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  1. Hey, me and Revan did our jobs as being moderates between two extremes. Zygon was just there dropping Star Wars gifs that had no relevance to our conversations. fricking Zygon.
  2. Do you believe you’re the aggressors this war?
  3. My highlight of the war was selling off 15 cities just so I could be able to do more damage against the inactive GPWC farms.
  4. @Zygon no pressure but if you mess up we honestly will coup you too.
  5. Curu, I think it’d be a lot easier if you show logs of Gorge saying he’s capable and willing to remove members with BKnet rather than arguing from a position where you’re withholding evidence.
  6. I’ll be honest, airstriking money is definitely a weird tactic but if it’s the most cost efficient thing to do against low infra nations, who am I to judge?
  7. Of course a micro leader doesn’t know the difference between a real alliance and a micro lmao. On a more serious note, and I’ll say this from the bottom of my heart, the fact that you initially *declared wars* against CoB, got immediately countered, sued for peace and blamed the whole situation on tI just shows your whole alliance’s mentality. If you care for your alliance, disband or at the very least resign so someone more competent can take reign.
  8. A quick clarification from @Alex would solve part of the issue tbh
  9. At least from my POV, there’s a small disconnect in what we’ve been told, whether Leo has sole access of his nation or a multitude of people. I mean, Alex has frequently mentioned that no one new has accessed the nation. Does that the nation has been under control of multiple people across different IPs, and that the latest BKnet problems were from an existing user of his nation, or is it a case of Leo’s nation not being accessed by anyone but him?
  10. Wait you mean @The Mad Titan was lying about his nation being hacked? Well colour me surprised. This definitely isn’t the first time he’s been caught out.
  11. Cypher

    Spam threads

    I hope I don’t have to make too many war slot filling reports then.
  12. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=183140 Ruler Name: Aero Nature of Violation: War slot filling https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=587602 After being reported for the spam threads, Aero has taken it upon himself to declare a false war against a coalition member, BK. The actions involved in the war were two ground attacks that resulted in utter failures, despite the receiver having three times as many soldiers and Aero themselves having an air advantage. Screenshots will be provided shortly of their military units before any drastic changes are made. This is a blatant attempt at filling a war slot. EDIT: First Nation is Aero’s, second is the BK guy. Aero knew full well what he was doing when he suicided his ground forces into the BK guy. He just wanted to minimise the damage done to both parties just to tick off the war activity box to hide their attempts of him filling someone else’s war slot.
  13. Forum Name: Aero Xross Link to Profile: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/5001-aero-xross/ There is no “Aero Xross” in-game. There is, however, an “Aero”. For future reference for @Aero Xross, forum names must match your in-game nation ruler name, not a mixture of your leader name and nation.
  14. Forum Name: Leo the Great Link to Profile: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/5184-leo-the-great/ After a brief search, the name “Leo the Great” directs me to an inactive nation in Strickland Propane, not The Mad Titan the nation above is claiming to be.
  15. Forum Name: TheNG, Leo the Great, Jazz R Oppenheimer and Aero Xross Link to Post: In order of those being reported; Nature of Violation: Spam threads, joke. All of the threads above have the government and leadership recognising hostilities with BK (save the BK RoH against Acadia, UPN and Polaris), despite no ongoing wars. This is a clear attempt at spamming the alliance affairs section of the forums as a “joke”.
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