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  1. Zygon awoke with a start, drool connecting his mouth and his shirt. He looked around warily, sure that he was no longer the King in the North. Ataxia had marched in with all his loyal knights and usurped him. At least that’s what he remembered. As the grogginess dissipated, he noticed that he was still on his throne. His Royal Councillors and Lords stood before him giving the same reports they had been when he had drifted off to sleep. Ataxia rolled his eyes and interrupted the meeting, “The throne is supposed to be uncomfortable enough that you don’t fall asleep.” “Pft. I wasn’t sle
  2. House Stark recognizes Sval as the official Prime of OWR, with a pen nearly out of ink. Any dissenters have been sent to the Carthaginian Gulag Camps for their joyful re-education. Happy Birthday to you all and may you have five more at minimum. 07 Sval 07 OWR
  3. For the Fourth time this week, House Stark recognizes a new prime of OWR. Hwan has our support. All remaining supporters of the previous regime will be hunted down and killed in order to hopefully prevent further coups. 07 Hwan 07 OWR -Ataxia Stark, King of Winter
  4. All of OWR's Coups are legitimate. Now hail their new Prime.
  5. I am once again declaring that House Stark and the Kingdom of the North support the new Prime of OWR, Luis. All dissenters thus have have been hung on the walls by their pinky toes until they declare support for Luis. 07 Luis 07 OWR
  6. House Stark again recognizes the new Prime of OWR and will assist their new leader in hunting down the remaining Kabu supporters. -Ataxia Stark, King of Winter
  7. "Rivalry" aside, you all were good folks and spheremates. You made your mark on the game and that's something to be proud of. You will be missed, but we'll keep a watchful eye on you all from afar. 07 Seven Kingdoms.
  8. In Conjunction with Kabu of OWR, House Stark has forcibly removed the drooling “King in the North”, Zygon. I have replaced him and will lead House Stark and the Northern Kingdom back into our former glory, free from those who would wish us to live under the pitiful rule of our former leader. A new, fresh chapter begins for House Stark under the rule of the King of Winter. All Hail House Stark! King Of Winter: Ataxia Stark Hand of the King: Sojourner Royal Councillors: Enjgine Samani Mexifornia Lords: WetPatootie Tarfx
  9. House Stark Recognizes Kabu as the Prime of OWR. Any Sval Supporters shall be hunted down and sent beyond the wall. ALL HAIL KABU LONG MAY HE REIGN.
  10. Welcome and good luck this is a paradise compared to where they’re from if you can believe it.
  11. All hail our glorious snek. A giant among Orbis FA that will be missed during his new attempt at retirement. ❤️
  12. This post was fake from the beginning. Nobody has a PS5
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