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  1. From the Desk of Old Gobo Fraggle The Very Best Hobo Fraggle. Friends!! Friends!! Friends!! Let old Gobo catch some wind. Our old friend @Prefonteen had us over for some great lettuce. It was amazing until it wasn't. Let old Gobo grab a seat for a minute. The things Gobo heard.... So there we are, all of Fraggle Rock.... Let me grab some lettuce. In a square with our host in the middle. Great lettuce. We were honored. Let me go get Boober and see if he can explain this.... Old Gobo.....that was some great lettuce. Our old friend
  2. From the Desk of Gobo Fraggle The Best Nation Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! It's been fun. Many Hugs, Gobo Fraggle
  3. From the Desk of Gobo Fraggle Leader of The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! We Fraggles have been practicing proper social distancing. That's right, mass removal of the Dooziers. While it was not a popular thing to do, we were bored. Anyways.....Old Gobo is glad to see our letter writing campaign has reached the highest level of outer space. Sheep head has clearly not received, or ignored all of our great suggestions. Finally, our friend Wembley, got a letter through. Let's have him suggest a few names for The Future Fraggle Leadership Counsel (FFL
  4. From The Desk of ChuChu Fraggle Fraggle Rock TV Ranker The Greatest Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! Welcome back to the Fraggle Zone. If you missed our Fried Chicken rankings by Red Fraggle, you can view it here. I, ChuChu Fraggle, will be giving you the top seven TV shows of all time. Feel free to watch them, and send many hugs our way for the correct list. Away we go. Number 7: Frasier Number 6: Breaking Bad Number 5: All In The Family BREAKING NEWS!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! We inte
  5. From The Desk of Mokey Fraggle Minister of High Art, The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends! Our gallery has received a new piece for the Fraggle Collection. From a new artist, Tyso, this work is much like Fraggle Rock, all over the place. It will be placed at the front door. Well done. Many Hugs, Mokey Fraggle
  6. Changing for the sake of change never helps. This impacts at most 10 nations. What are your plans if you do this? 950 nukes refunded? 820 ish nukes launched on the world? You're making a very unnecessary change with no valid reason.
  7. Capping Score from future Missiles and Nuclear Weapons at 50 each. Fixed it. That's a fair solution.
  8. From The Desk of Mokey Fraggle Minister of High Art, The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends! As our gallery grows, I, Mokey Fraggle, would like to showcase a new piece. From the talented Darsh, who painted the portrait of Gobo, we have a glorious piece. Words can't describe it. Money can. Support the local Fraggle inspired artists. Donate today to Not A Scam LLC. Funds will go directly to the starving artists that create inspirational works. Many Hugs, Mokey Fraggle
  9. From The Desk of Gobo Fraggle The Greatest Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! While the world hoards food, medicine, and toilet paper, us Fraggles are investing. That's right, we are buying up all the masterpieces at discount prices!! Now it would be unfair to buy these classics and not allow the unkempt masses to enjoy them. Please allow our newly appointed Art Minister, Mokey Fraggle, show you a small portion of our collection. Thank you Gobo. I'm glad all the nonsense of killing you, bringing you back, is over. Now onto the show. The
  10. Fraggle will buy it all. Keep making it, Fraggle wants it.
  11. Very well for Fraggle
  12. From The Desk of Wembley Fraggle Minister of Space The Bestest Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! I have come to announce another milestone for Fraggle Rock. We have captured and launched this silly creature to the moon. If anyone sees our buddy Sprocket up there, give him a gentle pat on the head. 49 Days until 1000 nukes. On a totally unrelated note.......Fraggle Rock is a bit cash strapped. Anything helps. Many Hugs Wembley Fraggle
  13. Nothing in that review states 1 star. Maybe two poops, but zero stars.
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