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  1. Edit: mods this isn't derailing it's actually referring to a relevant in game community meme. Please no warn pointarino me.
  2. Point of information, it took me 2.5 seconds and six strokes on my mouse wheel to clear the image.
  3. The fact that this thread has been up for 30 minutes and he hasn't responded leads me to believe he's been suspended again.
  4. Remove Beige is up there with Add Subs for worst, most frequent suggestion.
  5. durmij

    Wiki Bias

    Unbiased. History. Oh man I have some bad news for you that goes way beyond a Nation Simulator Wiki.
  6. Way to double down on the asinine nature of your original invocation. As much as IQ's whining, gas-lighting and victim theater might feel like attacks on your person, they aren't. IQ has no power to stop you from pursuing self expression on these boards, save from telling you they don't want to play with you anymore. You aren't being subjected, and never have been subjected to*, anything that would actually constitute interference. Your invoking of journalistic freedom is also equally asinine, as we live in a world that's becoming increasing more dangerous to actual journalists. Your tangent into nations using citizens as collateral on loans, what level of Alex Jones nonsense is this? Also, your completely misrepresenting the difference between private and personal property in even the shittiest socialist systems, but all of this just leaves me wondering how on earth you expect that to be related? *if IQ has actually interfered with your ability to express yourself, for example, black mailing or extorting you, stop using it as an argument to feel good on a forum and contact the appropriate authorities.
  7. Beige is a load bearing beam in the rotten structure that is the war system. You can't just change it without having cascading consequences. Give how easy it is to be zeroed and how hard it is to build up in comparison, beige is not the most pressing issue surrounding war length. The necessity of drawing wars to allow the continual suppression of an opponent, with the lack of available counter-play on the losing side, needs a far more complex and all encompassing solution than making beige go away. Hopefully the post war update will bring sweeping changes to the mechanics.
  8. This is certainly not it chief.
  9. Motherboard manufacturers are having a hard time making boards because the 10900k currently draws over 300 watts at peak, because they just glued 2 cores onto the 9900k.
  10. I thought that was the case, but I'm hearing from multiple people that it was a hack.
  11. This video is sponsored by Dashlane. edit: er, post
  12. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=164233 "This nation does not exist. It was either deleted for inactivity, or the player controlling the nation deleted their account. Visit your nation, or go to the search page." BIG THONK
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