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  1. I was as surprised as you were when I first found out about it.
  2. While I wait for a reply, @Roquentin can I get a comment from you on NPO and GPWC demanding House Stark ban me from the alliance in exchange for peace? That’s certainly no way to treat the *only* gov member who was interested in reviving N$O from the get go and keeping the individual treaty post war.
  3. Well no, that’s still false. No one from HS offered to give your counter support if you went in against TKR. We explicitly told you we wouldn’t support expansion of the war, why would we then turn around mid convo and promise you support?
  4. It took two hours from point of contact to CoA to announcement of peace, all of which happened with only three combined HS/tS gov members awake. We made it clear that we wouldn’t support expansion of the war, and with your declaration against TKR, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that our support was gone.
  5. Well this is blatantly false. If we’re willing to keep IW, an alliance we only have an ODP with who coincidentally is on the opposing side, in the loop as to what we’re doing, post war plans etc, what cause would there be for me not to tell you what’s going on? Now I’m not faulting your choice in not informing us that you’re going to be attacking tS’ protectorates. Secrecy within your coalition trumps informing allies on the other side to a degree after all, but to say that we didn’t tell you everything beforehand is false. Nothing was withheld from our talks with yourself, Keshav and any joint channels between ourselves.
  6. Don’t you dare defend your alliance with it forcing people to do degrading things such as eating dog food or fish flakes to get **peace** by comparing it to famous influencers doing the same thing for popularity. One is doing it to remain relevant, the other forced to do it otherwise they’ll be perma warred and eventually dragged out of the game.
  7. So easy that your ability to deflect what was said and attack the source isn’t going to convince anyone.
  8. It’s not “here are terms, let’s talk about them” it’s “here’s a term, now either agree with them or we won’t show you the next one and we’ll drag the war even further” Again, if you have no clue as to what’s actually going on in the broader picture, it’s better to remain quiet than to come off as a fool.
  9. TLDR we’d rather force tS to disband than to give them terms
  10. Only 54 wars against GPWC? We’re going to get that to 200 by the end of the war.
  11. Honestly I’d be in favour of just removing downvotes and allow upvotes to be tallied.
  12. Ah okay, I mean as long as their stats are there I’m not too fussed whether they’re under NPO or as a separate entity.
  13. Any chance we could get GPWC in the war stats?
  14. I don’t think you’ve realised I was the head FA person for HS during those times, and 99% of the logs between tS and NPO, I would have seen. That’s not even including all the messages between ourselves (Revan and myself) and NPO.
  15. What proof? The Sphinx log dump that he hasn’t refuted yet or the NPO one?
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