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  1. Congrats on the DoE, love the theme!
  2. I asked AC, not Mando or Compass. And I asked AC on reasons for me being friends with one of their gov, and no other reason.
  3. Not really. Both are similarly tiered, and in the same sphere. Move hypothetically makes sense, but I have many doubts about the execution and the necessity of the treaty.
  4. Your memory might be failing you. I recall Kan pushing Compass and Mandalore into the war, not me. Get your facts straight before you make up bs.
  5. That dealt billions in damage... and fought a war that made a lot of people care... including Aurora...
  6. What an exciting treaty! Two irrelevant alliances... signing an MDP they most likely won't even respect... I feel like I've seen this play out before... deja vu
  7. I don't have any links memorized besides my nation link
  8. Am I just a rickroll to you?
  9. What the hell is that graphic?
  10. I don't know who to feel bad for, tCW or TI/TFP...
  11. Player of the Year: PutmirMost Influential Player: PartisanMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: MenheraBest Alliance Leader: Menhera & LossiWorst Alliance Leader: Dwight K SchruteBest Government Member (not a leader): VexzBest General Member: Hime-SamaMost Missed Player: SmithBest IC Poster: Eva-BeatricePoster You Most Love to Hate: FirwofBest Villain: Lord TyrionLargest E-Peen: FirwofBest Fighter: Kim Jong PorkBest Raider: Hime-SamaMost Controversial Player: PhoenyxPlayer You’re Pretty Sure will be Playing in 2050: Chute MiPlayer that is Worst at Responding to DMs: Kim Jong PorkBest Player Ava
  12. I downvoted it because you're a hypocrite who should be a target of moderation...
  13. Alliance Categories Micro of the Year: Chocolate Castle Best Micro: Chocolate Castle Worst Micro: Hizu Best Micro Flag: The Reef Worst Micro Flag: NukaWorld best theme: NukaWorld Worst Theme: The Black Death Most likely to Succeed: Chocolate Castle Most likely to disband: NorthWestSouthRegionOfTheFarEast Best reroll: Empire of the Moonlit Sakura most obnoxious: Global Alliance Treaty Organization Most Hated: Black Skies Most likely to hit top 50: Chocolate Castle Player Categories Best Micro Leader: Lossi Worst Micro Leader: Teaboi Best Government
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