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  1. Does this include CoA, Alpha and AFT? They're pretty buff in the whale tier.
  2. Happy birthday, here's to six more years.
  3. In places like the war timeline, banking, revenue page, nation stockpile toolbar, trading page, data visualization page, project page cost info, military unit cost/consumption info, city improvements page... the order that each resource appears in is inconsistent. It would be more professional looking and user friendly to just pick one order and stick with it across the whole game. The trading and data visualization page in particular seems really random, but the fact that the resources appear in different order on the war timeline page (loot taken vs resources consumed) should be cleaned up too.
  4. Likewise for Guardian, out of the 11 nations we had <20 cities at the start of the war, seven were in the top 100 nations for most wars. Our other nations that made the top 100 were more typical of downdeclarers. Many of them were not in a good spot at the start of the war, but Roasis let them rebuild and they were wrecking havoc in rounds 2-3. #16 Carycyn - 42 wars (16c at start) #28 Zolgar - 36 wars (16c at start) #33 Cthulhu - 34 wars (30c at start) #37 Molang - 33 wars (17c at start) #44 Roman Von Sternberg - 32 wars (16c at start) #57 Zukran - 31 wars (27c at start) #58 Kinns - 30 wars (19c at start) #72 Kalupses - 28 wars (16c at start) #77 Charles Bolivar - 27 wars (28c at start) #100 Caesar Gorandius - 26 wars (16c at start) Our <20c tier wasn't just doing easy raids on inactives either, there was quite a bit of conventional fighting from them too. In fact five of them did over $1billion net damage. Roasis did not have a single <25c nation that did over $1b net. The only nations they had that did >1b net were 3 upper tier nuke turrets and one upper tier nation that managed to loot an offshore.
  5. Should've renamed to Michael Packard Coalition imo.
  6. Air strikes are so ridiculous, my opponents keep getting immense triumphs and killing mass amounts of planes even when they have less than I do.
  7. Memph

    Code go brrrr

    Because the bug made you lose all your money which causes your power plants to go un-powered. I think everyone lost power.
  8. When the war was happening, a lot of Coalition A nations weren't buying resources, either because they had stopped fighting conventionally and were mostly raiding, or because they didn't have any money for buying stuff or were under blockade. Coalition B nations also didn't need much resources to keep Coalition A pinned in the later stages of the war. So demand was actually quite a bit lower than it would be in a shorter war, and supply was relatively high thanks to the GPWC tax farms. Now, most nations have rebuild their infra, so they're producing a lot of cash, but a lot of them are still working on rebuilding warchests, so they're buying a lot of resources and can afford to pay a higher price.
  9. There was a nation that was set to Guardian applicant status before the wars were declared, but our bank still got looted yesterday and this morning. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=614240 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=614229
  10. NPO haven't declared an offensive war in over a week. Seems legit.
  11. I was already regretting peacing you guys out so I'm glad you broke the NAP for us so we wouldn't have to.
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