex. Let's see how it works out!
  14. I'm surprised this wasn't another pledge joke thread. It's worse.
  15. Y'all keep throwing whatever name you want at him. Spaghetti complex.
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