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  1. Pretty self explanatory. Reports are getting politicized, with IRL and ingame politics, and this is reducing the likelihood that players will produce good faith reports, while increasing the chance that bad faith reports will be made. This is a natural extension of the non-discussion rule. Edit: I think I remember already suggesting this. Can't remember the outcome though.
  2. You don't understand what that term means.
  3. This is some record breaking FA shit right here. You know it's bad when the Avansies guy is dunking on you.
  4. It's important to take breaks from the forums, otherwise you'll end up endlessly smashing your head against edgy teenage contrarians and asinine game design decisions. The game barely functions anyway; the communities are the draw.
  5. I'm really glad Alex didn't go into medicine. The only treatment he would ever reccomend would be amputation.
  6. For context, wypipo is a term Leftbook came up with to avoid detection by Facebook's auto moderation flagging them when they say white people. This account appears to be trying to parody leftbook, albeit in an incredibly lazy fashion.
  7. Why isn't this browser game like the real world? Why can't we just have one world war where we blast ourselves back to a tumour filled Stone Age? Seriously, if you're going to argue for realism, lets go all out. Nukes should vaporize the players IRL. That would be the most realistic.
  8. I'm not like those other girls micros. Please date sign me. Edit: for clarification, that's a shot at the gang of idiots who are incredibly emotionally invested in the purity of this subforum. Congrats to the parties involved.
  9. methinks something has gone wrong in such as way as that it's rendering the Unix Epoch instead of actually calculating time https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_time#:~:text=The Unix epoch is the,-01T00%3A00%3A00Z.
  10. typical, but far from the worst thing kastor has done on a radio show 👀
  11. It's computationally expensive for something with no real benefit. The goal is to make turn changes shorter not longer.
  12. Noooooooo. Technology bad!!
  13. Admin is busy, post Anarcho Primitivist memes
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