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  1. Alex

    17 Multis

    Looks like a school network based on the email addresses
  2. They're kids at school based on the emails
  3. Thanks! Tracking down the funds, it looks like they all ended up in https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=524160 and got deleted
  4. Alex


    Banned, thanks!
  5. Alex


    Probably kids at school, removed 1 multi and some inactive nations
  6. They've been banned for multis in any case, but thank you!
  7. That's very kind of you, thank you!
  8. Alex

    Multis (RoL)

    Looks like siblings/relatives most likely
  9. Looks like a lot of school networks, I went through and checked them all out.
  10. Alex

    Multis (ICC)

    One was long inactive, but looks like a school network
  11. I went through them - some were multis, some were school networks, some were just inactive, some I do not think are multis. Thank you!
  12. Alex

    Login error

    Probably the easiest thing to do would be to just create a new account and create your nation again.
  13. Thanks - issued a warning and banned the multi.
  14. We do have those disabled as most are spam accounts. If you can use another email, that would be preferred.
  15. Handled, thanks!
  16. Alex

    Ban appeal

    Duplicate thread, see:
  17. Thanks - they've received 50 moderation points. This will be their last warning before a permanent ban - and I stated as much to them.
  18. It's been removed, thanks!
  19. Jacob Knox was just being helpful asking followup questions for more information; he is not a moderator or any sort of game staff. Thank you, Jacob Knox. In any case, the GSA only applies if you have the 'Rapid Expansion' domestic policy. It is a +50% modifier to your selected domestic policy. But if you're not using the 'Rapid Expansion' domestic policy, then it's not going to apply any additional discount.
  20. This should be fixed now - are you still having this issue?
  21. Village is taking the lead in rewriting the war system, we'll definitely have that issue fixed at that point
  22. Did you buy a Credit? I'll send you a message in-game to follow up.
  23. The city name was reported, the moderators reviewed it and determined it was inappropriate.
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