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  1. Darth Ataxia

    We are here for the Whales

    RnR was never treatied to NPO.
  2. Darth Ataxia

    Fresh Smell of Nukes in the morning

    Please start the communist revolution. They've never failed before so its bound to work.
  3. Darth Ataxia


    You're wrong. Pinky promise
  4. Darth Ataxia

    Regarding Exorock Acadia protection

    O7 the True Partisan
  5. Darth Ataxia

    War Stats: Global War 14

    Petition to rename "Coalition B" to "Brave and Beautiful Coalition" Abbreviation? BBC
  6. Darth Ataxia

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Alex after putting new projects in the game and resetting donations for the month:
  7. Darth Ataxia

    Possible Multi

    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=116069 Warren
  8. Darth Ataxia

    SNN-OoC OP-ED parte dos

    Take headed of*
  9. Darth Ataxia

    Round 7 - The Great Fire

    I'll bet missiles
  10. Darth Ataxia

    BK Adds Some Ink

    That's a RIP
  11. Darth Ataxia

    Syndicate INC. Withdraws from the North

    Zygon and Roq are consumating the wedding as we speak. No, there will not be pictures you freaks.
  12. Preamble We gather from the distant beaches in the Pacific to the cold North of Westeros, Wolves and guinea pigs together. We first met as foes on the battlefield and then again as comrades-in-arms. Now through a relationship forged in blood and duty, the two signatories below enter into a binding agreement of loyalty. When Winter comes, New Pacific Order and House Stark will stand firmly together, weathering the snow and trials as they come. House Stark and the New Pacific Order enter into an MDoAP Article I – Send a Raven Should either signatory receive information paramount to the well-being of the other, they are required to share this information. The Signatories agree to send economic aid if required. Article II – Defend the Wall or the Beach Should either signatory be declared war upon, the other will come to their defense in full military capacity. Article III – The March to War Should either signatory engage in aggressive “negotiations” the other may but is not required to join them. Article IV – Cancellation The signatories shall solve any internal quarrels in private. Should either signatory no longer wish to be engaged with the other, then this treaty may be cancelled with 72 hours’ notice. Signed for the New Pacific Order: Emperor Roquentin Lord Commander Keshav High Lords Marina Crayon King Eric The Red Edward I Administrator/Regent Lord of Darkness Signed for House Stark King in the North Zygon Hand of the King Revan Three-Eyed Raven Cypher Wisdom of Alchemists Guild Jroc Archmaester Darth Ataxia Banner Lord: Enjgine Lord of Coin: Darth Ataxia Lady of Coin: Blackatron Maester: Ballard Maester: My2Lemons Acolyte: TSA
  13. Pft. The crypts are the safest. So safe.
  14. Darth Ataxia

    WTF is going on here?

    Maybe Charlie is a baby. 1. He likes soup. 2. He is bald. 3. Kev gave birth to him???

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