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  1. durmij

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

    He screamed from permanent vacation mode at a game he would never affect again.
  2. durmij

    War Stats

    I honestly don't know what's worse, the use of anti-semitic imagery, the fact that being an edgelord is your only personally trait, or the you missed the way better pun, Jew-hann.
  3. durmij

    Shifty News Network-Ask the Viewers

    It really shows it's age, and it's more niche and less intuitive than most Paradox games. Which is fricking saying something.
  4. durmij

    Shifty News Network-Ask the Viewers

    Victoria 2. I covers the mid 1800s until about 1930. It's more complex than EU4, at least in terms of econ. Great game, but in desperate need of a sequel.
  5. durmij

    The most extreme border control in Orbis

    Is Pantheon functionally a micro at this point? Yes. Is it a good look to keep making threads about it as a former member? No.
  6. durmij

    suspicious city builds

    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=118871 31 day old nation has they game knowledge to skip build land and just stack resources without any pop? Not against the rules in and of itself, but there are 2 nations on the ID so it's worth a look at.
  7. In his, well not defense but clarity, he didn't explicitly mean to send that snap to a minor. And in fact, her age was never confirmed. It was just a reasonable consequence of sending out unsolicited dick pics during the middle of a radio show and narrating the whole experience.
  8. Damn, I need to update my sig.
  9. durmij

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    Do you guys have a link to an easy to digest synopsis of Warhammer Lore? Preferably in video essay format? Y'all make it look interesting and it'd be nice to get the references.
  10. durmij

    Plot Und Panzer

    The crimes of the USSR where not carried out from a basis of being against any group based on inborn traits. It was the failings and prejudices of the men who wielded power that made the crimes fall into those lines. The base ideology of Marxism (I'm far from a Marxist or Marx apologist btw), was international and panracial. The ideology of Nazism is based on discrimination of inborn traits like gender, race and sexuality. There is no redeeming it because there is no wiggle room. While I think that people who wave Soviet Flags unironically in the first world and somewhere between foolish and dickish, I can not react in the same way to people waving Nazi affiliated stuff because of that important distinction. And this will be the impasse that we will never cross. You will continue to point the crimes of Stalin, I will continue to point to the basic premises of the ideologies at play. Worth noting that Sheepy has in fact cleared this so I suppose the whole thread was nothing but the rehashing of this old argument.
  11. durmij

    Plot Und Panzer

    Yes, you got that one right, Kriegs post was an example of Whataboutism. Good boy, have this. Edit: Alright this one was a little over the edge, I apologize.
  12. durmij

    Let's Dance!

    No I didn't? And... No I didn't? Man, remember last time. Step back from the computer and take a breath.
  13. durmij

    Plot Und Panzer

    I've denounced the Soviet Union multiple times in multiple threads on the behest of multiple people. Don't presume to put words in my mouth. I understand the fundamental difference between the Nazis crimes against those due to inborn traits and the unmitigated shit show that was Stalin, but believe me when I say, frick em both. But in no way shape or form are they one the same plane. Besides, couldn't all of your arguments separating Rommel from the Nazi Regime apply to basically any war figure? Maybe I'm honoring some Soviet General who had nothing to do with the Gulags and Holodomor and you're being too sensitive. Plus I was looking for the TRF forum pip and got lost, just using this as a temporary until I find it. Edit: It was still listed under Stratagem. Derp
  14. durmij

    Plot Und Panzer

    He screamed from permanent vacation mode at a game he will never affect again.
  15. durmij

    Let's Dance!

    Wait, you're serious? That's... not whataboutism. Whataboutism is referencing an outside object with supposed similar properties in an off hand manner rather than arguing against the point at hand. In this case, I clarified that the properties of the object in question where out of line with your assumption. I didn't even reference an outside object, so I have no idea how you landed on whataboutism.

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