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  1. Lol cant expect anything else from a guy like nokia
  2. At least IQ isn’t around to bathe in this fantastic update. Any hate they had for Alex would be replaced with pure puppy dog eyes.
  3. This is going to be competent though and also against forcing people to quit.
  4. I’m more concerned that Polaris is delusional enough to think about winning....
  5. This is hardly the thread for self portraits
  6. Congrats to the Six Kingdoms on their treaty! Signed: The better Kingdom in the North 😉
  7. 1. The $yndicate 2. The Knights Radiant 3. The Immortals 4. The Commonwealth 5. Rose 6. Children of the Light 7. Camelot 8. Seven Kingdoms 9. Carthago 10. The Ampersand Honorable Mentions: - Guardian - Grumpy - TEst You're so cute
  8. Merge BK ally TI blitz camelot TKR OWR Solar Knights
  9. Does this apply to the group of people who were actively trying to make people quit the game for not playing how they wanted to play?
  10. 3 months hasn’t been long enough I see. I'm sure you'll find some micro-chips that Roq or someone left behind to help him.
  11. Yet your 2IC continues to spout IQ defenses. How is it a culture shift when a leader hasn’t shown any signs of change?
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