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  1. Cypher

    Let's Clown Arown' :)

    Neither did tS until we had to convince them he's still better than Zed.
  2. Cypher


    What kinda frickery is it that you sign a treaty purely because your other allies were allied to them. Nonetheless, congrats. TFP are a great alliance to be tied to.
  3. Cypher


    Not out of range of these fists though
  4. Cypher

    Shifty News Network-Ask the Viewers

    So you're blasting someone for not being happy with their previous alliance and wanting something new?
  5. Cypher

    Let's Dance

    It's never nice to see alliances you like disband. Take care and good luck in the future. PS. Seb, Rogue, come join me over at HS
  6. Cypher

    Not even worth reading

    So I guess all the talk of you wanting the NAP to maintain the relationship was just hot air? Well that's absolutely good to know.
  7. >Defends tS because "!@#$ paragon" >Attacks tS two months later because "paragon was going to roll us five months ago" Definitely candidates for the worst alliance ever.
  8. Cypher

    Question about protection

    9/10, not all
  9. Cypher

    Everyone Expects This

    Just how I like it.
  10. Cypher

    Rose Update

    Congrats on the big move @Ebeezy. Let's hope it works out well for you in the future.
  11. Cypher

    NK notice of cancellation.

    If you're not trash talking your current allies, are you really allied to them?
  12. Cypher

    *Inaudible angry noises*

  13. Cypher

    NK notice of cancellation.

    Literally half of HS are TTK members
  14. Is it too late to change my nominations for worst alliance leader and player to Queen M?

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