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  1. Memph

    Guardian Multis

    This was reported and dismissed a year ago. I would advise you to please read the second and third sentence in the screenshot you provided.
  2. Memph

    EMC-Nuke Bloc War Propaganda Thread

  3. I'm not sure if it's just that the espionage report message for a failed op on nukes is "failed to sabotage missiles" or if there's some sort of bug that causes missiles to get targeted by spy ops from time to time, but it's happened dozens of times this war and I'd be surprised if we mis-clicked when we selected the espionage target that often.
  4. Memph

    Name that war!

    Lets get lit. ... anyone else hungry?
  5. Wow you sure know a lot about the internal workings of our alliance. Do you have a spy?
  6. Memph

    Declaration of War on Gaurdian

    At least he spelled our name right.
  7. Memph

    We're All Out of Bubblegum

    I think my 20 cities only took 17 last war which was disappointing since the previous two wars they all got nuked. Maybe I can get to 100 eaten total?
  8. Memph

    Terminal News Hour: Live peace negotiations!

    There he goes. Playing the victim. Again.
  9. Memph

    What is the most important step a man can take?

    Good luck TKR!
  10. Hi yo children, hide yo wife, hide yo husband Taylor Alison of Clan Swift, First of Her Name, The Unshaken, Queen of Country, Pop and the Tabloids, Mother of Swifties, Slayer of Performances, Queen of the Charts, Breaker of Hearts, Master of Bridges, Destroyer of Records, Knitter of Sweaters, Empress of the Great Snake Pit is back and she's out for blood. Wait, sorry, what's going on here again?
  11. Memph

    Let's chat about Attractive actors/actresses

    Queen T, Empress of Snakes
  12. So everyone's econ gets nerfed except the 4000 infra/city nations that now get to fill up all those unused improvement slots and maintain the same resource production. My guess is that the decrease in cash income will mean reduced ability to buy resources so resource prices won't really go up. Just let income for the majority of nations making it more difficult to build up nations (and for lower tiers to catch up to uppers). Probably fewer people will be buying ITC now though and resource improvements just got more appealing.
  13. This is actually the first war where we've been downdeclaring moreso than updeclaring. But considering how many of your uppers seem to be quitting due to the repeated beatdowns I'd say that yeah, odds of the alliances on your side ever having a competitive upper tier are getting increasing slim.
  14. I'm sure it must be quite enjoyable for all those 12+ city nations on your side to have to sit with 0 military to stay out of the kill zone, then get raided by Arrgh or our lower tier, then build a few planes to defend themselves only to find themselves smacked down by downdeclares.

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