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  1. Its about time I shook myself free of this game, something I only started playing only because my friends pestered me for months to do so. Five and a bit years down the line I was the only one still invested, and I realised I was only invested because of the friends I made here. News flash, I can talk to them without playing. The game was never really a pleasant ride. I kept seeing it for what it could be yet here we are doing the same things we were when I started. Some things never change eh? I wish everyone reading this all the best. I have nothing philosophical to add and I'm trying not to curse a few of my least favourite of you as the door closes behind me, so ttfn.
  2. Its because @Redarmy went to TKR instead of Rose isn't it. You can tell me, nobody will know.
  3. I asked to fight them and here we are. Cheers Benfro
  4. Don't you know, bump it up, you've got to bump it up
  5. I should probably post a DoE huh?
  6. Yall were my favourite group of allies ever, and I hope to work with you again. F in the chat one time for Chaos
  7. Its a good thing to end these wars quickly and decisively. Slug it out, shake hands and leave no hard feelings. Quick skirmishes like this are more fun than long, drawn out debacles for most people involved.
  8. One last upvote for the upvote gods Cya round buor, I was impressed with the skills you and the TGH crew showed during dial up, even if I wasn't particular to your friends. Congrats on the promotion and gl moving forward
  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) don't give me that look
  10. This is honestly the funniest post on this thread for the last 4 months, GG
  11. I look forward to the carnage friend ripper.
  12. Yall trying to scoop members before they even finish going through with it got no respect. I always liked the GoG theme, even if we didn't see eye to eye. Safe journeys to all planning on staying in the game. Find yourselves a new home and move on if you can
  13. Pretty sure redarmy owes me like 3 bucks for how fast this got brought up
  14. Last recorded log of fanatic cult leader, Thrax (self declared spaceman), to his personal journal: I fear my time has come. The Koolaid fountains have dried out, and our reserves are dangerously thin, almost empty. The people, my wangs, they have grown dissolutioned with my orders to limit Koolaid consumption. Already so many have abandoned ship but those who remain have become starved, the withdrawal symptoms have driven them to madness. Those who left, they called me a liar, a cheat and a false prophet. But those who are left thirst for the Koolaid. My sweet wangs, my followers, I fear they may soon come calling for the Koolaid pounding through my veins. With nothing to wash down the bagels, they become oh so thirsty... Very well. The time has come to feed my sweet wangs. Oh sacred Bocephus, first of his name, give me strength. I only wish ripper would sit upon my lap one more time before I go. One final time: I am become Koolaid, destroyer of Wacky-mallows. Peace. In case you didn't realise it, CoS is disbanding. We want to thank our friends Soup, Seven Kingdoms, The Knights Radiant and Sanreizan for a great time. We couldn't have asked for better allies. We also urge all the participants of the war to end things before there are any more casualties. CoS disbanding came as a direct consequence of this war and nobody should take war to the extremes of destroying a community. We wish all the best to those still fighting and hope you end this thing sooner rather than later. To the ex government members of AK, we thank you for fueling our alliance's existence purely through sheer will and spite to prove you wrong. It was most beneficial, now however since you're also gone our spite dried up. Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Cheers all! Tldr: despite our best efforts, CoS is no more.
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