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  1. Fulcrum


    This copypasta immediately fell from funny to despicable
  2. I’m more of a Honda Civic guy myself
  3. Whose exams? Good idea on paper, but it doesn't really work because people have exams on different times of the year.
  4. Fulcrum


    The most recent war went on for way too long and ended with both sides making more sacrifices than desired, but in general you want war because it boosts activity, brings your alliance/bloc/sphere together, tells you who you can count on, and creates great propaganda.
  5. Considering it was only three turns, is there a possibility the user decided to try it out, check back in a day, and report it? But then again you did say the money was transferred and the nation put in VM, so I guess not.
  6. Here in Japan KFC is the only place I have access, so even if it’s not on your list KFC has a special place in my heart.
  7. Sanreizan is open to any former BK members looking for a home. We harbor no bad feelings, you're good fighters and important members of the community.
  8. Your first act as the new leader seems quite wholesome
  9. If the leaders of these alliances want to be pathetic that's up to them. But let's not get the good, ordinary members of these alliances who didn't get asked to get sucked into this mess. To use what was said in this post, they weren't a part of the conspiracy. To the members dragged into these unfortunate circumstances, we are with you! We harbor no hard feelings toward you! I think all of us former war opponents agree with me that you are welcome to our alliances!
  10. These are good, dedicated players. I don't want them to be homeless raid targets or to feel hopeless and delete their nations.
  11. In the end, this is a game. We had our wars, but they were fun times. I for one can say I have no bad feelings towards the members of the alliances I fought, and should any of you want to join our Discord server—even as a visitor—we can enjoy some pretty fun conversations.
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