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  1. Thank you all very much for the fascinating game. I wish all players good luck. As a community you are amazing. Don't let the AFRL affect your IRL. Goodbye.
  2. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=182153 Ruler Name: Magister / Illuminati Nature of Violation: abuse of the in-game messaging system
  3. @REAP3R Edited. I hope you understand. Let's just respect each other.
  4. @hope Exactly. Thank you for understanding. We are very grateful from the very beginning to everyone for any constructive criticism and advice. However, it is unacceptable to insult us or any other players, especially on Discord. Everyone should respect each other and enjoy gameplay. All of us must contribute to the improvement of community standards and exterminate all toxic players. From the very beginning, Interstellar leadership immediately bans members who underestimates community standards through their bad behavior and toxic language. Since the beginning of Interstellar, some people have been trying to manipulate us into engaging in war. I would like to thank Opus Dei for all the good words and for respecting our decision to remain neutral. All of you should know that several leaders do not want to participate in this war, but they do not have the courage to quit and ask for peace. I wish them all the more courage to negotiate and sign individual peace treaties. @REAP3R I'm not obliged to share all the internal affairs of our alliance with you but there were many reasons why we didn't want to engage into war. Certanly one of the smaller reasons was calling us a "shitty alliance" on the forum by your leader, Akuryo from Nort Point at 29 December, 2019. We also have hard evidence that some alliances have conspired against Interstellar recently to destroy us. We wish everyone good luck.
  5. It was for fun but you are too limited to understand the post. Thank you all for showing me who is who in Orbis and the huge differences in community standards between alliances. I understood who the devil really is. The fact that you play longer does not give you the right to insult new players. You act like little screaming children who probably shouldn't use the internet at all.
  6. Our "micro", Interstellar, Alliance rank # 23 (117 Days Old) Your "micro", Knights Templar, Alliance Rank: # 50 (1,078 Days Old)
  7. The "micro" alliance caused an explosion of a huge emotional bomb made of toxic waste. lmao
  8. @Lord VaderOur embassy has been deleted and I was banned from The Immortals discord for no reason (I haven't even posted anything), so I can't confirm whether you are lying or telling the truth this time. We have not received any logistical or military support from our protector. Anyway, the conversation with you is over.
  9. @Royal Confederacy First of all allies should respect the signed treaties. There is a difference between individual treaties. Interstellar was affiliated with Immortals through a protectorate treaty. A treaty that was canceled by TI. @Lord Vader I don't know what you're talking about at all. You were the ones who were attacked. Recent events have convinced me that we have made the right decision by signing treaty with Opus Dei. Their standards and communication skills are very different from yours. I will certainly remember that you have called us traitors. Mark my words. MDP: Mutual Defense Pact. Both parties agree to come to the other's defense if attacked MDoAP: Mutual Defense and Optional Agression Pact. Both parties agree to come to the other's defense if attacked, and have the option to help in the other party's offensive endeavors ODP: Optional Defense Pact: Both parties agree to optionally helping the other if they are attacked ODoAP: Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact: Both parties agree to help the other if they are attacked, and have the option to help in the other party's offensive endeavors Protectorate: A one-way MDP wherein one alliance agrees to protect another. The protected alliance is under no obligation to defend the protector. NAP: Non-aggression pact. Both parties agree not to attack each other. PIAT: Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty. Both parties agree to help each other and pledge non-aggression, but are not obligated to defend each other.
  10. You only prove how small and hypocritical you are. The Immortals acted without honor and did not respect the signed protectorate treaty with Interstellar.
  11. @Gatorcock This is not the official position of Interstellar but the private opinion of a member who fought very well, sacrificing everything. You should thank him. Since we are so "micro" then why all of you are so emotional? Stop being so toxic.
  12. I will repeat once again. We have not joined any coalition. We were not obliged by the protectorate treaty with TI to engage in war. We signed NAP and immediately after that The Immortals canceled our protectorate treaty. Interstellar as independent alliance had the right to decide not to participate in the war. Opus Dei, as always, showed the highest standards of the PnW community during the peace negotiation process with Interstellar.
  13. I would like to remind you that Interstellar has never joined any coalition. We have not started this global war. We had only a protectorate treaty with The Immortals that did not oblige us to participate in the war. We will not allow anyone to force us to participate in a conflict that we do not support. First, some of you call Interstellar a "shitty alliance" and then you want us to fight for you? Hypocrites.
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