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  1. It's rather disappointing to see just how many of the posts here are little more than spitefully-worded jibes written to get just one last word in. A significant portion of the people in this game who you've fought against, or disagreed with our just simply disliked is now gone. You did it. You've won. There's nothing to be lost by being the least bit gracious about it. I'm not Noctis' biggest fan but I can see that he gets it better than a lot of you here. I haven't really found myself caring that much about the inter-alliance politics here and had almost zero personal interaction with BK, but I wish them well and I hope that even if I'd been on the other side I'd be saying the same. There are plenty of examples of less-than-pleasant behavior in this game from people on all sides, so if you'd rather default to "Yes but what about... then you may do so to your heart's content, but I have little interest. I'm only interested in the individual, and my request to each individual is that if you're going to be the predominant face of the community from here on, spare a thought for how you appear to others. I won't trouble you any longer. Best of luck to everyone in BK.
  2. I think we can all agree that NPO's money could have been better spent elsewhere and that financially aiding an ally so that both would be able to support each other was a foolish venture at best.
  3. Personally, I've found the "and" portion of the game pretty entertaining.
  4. I think I speak for everyone when I say: this is a thing that happened
  5. I've heard they're super bad at embedding images too
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