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  1. Man... If all the micros burn their selves out now who will throw in the towel earily next global? Y'all should have waited a couple weeks when the nap ended.... I'm sure someone, somewhere, will kick off something. Maybe. Possibly. Idk.
  2. Interesting turn of events. Congrats all involved.
  3. As a resident of the same state I find that slightly offensive.. bringing Rl into this is poor taste let's keep it to orbis. For your information, PA is, infact, a state. And used to house the Capital of the United States...
  4. On the plus side, no more beige baiting like last war... Or alliances paying arrgh to beige their members
  5. Not a bad idea. A slot cooldown would also work, but would probably be harder to run code for.
  6. Justice is served... And the game is broken now... I move to increase the current nap timer if a new system isn't put in place before the current nap expires.
  7. Since the guy was inactive for an extended period of time the risk that he would just come back was extremely low. In that event they would have been instructed to finish the wars (not peace out) then the debts would have been settled internally...
  8. This sets a tone for next war... Will people be too afraid to get called out for "slot filling" if they don't use max everything to fight? Will beige rotation be considered slot filling??
  9. Link to original post: since Alex wants to give everyone warns for discussing whether or not war slot filling was done here's a place to continue the discussion. Clearly it wasn't slot filling as beige was achieved by all 3 nations attacking the inactive member, but seems some people got a little upset that they didn't get a chance to do so.. discuss.
  10. In before the "disband and join BK" clan show up Seriously though, good luck
  11. Jeric

    Adri Out!

    Long live the Queen. And congratulations to the new King.
  12. Interesting. Welcome to the other side of the tracks.
  13. Good job pointing the gun at yourself and asking the mods to shoot...
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