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  1. FRICK YOU SNEK You’re the toxic duck Like duck off You are the ducking problem with this game Trying to claim we cheated Like duck off Everything about you is everything wrong with this game duck [email protected] You ducking openly cheated So duck off with your holier than thou turd when you promote ooc attacks I told you, it is full of duck
  2. It's nice to have an active admin. Looking forward to these additions.
  3. He'll be back. Leading a new alliance to their doom
  4. Congrats to our Friends! Eat lots of taters
  5. Finally the bald man is back!
  6. Hold up. You guys still have keno? 😜
  7. Did you tell them "Lights Out" when you parted ways? :P
  8. how much money do you have
  9. Today House Stark has notified Respublica Romana with a 72 hour notice that we will be ending our treaty with them pursuant to Article V of said treaty. The reasoning for this action was given in private. We wish them the best going forward. Signed for House Stark King in the North: Zygon Hand of the King: Darth Ataxia Small Council: Nobody Sojourner StockHunter Enjgine
  10. Dang. You did your protector real dirty there. Aren't wrong though
  11. Bye hippo. Hope to see you in 6 months. O7 tgh The North has a fire for those still searching for a new home
  12. Good to see. O7 BKAYYYY
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