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  1. I got absolutely obliterated by Oblivion in round 1. Loved it Kudos all.
  2. Honestly i had a lot of fun this war. It's always nice to fight someone without bad blood.
  3. I have no idea what this means, but thank you Red, very cool.
  4. Lots of salt. Let's just enjoy the war
  5. Wana, you've come so far. Congrats it's well deserved.
  6. I don't consider any alliance with Socialism in their name even remotely on the left.
  7. Came expecting a treatise on Socialism, left disappointed.
  8. Note to self: no actual peace declarations on April Fool's day
  9. I'm sorry to see you go. Good luck out there. Your mental health and well being always come before a game.
  10. Hey! Look how it turned out for Schrute.
  11. But it also let Afrika Korps exist which was literally a direct branch of the [email protected]#$ military. So uneven moderation has not only allowed this problem to exist, but also flourish.
  12. Hi, let's sign a treaty and get working on this. MAoDP for this venture
  13. Wait the game that allowed a [email protected]#$/Third Reich themed alliance has a white supremacy problem? I for one am shocked and appalled. SHOCKED AND APPALLED.
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