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  1. Bezzers

    European States withdraw

    Congrats European States. You put up an excellent show these past weeks, especially for such a tough global.
  2. Bezzers

    Notifications broken

    I've had it too. I ate a nuke and it didn't show up, I've also had several airstrikes apparently absent that I've only noticed because of my slightly lowered plane count and a reduction in enemy maps
  3. Bezzers

    Woodstockia DoE

    IQ dOeSnT eXiSt
  4. Bezzers

    Let the trolling commence.....

    Good fight FR. Enjoy your rebuild and peace
  5. Bezzers

    Another public service announcement brought to you by AD

    Congrats AD. And good luck on the takeover!
  6. Bezzers

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame

    I am so very happy that you understood the reference
  7. Bezzers

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame

    We fought TKR, and we made propaganda about that war too, what's your point
  8. Bezzers

    Out of Character attack in war declaration

    This isn't about politics, I don't care. I don't like kettogg, not at all, but I dislike BK enough to work with them. Nobody likes this arrangement. This war could end tomorrow, I'll still be here arguing for harsher punishment. That remains entirely separate from this issue. If that guy gets banned I'm not going to go to the KT discord and run my mouth about getting a KT nation banned. I'll likely just celebrate a horrible racist getting banned after fricking with my member in ooc attacks. Now are you going to take your politics to a relevant thread?
  9. Bezzers

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame

    Beautiful. 8/10 too much water
  10. Bezzers

    Out of Character attack in war declaration

    Calling yourself white power Ranger and referencing Zimmerman and lynching in war declarations against ethnic minorities comes on pretty strong for a misguided joke tbh
  11. Bezzers

    Out of Character attack in war declaration

    Here is your proof of him being that same discord member I mentioned, validating my claim in that regard, who appears to have had a run in with an admin before since his name is unashamedly WHITE POWER Ranger on the discord, and he claims so on his forum account, which makes it pretty clear that his name has been changed on the forum, because otherwise he would have changed that part of his information too. Here is proof of his arrival into the valinor discord on the date of the declaration. Note I am an hour ahead of the game, so this was actually only several minutes after the war declaration.
  12. Bezzers

    Out of Character attack in war declaration

    If that isn't enough for you Alex, his war declaration against myself was 'Zimmerman sends his regards', and considering the comment about the lynching of African-American people was hardly veiled, is it not safe to assume that the only reference this could refer to was George Zimmerman, the shooter in the highly documented case of the murder of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012? Given the proximity of the two declarations and the disparity of this players custom war declarations in comparison to these personal ones, am I to not assume that, despite the fact that I am not of an ethnic minority, this is still a case of racially inclined humor, or fueling the provocation towards Queen M?
  13. Bezzers

    Out of Character attack in war declaration

    Having spoken to an ex KT member who is familiar with this type of action, apparently this isn't that nations first offense, nor is it uncommon for him to make such remarks. Said friend stated his surprise that the player hadn't been banned before too. Also @Inst this situation is different to that. We had the player come into the valinor discord server at the time under the name 'White Power Ranger' (how subtle) looking to bait queen M. This was a recognised racial attack on a figure for whom we have documented history of bad blood with KT and racial aggression/discrimination lay at the core of those cases too. Telling someone you're going to eat their liver in a maniacle way is a completely different case to purposeful baiting of an ethnic minority player, don't bring your smarts in here and defend it.
  14. Bezzers

    Ketog vs Chaos War: Name Poll Round 1

    I'm trying to help members of the community reaffirm their beliefs. Now stop fraternising with me, they'll use it against us
  15. Bezzers

    Ketog vs Chaos War: Name Poll Round 1

    Damn straight lul

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