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  1. The post that started it all for me.
  2. I still remember logging into the high school library Windows 2000 computers during lunch break to message our protectorate in IRC to log in and deal with the rogue and avoid causing a global war because this was in the days before most people had smart phones or laptops.
  3. Guardian: strength in unity On December 7, 2007, a baby Guardian was born from the merger of Genesis and Mutual Defense Coalition. From our birth on the moon, we have journeyed across many different planets, before finally coming down to Orbis in December 2013, which we have called home ever since. To celebrate the occasion, we've prepared a history of Guardian, covering all the major games we participated in prior to P&W. History of Guardian Feel free to join us on our lawn this evening and to share in the 'member berries. Guardian Public Discord
  4. This mechanic just gives the losing side the opportunity to fight back if they are determined and well organized, which I think is good for the game. Allowing for guerilla tactics is always a good thing. If the losing side can only watch their infra burn while they're getting rolled for weeks I think a lot of them would quit. As SRD said you can only do 15city down decs if you're losing and have low infra and low military.
  5. Basically, for the next two days, I should have had either my defensive slots full of 3 dead guys, or (since they seem inclined to beige), 2 days beige with my 2 remaining defensive wars (which may well become additional beiges, we'll see). But I shouldn't have to be dealing with new opponents (Bopolo), that only happened due to the MAP glitch.
  6. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=1429008 So I was pinning my 3 attackers who had no ground or air. Since I was winning and no-one new/strong could declare on me, I wanted to take advantage of that and hit a new opponent. Only thing is I had to do so before day-change, since that's when my opponents could beige me (the only thing they had on me was ships, which was enough to beige). I had the ability to beige them, but decided not to, to avoid opening up a new defensive slot. We decided to hit Fostraque at 5:59pm game time. I get my war dec page open, find out one of my team-mates already declared, declare, and then find out somehow I got beiged. Turns out Kadalle was able to naval strike me twice (8 MAPs) when he only had 4 MAPs saved up. Now instead of having 2 days beige at day-change and no new defensive opponents, giving me a chance to smack around Fostraque, I have no beige and got immediately slotted by a big boi, making my offensive war significantly more difficult to win, and also making it more difficult for my team-mates (Blande and Romax) to win the wars they launched on Fostraque at the same time.
  7. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=1398402 Had 12 turns, did 3 GAs, still had 6 MAPs left instead of 3, and was able to do a naval strike and still have 2 MAPs left after doing 13 MAPs worth of attacks.
  8. Glad you didn't delete VDS, that would be cheating.
  9. Looking forward to an exciting war in the c5 tier!
  10. Does this include CoA, Alpha and AFT? They're pretty buff in the whale tier.
  11. Happy birthday, here's to six more years.
  12. In places like the war timeline, banking, revenue page, nation stockpile toolbar, trading page, data visualization page, project page cost info, military unit cost/consumption info, city improvements page... the order that each resource appears in is inconsistent. It would be more professional looking and user friendly to just pick one order and stick with it across the whole game. The trading and data visualization page in particular seems really random, but the fact that the resources appear in different order on the war timeline page (loot taken vs resources consumed) should be cleaned up too.
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