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  1. back when someone first uploaded a fake beige picture and you made that against the rules. someone else then uploaded a fake vacation mode picture shortly after and you just let it go because it was not yet against the rules even thought it was clear the rule about fake beige was meant to apply to any such fake image. i may have the exact example slightly out or order, its been over a year
  2. please add/include not being able to trade in game stuff for stuff from other games. i know it should obviously be covered by what is already in place but making it clear would help. in the past there have been instances of people doing something that was clearly against the spirit and general wording of the rules but as it was not explicitly against the rules those people were able to get away with little to no consequences.
  3. i want to thank you for not including The in your name. to many alliances start with The.
  4. im not opposed to diminishing returns but voted no because i am against destroying land.
  5. so poor bookkeeping, fractal reserve lending and trading. what i don't get is why stocks being over valued was an issue. i assume that has to do with the conflict of interests because the market itself is not at fault when people can not sell there stock for what it had been previously trading for. maybe having information about the trade volume of individual stocks could have helped people mitigate that risk. there is also the question of why when you were hit you first looked to cover your own nations losses, unless i misunderstood that part. still paying someone to stop hitting you is at best bad practice long term and at worse indicates a total bank failure if the reason you needed to pay was that you could no longer keep the money safe. no clue how much of this is true but it just goes to once again show that if something seems to good to be true it probably is.
  6. so which alliance is which character? i assume the 6th is the mystery machine and not Scrappy.
  7. hope things work out for you. was sometimes not sure how but knew you would always try and make things right with us
  8. is this going over your head or is your post going over mine?
  9. a lot of all of them. will send you a PM with actual numbers in a bit
  10. we are supposed to be a retirement community. we get very cranky when people make us actually do stuff. so we try to discourage people making us do stuff whenever possible. it has been very effective as few if any people make us do stuff more then once
  11. the vast majority of the wars i fought predate the wars won and wars lost stats being added. did those wars get saved anywhere or are they gone forever? losing out on project slots because my fighting was done before the game kept track of them would be annoying. and at my infra levels it would be cheaper to buy more infra to open up project slots then to fight new wars to open slots and then rebuy infra. especially since losing infra would reduce the number of project slots available to me.
  12. why do reserve troops have to move to active automatically? you can break a blockade by spy attacks alone? and how many ships are blockading has no effect on it? do reserve units count towards score?
  13. glad to finally get this done. stuff kept getting in the way
  14. dont change both at once. change the city score and see how that changes wars. also i think someone way pointing out that if you can rebuy 1/3rd of your troops a high city count nation could drop 1/3rd of there troops then declare and buy them all back up. making cities worth 150 or even more would mitigate that some.
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