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  1. Memph

    Code go brrrr

    Because the bug made you lose all your money which causes your power plants to go un-powered. I think everyone lost power.
  2. When the war was happening, a lot of Coalition A nations weren't buying resources, either because they had stopped fighting conventionally and were mostly raiding, or because they didn't have any money for buying stuff or were under blockade. Coalition B nations also didn't need much resources to keep Coalition A pinned in the later stages of the war. So demand was actually quite a bit lower than it would be in a shorter war, and supply was relatively high thanks to the GPWC tax farms. Now, most nations have rebuild their infra, so they're producing a lot of cash, but a lot of them are st
  3. There was a nation that was set to Guardian applicant status before the wars were declared, but our bank still got looted yesterday and this morning. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=614240 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=614229
  4. NPO haven't declared an offensive war in over a week. Seems legit.
  5. I was already regretting peacing you guys out so I'm glad you broke the NAP for us so we wouldn't have to.
  6. The game will proceed just fine so long as you don't cheat.
  7. 4 attempts in 1 day. 01/27 03:43 pm Duke Arthur of Wellingtondium has executed an espionage operation to sabotage aircraft in your country. They were not successful. 01/27 03:34 pm An unknown nation has executed an espionage operation against your country. They were not successful. 01/27 03:34 pm Linus Vulp of Serphyl has executed an espionage operation to sabotage aircraft in your country. They were not successful. 01/27 10:28 am Emperor Goosinater of The United States of Mexico ordered an airstrik
  8. I think any bots that perform in-game actions should be against the rules, whether that's moving banks, trading, sending out recruitment messages, declaring wars, attacking, etc. Notification bots are ok I suppose.
  9. He wasn't inactive enough to get pushed into VM automatically (only inactive since Dec 15). If he entered VM manually, wouldn't he have to log in to do that? https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=80442 I declared on him 2 days ago along with two other nations that followed after me, so he wasn't in VM then.
  10. The ones that wanted us to surrender quit months before you guys even entered the war so don't worry about them.
  11. At least the inactivity deletion paragraph. It says you get deleted after 30 or 45 days, rather than how it works currently (VM after 90 days, deletion after 180 days of VM?).
  12. So it might be the same bug as the original MAP bug that caused you to increase the amount of time the game is down for reset?
  13. I remember when Shark Week was still about hitting forum loudmouths and seeing if their alliance had the balls to defend them.
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