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  1. People might not be aware of it, but there is a general rule for the forums called "Moreau's Law", which states that the amount of idiocy and drama contained on these boards should double every single week. Thanks to threads like this, we've never missed a week. God bless the OWF.
  2. I'm an AMD stan through and through. I like the way they approach things and Nvidia are massive pricks. New Ryzen is pretty great and I'm incredibly happy with my 3700x. But don't buy a 5700 xt, or a 5700. At least not for a considerable amount of times. The physical cards are meh, but even the partner models will suffer from the main issue, drivers. My 5700xt has been an unstable mess from the first day. I get blue screened or green screened at least once a day. I've had to reinstall windows after a corruption issue. Massive amounts of static and colour distortion when going into full screen, and I'm not even pushing the card that hard. 2.5k 60 fps in paradox titles is my average max gaming mode. But most of the crashes are during loads even lighter than that. Apparently buying a reference card is a noob mistake, so I imagine most of you will already know better. But yeah, don't buy a fricking reference card, especially a reference 5700xt. If anyone has any advice on what to replace it with, I would much appreciate it.
  3. durmij

    Really NPO

    Between the rolling of allies, rolling of former allies, whatever the frick that bank stuff was, slot filling/onside beige farming and cheering of deletions, this doesn't even register. Let see how many stick through the usual high attrition of noobs the game has to even reach an spot where they can make an impact. Keep an eye on that bank though. Don't want it to "accidentally" end up on a new nation.
  4. Thanks, I got a friend who does audio tech to show me the basics, but the only thing I really retained is that a minute of work pre recording saves you an hour in post. You brought up a lot of stuff he did and I appreciate the reminder.
  5. I'll definitely look into it. I'm not ruling out that I was doing manually what could have been automated.
  6. "We're at peace, but we will probably still attack you." Bruh
  7. Did you just call me a member of the ruling class? I'm insulted, flattered and aroused all at the same time.
  8. So I came back to this game for two reasons. The game mechanics and forum arguments. In all seriousness, those reasons were to try somethings in FA that I didn't get off the ground in my previous run at the game, and to get some practice making audio, photo and video content in an arena were quality wasn't so high that my amateur status would embarrass me. The FA thing is whatever but the content creation is much more palatable and achievable. As some of you might remember, I hyped up an internet radio show/podcast some years ago and only ever ended up producing one episode. Why? Because coordinating three different guests who were relevant, knowledgeable and able to communicate well, then keeping the conversation on track, then editing and uploading the audio was far too much effort for a product that didn't differentiate itself that much from the lower effort and quality (not saying bad here, calm down) discord rants that could be produced much easier and had the upside of drawing a live audience. As some of you may also know, I edited Thalmor's show for a time. But if you've never tried to make audio listenable, let alone enjoyable, before, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's not that bad in terms of a time sink. I certainly thought so when I started. But the most efficient I was able to crush all the sharp air intakes, ums and ahs, awkward pauses and false starts was at a rate of about 90 minutes per hour of audio. This was with careful pre-planning with audiovisual cues, macroing a gaming mouse to use Audacity like a L33T G4MR and rushing through. So, knowing now what I know about audio editing, if I wanted to get back into it, I would need a new format. So that's what I'm doing. I'm hoping to make The D a serious of interviews were I delve a little bit into the person behind the semi-anonymous forum and push them on the more uncomfortable past of their ingame past. My working template is this, so far: Introductions (handle, titles etc) History of Ingame activities Personal stuff (Nothing identifying, just getting a better sense of the person behind the account) The Grilling (I poke and prod someone on their past, present and future in the game) Turned Tables (The interviewee gets to go after me for a bit on ingame stuff, then gets to ask a personal question that I will answer if it isn't too identifying) Freeform Finale (Interview gets to go off on whatever ingame subject they would like to) Closing Advice (Both the interview and myself dispense and discuss life wisdom to round out the show and end on a positive note) The idea is to have much more intimate and personal format than is typically produced in this game. And as much as we laugh about the meme of their being a real person behind the other computer (I don't blame anyone, it's fricking hilarious), I think it would be good to humanize each other a little bit. In terms of production, my life is going to be a shit show until mid October, so I won't be interviewing anyone until then. But I wanted to get it out there now so people who are interested can contact me now and I can set up a spreadsheet of potential participants. The segments will be uploaded as there are done, I'm not drafting a schedule as I would not be able stick to it. The goal is 45 minutes to an hour of just the interviewee and I talking. There will be no live elements/community engagement because when it comes to good content, chat systems are awful in the moment and horrendous after the fact. So if you're interested, hit me up either in game or on discord, and I'll add you to the list.
  9. How was pointing out going from 1300 to 1500 infra would pay itself off in under a month when the war cycle almost guaranteed 3 months of peace proposing a logistically impossible solution? Please, it's been years, and the only concrete response I can recall is that our advice was a conspiracy to make NPO take more damage in the following war. There were no private conversations because everything that could be said had been on the forum already. The points were made, the math was out there and you refused it. I had a pretty firm grasp on my non forum FA work because I had other time commitments and didn't see the need to tilt that windmill, metaphorically speaking. It wasn't because I disliked you. I was only annoyed at you then. I dislike you now, and you can quote that in your next victim theatre rant. And that dislike didn't spring from nothing. It's borne out of your constant undercutting of my own agency in this narrative that I was nothing but a Bourhann lackey, and the constant reauthoring my experiences to suit that narrative. I don't dislike people for in game interactions, at least not for long. Partisan tried to get me rolled vis-a-vis UPN and I have no ill will towards him. SK was part of a sphere that tried to destroy the alliance I was leading through nefarious means (granted, that was mostly Valyria), but I don't hold any grudges there. VE did a ton of shady and disingenuous things in and around Silent War, and our post war state and that's not material to any of my considerations on their current actions. Most telling, I was absolutely livid with Manthrax during the Silent War peace talks, but now he's one of the people I'm closest with in this game. You've constructed this image of me, an effigy, that's been corrected multiple times by myself and even others. And you've constructed effigies of others, laying your current viewpoints over their identities, forcing them and their associates back on the forums to correct things. It's an ongoing cycle that many have commented on, and I'm under no illusion that it will come to an end any time soon. It's unfortunate that such effigies take so much time and energy to disassemble, but they do get disassembled for all but you and your closest forum compatriots. Because as hard as you try, you don't get to define anyone else.
  10. Forget it man. I spent a long ass time trying to get them to understand that lost income from bad econ could outpace damages easily. It was fruitless. This will be fruitless too. Math is nothing in the face of entrenched attitudes.
  11. Improvements need a health/condition stat so we aren't dealing with a simple working/completely destroyed binary.
  12. This avoids the beiging problem rather than addressing it. It would be better to retool beige than try something like this. The tug of war is so obvious I can't believe it wasn't implemented from the start. Maybe decrease the length of the "rope" over time to make it easier to close a war as it ends. War length is another really obvious one. Currently, someone can hold you down for a whole business week. Capacity isn't really an issue compared to the obscenely high damage potential towards units as opposed to everyone else. An overall reduction in damage is more appropriate in this situation. Addressing the op, the fundamental problem is that the game mechanics are completely at odds with the goals of a large scale conflict. We can't expect players to change to a different meta that isn't supported by the mechanics. Yes, the current political scene makes long wars more likely, but when a single player can comfortably squat on two to three others for five days a cycle, long wars are all but hard coded. Without a change in the core mechanics of what war is, we can't reasonably expect the players to change their tactics away from what the mechanics lead too.
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