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  1. Clearly we must do whatever they ask without question, my friend.
  2. You should get to know our snake friend better. Your supposition that he likes to complain and log dump more than attempting to start a negotiation process for the past 3 weeks is wrong.
  3. That's just standard from him. It doesn't get better.
  4. TKR and NPO will sign a treaty but keep fighting on separate coalitions until the war ends
  5. Imagine if Col B didn't send their best and brightest negotiators.
  6. Please don't shoot our wall Mr.Kirk Thanks for the cake!
  7. Today is House Stark's third birthday. Obviously we're not as old as some of our friends here on Orbis, but it's still something worth celebrating. While some alliances undergo major change or encounter problems that lead to their failure, House Stark has stood against the Winds of Winter for 3 years and endured. That's not to say that we haven't made some stupid decisions in our time here, but we have grown past them gotten stronger with each passing day. I'm confident that over the next year we will continue to grow and remain steadfast regardless of whether there is war or peace. We're thankful for all of the allies and friends we've made on our journey, so on Saturday, 11/9/19 at around 6PM EST, we'll be having a music night, hang out get together dealio in our Discord Server. Everyone is invited to come celebrate allied or not, but for our allies we'll be having a raffle for you all to win some $$$. I've been in House Stark for all my time here on Orbis and I'm proud to serve my alliance. I've made some great friends and wouldn't trade it for the world. I look forward to continuing to work in House Stark and celebrate birthdays here for years to come. Hail the King in the North!
  8. I think pantheon may need some of those funds. Don't worry, they fit the qualifications.
  9. NPO won't betray House Stark. We're too lovable for that. In fact, Roq has invited us all to a wedding next week. You'll see how wrong you are next week.
  10. Revan is in there, standing at the concession, plotting our oppression
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