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  1. It was an amazing ride. Thank you guys for everything. Goodnight Sweet Prince. May the cult of evil bo live on
  2. This was not an easy decision, not one we made lightly. Judging by the month and a half long absence of an offensive war, you could see things weren't going our way regardless of how this war turned out. This outcome was inevitable. We fought hard, we died. I'm, not ashamed. Good night sweet prince. We had a lot of people give their all for us in the beginning of this war and it just burnt them out. However Seb is NOT one of those people, for he is a giant coward who fled at the first sign of losing his precious infra. We have granted you the honorary title of Coward King. One day soon, my friend. One day soon. Also we outlasted Afrika Corpse, we have completed the mission. Still more fash to bash, but in the next life. Much love to our CB bretheren. Sorry we couldn't help finish this with you.
  3. I am 100% in favor of an alliance that has a mandatory Gay Space Communism requirement. We weren't strict with that enough in CoS
  4. You guys have always sucked and the game is now better for your departure. Stay dead.
  5. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6597 Only for cool kids though
  6. Honestly it would be way too much of a beat down, you'd have no way of defending yourself in a dogpile. if you could destroy CM's/Nukes with ordinary attacks than CM/Nukes should be able to directly target those. Like a CM should be able to wipe out like 300-700 planes or up to 80 ships or something like that.
  7. "The great battle of our time" because we're all going to die of old age before this war comes to a conclusion.
  8. When all the lefty alliances get together
  9. Imagine being so weak-willed that someone "forced" you to re-roll TWICE
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