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  1. It was a typo but I like this more
  2. I'm saying GoB because SWD gets mad if you call it that
  3. Bezzers

    It's Cool KId

  4. Bezzers

    Round 2!

    What a dynamic move, wp Rose
  5. Bezzers

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    I'm not sure man they haven't said, I'm not sure how their tiering works or what taxes they have
  6. Bezzers

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    @Spaceman Thrax did you also know they have 0/0 taxes and are whale tier?
  7. Bezzers

    Huge sale of nations in P&W

    Normally I can think of some unfunny quip regardless of situation, but youve got me speechless. From the broken English, lack of discord link you preach about, blatant disregard for game rules and slating the admin while maintaining family friendly vocabulary choices, it all astounds me. This is a true masterpiece. You're like catsby but dialed up to a thousand
  8. Bezzers


    She wasn't wrong, she did declare war the next day. On me.
  9. Bezzers


    Now everyone will know we're going to war tomorrow dammit
  10. Bezzers

    Shifty News Network-BoC blocked

    Looks like it's over already huh.
  11. Bezzers

    Alliance relevance rank!

    I mean, wouldn't you have told him anyway just to make sure everyone knows you have big nations
  12. Bezzers

    I see something... purple!

    Thank you o gracious one, for sparing our lives
  13. Bezzers

    The Crows Ahead Cry War

    I expect a cayde-6 tribute any time soon
  14. Bezzers

    Alliance relevance rank!

    I want some of what this guy is smoking
  15. Bezzers

    I see something... purple!

    I support this movement. I'm waiting for you UPN

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