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  1. Ape and NK

    I'm not crying, you're crying! Love ya ape
  2. Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    I'm only slightly salty it wasn't 8 minutes later. If we had been 8 minutes later I would have obtained my 100 million money looted and 200k infra destroyed, but alas it was not meant to be. Good fight yall
  3. PW War Cycles

    Your lack of information on this matter is remarkable
  4. Are you going to keep running?

    Missed my chance, God damn internal affairs matters... Grumble grumble... UPN will suffer the brunt of my rage
  5. The Ayyslamic Caliphate Rises

    You don't gotta ask BC, you could ask Atlas, Horsemen, Guardians of The Galaxy, TUE, Acadia, ODN, Cornerstone, UPN or Polaris.
  6. Oh hey I like this one. We covered up the mess we made in BK's High tier by messing you up even more! Well done for your unbiased views.
  7. Kingsmen & the War

  8. >sees opportunity to paint opponent in negative light >waits for roq to give the all clear and do it first
  9. Guardian Announcement

    Oh man now all we need is micro drama and everyone is fighting.
  10. Theres no slots left... Now I'm just sad.
  11. Something big is happening...

    What have I started >. > I want to thank UPN. They have truly made this war spectacular for me, mainly because I've wanted the CB to roll UPN for around a year. I may have missed the slots but my alliance is there and that's what counts. Truly, I was disappointed when Abbas said you came to him trying to gain assurance that you wouldn't be entering. This change of mind is like Christmas come early. God bless.
  12. War Stats

    In some cases the infra stat won't give you the whole story. Because of the beige mechanic, targeting infra now isn't something you can just do freely. The stats are cool and give something of a holistic view of the war, and I definitely couldn't compile them myself, I don't have the knowhow, but military unit stats are likely going to be a more effective tell.
  13. War Stats

    Gratz to those fighting their first war- everyone's doing great
  14. Worse than Christmas Creep

    The war of BK's Button Pushing Befuddlement