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  1. If you need help replacing a leader in wartime, talk to @Belisarius
  2. Remember when we were all bound by peace treaty to say NPO did a good job that one war? And how that went? The more things change... I'd like to point out that this is coming from the side who's majority opinion on improving the game was not changing the war mechanics but on just advertising more. Bringing in new players, just so they can purposely be driven out. Brilliant strategy.
  3. I was afraid of this, but thank you for considering it. That's the thing. Your disagreement is irrelevant unless you have previously unmentioned material facts relating to the situation. And if you do, you would not be breaking the subforum rules to make those facts known. "Expression" is not the purpose of the subforum and if you or others want to take your anger out elsewhere, that is entirely immaterial to the function of the subforum. Edit: Should clarify, your statement makes even less sense because you would be allowed to respond via the rules as the accused. You don't need reputation for that.
  4. I already corrected my mistake. But I do feel the need to push back on part of your statement. You don't have the "right to meaningful discussions." None of us do. The forums are Alex's private property and we are allow access based on his terms of service. Rights refer to things like freedom from government oppression and the ability to participate in a democracy. It's not applicable to using someones property and them setting rules to revoke access.
  5. Sorry, thought this was a report misfiling
  6. This is a no discussion forum and not an appropriate topic for the moderation subforum. Let's just leave this mess be until Alex or a mod comes by to lock it and hand out warns.
  7. A large number of reports in the moderation subforum have been mass spammed with reputation, both up and down. This is symptomatic of people viewing reports as tied to game politics when they should be separate. If the subforum could have reputation disabled, it would go a long way to restoring some sanity in the forums and make sure people aren't punished for reports.
  8. The real question raised from this is what is Rozalia's ban dodging new nation
  9. So, personal story time. I had some problems with a former employer this summer. Can't spill too much because of and NDA, but what I can tell you is that you should absolutely know your state/provincial laws regarding call and audio recording, because even a fancy lawyer can't beat receipts. Get receipts, keep receipts, make receipts available.
  10. The three of us are from Rose, we so we know this subject well. You know those guys that claim all of their ex's are crazy?
  11. We're from a different era Kurd. FA 101 now is just slagging off absolutely everyone on forums and airing your dirty laundry like a perpetually on again off again couple on Facebook. I blame cellphones.
  12. It might be the legal weed I just smoked, but there is a non zero chance that this ends with TKR and NPO in the same bloc and i'm fricking shooketh.
  13. I see you both, and raise you Psilocybin.
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