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  1. Fraggle

    The Fraggle Stands Alone

    https://vimeo.com/310679272 Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
  2. Fraggle


    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings!! The day has arrived!! After several years of planning and execution,, our finest nuclear scientists will build number 620 today. As we have not tested any of these new and improved nuclear deterrents, we will need to set aside a few dozen to make sure the stock pile is reliable. We believe that the best way to know if our deterrents work, is to launch 24 of them!! Our Committee on Nuclear Safety, CNS, has set aside 75 million radishes to assist in any damage that may occur. This will be a first come first serve pool of funds. Sign up below for the radishes so that we can aim our nuclear deterrents in your direction. Onward to 700 and beyond. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
  3. Fraggle

    Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Get ready Orbis, for the biggest event of the year. This Sunday, Fraggle Rock is going to explode! When the best ever nation will build nuclear weapon number 620!! Its uranium twisting action from 7pm-10pm. And kids we haven’t forgotten about you. Watch as we heat things up in the Arena of Fire. As Big Bird versus Elmo… In the exclusive Sesame Street Wrestling tournament. Watch them battle it out under one roof. Fraggle Arena, Nukes and Wrestling This Sunday from 7 to 10. Don’t miss it!
  4. Fraggle

    Happy Spacemas!

    On behalf of Oswald State Correctional Institute, we do not accept this message. One of our inmates got loose and is trying to escape. Thankfully the Fraggle Correctional Staff has captured and returned Cracov to the hole. Orbis is safe again Merry Spacemas to all, except Cracov. No radishes for you tonight.
  5. Fraggle

    Phase Six

    We wish zero harm to our whale friends. Peace and stability in our time.
  6. Fraggle

    Phase Six

    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The most handsome Fraggle Greetings Friends!! It feels like it was years ago that we started our journey. Only 100 days ago, we celebrated our 500th nuclear deterrent. Today, with a generous donation by Ryanzilla, we shall build number 600. As we finish phase five of The Fraggle Plan, TFP, we want to thank a few of our friends. El Commander: You've always been there for us. Daddy Critters and Soup: Your desire to buy discounted food from us has helped more than we expected. Zeebrus: Your spirit keeps us going. Ape and Hayley: Your weird relationship keeps us up at night wondering if the Sam and Diane aspect will ever play out. Thrax: You disappoint at times, but I count on that. Others of Orbis: You push us forward with your contempt for a peaceful Nation. Fraggle Rock will continue to be the thorn in your side Phase six will begin soon Many Hugs Uncle Traveling Matt
  7. Fraggle


    Feel free to have an extended stay at Oswald State Correctional Facility.
  8. Fraggle

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Still? This nonsense is still going on? I thought I'd get paid, and both sides would stop. Silly Fraggle Me. Well have fun fighting. Send me some cash. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
  9. Fraggle

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    From The Desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! We Fraggles fell asleep to this nonsense on page three. That's great news for all parties. We can't, nor do we care to follow along. We are the perfect nation to hold true and honest talks to end this "stale mate". Here's what we promise: 1) An end to the war. 2) A chance to "save face" on all sides 3) The possibility of a stable environment going forward 4) Getting y'all to shut the F up over this crap. Now, we don't have a real dog in this fight. We just want everyone to come together, figure this out in a civil manner, and regroup as a world to focus on something better. Now, how do you plan to do this Uncle Traveling Matt? Great Question!! I suggest that both sides send 3 members to the table. Once seated, I will open the gifts that were brought. The first side will have 3 minutes to make their case. No interruptions! The other side will have a chance of rebuttal. Then the second side will make their case, with rebuttal from the first side. I will post my findings in public and give each side one post to make a final decision. Then I will present all arguments to Minister Wembley Fraggle. He will make the final conclusions. If this solution here is not agreeable, go get bent. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
  10. Fraggle

    Slithering away

    He's rubbing himself while the replies come in.....
  11. Fraggle

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    From The Desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Best Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings again Friends!! This was quick. On the authority of Ripper, I, Uncle Traveling Matt, am taking over this process. First off...all of what Ripper wrote is out the window. New Terms: Fraggle gets 85% of all reps. So our starting point is as follows: Peace for all for the low price of 19 billion cash, 200k Gas, 200 Alum, 200k Uranium. Wire it all to me. The war is over. Many Hugs Uncle Traveling Matt
  12. Fraggle

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Who asked Max?
  13. Fraggle

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    From The Desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings!! This peace accords is trash. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
  14. Fraggle

    Fraggle Rock Dog Show

    And we have a new Best in Show

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