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  1. Lots of wars recently. Who said multipolar was bad for the game?
  2. I don't think TKR is bad. I had no interest in hitting TKR again. They are no longer the problem in the game. Thank you for proving one of my points!
  3. No on blanketed TKR/Wayward. At least I didn't. I merely pointed out the irony of Mayor's silence over the years, and the fact that he's in the alliance that is likely the largest offender of fighting in 'dog piles.' You can step off your mini horse.
  4. I love how suddenly people are 'opposed' to dog piling wars. Couldn't get a peep out of them when certain spheres/alliances went around dogpiling in much greater numbers.? nevermind the history of the alliance, likely the largest offender of 'dog piles.'
  5. Cata trying to get us to hit Rose and t$ instead of TKR back in June makes a little more sense now.
  6. This is how people have been playing the game for how long? Suddenly you want to change how the rule is enforced. You're being inconsistent. I think that's what the outrage is about. You still do damage to someone when you declare on them, you cost them more money and who knows you might get an opportunity to get a missile or nuke. Expecting nations in a losing war to do nothing and get beat down indefinitely is an unrealistic expectation on your part.
  7. People did get upset with y'alls behavior. That was the whole point of knightfall. You consolidated the upper tiers, much like you have done now, and went around hitting people significantly weaker than you. I don't understand why you're so upset! We're 17 nations, y'all are over 200. We didn't even hit Grumpy and the salt is flowing from you.
  8. I can't imagine why people would be upset with Grumpy for only making offensive efforts in dog piles, then find it amusing when 200+ nations can't handle the 17 Grumpy would normally be harassing to secure and consolidate the upper tier.
  9. Llama head. Never call randy a horse! He's liable to raid your village for that!
  10. 5/10 for lazy edit job! We had at least six easter eggs in ours!
  11. Announcement from the Church of Atom The Church is declaring victory after Papal intelligence services confirmed that Hollestial has indeed disbanded. Our primary objective has been achieved. We will continue a limited special military operation against TKR as they have wide swaths of infrastructure that need to be deinfratized. We thank the community for all it's support and will continue to work to make Orbis a better place!
  12. None of your points have been accurate. Until we allied t$ we spent all of our wars fighting the preminent force, and even then. Whether that be you, t$, Mensa, GG, NPO. You can't name a single example other than our last war of us not fighting a dominant sphere aside from our spats with arrgh.
  13. We were asked to join, and last second hence our delayed entry. I don't know if you're trolling, or if you're actually that dense. That's incredible.
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