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  1. Since no response has been provided here (and you have declined the offer in the group chat with myself and Alex), this offer is now withdrawn.
  2. Here's an offer, @BlackAsLight, I can provide you with. I keep my Discord username as Blackie#0001 but change the nickname in the Discord servers that we both share back to Blackbird. Since you cannot get a refund for the $100m bounty you already placed on me, it will be on you but you must cancel the remainder $900mn bounty on my head for this offer to be valid. P.S. Next time don't be a backstabber and come and talk to me instead before posting something inarticulate like this again. Regards
  3. Get your facts straight, "Doctor". Only a fraction of the servers I'm a part of is associated with Politics and War. I'm not going to play around each player's childish ego centrism because of that. Concluding: I find this request as invalid and ask you to cancel this bounty. If this will not be auctioned within the next 48 hours from this message, I will seek counter measures and this will be turned against your nation. Memes for memes but get ur facts straight, kid
  4. That infra was due to be destroyed. That project #27 was very expensive indeed
  5. Considering there wasn't one for RF, it is only fair to let similar players know of a place they can actually join.
  6. Agreement type missing in expiration message in Alliance page view.
  7. Thought micro declared on error. Eh
  8. Reps for not posting in alliance affairs
  9. Blackbird

    Fix Turns

    I got an issue with city/project timer too. City timer states I got 2 turns left but the project timer states 1 turn...
  10. Could global trade offers made by allied members be highlighted a bit different, to make them stand out? Or perhaps move them to the top of the list? Also maybe a custom highlight option could be added so everyone can choose what alliances' offers each wants to be highlighted. Something like below maybe? And if a custom highlight option would also be possible, perhaps make each alliance offers to be highlighted in a different color?
  11. The screenshot is from when I created this post (16 hours ago). This is the formula of the actual revenue that should sum up the resource production upkeep to $1,814,400: (coal mine*400)*0.9+(oil well*600)*0.9+(uranium mine*5000)*0.9+(lead mine*1500)*0.9+(iron mine*1600)*0.9+(bauxite mine*1600)*0.9+(farm*300)*0.9+(gas refinery*4000)*0.9+(aluminum refinery*2500)*0.9+(munitions factory*3500)*0.9+(steel mill*4000)*0.9
  12. Hi, I've tried sending you a DM over Discord but have not had any response. Reported issues: The additional 25 points pollution deduction from Subways missing The improvement upkeep deduction of 10% for resource production (raws + refined resources) is missing For my nation, considering the bonus, my upkeep cost for the resource production should be $1,814,400. But the actual is $2,010,400.
  13. FYI, my military reset is before the default server reset and did I get my military reset and already replenished my missiles.
  14. Didn’t know u are a mod sorry boss lmao
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