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  1. Rip Thrax. You're genuinely one of the nicest dudes I've ever had the pleasure of meeting on this game, and I'll miss you if you decide to ditch the CoS server altogether. Don't be a stranger fam
  2. CoS and Valinor pay 500 mil to UPN for... What? The Soup term to TCW has been explained, the 50 mil from soup to UPN is pretty easy to dismiss, the others seem to have some context and meaning but the CoS giving reps to UPN seems rather... Meaningless. If @Sphinx wanted our cash maybe I'd understand bettera, if anyone in that coalition has a claim to reps from us, it would be TCW. I don't think anyone actually does, most of the combatants here entered willingly and the others are asking for reps over a war they wanted, regardless of whether or not you consider the original logs validating our CB outdated, but anyway. Can someone explain that to me? Or is the simple explanation just that UPN is broke as hell and really needs that cash bro
  3. Much love for this lineup, so many strong choices! I wish you all the best, particularly Vexz (even though you ripped her from us you dirtbag valk)
  4. I'm here for the bounty, nothing else. Nuclear, please.
  5. I had nothing to say until now. This is a personal attack on me and my friends, I take offense. (bottom left, ticked?)
  6. So you do have a sense of humour? Nice.
  7. I mean. Even if you ignore the fact that everything lines up suspiciously well for a group that 'didn't collude' to hit their allies, that's a pretty dirty move to use inside allied information to jump on an alliance the second they become vulnerable. That doesn't matter though, because nobody believes this wasn't scheduled. Just admit that you wanted DB gone, nobody would complain
  8. Bezzers

    BK - Ads

    TKR does suck ass, the Ad is right. That's a defining quality.
  9. Our thoughts are with you in these hard times Sphinx. My condolences to you over your loss, and I think I speak for all of Chaos when I say that you should absolutely place your life matters first, and any toxicity towards this matter will be stamped out immediately. Your grieving and your emotions place well above this silly game, and I hope this community will support you in this time of need. I'm deeply sorry for your loss.
  10. Close, Ripper went to South America for this war. Damn flake. He got to try roasted Guinea Pig though, so still in the spirit of things
  11. Congrats European States. You put up an excellent show these past weeks, especially for such a tough global.
  12. I've had it too. I ate a nuke and it didn't show up, I've also had several airstrikes apparently absent that I've only noticed because of my slightly lowered plane count and a reduction in enemy maps
  13. Good fight FR. Enjoy your rebuild and peace
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