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  1. Welcome back Anna! No matter what happens I'm still rooting for your return, even if you're in a place where it's a forbidden place I'll never step into. =D
  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
  3. Once again congratulations on the merge!
  4. I literally spilled the water out of my mouth when I saw how big the font was and choke laughing when I saw how the font went to ant mode. A post that will haunt me for awhile.
  5. Yes I had to wait for enough MAPS to strike soldiers. That's why he did not strike immediately. We coordinated through in DMS. This isn't slot filling.
  6. I will clarify it is not slot filling, we were coordinating in DMs before Murtaza declared.
  7. Congratulations! More grandchildren to give cookies!
  8. Gib free Nitro to me before you leave Nokia.
  9. Happy Birthday! Nokia is finally a man! Yay. Gib Nitro. K thanks bye.
  10. This is a ridiculous decision and I swear it will just force more players to quit the game at some point. Being in no beige means the player will never get any recovery state at all. They can't do a thing during blockade, no trading, no action with zeroed military. (wait, the only thing they can do is fortify???) They can't even rebuy if they're out of warchest. And when the war is over, they can't even have enough time to do what they want and will be forced into a new war with no way to even fight back. I don't really care if you're bringing some other ideas to compensate of 'no beige' system. Beige is something necessary in the game. Killing it = Killing the players. No Beige = can't recover, under blockade forever (most likely), can't do trades at all, can't even fight back, gives advantage only to the aggressor Only Solution = Fortify, send unlimited nukes and missiles, and play baseball forever
  11. So it was not my eyes that I saw there were 3 titans on Pantheon page earlier. Congrats on the new treaty!
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