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  1. Psst @Rebekah Mikaelson Change your Forum name to match your leader name
  2. Alex, please, bring back downvotes, we beg of you.
  3. Si Hong welcomes all Black Knight members who refuse to quit despite their superior's orders.
  4. I find these images incredibly disturbing, can’t believe 1000 people signed up to see this shit
  5. Those who cheat and those who encourage their members to quit deserve no respect imo, their actions are childish and petty, those who honorably disband like GotG should be given upmost respect however and poaching of them is a bit too soon. The poaching of BK and NPO will not stop however, from me at least.
  6. Godspeed, good luck to all GotG members in finding a new home.
  7. Gg, shame this happened because of NPO’s cheatings. Any members of BK who wish to not be sad should join Si Hong
  8. Oh god I guess banning the people that 75% of the playerbase hates and banning inactive nations will kill this game
  9. Alternate title: GOONs throws hissy fit over Their Big Daddies Breaking the Rules and Being Punished for it. Tho honestly the fact that you had this prewritten means you were probably expecting this for a long while. However good luck in all future endeavors.
  10. Pointing out your flaws doesn’t constitute accusations of nazism and generally being unhappy for someone starting a mew alliance, The Immortals isn’t be attacked by Minesome here, you are ruining your own reputation by derailing forums and feeling the incessant need to comeback to any mention of your name, I was also “flaming your members” wherein reality we were explaining why a large member base and inexperienced gov is a bad combination, iirc we also gave you advice on how to improve, don’t try to rewrite the past and paint us out as hate trolls who only server to hurt your feelings. If you can’t take criticism improve, get tougher skin, or get out, it is more embarrassing to respond to Minesome’s insane ramblings and being genuinely mad because he called you a bloated micro. Just don’t say anything if you’re just gonna make false accusations and posts that have nothing to do with the post . Also @MinesomeMC II great job with this new aa man, we’re on opposite sides and ye declared war on us technically but we’ll see who’ll do better on the battlefield, see you then.
  11. Please don’t accuse people of nazism and then follow it up with stuff he does in a videogame, nazism is a serious thing and not a word to be thrown around lightly. If you believe he is a nazi report him to Alex, don’t call him out on a public forum, especially when the post has nothing to do with nazism or really anything you’re saying. You could instead be happy he created an alliance and decided to follow his own passions and ideas?
  12. When you still have negative karma despite alex removing it
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