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  1. As I stated above, we're actually working on a whole treasure buying/selling mechanic built into the game. As for preventing bounty coordination, I'd be happy to hear your game design solution for that problem. To your second point, there are some rules that would just not be enforceable if we only looked at in-game actions. If someone was blatantly buying and selling accounts on Discord, and everyone knew about it, would you want me to refuse to take action just because it didn't happen in-game? To reiterate an earlier point, the actual enforcement of the rules isn't really changing. I'm just being more clear and transparent about when I'm going outside the bounds of official game channels to moderate things. I know they're not perfect, which is why I had it open for public discussion and feedback for over a month. I never really got any feedback on point values, to be honest, I don't know why. I just assumed people were happy with what I came up with, but you're right I was just kind of going with my best estimate for what was appropriate based on experience.
  2. You and I had a nice DM discussion about this on Discord, and I appreciate the feedback. At this time, my primary concern is biasing the moderators. It might sound counterintuitive, but having public moderators means that if they make a decision against another player they could get flak, either from opposing alliances or their own depending on who's receiving moderation points. I think the threat of being kicked out of your alliance, or having your alliance attacked by another alliance, etc. would weigh in on player's decisions. Anonymous moderating allows us to prevent that from occurring, and in theory with the right level-headed moderators lead to fairer and better moderation. That said, if things don't go well I will certainly reconsider this position based on the feedback you gave me. Yeah, I tried to be clear in the rules that we're not moderating everything that happens outside of our official channels. Only specific things (see screenshot below). But if we did not take any evidence from outside official channels, some things like coerced city deletion (imagine an alliance makes peace terms like you can only get peace if you delete all your cities) would be impossible to enforce. They could just only communicate that through other Discord servers, or Discord DMs, for example, and in-game their official stance could be that those aren't the real peace terms. It would be kind of silly to just look the other way and let them force a whole alliance to delete all their cities or w/e. There are other similar situations like with account buying/selling, etc. that are all explicitly listed below. No, it hasn't always been against the rules. I think about a year ago we codified that. The purpose of the treasures was to get people to war over them, and the coordinated treasure transfers (i.e. buying treasures) was creating some war slot filling issues. We're actually in the process of building out a new treasure trading interface where you will be able to buy/sell treasures directly (under certain conditions, like neither party is at war.) That should be ready to go by the end of the year, and will more-or-less eliminate the need for this rule.
  3. Hi everyone, I want to let you all know that I have officially released a new set of Game Rules. I would encourage you to review the new rules here: https://politicsandwar.com/rules/ These new rules have been in the works for many months now, with my proposed draft posted publicly for community feedback just over a month ago: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/31931-8182021-proposal-for-new-game-community-rules/ Fundamentally, the rules themselves are the same as before with no major changes. However, we do have a new moderation system. Previously, nations received “strikes” and after 3 strikes you were out (permanently banned). The new system has “Moderation Points”, and a player is only banned upon reaching 100 Moderation Points. You will see in the Game Rules that each rule violation listed has a guideline range of moderation points to be issued for that rule violation. For example, the War Slot Filling rule has a guideline of 25-75 points. This allows the moderator issuing the warning to use their discretion regarding the severity of the warn. Additionally, Moderation Points (for most violations) will expire automatically after a set amount of time. For example, the War Slot Filling moderation points would expire automatically after 2 years. Some rules violations expire sooner than this, and there are a select few that never expire (such as buying and selling accounts.) Again, I would encourage you to review the new rules at the link above which cover these nuances. You will also experience an upgraded moderation interface. Previously, players got a direct message from me (Alex) with information about the strike they received. Now, if you received Moderation Points, a popup will appear with all of the information about the warning and you will need to acknowledge it to make it stop popping up. Warning history is still available on your Account page. Under the previous warning/strike system, warnings never expired or were removed. This update to our moderation policy is essentially serving as a one-time mass expiration for all strikes issued under the old system. This means that if you had a strike or two against your nation under the old system, it was not transferred to the new system and you essentially have a “clean slate”. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE HAVE UNDONE ANY BANS. ALL PLAYERS WHO WERE BANNED UNDER THE OLD SYSTEM ARE STILL BANNED. The purpose of this system was to create a more transparent and fair moderation system that works better for you all (the players) as well as for me and the game staff. (We worked on a very improved backend UI for issuing moderation points as well.) These new rules and moderation points system are designed to allow me to bring on additional game moderators, with the ultimate goal of freeing up more of my time from moderation duty to development duty. I know that many of you have concerns about new moderators and any potential abuses of power. I share your concerns, and I am taking many, many preventative measures and steps to prevent any instances of that happening. Should that fail, I have also setup extensive moderator action logging so that I can review all actions taken and at least catch and reverse any abuse should all preventative measures fail. At this time I have only brought on two highly trusted game moderators who had extensive experience with existing moderation teams. Currently we are going through a feedback and improvement phase; I am still primarily taking all moderation actions but with guidance from these new moderators. All moderation actions are required to have bilateral agreement, meaning that at least two separate moderators are signing off on all decisions before any actions are taken. I am the only person who has authority to unilaterally make any moderation decision. We will continue to refine our moderator training protocol and procedures based on experience and feedback under this new system here in the near future. At some point in the future (TBD) I will look at bringing on additional moderators to help out and may open up a public application process. I know in the past I have received many private messages from those of you who would love to help out. While I appreciate it, at this time I am taking things slowly to ensure that it’s all done correctly and that we build out a robust framework to ensure a high quality moderation system and experience for players. The future public application will be the best way to volunteer as a potential game moderator. I hope that I have answered most, if not all questions you may have about this new system. As stated previously, fundamentally nothing major has changed, and I think overall these new rules and moderation system are both more transparent and fair and in favor of you all (the players). If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me or post them publicly in this announcement thread where I will answer them. Thank you, and I am looking forward to the continued improvement of our community and development of the game 😊 -Alex
  4. One of the nations is verified; I have some pending verifications to process so it may be that the other has also sent in a verification email. I'll wait and see before taking any action here.
  5. Looks like kids at school based on emails
  6. Thank you! Yes, just a display bug. I've got it fixed locally, that fix should be pushed live soon.
  7. Thanks! Putting this on my to-do list.
  8. Alex


    Wow - huge multi ring. Got 'em, thanks for the report!
  9. Alex


    All of them except the latest nation had not logged in since they were created and never even validated emails. Could be a school network where some kids signed up for a day and never came back; there was no trade or bank activity. I just deleted the inactive nations and left the new nation. Maybe they will stick around
  10. Yes. This is because otherwise players could, theoretically, make a second nation and get their friend to take the picture for them. However, getting the same friend to repeatedly take the picture over time would prove a lot more difficult. Full details here: https://politicsandwar.com/account/verification/
  11. For players who have authenticated their accounts with Facebook, I gave a trial +6 months verification time. In theory, your Facebook profile could serve as an independent verification method.
  12. I don't think it's an inherently bad idea, but it does bring up player privacy concerns. My hunch is that the vast majority (99%+) are never coming back and would prefer that we don't store their data (essentially) forever. I like the current Vacation Mode system because it gives players a reasonable opportunity (60 days to 1 year, depending on how much time they had already put into the game) to return and have their nation essentially restored, but it does not result in us keeping everyone's data indefinitely.
  13. Sorry, the latest records I would have for a partial recovery go back to October 9, 2020, at which point it looks like your nation did not exist.
  14. This nation no longer exists (may have already been processed via in-game reports.
  15. It's likely not possible; accounts deleted for inactivity are wiped forever. We don't typically store user information once they no longer have an account for data privacy/security reasons. Do you know when your nation was deleted? Unless it was within the last 10 months or so, not even a partial recovery would be possible.
  16. Moving to Game Discussion, as this isn't a bug report
  17. Yeah - your email was from January 2020 (about 21 months ago) so I'm not surprised that your old nation was deleted for inactivity during that period. Glad you've got a new nation!
  18. I'm actually struggling to get this to work - nothing changes in how the outputs are supposed to be formatted, but it's just not working in a sensical way. Perhaps someone with more Invision Power experience could reach out to me on Discord?
  19. We upgraded the forum software, which I think made this changes automatically and inadvertently. I'll see what I can do to get it sorted out.
  20. Yeah, this is an old bulletin so I'm sure that one of the images got embedded improperly which is causing this issue. But it should not be an issue for any newer bulletins.
  21. Alex

    Spying odds

    The odds of success on a target tanks espionage operation are fairly high. For 3 spies vs 60 spies, assuming highest safety level of op chosen, the probability of success would be: [(3*25) + (3*100)/((60*3)+1)] / 1.5 = 51 (51%)
  22. It looks like https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=356378 no longer exists.
  23. Can you link this bulletin specifically? I've seen this issue on some nation pages, and it was caused by a bug in one of the embedded images in the nation description. I expect a similar thing is going on here.
  24. Here's what I gathered from: https://gamertweak.com/turn-off-steam-notifications/ How to Disable Steam Notifications Open Steam Click on Settings and Select the Friends Tab Look for the Notifications & Sound Setting Manage the Setting as per your Requirement Check/Uncheck the Notifications You Want in Steam
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