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  1. Fraggle

    Terminal Jest is No More

    I have been counter couped!! I now pledge my honor to whatever back waters Partisan is currently in.
  2. Fraggle

    Terminal Jest is No More

    From the Desk of the Handsome Fraggisan Minister of Honest To God Information Department, Terminal Jest. Greetings Friends!! Partisan has abandoned the alliance. On my authority, I am releasing all POWs, and cancelling all treaties. Terminal Jest is now properly of Not A Scam Credit Union LLC. The rights and images to the alliance will be auctioned off. Any property or money will default to Fraggle Rock in 20 minutes. You played yourself, snake-hole. Many hugs, Fraggisan P.S. The bidding starts at 58 million.
  3. Fraggle

    WTJF7, Your Local Terminal Jest Newscast

    Special Alert Update: Version .02 (Too soon?) Greetings!! We have received important intercepts concerning this war to end all wars!! PartisanToday at 6:11 PM Greetings, Friends! I have come to negotiate things Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:12 PM Greetings Friends I have come to counter offer PartisanToday at 6:12 PM I have a counter-counter offer from the desk of exorock for you Good friend Fraggisan's offer is already obsolete Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:12 PM I have the best offer you will see today If you take any offer from Praggleshit...you will regret it PragglesanToday at 6:13 PM But you will not regret regretting it That's better than nothing! Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:13 PM I offer more than nothing SLightly PragglesanToday at 6:13 PM Don't listen to the acid snake Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:14 PM Look...if you want to listen to fake Fraggle here...go ahead PragglesanToday at 6:14 PM What is real, anyway Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:14 PM My offer is valid for 4 minutes Take it or leave it. PragglesanToday at 6:15 PM (I suggest leaving it) Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:15 PM Again....listening to this snake-hole will get you nowhere PragglesanToday at 6:15 PM My offer is valid starting in 3 minutes Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:16 PM Your offer if waiting for my offer to expire so you can counter with nothing is* PragglesanToday at 6:16 PM Here's the thing Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:16 PM PraggleZit is setting you all up PragglesanToday at 6:16 PM you can take Fraggle's offer and get nothing That's not a bad deal Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:16 PM He wants you to not accept this offer PragglesanToday at 6:16 PM its fair, you know but these are differen times and different times require different measures So, take my offer instead. Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:17 PM If you let this offer go.....there will be dire poop stains You can't allow this to happen PragglesanToday at 6:17 PM That's sustenance More than nothing! Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:17 PM It's not good 2 minutes left. Take the offer TojokyToday at 6:17 PM MY tighty whiteys are already poop stained 2 PragglesanToday at 6:17 PM Ew I retract my offer TojokyToday at 6:18 PM Don't eat expired sushi guys. Bad shit. It was a very bad shit Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:18 PM Alright....I tried. You can all see that I tried PragglesanToday at 6:18 PM Yes we tried Let's go home, Fraggle Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:18 PM Sorry you all didn't want it. Byyyyyyeeeeeee PartisanToday at 6:19 PM Well its their own fault they'll be hit now Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:19 PM We tried, right PartisanToday at 6:19 PM Yes, we did Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:19 PM We can sleep well knowing that we tried Not on our shoulders PartisanToday at 6:19 PM It's not our fault people don't want to do diplomacy that's their choice We were reasonable Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:20 PM We really offered them the moon and left with tighty whitey poop memories Nothing we could do PartisanToday at 6:20 PM Nothing at all Sometimes it honestly bugs me to see such great opportunities wasted Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:21 PM When do you see such a chance for world peace....and then it's pissed away It's shameful if you ask me PartisanToday at 6:21 PM all because of poop Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:21 PM Everyone poops.....but not on themselves like that PartisanToday at 6:22 PM We didn't ask for much you know just some decency Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:22 PM Also....all of this should be posted as our attempt to peace. PartisanToday at 6:22 PM It should Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:22 PM That will be on me PartisanToday at 6:22 PM do you want to do it? Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:22 PM We did try PartisanToday at 6:22 PM We did Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:22 PM I will PartisanToday at 6:23 PM NoahToday at 1:20 AM Wat da h*ck PartisanToday at 1:20 AM Greetings, Friend! NoahToday at 1:20 AM Greetings, Friend! PartisanToday at 1:21 AM Why do you dm me have we met? NoahToday at 1:22 AM I am the one who had the poor experience with sushi PartisanToday at 1:22 AM Please stop harassing me I dont want to hear about your poop -- They are harassing me in dm, friend Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:26 PM Same here NoahToday at 6:20 PM Wat da h*ck Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:26 PM Greetings Friend!! NoahToday at 6:27 PM Would you like to hear more about my sushi? Fraggle Of Fraggle RockToday at 6:28 PM Please stop harassing me I dont want to hear about your poop PartisanToday at 6:28 PM hahahahaha never change fraggle And now back to your local broadcast. Byyyyyeeeeee.
  4. We interrupt your local broadcast of Punky Brewster, The Menopause Years to bring you a special local message. Greetings Friends. As the newly appointed Minister of Honest to God Information for the best ever alliance, Terminal Jest, I come to make a major announcement. While on the beaches with my lover Pragglesan, we had a vision.....a vision that we couldn't shake. A vision that stayed with us. Our friend, Fred took an excellent photo of us on the shores enjoying the wonders of the world. You doubt us? We have the picture here!! That's right. I wear a tie. Why do you care? It gives my lover easy access to bondage. If we both consent, is it wrong? No. We enjoy our pleasure sessions on the shores of paradise. Unfortunately we got caught up in a situation. We weren't paying attention to the weather and my lover is not a great swimmer. These are just facts. You're doubting me again? Alright I have photos of this as well, you doubter. See!! Pragglesan had to be carried out by our very friendly locals that were willing to assist in more more ways than once.....if you catch our drift (They were into our bondage game as well). No worries though, as Tommy and Big Jim got my lover out of the waters. Did you assume by the skin tone and beard that they were named something else? Shame. These fellas know how to treat a snek and fraggle. Where was I? Oh that's right, the breaking news. Chaos has broken out within The Fighting Pacifists. It's am mess. Nations doing their own thing. Leadership lacking. It keeps my lover up at night. To be honest, when my lover and Big Jim don't sleep well, they get grumpy. They forget the safe words. It's not the way to do business. On The Direct Authority of The Minister of Less Than Honest To God Information, We are sending in peace keepers to restore order within The Fighting Pacifists. Until peace can be restored, we will have to break into your favorite TV shows for updates. We now continue your interrupted show.
  5. Fraggle

    Super Urgent Alliance News (SUAN)

    Greetings Friend! We accept your reply as your application to become an associate member. We will expedite this process and get back to you shortly. Thanks for the deposit, friend.
  6. From the Desk of the Best Fraggle, Fraggisan Fraggle. Greetings Friends!! A hearty hello and hug is deserved to the great nations of Orbis. And a fistful of pennies to the face of the others. Fraggle Rock is going strong, per usual. Food is on the rebound. Nukes and missiles are being built. Life is good down here. Now onto the super urgent alliance news. With the authority given to me, by myself, I Fraggisan Fraggle am now the newly appointed Minister of Honest To God Information (MHGI) for Terminal Jest. In this new role, I will oversee all information put out by this alliance and make sure it is reasonable true, to the best of our efforts. My first action in this capacity, is to appoint of my lover, Partiggle, becoming the Minister of Less Honest To God Information (LHGI). This role is mainly ceremonial. An ego stroke. I need to do it because Partiggle has tapes. We agreed not to record everything, but here we are, me giving out no show jobs to my lover. As you can see, this is a top notch operation. Run by quality people. As such, we are offering an exciting new concept: Treaty Membership. If not formal, basically very informal. But for the low price of 9 million dollars down, you can become an associate member*. Onto greater news. It has come to my attention that we are missing a badger. No idea what this means, but if you have a loose badger, and don't know what to do, send it back. I wish you all well. Have a great day. Many Hugs, Fraggisan Fraggle *9 million dollars is for the 7 day trial period. Afterwards, you will be charged 49 million dollars a week, unless you cancel. Any cancellation request will require a 60 day cancellation period in where you become the property of Terminal Jest. Not all cancellation requests will be approved. If rejected, you will revert into associate membership with a 79 million dollars surcharge. Addition restrictions apply.
  7. Fraggle

    Happy Independence Day

    Don't tease us you fat ugly hippo. Give us more information on this marriage system....you ugly fat hippo.
  8. Fraggle


    Max, You are not a failure. You created something new around here. I'm glad you're doing well and the career is picking up. Hit us up with doggo pics. You are one of the best around here.
  9. Fraggle

    Change of Scenery

    From The Desk of Snek Fraggle The Greatest Ever Nation Now In The Best Alliance. Many Hugs.
  10. Fraggle

    Urgent Fraggle News

    From The Desk of Wembley Fraggle The Best Nation Ever Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends and Foes! It is time to clear up a few rumors and issues going around about Fraggle Rock. 1) This fake Partisan is not from nor endorsed by Fraggle Rock. We miss our old friend, and are not pleased that Mr. Poohball was allowed back. That is all. Many Hugs Wembely Fraggle
  11. Fraggle

    Terminal Jest: TGH surrender

    From The Desk of Chu Chu Fraggle Minister of Response on the Weekends The Best Nation Ever Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends! As it is typical for us Fraggles to go swim or throw the radish ball around after a long week of being great, all the others aren't around to respond. Kind Wembely Fraggle is out, so I must take charge. First off, I am not the chess nor checkers playing Fraggle. I am just the Fraggle with the account. Wembley Fraggle Health Research Orginization For Underdeveloped Alliances (WFHROFU) seems like a worthy cause. While this creature wants to use our name in the sake of money and chaos, we cannot allow it. My first action Monday when Wembely returns is to suggest an all out assault against Fraggisan. All funds collected will support this. Direct all donations to Not A Scam Credit Union LLC. One Hug, Chu Chu Fraggle
  12. Fraggle

    From the Desk of Fraggle Rock

    From the desk of Wembley Fraggle The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings, What the poop is this? I'm interested in all of it. No hugs!! P.S. Welcome back P.P.S. You left me no cash. P.P.P.S. Hippo is not worth the time. P.P.P.P.S Come join Not A Scam Credit Union LLC. We have a janitor position for your skill level. P.P.P.P.P.S. Bye. Have a good day.
  13. Fraggle

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    Well we know Seb benefitted and got a city purchased for. Had so much left over that he handed 1.9 billion back to sheepy. Yikes.
  14. And the 40th city is next, right buddy? Or did Seb pay enough to be forgiven?

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