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  1. Nice work WANA, but that bounty amount....
  2. As old as you are, thank goodness it can drive itself!
  3. Well at least your graphics are pretty good. Have fun
  4. If this doesn’t describe this post then idk what does.
  5. I love you Ty for the crayons
  6. Zygon awoke with a start, drool connecting his mouth and his shirt. He looked around warily, sure that he was no longer the King in the North. Ataxia had marched in with all his loyal knights and usurped him. At least that’s what he remembered. As the grogginess dissipated, he noticed that he was still on his throne. His Royal Councillors and Lords stood before him giving the same reports they had been when he had drifted off to sleep. Ataxia rolled his eyes and interrupted the meeting, “The throne is supposed to be uncomfortable enough that you don’t fall asleep.” “Pft. I wasn’t sleeping.” Zygon replied “Please continue with the reports” “We were just finishing up actually. I hope you enjoyed not sleeping through all of them.” Sojourner said “It was a nightmare actually. OWR got couped like five times, and then you all usurped me!” Zygon said “Well, OWR did go through a number of new leaders the past few days but it was only for their birthday. You knew this. You signed the card, remember?” Ataxia replied “Uhhhhh, sure I remember.” The King said (without actually remembering). Everyone gave a collective sigh and began filing out of the room. “Maybe I ought to coup you one of these days.” Ataxia said as he headed towards the door. “Heh. In your dreams.” Zygon chuckled “No thanks, I leave the dreaming and drooling to you.” Ataxia said before walking out of the room. Zygon looked down at his shirt and sighed. How the heck could one person drool so much? TLDR: Happy Fifth Birthday to our dear allies at OWR. Many happy returns and thanks for letting us play along and have some fun with ya'll ❤️ Ataxia is not actually King in the North (yet).
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