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  1. You type better than 86.34% of these cinder block heads. Hippo' s ass takes up the other 13.39% . Fraggle is on top of words and math.
  2. Greetings Friends!! It's time to award the first installment of The Fraggle Billion Dollar Giveaway!! All entries have been reviewed by the Creative Fraggle Division and a decision has been made. Let's have my friend, Red Fraggle announce the winners. Thanks Gobo!! Remember when I tried to frame Wembley for your murder? No? Good. Now onto the announcement. The first 100 million is going into The Fraggle Chaos Bank. The Creative Fraggle Division decided to go a different route. One billion will be given away, but in a different way. Let's have our friend Wembley explain it to you non Fraggles. Greetings Friends.....wait you framed me....you're such a Fraggle-Hole. I refuse to take part in this...... Greetings Friends! Boober Fraggle here. Wembley is such a pain. Set him up for one murder of Gobo, and he takes it to heart. Now onto The Fraggle Chaos Bank Grants. To be eligible for Fraggle cash, your nation must commit to one of the following themes, as well as The Fraggle Concept. Let's have our friend ChuChu Fraggle explained the Fraggle Concept. Land and Nukes. That's all. Every cent you get, legally, or illegally goes to either land or nukes. Nothing else. Back to you Wembley. No! I quit. Fraggle-Holes. All of you. Once you commit to The Fraggle Concept, you will select one of the three nation themes. 1) Dinosaurs 2) Alf 3) Punky Brewster Any nation willing to embrace The Fraggle Concept, and have a great theme will be greatly supported and awarded. Now let's check on Wembley. Fraggle-Holes!!
  3. 2 or 3? For having 500 nukes? Seems not worth the prize. Then again, nobody is going to build 500 nukes. That's insane. Now onwards to 1000.
  4. re·gard /rəˈɡärd/ verb consider or think of (someone or something) in a specified way. "she regarded Omaha as her base" noun 1. attention to or concern for something. "the court must have regard to the principle of welfare re·gard·less /rəˈɡärdləs/ adverb without paying attention to the present situation; despite the prevailing circumstances. "they were determined to carry on regardless ir·re·gard·less /ˌirəˈɡärdləs/ adjective · adverb NON-STANDARD regardless
  5. Irregardless is not a word. Many Hugs Grammar Fraggle
  6. Greetings Friends!! Last call for January entries in the Fraggle Rock Billion Dollar Giveaway. The first 100 million will be divided up on the 15th, and paid out on the 18th. Winners will be announced on the 15th. February's contest will begin on January 16th.
  7. Greetings Friends! Fraggle Rock has been given the high honor to host the 2019 P&W Awards Ceremony. The results are being brought in a locked box, voted on by you, the terrible judgement nations. Normally, we here at Fraggle Rock would rig the results, but since the Fraggle Awards already occurred, and those matter more, there's no reason to fix the voting here. There will be three presenters: Wembley for Alliance categories, Red for the community awards, and Gobo for players of the year. Stay tuned for the results. In the meantime, let's have our sponsor, Diaper Mouth Inc. present their services. Stay tuned for Wembley Fraggle.
  8. Well received. Thanks for your donation.
  9. Facts are nice. Not creative enough. In position to win 5 mil. Actually quite funny until you said it was a joke. In position to win 25 mil Again, facts. 5 mil. Fraggle has as well. In position to win 65 mil. Welcome back.
  10. From the Desk of Gobo Fraggle The Best Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! Welcome to a new year. It's a great thing that my bestest friend Wembley brought me back. Our plan to build security is nearly complete. While we finish, we will start giving gifts to others. Let's have my pal Red explain it. Thanks Gobo. Glad to have you back. Very glad you don't remember how the coup rumors started with me. Now onto the giveaway. Fraggle Rock will be giving away 100 million dollars every month this year, except in April (Our 1000 Nuke Party) and August (Fraggle Appreciation Month). January 15th will be the first gift. The winner will be chosen from entries . How does one enter? By submitting a reply on how Fraggle Rock has impacted your nation, or Orbis as a whole. This can be done via poem, song, drawing, or anyway you seem proper. The winner will make Gobo smile, and in return you will be awarded the monthly gift. The monthly gift can be split if a decision cannot be made. Winners can participate in all months. Best of luck. Red and Gobo Fraggle
  11. Welcome back to the Fraggle Awards, presented by Casper Mattresses. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you’ll get just the pressure relief and support your body needs for comfy alignment. Casper's signature "just right" feel is waiting for you. Use promo code Fraggle for a 90 day risk free trial. Now onto the alliance awards. Alliance of the Year: NPO T$ BK TCW GPWC Rose And the winner is..... Thundercats. Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: GOONS TCW BK WTF NorthPoint And the winner is.... Nobody. All alliances will fall apart in the 2020 Nuclear Space War, presented by Fraggle Rock. Now let's kick it over to ChuChu Fraggle for the major awards, after this commerical break.
  12. Greetings Friends!! Welcome to the 2019 Fraggle Awards, Presented by 88.6, The Radish, in partnership with Cricket Wireless, the proud wireless carrier of Fraggle Rock. Now let's go down to the main stage, where our friend Wembley Fraggle is presenting The Nation of the Year award. Thanks Gobo. I'm glad Fraggle Rock has perfected the technology to bring you back from the dead. Remember when I thought there was a coup and I shot you in your muppet mouth, then slept with your dead muppet ass for years? Of course you don't, but now you do....and now The Nation of the Year, presented by Me Undies Dot Com. Promo code Wembley for 15% off. And the nominees: Wampus of Alpha Fenris of RNR Tsardom of Slavia of TCW Callisto of Intersteller And the winner is.... Fraggle Rock of Thundercats Now let's throw it over to Red Fraggle for The Nation With The Most Promise in 2020.....after this commerical from Toyota Pepsi Corp.
  13. The first 2019 Orbis Award: Thinking Outside The Box... Dondarrion!! Congratulations. Please leave your invitation envelope at the door.
  14. Greetings Friends! This seems like a perfect activity for Fraggle Rock. We shall conduct a poll, accept zero bribes, and declare winners. All results are subject to a review process in where your bribes will not be accepted. No bribes allowed. Farewell.
  15. From The Desk of Uncle Traveling Matt. The Best of all Nations, Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends. The Nation of Fraggle Rock is declaring war against this piss poor animal snake named Partisan and any ally associated with this creature. You all have 29 hours to pledge support to Fraggle Rock or get out of the path of destruction that will be brought upon this poopy poop head. You read that right....poopy poop. P.S. We are now accepting donations for the upcoming war, from anyone.
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