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  1. Alex

    Obvious multis

    Deleted the new one and issued a warning - thanks!
  2. Alex

    Spam Mails

    Thanks - I got them too Removed the messages and issued him a warning
  3. You should be receiving your money, I believe it's just a display bug with the baseball stats
  4. Hey - sorry about the delay here. I just issued you 2 Credits manually - for a refund through Apple, they don't give me a way to just issue it, unfortunately. However, you can request a refund directly from Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084
  5. Is this on all pages or only certain nations?
  6. Sorry about that! We have been having some issues with in-app purchases lately. I will issue you 3 Credits manually now. If you want to try to get a refund, I would love to help you, but Apple has a weird policy where developers can't issue refunds directly. But you can request a refund from Apple themselves, they have a guide for that here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084
  7. So sorry about that - I'm going to send you an in-game message to follow up here
  8. So sorry about that - I just manually issued your nation 8 Credits
  9. We put in a cap so you can't win more than $2m a day - once you hit that, you'll stop receiving revenue from baseball
  10. Hey @Jujuondabeet - Can you send me a personal message with your receipts from Apple? Apple has a super weird policy where I can't just go in and refund purchases (unlike Google Play and PayPal which let me do that easily) and they have to process all refunds. You should be able to appeal the refund decision for any purchases you want refunded. Let me know which purchases you want to keep and which you want refunded and I can manually issue you the Credits you bought. Sorry about that, we are working on debugging these issues.
  11. We're working on the notifications issue
  12. Both should be resolved via DM
  13. So sorry about that! I am not sure what started happening but just recently the automatic Credit disbursement system seems to have run into some issues. I will manually issue you 2 Credits now.
  14. Alex


    Got 'em, thanks!
  15. Can you try doing a hard refresh of your cache (Ctrl+F5 on windows for most browsers, Cmd+F5 on mac) and see if that fixes it?
  16. Hello - Can you let me know where you purchased Credits? (PayPal, Google Play Store, or App Store?) How many did you attempt to purchase? And if possible, could you send me a personal message with a screenshot of your receipt for debugging? Thank you!
  17. Hi everyone! A bunch of new things which have been development are being pushed live. A big thank you to the dev team, the QA team, and specifically Prefontaine and Village for all their work on this! · 3 New National Projects o Metropolitan Planning § Requirement: City 21 or higher, Urban Planning, Advanced Urban Planning. Effect: Reduces City costs by $150,000,000 per city, stacks with UP and AUP. Cost: Aluminum: 60,000 Steel: 40,000 Uranium: 30,000 Lead: 15,000 Iron: 15,000 Bauxite: 15,000 Oil: 10,000 Coal: 10,000 o Military Salvage § Effect: When you declare an attack and are victorious, recover 5% of lost steel/aluminum from units in that attack. Cost: Cash: $20,000,000 Aluminum: 5,000 Steel: 5,000 Gas: 5,000 o Fallout Shelter § Requirement: Research and Development Center, Clinical Research Center Effect: -Reduces damage from nuclear missiles by 10%. -Reduces fall-out length in a city by 25% -Maximum radiation impact on food is 90% (can always produce 10% of food) Cost: Cash: $25,000,000 Food: 100,000 Lead: 10,000 Steel: 10,000 Aluminum: 10,000 · Push for consistency across the game in using Leader Names by default everywhere (instead of sometimes nation name, sometimes leader name) · Allow commas and $ in number inputs (they will automatically get filtered out. WARNING: In some countries, decimals and commas are used alternatively. For example, “one thousand” gets written as “1.000,00” in some places. If you had entered this previously, you likely would have returned an error message – this will automatically filter out to “1.00000” now. If you try to enter, say, “one million” as “1000000,00” you will really be entering the number “one hundred million” or “100000000”). In Politics and War, commas always operate as cosmetic number separators, and decimals indicate a fractional amount. You can also use k,m,b to be used to send cash/resources (e.g. 1m instead of 1000000 to send 1 million). · Alliance trades (or Market Share trades) will now be included in the Global Trade display but with a separate indicator to let you know that the trade offer is part of your internal alliance market · Nations in alliances that have a treaty to your alliance will appear with an indicator or color on the market to show "ally" trades · Alliances can now create embargoes which will automatically apply on behalf of all member nations. Please note: Alliance members can opt out of any individual alliance embargo in the Alliance Embargoes section of the alliance page. · You can now upvote alliance advertisements directly on the Player Advertisements page · There is a new treaty option between alliances, the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT. This is based on real-life NPTs (see Wikipedia article here). If an alliance has this treaty with another alliance, member nations will not be able to build nuclear weapons. This does not stop a nation which already has nuclear weapons from building them, nor does it stop nations from building the Nuclear Research Facility, the prerequisite to building nuclear weapons. · Village made some nice optimizations to the Treaty Web page letting you filter out types of treaties and such, as well as which alliances you want to be included in the display. Please note: If you try to show too many alliances, it’s going to break and not show anything. It’s just a limitation of the treaty web software. · Baseball earnings are capped at $2,000,000 / day. This is due to people likely using scripts/bots to automatically play baseball games. Revenue is increased by 25% per game. · Baseball players will age out ~29% slower than previously · Players can have at most 3 active buy offers and 3 active sell offers for a single resource. (Credits excluded) If a player attempts to post a 4th trade offer for a specific resource, that trade attempt will fail and the nation will need to select which trade offer they want to delete. This does not impact private trades or shared alliance markets, only global market trades. · We will shortly have a new Discord validation bot live in the P&W Discord Server. By adding your Discord username to your nation page, you can link it to the new Discord bot and get 60 days of VIP for free. This is mainly to encourage new players to use Discord, but we have reset it such that if you have done this in the past (old bot) and received 60 days of free VIP, you will be able to do so again and get 60 more days of VIP for free. You can use this bot in the #botspam channel with a command like “/validate YOURNATIONID”. For example, for my nation (https://politicsandwar.com/id=6) my nation ID is 6 and I would do “/validate 6” The new bot will also automatically remove everyone’s VIP role in the Discord server if your nation does not currently have VIP (or your Discord account is not linked) but it will also automatically add the VIP role to your Discord account if you have VIP in-game (This gets triggered every 15 minutes or if you run the validate command) · The Discord ID of nations will be stored and retrievable in the API as well Here are some changes that we are working on which will be coming soon: · Navy upkeep reduced by 10% · Munitions usage in naval battles reduced from 3 -> 2.5 · Gasoline usage in naval battles reduced from 2 -> 1.5 · If a nation in active wars deletes, the nations at war with it will get to loot it sequentially in priority based on resistance remaining · Beige rework – will be deployed on the test server for an extended period to gather lots of feedback from players · Tutorial rework · Series of upgrades to the PWPedia · For the bulk improvement import feature, have the default be to all cities but give the option to select which cities to import to. Cities may have differing infra levels/improvement slots, especially during war, or people may want different builds for different cities - but still across multiple cities - so allowing them to choose which cities the import applies to would make things easier.
  18. Alex

    Ban appeal

    Note: You'll need to reset your passwords, we don't store the hashed passwords of deleted nations
  19. Alex

    Ban appeal

    The information I had available indicated pretty strongly of one person operating multiple nations (same IPs, same device, same browser, etc.) In fact, probably stronger evidence than most players that get banned for having multis. However, given the outpouring of people vouching for you in the community, I have removed the ban and restored your nations. I would highly recommend Verification though to avoid issues in the future, or at least limit device/network sharing, as it's essentially indistinguishable from a single person operating multiple nations. https://politicsandwar.com/account/verification/
  20. I haven't issued any warnings for missile or nuke turreting, except for one which was an accident and subsequently removed. You can win a war with missiles/nukes, even if it is slow. To your other point, I think you are talking about when you have someone near zero resistance but do not finish the war even though you could, because you don't want to benefit your opponent by giving them beige. I generally do not see this as war slot filling, and this has been a tactic used since the beginning of the game (and technically even before the beginning of the game in CN) usually referred to as staggering. To my knowledge no one has been issued moderation points for this.
  21. IP/geolocations overlap as well as device/browser fingerprints. Looks like multis to me.
  22. It's not "suddenly" illegal, these have been the rules for years. I understand it seems like people were doing this before and getting away with it - there have been over 1.3 million wars in the game and moderation does not go through and review each war. We only review the wars that get reported. If no one was reporting this previously, then it is likely that things were gotten away with. That doesn't mean they weren't against the rules then, though. Each warning that has been issued in the past week or two has been the result of someone making a report for war slot filling, me investigating, and following the rules as they're written to make a determination and issue a warning if deemed war slot filling.
  23. I generally agree with you on this. This is where moderation discretion gets applied, and it may not always be possible to have the full context in front of me making these decisions.
  24. Ah thank you, you are correct - I made a mistake here and I will remove the warning.
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