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  1. Since ASM was founded RedArmy has been our leader, and he has led us well. He has recently retired from active duty and rode off with Pasky and Durmijj into the red dawn. We thank our fellow comrades for their service. Enjoy your retirements with full Union Pensions™️ Life goes on in ASM. We have a new government and we look forward to organizing a general strike working with everyone soon. On behalf of the Comrades, I present to you: The 2nd General Assembly Of The Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics General Secretary: Comrade Joe Under Secretary: Wunnadem Committee Chair of Foreign Affairs: Basil Committee Chair of Direct Action: Bails Committee Chair of Internal Affairs: Bearson Committee Chair of Economics: Hope Committee Chair of Re-Education: Bird Shorten Committee Chair of Technology: Dang
  2. Honestly the worst part of this game is the war mechanics. I thought removing beige was a good idea, with some tweaking. The idea that Beiging someone makes them invulnerable to new attacks needs a major overhaul, however it's the idea of beige cycling that is most ridiculous. If you beat someone down to nothing, the idea of just sitting on them so their beige can wear off is immersion breaking. It's even worse when you've beaten them totally and they can in turn beige you because you can't finish them off since it will give them a longer beige timer. So by being able to win the war 15-20 turns ago you now lose the war because they are able to lob missiles and nukes at you until you lose enough resistance to lose.
  3. I hope some of this comes to fruition. Really good ideas.
  4. It happened again. It will keep happening because the core issue (RACISM) hasn't been addressed. Still no arrests for the murder of Breonna Taylor.
  5. We're 100% serious, 100% of the time.
  6. Just the Alabama in between.
  7. That's a lot of Signatures. Valinor reunited.
  8. Bittersweet. Sad to see you go, but also happy for Benfro.
  9. Congrats Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev
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