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    Bah Warn points lame
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    EM was hitted by a Jodie


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    They can not delete me, losers

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  1. That depends mostly in config of discord. Dumdum
  2. Is my account removed? Nope. Then I still around. Geez, so retard with your obvious comments.
  3. Being your post is reason enough to be toxic
  4. Tapatios

    NPO issues

    Awwww how kind of you..... Take a cookie ?
  5. "Whaaaaaaa! Is a liar! Daddy Alex! This guy is harassing me, whaaaaaaa!"
  6. Cheater talking of experience of cheats
  7. Mall, all your words are appreciated, I would like to quote you this, I cannot talk in behalf of all my fellow brothers of BK, but I deleted my nation not because I think that other will not accept me. That is the least of concerns. I deleted by the lack of morals that @Alex holds, by his inneptittude to set clear and fair rules, by his lack of attention to potential security breaches in his code, at the end, you and I are players, today you were enemy and tomorrow ally (Except EM, he is a Zero to the left). That is the amazing thing of Internet games, we build through connections, but when administration is neglect and arbitrary, better walk out. Tho, I will add you in discord and perhaps in a near future we could cross ways in another community. But thanks for your kind words.
  8. The sidetrack of trying to get myself deleted from forum is that I will miss so hard the lame (not so lame, mostly oppositive, and better adj wud be: wonderful) posts of @hope

  9. Are you using short lights? Anyone clicking will go to their nations because is a loop link. I mean, obs u are using short lights EM....
  10. I mean.... I changed my forum nick, Dumbass, you can literally see my profile. And see thst has like 110 days old or else. So you should just grow up and do not cry because someone tells you the truth, like now. "BUAAAAAAAA, DADDY ALEX! THIS GUY CALLED TAPATIOS CALLED ME CHEAT0R, AND IS A VIOLATUON OF MY FEELINGS!"
  11. You should add that I called retard and alex but mostly you in Moderation support with my request of account deletion. You do not need my nation, the nation is deleted, tho if Alex can delete the account of in-game, I would be pleased I do not want my data in Jodie's hands. And you are just such a baby.... Ignore the words... Are you gonna cry in street if someone call you names? Such pathetic @Bjorn Ironside
  12. I am stating that you are a shitbag Cheat0r, I do not need to hand proofs that you will deny, in your own dark soul you know you are. It is your broken Morals and lack of Ethics what makes you deny the truth. So, Okay Boomer.
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