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  1. Stop your revisionist history, Roq. Leopold is the savior and you know it!
  2. The fact that Bocephus didn't win best pet proves these were RiGgEd! 😛 Jk. This was pretty cool
  3. I'm shaking in my custom made micro-leather boots....
  4. Goodbye CoS! You will be missed for sure. May Bocephus guide you on your next journeys.
  5. This is turning into one crowded hot-tub
  6. Take care. RL always comes first. This is a game after all.
  7. ❤️ CoS All Hail Bocephus, Destroyer of Worlds
  8. 07 Arrgh! I hope you enjoy many more years of raids and loot
  9. It was a sunny day on the Pacific. The waters were calm, with a fleet of Stark ships bobbing gently on the surface. King Zygon sat in his cabin, poring over a series of letters and reports that had been accumulating on his desk. Marauders from all sides had laid siege and waste to the North. What was worse was being caught in the middle of warring factions. Although fighting alongside their lifelong ally $yndicate, House Stark also had an ally on the other side of the war. The New Pacific Order. A lot had transpired over the last several months. What had once seemed so clear and clean had become muddied and murky. The King had decided that waiting for the storm to pass was no longer a viable option; it was time to clear the water on their own. A gentle knock on the door interrupted his reading. “Yes?” Zygon inquired and a soldier opened the door. “My King, the Emperor is here at your request.” he said. Zygon stood up and sighed. “Very well. Send him in, please.” The door opened wider and Emperor Roquentin glided into the cabin, stopping in front of King Zygon’s desk. Although shorter than the King in the North, the Emperor still radiated power that only came with royalty. “It’s rare for me to step aboard your ship these days, Zygon. I wasn’t expecting to see you until Saturday for our golf game.” Roquentin said “Nor was I, but unfortunately some things have happened that require my immediate attention and decision. Please, sit down.” Zygon said. They sat. “I’ll try to be as brief as I can, Roq. As you are no doubt well aware, this war has placed many folks in an awkward position. I would venture to say that my House has been one of those folks. We’ve been caught in the middle for too long. Words have been said that can’t be taken back, and our honor demands action.” Zygon paused and Roq nodded. Zygon continued. “I’ve been reading reports for the better part of the morning and I am disturbed by some of what I’ve read. The Black Knights political ideals have no place in the North and your recent signing of them concerns me greatly. I know that you’d be unwilling to back down so I’ll make it easy for you. Seventy-two hours from now, you won’t see a single Stark ship left in your harbor. The only Stark flag will be above our dignitary.” Roquentin sighed. “I knew that this was a possibility, so I can’t claim that I’m surprised. I am sorry you were caught in the middle of this. I wish it had been avoided.” “As do I, Roq.” Zygon said, standing up. Roq followed suit and offered his hand which Zygon firmly grasped. “I wish you safe winds on your voyage home and luck in the battles ahead.” Roq said “Thank you, Roq. I am sorry it had to come to this.” Zygon replied. Roq nodded once before turning and walking out the door. Zygon waited for the sound of his boots to dissappear and then walked out onto the deck. “Sojourner! Prep the fleet to make sail. We’re going back North.” He commanded. As the fleet began to make its way out of the harbor, a strong, cold wind blew from the South, filling the sails and propelling the Stark fleet North. Zygon smiled as the wind picked up and chilled the air. “Winter is coming.”
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