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  1. Congrats from tcw as well!
  2. *M-inc walks in* *M-inc walks out*
  3. If we're Soo bad does that mean we will get left alone? I mean cause we're bad? Right? Besides how can you blame one person for the dumpster fire that was started then abandoned by other nameless gov members?
  4. Man guess it's a good thing we have other offers
  5. Damn you got crayons? I'm jealous. You should share. It's not nice to tease someone with crayons if you don't intend to share. Why should I cry cause someone tried to hurt my feelings? Man, it must be hard to think your opinion really hurts me. Your point about it being rich because I'm from the Commonwealth (one word) is still lost though and then dodged when I replied...
  6. That's funny. You don't even know me? No no James stick to your original post. It was a lot more entertaining. You actually know nothing of the Commonwealth as it is now. All you know is a certain person's way to run the Commonwealth. When we decide we're doing something we stick to it. We gave our notice to leave Swamp and fully intend to even if that means we're alone.
  7. Sigh. 3rd? Verse same as the first? If y'all do split and sorry but I don't believe that it will be a real split I'll be surprised. But let's face it... It won't truely happen till they face each other in combat. Then, only then, will the split be real.
  8. Wow name-calling. Childish. Cowards for standing up for ourselves? Wow... Ok. Go put your helmet back on before you slime the windows
  9. Many nations have noticed spy counts dropping without any assassination of spys. The range has been from 33 spies lost to 10 lost. When attempting to rebuy it says restricted
  10. The thing that shouldn't be talked about was mentioned a lot... Anyway congrats
  11. o7. Well done. Time for the Commonwealth to enter a new age without the master leaker st the helm. To Peace!
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