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  1. Pretty sure redarmy owes me like 3 bucks for how fast this got brought up
  2. Last recorded log of fanatic cult leader, Thrax (self declared spaceman), to his personal journal: I fear my time has come. The Koolaid fountains have dried out, and our reserves are dangerously thin, almost empty. The people, my wangs, they have grown dissolutioned with my orders to limit Koolaid consumption. Already so many have abandoned ship but those who remain have become starved, the withdrawal symptoms have driven them to madness. Those who left, they called me a liar, a cheat and a false prophet. But those who are left thirst for the Koolaid. My sweet wangs, my followers, I fear they may soon come calling for the Koolaid pounding through my veins. With nothing to wash down the bagels, they become oh so thirsty... Very well. The time has come to feed my sweet wangs. Oh sacred Bocephus, first of his name, give me strength. I only wish ripper would sit upon my lap one more time before I go. One final time: I am become Koolaid, destroyer of Wacky-mallows. Peace. In case you didn't realise it, CoS is disbanding. We want to thank our friends Soup, Seven Kingdoms, The Knights Radiant and Sanreizan for a great time. We couldn't have asked for better allies. We also urge all the participants of the war to end things before there are any more casualties. CoS disbanding came as a direct consequence of this war and nobody should take war to the extremes of destroying a community. We wish all the best to those still fighting and hope you end this thing sooner rather than later. To the ex government members of AK, we thank you for fueling our alliance's existence purely through sheer will and spite to prove you wrong. It was most beneficial, now however since you're also gone our spite dried up. Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Cheers all! Tldr: despite our best efforts, CoS is no more.
  3. With TCW entering against them, Coalition B wanted to remove an equally good fighting force from the war. Don't let our 15 members and string of inactives fool you, we'll gnaw on your leg with all three teeth we have left
  4. The alliance known as the Church of Spaceology hereby surrenders to the combined forces of the Memesphere Coalition, aka Coalition B. Upon the announcement of our surrender no members of Church of Spaceology or members of the Memesphere Coalition will declare further wars upon each other and any currently active wars will carry on to their full conclusion. Furthermore, The Church of Spaceology, with its wise and ancient members, remembers the era of Clarke and his infamous actions regarding monetary reparations at the end of a global conflict. Having searched deep in our memories and pondering the truths of this era, we have come to a conclusion and must admit with full confidence that Clarke did nothing wrong. Signed for CoS: Bezzers Redarmy Pasky Joe Stupid Durmij Signed: Memesphere Coalition Primary Memesphere Coalition representatives: Aero tldr: CoS withdraws from the war and the Coalition A forces. We wish all the best to all the remaining fighters.
  5. @Ripper looks to me like they're challenging you... Protection from raiders huh?
  6. Rip Thrax. You're genuinely one of the nicest dudes I've ever had the pleasure of meeting on this game, and I'll miss you if you decide to ditch the CoS server altogether. Don't be a stranger fam
  7. CoS and Valinor pay 500 mil to UPN for... What? The Soup term to TCW has been explained, the 50 mil from soup to UPN is pretty easy to dismiss, the others seem to have some context and meaning but the CoS giving reps to UPN seems rather... Meaningless. If @Sphinx wanted our cash maybe I'd understand bettera, if anyone in that coalition has a claim to reps from us, it would be TCW. I don't think anyone actually does, most of the combatants here entered willingly and the others are asking for reps over a war they wanted, regardless of whether or not you consider the original logs validating our CB outdated, but anyway. Can someone explain that to me? Or is the simple explanation just that UPN is broke as hell and really needs that cash bro
  8. Much love for this lineup, so many strong choices! I wish you all the best, particularly Vexz (even though you ripped her from us you dirtbag valk)
  9. I'm here for the bounty, nothing else. Nuclear, please.
  10. I had nothing to say until now. This is a personal attack on me and my friends, I take offense. (bottom left, ticked?)
  11. So you do have a sense of humour? Nice.
  12. I mean. Even if you ignore the fact that everything lines up suspiciously well for a group that 'didn't collude' to hit their allies, that's a pretty dirty move to use inside allied information to jump on an alliance the second they become vulnerable. That doesn't matter though, because nobody believes this wasn't scheduled. Just admit that you wanted DB gone, nobody would complain
  13. Bezzers

    BK - Ads

    TKR does suck ass, the Ad is right. That's a defining quality.
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