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  1. Darth Ataxia

    Wintry Thorns

    We don't know nothing bout no dragons mkay?
  2. Darth Ataxia

    Wintry Thorns

    Rose before hoes O/House Stark O/ Rose
  3. Darth Ataxia

    Round 2!

    Congrats to Abbas. Good on him for being able to hold so many government positions at once.
  4. Darth Ataxia

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    Not to mention Empyrea fought CKD and HS about a month and a half ago, so even if they didn't fight alongside their current allies it's not as if they're strangers to fighting.
  5. Darth Ataxia

    Containment level: Maximum

  6. Darth Ataxia

    I see something... purple!

    Oooh, Spicy! I love it.
  7. Darth Ataxia

    $yndicate-Pantheon announcement

    Congrats to t$ for building a stronger portfolio and congrats to Panth for getting a great ally 07 all involved
  8. Darth Ataxia


    I didn't study and got a 43 so just imagine how smart i really am
  9. Darth Ataxia

    Royal Orbis News

    Will there be a consistent, good radio show?
  10. Darth Ataxia


    Will you be building a space wall and making the Covenant pay for it? I sure hope so.
  11. Darth Ataxia

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

    >ET needs to kick inactives >The Illuminati goes inactive
  12. Darth Ataxia

    Twas the Night Before War: A House Stark DoW

    Can't do that without @Ripper...
  13. Darth Ataxia

    Shifty News Network-Covering the latest stories like a quilt knit by Grandma

    And the White Walkers paid for it too believe it or not. Because they're suckers for a good deal. The best deals in fact.
  14. Darth Ataxia

    Let's Clown Arown' :)

    T$ can audit my files anytime
  15. Darth Ataxia

    Arrgh Public Service Announcement

    Better yet, just send your money directly to Bluebear and Co.

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