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  1. Gonna have to chime in on this one, because far-right extremism has been surging in the US. Proud Boys/3pers have committed many, many crimes in the last 5-10 years that it's almost incomprehensible you won't declare the more heinous acts terrorism, because they are literally using fear as their motivation. How are they a mercenary company? They were founded to stop "White Genocide", which doesn't exist in any way shape or form. I think it's disingenuous to separate the Proud Boys and 3pers from other far right extremists since it's a nebulous movement as with Patriot Prayer and other groups,
  2. This is a surprisingly wholesome conversation and I'm glad that it's stayed civil thus far, and I do hope it continues to remain such. I have always avoided the P&W forums as a whole over the general toxicity and in my earlier years I would try to remain civil only to get into devolved pissing matches and dick measuring. I'm sure i'll jump in at some point but this is solid back and forth and I'm quite enjoying it.
  3. Prior to this last war, I personally went to SF and Dwight/MS to help them with their struggling Econ/Milcom as an alliance. I was met with a cold shoulder, and their war performance more than speaks for itself. This is essentially a new alliance, already voting on a new name. We have already changed our treaty from an ODP to a Protectorate with SF. ASM is /well/ aware of the hard work in store for both SF and ASM to fix their issues. This is a fast changing environment and we're helping them in all facets. Thank you for your concern though, it's appreciated
  4. Orbis, As you are well aware there has been some...... turmoil in Schrute Farms the past few days. ASM has stepped in to help Schrute out in their time of need. What happened? Well Dwight Schrute has been attempting to Auction off both the Schrute Farms AA as well as the SF official discord server. This obviously came as a surprise to us, his allies, when he offered it to us for a cool 5 billion dollars. According to current Schrute Farms Members, Dwight has funneled nearly 10 billion in resources to his new alliance The Black Death. After giving control of the AA to Hayley, Dwight still
  5. He was banned for having Nazi quotes and other Nazi insignia on his page.
  6. Critters is just the puppet. We know it's Bo pulling all the strings
  7. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=256078 Nation Name: BEHEAD THE JEWISH PARASITES Leader Name: JEWIMPALER
  8. Greene still owes Redarmy and Rose 8 billion dollars. We will collect on that.
  9. Player has Nazi imagery and quotes from actual Nazis on his page. 10/10 would do it again.
  10. Benjamin Netanyahu dislikes this post.
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