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  1. Game's been down for the past 5 minutes. Is the game just going to be down at every day-change now? Error 524 Ray ID: 5056624c6c9027d8 • 2019-08-12 23:56:06 UTC A timeout occurred
  2. I think all of them. I tried buying tanks, planes and soldiers and it didn't work. Tried loading my war page and another nation's page too and it didn't work either. Can you at least reset my plane buy for today since I never made an aircraft purchase order today?
  3. Yeah the game's been really slow for the past 20 minutes. I tried buying planes 2 minutes before day-change as part of a double buy but it only went through as the post day-change airplane buy. Now both day's buys are ruined because a single buy of planes is basically useless and I can't double buy at the next day-change either. Gift my nation 950 planes kthx...
  4. You should attack some of the nations that beiged a nation called Movania, allowing him to fight back against his remaining opponents. One of the nations that beiged him is called Sphinx, and the other is Goosinator from an alliance called New Pacific Order.
  5. The situation with City 20 NPO nations struggling to take on City 28 nations is imo the result of a combination of lower activity levels among the alliances in their coalition that have 21-25 city nations, with somehow doing poorly in a spy war where they outnumbered KETOG/Chaos coalition's spy counts 4 to 1.
  6. Knights Republic shows up as having a blockade on me even though they have no ships. Pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to work.
  7. @ZootI've found that sometimes with people who struggle to understand seemingly simple concepts like @Arathorn, using analogies can be helpful. Basically, this is like if you hire a hitman to kill someone, and then when the hitman declines and word reaches the target, you're shocked that the target decides they want to have you dead.
  8. @ZootI guess now we know why they're losing the war. Their members really are that dumb.
  9. I think the unleashing of the Wrath of God upon the Khwarezmian Empire might be a better template for TGH but I'm totally down for the salting of Carthage as a template for this war.
  10. I think you misread my post.
  11. Since some here are mentioning salt. You can expect your fields to be covered in an ocean's worth of salt soon enough.
  12. To all the Roqbots selling infra to try to get out of range... You do realize I'll be able to reach down to like 2475 score with my 2610 plane nation once I get beiged right? I'm also quite willing to sell a few planes if that helps me reach targets.
  13. Thank you for helping us continue our effort to lower our infra levels. It'll have us looking nice and trim for our date with BK.
  14. Your "predicament" was entirely of your doing.
  15. Sure, you can say that the fact that some nations on our side have lower value infra should be taken into account when trying to assess how well each side is fighting. But that doesn't mean we aren't still winning quite handily on total infra units (rather than value) destroyed, planes destroyed, tanks destroyed, loot etc.
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