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  1. Buorhann

    Round 5 at The Great Fire

    Small show tonight. Wanted to explore what happened in 2018, then interact with the community who sat and listened in. Was a differently done format. We'll be going back to the original format after this latest war ends (Will post up the date once the war ends), and I'll be seeking out a interview as well.
  2. Buorhann

    Round 5 at The Great Fire

    New year, new... me? Topic: Taking a look back through 2018 and the decisions done When: Thursday, Jan 17th, 8pm EST Where: https://discord.gg/Z2gPsKM Guest: N/A Length: 1 to 2 hours of Hippo rambling
  3. Buorhann

    Round 5 at The Great Fire

    I'm terrible. We're starting in a few minutes.
  4. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    100 upvotes for Rado's twerk. We want this to happen. You want this to happen. (He deleted the message in Great Job! chat, so we have to pseudo do it here) This is the song in question he'll video tape himself twerking to.
  5. Buorhann

    To whoever put a 50M nuclear bounty on me...

    Damn, I misclicked. If you'd send me back the $50mil, I'll reapply it correctly on Attrition like I originally wanted to~
  6. Buorhann

    Lordaeron Announcement

    Signed. (Apparently this is Hippo in sign language. Seems fitting)
  7. Buorhann

    Is it salt day today?

    Apparently it was Salty Day afterall.
  8. Buorhann

    Lordaeron Announcement

    That would be element85. Not you. I'll repeat again, learn the history before spouting off and knee jerking. Ok ok, last reply to this guy in this thread. I was up late at night reading through all the posts here since I can't sleep.
  9. Buorhann

    Lordaeron Announcement

    I'm actually going to address this on my next show when I talk about the decisions done throughout the year and the consequences of them. Why would I disavow it? I have more important stuff to pay attention to. He's not downvoting you now, so you can rest easy.
  10. Buorhann

    Lordaeron Announcement

    Probably a good thing you deleted your DMs to me on Discord, I'd have posted them here for all to see - just to show the multiple sides you expressed to me. You have some sort of weird obsession over me for some odd reason. I wonder though, if I hadn't ignored your messages to me, would you still have been this triggered? It also strikes me odd that people are so upset by the reputation pixels I've built up since I've joined the game. I have never asked for it, it's just a culmination since I've joined back in 2015. Feel free to have a rep war over my account, it seems it's already going on as it is with people mass downvoting or upvoting on their own will. Here's the thing you don't understand @Noctis, you're not aware of anybody's history in this community. Especially mine. You are completely ignoring all the good advice in the Support section of this forum where people clearly tell new players to learn the community at large before spouting off. Regardless of that number beneath my name (Whether it's high or low), you'll never come close to the amount of contributions I've provided to others in this community. The fact you rage out ever since being removed from Bad Company is the reason why no one really takes you serious. This is why you announcing your FA of Death Watch will never be taken serious and your alliance will just remain as a Protector's lapdog. Do take care though and continue to maintain having a Protector, because as soon as you move away or have it dropped - your alliance will be grounded down. Hell, I just may call for it when I'm bored enough. (Sidenote #1: Just FYI, Settra/Rickky kept downvoting you because you kept replying to him and feeding his attention. He's also the only one to really proceed with tenacity on downvoting, as that's his shtick.) (Sidenote #2: I never once mentioned about "claiming" to be "best poster". That award should go to TheNG who's fricking hilarious 99% of the time with his posts. I have stated early in 2018 that once I surpass Kurdanak, since he seemed to have stopped posting, that I would want to be mass downvoted right after as a joke. Plus if I really want to stroke my ego here, I have a God of Upvotes image of a cute Hippo, so... suck it. Before you spout off on that, I did suggest a image of a Baboon for Kurdanak instead.)
  11. Buorhann

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    That shouldn't even be a surprise. When you have a treaty web like this, you're going to have issues with alliances making friends with other alliances that just so happen to be tied to in some 6 degrees of Protectorate status. Most of the major alliances in the game right now will have issues like this, not just BK. Just chalk it up to another reason why Protectorate ties suck (Also that alliances need to seriously vet those alliances they're thinking about protecting before actually doing it). Hell, this doesn't even compare to earlier issues during the war with other alliances hiding banks for their friends.
  12. Buorhann

    Join the Hivemind

    Hrm, I may be able to make it to that show. I'll have to listen in if they don't require me to stay at work.
  13. Buorhann

    BK - Ads

    And you guys just had to go and roll their alliance. For shame.
  14. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    100 “Likes” @Radoje Lets get to work on this.
  15. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    Hahahahaha wtf
  16. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    >Fake deal You obviously don’t know me and my history with Rado. The two of us go back. I also find it strangely odd that there’s a couple of people concerned about reps when you can clearly counteract it by downvoting other posts, if it’s that much of a problem for you. Am I really the one concerned about it or is it those trying to stir drama about it? I’m just trying to have a fun moment, similar to how I helped encourage Charlie on doing the John Lennon pic (which is priceless). Anyone else could’ve created this thread. Chances are, you’d probably cry out the same way. If you’re concerned about reps, maybe do something worthy yourself?
  17. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    79, @Radoje (You might as well record it now)
  18. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    It’s like Shifty and Rickky can’t afford to pay attention.
  19. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    61 votes @Radoje In honor of this, here’s a video to help you impress us.
  20. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    You’re not getting out of this. We have to have something top @Charlie Traveler‘s John Lennon pic. You can downvote an older post to counteract it if you want. It’s not about the reps for myself, it’s about having Rado honor his word.
  21. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    We’re working with what he offered. 30 votes so far, @Radoje. Steadily climbing. Better get those glutes tightened up.
  22. Buorhann

    Big favor Orbis Community

    I'm going to make sure Rado honors this.
  23. Buorhann

    Round 5 at The Great Fire

    Rickky has undertaken actions to disgrace the Hippo Khan. Considering who he is, it is doubtful he’ll turn back from his sinful ways.
  24. Buorhann

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    How does it fix the issue again?
  25. Buorhann

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    Typhoon existed for nearly 2 years and very briefly cracked the Top 30 a few times. Has 121 members in with several other Applicants. Cannot recall if it ever participated in a major war. All it does is prey on inactive/micro tier areas of the game. Its protected by Pantheon and TUE (lol wtf). Its pretty much the trashcan alliance of nations who join the game then don’t do anything, most likely because theirs no ambition in it. Its a terrible alliance for wasting a lot of potential it could have.

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