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  1. Alex's twitter

    Ibrahim and Moreau? Both banned. I think Abu was the one who gave up but I can't verify. Did take ages, IIRC, they did exactly what Roz is doing with regard to the warn points. Also, Ibrahim was summarily banned on an arguable case outside of the warn point system, for saying "God is Great" on some post about an earthquake. People weren't really kicking up a ton of fuss over that circumvention of the rules. Also, it's a shit argument. Poor moderation in that past doesn't justify poor moderation in the present.
  2. Alex's twitter

    This is factually incorrect. Some people were blurring the line, but the few that left no doubt were banned just as fast as someone with the leader name Adolf Hitler.
  3. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    What, cracker? Don't falsely equivocate the two man, we've talked about the realities of power and our own privilege in these types of discussions before. Is it counter productive? Sure, but in no way does it have the same history and weight as the N word.
  4. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    Arch dropped it in a discord in the context of an abortion joke during a peace talk, IIRC. Funnily enough, I was personally asked not to engage more on the matter as it wasn't reflective of Arch's true character and he was unlikely to address the behaviour if he was getting dogpiled (I agree with this sentiment, dogpiles accomplish little). It seems, however, that the interim weeks have not yielded much by way of results.
  5. Alex's twitter

    I've literally stated in this thread multiple times that Alex was/is being hypocritical. If you're going to call me out, read my post first.
  6. Alex's twitter

    I've never understood why so many people think whatabouttism works as an argument. It's literally structured in such a way as to admit that your position is shit, and your only saving grace is to attempt to prove that your opponents position is shit. Like, if you succeed, you're both shit, you haven't magically absolved yourself of shitiness.
  7. Alex's twitter

    And you want to get through to him by starting your post off wishing for his death? No, you just want the outrage attention exactly like the twitter sjws you rail against. Also worth noting that the last time Rozalia faced disciplinary action, for something quite similar, a mod posted that they were ignoring the warn points his attempts to bait and argue with them should have acquired. Roz has already received special treatment in his favour at the hands of the mod team. Not 100% related but a nice little side note. And he can arbitrarily judge someone, for two reasons. The server is his private property and all opinions are naturally arbitrary. None of us, as I've explained multiple times in the past, are owed the right to play the game and use it's forums as a personal dumping ground. If Alex banned me, I would have no legal and little moral recourse to fight back. And none of us are safe from judgement anywhere, as you seem to imply we should be. So judge Alex for his hypocrisy by all means, but don't act like you're the last defender of the bulwark of liberty.
  8. Meh

    You'll still be back occasionally to post some inane whining about stuff you know nothing about. It is your way.
  9. Alex's twitter

    I wasn't saying we need to engage with him about the Roz's post, but rather the tweet. You're trying to use the tweet to circumvent the stated game rules, when it should be used to talk to him about his actions outside of the game don't line up with his professed desire for the game.
  10. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Pour one out for Westwood Studios. EA is a monster #stopthekilling Hey Thorin, glad to see your conscious decision to distance yourself from certain individuals and the actions they undertake is going so well. Really glad to you've made that call and are sticking to your guns so strictly. I also want to use this space to address a really stupid rumour. Apparently a ton of our resident fash have convinced themselves and others that I'm black? Presumably because white people can't care about black rights. So I would like to confirm that I am a white cis male. If you don't believe me, ask @Thalmor, he's seen my nudes. You're arguing that a deliberately featureless section of nations within the game don't have the features you associate with an alliance theme, so the theme is untenable? And that nonsense about imperialism and revolution... this might actually be your stupidest non-mechanics post yet.
  11. Shifty News Network: The Cold War expands

    I mean, theoretically there is some space with resisting fascism for conservatives, if they actually want to take up the space and do the work. I'm actually pretty blase about other political ideologies outside of the alt-right/neo sphere at the moment. Nuance does exist there. But in practice, while people like me have to come out and explain that no, shit like The Shining Path was not good, the right, here and elsewhere, never get called on to distance themselves from those who discriminate based on inborn traits. Really glad to see your recent use of the N word was totally a one time thing that in no way reflects your character. Super stoked that you aren't displaying similar behaviour patterns that would ultimately reveal your apology to be pablum merely to get out of the social consequences of your actions.
  12. Alex's twitter

    Should we constructively engage with Alex about why that behaviour is hypocritical and unprofessional? Nah, lets openly wish for his death and use it for whattaboutism.
  13. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Ultra Tankies gonna Ultra Tankie. A friend of mine made it on the list for sure, I might have made it by association. It was leaked because they were talking about it after a coalition type meeting because they care more about revolutionary LARPing then actually accomplishing anything for the working class. A lot of there ideology is actually based in the notion that the working class is too stupid to rule themselves, which is an obvious no go for me. But I mean, I've had a fascist pull a knife on me and a cop try to break my hand while I was deescalating another situation, so an Ultra kill list isn't even in my top three tbh.
  14. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    You realize that Stalin is mostly just a meme right? Like, a local Maoist group that put one of my friends and possibly myself on their "to be killed in the revolution" list denounces Stalin. It's more than likely that anyone posting Stalinist stuff is trying to wind you up.