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    Potential Multi

    Just there being multiple nations on the same Unique ID is not against the rules. Do you have any other evidence of rule-breaking activity?
  2. My apologies for being gone; I had left right on the 30th as this started. I don't really have anything new to add to what Chris said, only to reiterate that Nazism has always been against the rules, and isn't allowed here.
  3. This is a suggestion that has been floated previously, but I think that given the late-stage of the game it would really add something. In a nutshell, my proposal is that every turn, there is some (very small) chance that any given Nuclear Power Plant will experience an accident, causing a meltdown and resulting in the uninhabitability of the city. (I.E. The city is destroyed/removed.) Right now there are 0 mechanics that can reduce someone's city count. Because there is effectively no cap on nation growth, some players are just really far ahead of others and will always be farther ahead. Adding a meltdown mechanic will add a small limiting factor and at the least reduce the growth rate of very high-city nations. Yes, I know, you could just not use Nuclear Power Plants, and I would expect that some players would switch to Wind Power. Which, in my opinion is fine, as that does take up a lot more improvement slots and ultimately still accomplishes the same goal of reducing the growth rate of players at the high end. Here are some numbers I've calculated using a 0.0004% chance of a meltdown happening per Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) per turn. For smaller nations, the likelihood of experiencing a meltdown is lower because smaller nations either have no or significantly less NPPs. It's also important to recognize that the cost of rebuilding, say, City #10 is significantly less than rebuilding City #40. It would be a relatively insignificant change for most players, but it would up-the-ante so to speak for using Nuclear Power Plants, and IMO it's a fun mechanic - it allows a player's risk-tolerance to enter into their decision making when deciding how to build their cities. This change would of course be thoroughly tested on the Test Server for bugs, and probably wouldn't be implemented until late January at the very earliest. So, in the mean-time, I'm throwing it up here to get some feedback. The numbers could be tweaked, of course, but I think that this is a reasonable balance. Let me know what you think.
  4. For those who wish to become a part of the roleplaying community here in the National Affairs subforum, this is the thread in which you should apply. NOTE: I, Alex, am not running the NatRP Map Thread. I am designating @Eva-Beatrice the official moderator of this thread. I am simply posting this to lend my credibility and mark that this is the official thread. Current Map Located in Next Post Are you a new member to P&W, looking to try out some roleplaying? Or are you already a seasoned roleplayer, looking to develop his/her skills in roleplaying? Well, all I can say is that with this post, I hope to establish a friendly, low-drama roleplaying environment for those among us who have an interest in roleplaying out our nation's actions. Whether you're an experienced roleplayer, or completely new and inexperienced to roleplaying, allow me to say that I'll do my best as your OP to be friendly and accepting of every type of roleplayer. High-quality roleplay and constructive world-building are encouraged. For in-depth roleplay (multiple paragraphs, extensive posts), you may make your posts and threads here. For more natural roleplay with less restrictions, you may make your posts and threads here. For more casual roleplay, the National Affairs subforum itself should do. (Just remember that while this is a casual environment, the subforum will still be moderated, as it is meant for in-character posts and interactions. Additionally, signing up here isn't a requirement to use the subforum.) (Note of interest: Several members of our roleplaying community have based their nations and/or leaders upon those inspired from anime and other fictional sources. This is perfectly acceptable so long as your roleplay is constructive and well-intentioned. However, this style of roleplay does not give you an advantage in terms of wars, or anything. Similarly, you cannot use it as an excuse to develop incredibly advanced technology in short periods of time, as it is unfair for those who put much time and effort into their roleplay. You're free to be as creative as you like, so long as it is within the rules. This is to avoid Godmodding and overpowered posts.) Interested in joining? Don’t be shy, and fill out the application below. *Before applying, be sure to read the rules of the National Affairs subforum, and the map itself, here.* If you have any questions, feel free to contact @Eva-Beatrice on the forums or on Discord (Eva-Beatrice#0471).
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    This question has been asked about 1,000 times before, so it's not a new debate here. Bottom line is this: Nazism & Terrorism are bad for business. I'm generally pro freedom-of-expression, but I draw the line on those things to cover my own ass. If you don't like it, that's too bad, you'll have to roleplay as a Nazi or Terrorist somewhere else.
  6. Seeing as this is not an RP thread, this post has been moved to Orbis Central.
  7. This tutorial was submitted by @Ivan Ivanov on December 24, 2018. Thank you Ivan! First, you want to download the iOS app Flag Designer (or any other flag designing app, this one worked best for me) Open up the app, and create the flag for you would like for your nation/alliance (we’ll use my flag as an example) Save the flag to your photo album, then head to this website: Once there, tap on browse and select your flag from your photos. In the new screen that comes up, you want to open the box where you can resize the picture, and choose “custom”. The flag size requirements in Politics and War is 1000x600 pixels, so enter these dimensions into the boxes. Choose any special effects you’d like then like “I’m done, save my picture!” You’ll come to this screen. At this screen you want to tap on the magnifying glass over the paper icon; view image. Now you’ll see your new resized flag. Press and hold on it and tap “save image”. Now all that’s left to do is upload your flag!
  8. Alex

    Message harassment

    I'll see if I can handle this, in the mean time, you can use that red octagon button on messages to block players and then they will no longer be able to send you messages.
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    Welcome back!
  10. Alex

    5 Nations Unverified One User

    Got it handled, thank you for your report!
  11. Alex

    Little multi?

    Investigating now, thanks for the report.
  12. Alex

    Potential Bullying

    This is pretty typical behavior, both in real-life militaries as well as in-game. The game is called Politics & War - it's not always fair, but you have to resort to both politics and war to succeed. Start talking to other nations and alliances to see if you can find someone else who will help you out, or build up your military and fight back. As far as I can tell, based on the evidence provided, there's no indication of any in-game rules being broken.
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    Hi, hi!

    Welcome to the game and the forum!
  14. Alex

    Discord Directory

    In an effort to keep the Directory up-to-date, I've un-pinned the old thread and just posting a link to the directory on the Wiki, which is much easier to keep current. To find a list of all game-related Discord servers (Alliances, Banks, Mini-Games, etc.) please visit the Wiki page here: https://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Discord_Directory Future changes can be made by updating the Wiki page itself.
  15. Alex

    Bug - Player Ads

    I'll fix this quick, thanks.
  16. Hey everyone, this is going to be a long post, so bear with me here. First, a couple of housekeeping announcements: @Nite Owl has recently resigned as a forum moderator. I am very grateful for their help, without the forum moderators I certainly wouldn't be able to keep things civil here by myself. Next, I'd like to introduce a new forum moderator, @Chief Wiggum, who has signed up to help pick up the additional workload. I have high hopes that they will make a fair and unbiased forum moderator. Onto the meat of the announcement! --- Geography Update - Implemented! This announcement was foreshadowed by this previous post in which I announced the geography update and how it was going to change things. There were a few bugs and hiccups during testing, but I am confident that it is ready to be released into production. If you read the previous announcement post, you're probably up to speed on the changes, with a few caveats: Maps are being displayed using OpenLayers instead of Google Maps. You can read a bit more about that here, but the main reason is that Google Maps has outrageously high prices for using their service, and due to the high number of loads (every map load would have costed $0.0056) it was completely unaffordable for produdction. OpenLayers does not really remove any functionality, it's just a little different. One thing I forgot to mention in the previous post is that I eliminated Alliance HQs. They never did anything, any it was unnecessary complexity; Alliances are no longer pegged to any specific continent. No one noticed/asked me about it during the past few weeks of the Test Server tournament, so I don't think this is really a significant change. Everyone has receiving 2 additional free location changes. New nations start with 3 free changes. This was announced last time too, but I just wanted to re-iterate it. Changing your nation map without changing Continent does not cost a location change. This change was made during test server testing, and means that you won't use a location change every time you adjust your nation's borders (for example, because of an increase in land area that you wish to reflect on your nation map.) Screenshots I have seen some fun nation map designs during test server testing, I've included some here to highlight the change. Video Here's a video I released with the previous announcement as well. Things have been updated a bit since then, but it does showcase things pretty well. More Details If you did not get a chance to read the previous announcement with all of the details, I've included it here for you.
  17. You can place bounties on other nations in your alliance, which may encourage someone else to do your dirty work for you. And bounties are anonymous. But, you'd probably need a significant amount placed to actually encourage an attack. I wouldn't bother with a bounty of less than $10,000,000, and even then it might be out there for a long time.
  18. Alex

    Well... This is Interesting

    Welcome to the game/forum!
  19. Alex

    PnW Holiday Happiness: Charity in the Nuclear Winter

    I'm a big fan of this, great idea @Bartholomew Roberts! I've actually been a supporter of charity: water for a few years, and just last week I actually finished reading CEO Scott Harrison's book, Thirst (which I would highly recommend, it was a great read.) I'm a Spring member, which means I'm already donating monthly to charity: water, but I also pitched in $30 for your campaign, too. That's enough money to bring someone clean water, and I wanted to show solidarity with you in your efforts. Keep up the good work! EDIT: I just stuck a notice about this in #changelog in the P&W Discord Server as well.
  20. Alex

    Intelligence Gathering bug?

    I don't think there's a bug with the gather intel operation - there may be a bug with ground battles letting you steal more loot than exists? I'd be really surprised to find out there's a bug like that, but I suppose it's not impossible. But they do only have $100K on hand at the moment. They are producing enough money per day to where it may be feasible that you are just stealing what they're producing. I'll dig into the code to see if I can find any obvious bugs, but it more or less appears to be on the up-and-up.
  21. Alex


    We don't allow multis on the test server, but unless I'm running a tournament it's not a very high priority for me. I'll get around to banning them before start of the next tournament (no ETA, might like a month or so.)
  22. Alex

    VM Early End

    We can't remove you early, but if you have more than 14 days of Vacation Mode time remaining, you can override that by entering Vacation Mode again (same process as you did the first time) but setting the time to only 14 days (the minimum.) That will change whatever amount of time you have remaining to only 14 days.
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    Welcome to Politics & War, and more specifically, the forum!
  24. Alex

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Bots that take action for players are strictly against the rules. However, I know a number of players have devised bots that do things like alert a Discord server when a war is declared, or a lucrative trade is offered. So long as the script isn't actually accepting the trades, but just serving notifications, I don't have an issue with it (there's really nothing I could do to prevent it anyway, unless you all want captchas on every page.)
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum!

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