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  1. Fraggle

    The Fraggle Quest To 1000

    Hodor for 6,969,696 Close to unlocking Ape resources. Even if y'all don't want to assist in the nukes, you can directly hurt Ape by taking his resources.
  2. Fraggle

    The Fraggle Quest To 1000

    Not A Scam Credit Union LLC will double match this generous donation if the cash arrives. Or are they being used as truly intended?
  3. Fraggle

    The Fraggle Quest To 1000

    From The Desk of Wembley Fraggle Best Ever Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! It sure is an exciting time in Fraggle Rock. Our top food exporter has come back with great news. It looks like prices have gone up, giving us Fraggles a bit of walking around money. As such, I, Wembley The Best, have made a decision. For too long, we have sat upon a pile of nuclear deterrents. 700 to be exact. World leaders who come over to share radishes with us always ask what is next. Well today is decision time. We Fraggles have decided to build another 300 nuclear deterrents. That's right, 1000 will be the new goal. Sure someone will then ask when we move on to 2000, but that's too far even for us. So on to phase 6.80: Finish your unplanned goals edition. No Hugs, The Most Awesome Fraggle, Wembley P.S. We are now accepting any and all donations as these aren't cheap. P.P.S. Not A Scam Credit Union LLC will match all donations. P.P.P.S. Any donation made does not imply ownership of any nuclear deterrent.
  4. Fraggle

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    Warning issued by Mr. MeeSeeks 20 hours ago Penalty Given 1 points which expire 08/13/19 01:53 AM Note for member You have received a warning for Topic Hijacking. This is a direct violation under the Forum Rules/Guidelines that you agreed to when you created an account on this forum OR acknowledged when a public change was made to those rules. Please revisit the Politics & War Forum Rules/Guidelines here. Should you have a question on your warning, point system, suggestion or concern - please send a member of the Moderation team a PM. Should you wish to appeal this warning, please use the appropriate forum. Thank You. -PW Forum Moderation Team Ok. A popular reply is now "topic hijacking". I see more than one hand tickling those tonsils.
  5. Fraggle

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    Blah blah blah. Give his jaw a rest.
  6. Fraggle

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    It's not dirty laundry having everyone know that you're the mouthpiece. The dirty laundry is how much he pays you to take the heat.
  7. Fraggle

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    I am directing to the person controlling the puppet named Alex. With your hand so deep, I figured you could tickle his tonsils while you are throwing out ideas.
  8. Fraggle

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    So this will happen tomorrow. I like how you just randomly throw out ideas and they happen. How about a real idea like my proposed MIRV project and the Laser Defense Project to counter it?
  9. From the desk of Wembley Fraggle The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends!! We Fraggles have been hard at work developing a new technology. Since we suspended our nuclear program, we have decided to move into new research: Time Travel. That's right, The Fraggles of Fraggle Rock have built the first ever time machine powered by uranium and chuckles. We have not tested this new technology yet, but our dear friend Boober has volunteered to have a go at it. I'm ready to go Wembley. Forward, backward, up or down....send me on an adventure. ..... To Be Continued
  10. Fraggle

    underinflated resssources price

    1699 days 14 cities. I'm the noobest
  11. Fraggle

    Rundown Request

    Welcome back old pal. I hope your next move is to spend years building nukes. If not, you're doing it wrong. Glad to see ya around.
  12. Fraggle

    A New Chapter in Fraggle Rock

    From The Desk of Wembley Fraggle Minister of Awesome, The Best Nation Ever Greetings Friends!! Great news from Fraggle Rock. Uncle Traveling Matt is dead. That's right, the Uncle of Gobo is no more. I did not shoot him in his muppet mouth like I was accused of doing to Gobo. Instead I paid Doozers to poop into his morning radish juice every day over several years. It's the perfect plan. No more Mister Nice Fraggle, with his Many Hugs, and jolly demeanor. Nope. Nah. No! Old Wembley is back in charge. Wild decisions and in fighting among the Fraggles will be encouraged. My first decision was to free Red Fraggle from jail. Yes I was the one who locked her up during the Fraggle War of 2015. Yes I forgot that I left her there for a few years. But she seems fine? Second decision is to make sure we are prepared for the future. We are currently drawing up plans to turn the power back on in Fraggle Rock. Apparently some Fraggles were hungry and tore up the wiring. We will need to move out of Fraggle Rock while repairs happen. We're hitting the road. Traveling Orbis to see the sights and taste the people. As we are experiencing a minor cash flow issue due to power repairs, we plan to crash on the couches of the willing. Lastly, we are back open for business. Always willing to listen, and will act upon interesting proposals. No Hugs, Wembley Fraggle
  13. From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The best nation ever, Fraggle Rock Greetings Friends! It's been a while since we have given an update. This shouldn't take more than five minutes to read, and forty minutes to understand. So we're out of our nuke building phase soon. It's true, we can't do it anymore. You cheap bastards have cut off our funding and 700 nukes is fine. Thanks for the cash, giggles, and theft it took to get here. So what's next Fraggle? Great question. Since we are defined by what some consider the dumbest way to build, we are going in the opposite direction. That's right.... conventional build, with a giant pile of nukes in the basement. The power will be turned back on for the first time in three years. Banks and recycling plants will reopen the doors. No more living in the dark and filth we are currently in. We plan to join an alliance. An incredible offer was made for us to run a PR program. We plan to use Fraggle skills to accelerate growth and new opportunities. It's been fun doing nothing for years. Time to do slightly more while not burning the place down. Then again, it's Fraggle, we never go anywhere without matches. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
  14. Fraggle

    Fraggle Rock is Seeking an Alliance

    Patience young hairy chimp.... patience.
  15. Fraggle

    Fraggle Rock is Seeking an Alliance


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