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  1. When did Roq start to get a sense of humour?
  2. RnR were never going to enter the war. We specifically told them we wouldn’t be activating the treaty because a) it’s neither their nor their direct ally’s war. There really was no reason to drag them into the meat grinder apart from upper tier support when the majority of the fighting is happening in the mid tier. And b) a narrative being pushed around earlier was equalising or even gaining the upper hand in the net damage side of things. While I’m sure RnR doesn’t have enough infrastructure value to equalise, I’m not going to give Coalition B the satisfaction of using the net damage gap being much smaller to be used in any future arguments.
  3. How about we pause the global war and teach these fake vampires who the real princess is?
  4. It’s confusing to say the least. Basically Coalition B signed a sphere wide NAP with Fark... which included RnR who had no idea that this even happened. Just a reminder guys that communication is key between allies.
  5. Way too overused. How about the Ordinance of the Unjust Starks?
  6. @Roquentin are we ready to announce our MADP or are you still writing up the treaty text?
  7. That was the best 1 bil+ I’ve ever looted. Good luck lads, we look forward to fighting you.
  8. Cypher

    Slot Filling?

    I won't be peacing the war out. While ambiguous, I did announce that I would be honouring HS' treaty with NPO. Now I'm sure you've been paying attention to what's been going on ingame but for those looking in, NPO are at war with TKR and I have full intentions of keeping true to all of HS' commitments to our allies, regardless of what coalition they're in.
  9. Hold on Roq, I'm coming!
  10. Your alliance is a free target that everyone uses as a punching bag, stay out of it.
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