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  1. I like idiotic, unstable, extremists just like I like Three Percenters. I despise Three Percenters.
  2. I don't get why y'all don't just reroll without screaming to everyone your past P&W war crimes. If you want to play so bad, just change names and pretend to be a newbie. 16 cities isn't even that much to come back from.
  3. But if you don't participate... you get personally attacked and shamed lmao
  4. Breaking News: Nokia becomes a prostitute in exchange for views on his forum posts
  5. As if anyone would ever want to join you.
  6. I don't know how any of you guys could be so stupid, it's clear that Rose and T$ have a secret treaty. I mean, just think about this simple logic! puts on tinfoil hat TJEST is made up of Partisan, who is a government member of T$ Oblivion used to have a treaty with Rose, and Oblivion members talk in the Rose server. In conclusion, SEKRIT TREATY
  7. It would be more touching if I actually spent the time to actually read that utterly illiterate statement.
  8. I refuse to accept this warped reality. TAKE ME BACKKKKKKK
  9. RIP. Who will fight the fascists now?
  10. My nation is now two years old, so we'll have a little contest. Make Havgle puns, the top 5 puns get the grand prize of giving me 100m. Yes, it's a lazy post, and yes, I'm an attention whore, but fuggit I'm bored
  11. Your constant use of idioms would be wiser if you knew how to properly format a sentence and speak coherently.
  12. Poor KT... they're fighting a truly tough battle.
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